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Be carefull what you wish for (part one)

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I had all ways wanted to have two lady's living with me so that I could have free sexual hand with them when ever I wanted. I was working in Holiday Inn as the chef and had found a waitress that was quite open to my being quite forward with her. I would have times trow the day that there was only the wait staff around. I would work on the books at one of the tables out of the fiew of most, this waitress (Deb not her name) would come up to fill my coffee cup. While she was there I would run my hand up her dress and rub her panties untill she was wet. This went on for some time then one day I slid my hand up her dress to find that there was nothing in the way from me being able to play with her pussy. This was grate to be able to slide my finers up into her pussy and play with her clit. I even got to the point that I would bring veg. out of the kitchen to use on her pussy while she tryed not to cry out with joy as I fucked her pussy with the Veg. of wich I would return to the kitchen to use. This went on untill we got snowed in at work and had to stay there for a week. Deb made sure that we had rooms that had a door between the two rooms so that we could be together with out anyone else knowing what was going on. We had a wonderfull week of fucking and sucking a long with swimming in the indoor pool naked and having sex in the pool. I asked Deb if she had ever been with a nother lady. She said that she had never been with a nother lady but had all ways wanted to see what it was like. This was my opening to what I had in mine.

Now my next step in my plan was to get Cindy the lady I was living with open to the idea. Cindy was into eating pussy and playing with a nother lady. (A different story, how I found this out) I starteed working on my plan by talking with Cindy while playing with her pussy, while she was realy hot and asking her wouldn't be nice if we had a nother lady there to suck on her nipples and play with her clit while I fucked her. She found the idea a grate turn on each time I would bring it up to her. Then the idea of living in the house as nudist so that it would be open sex when ever. This idea realy got Cindy hot, then she said that wouldn't happen becouse we would never find a nother lady open to it. I asked her if I could find a nother lady would she be up for it. She was more than open to the idea and started playing with her pussy while we talked about it. I tould her that I thought I knew a lady that would perhaps like to try it out, not telling her what I had been doing with Deb at work.

Back to working on Deb and get her into what I had in store for us all. While at work I asked Deb if she would like to come out to our house in the country and spend the week end with us and go fishing and have a cook out. To get her to come I tould her that we could get off and have some realy good sex that did it and she said that she would. I tould her that we would go out after work on Friday, she said that she would have to ride out with me becouse she needed to let her mother use her car. That was fine and I would fallow her to her house befor we headed out to the house. She got the things that she needed for the weekend and got in the car with me sliding very close. On the long drive I used the time to get her pussy turned on by playing with it all the way home. So my the time we got to the house she was quite hot for what ever happened. The two girls hit it off right away, Deb helped Cindy in the kitchen to get every thing ready to cook out while I got the fire started. I had changed into a lose fiting pair of shorts and that was it for it was quite hot out. Cindy was in a tang top that just did cover her titts and a very short rap around, like you would use at the pool. I started the cooking so we set around the table in the back yard. Deb set off to the side of me and Cindy was across from the two of us. The beers where going down pretty fast and I had gone in to get a nother round. As I returned I could see up Cindy's wrap and to my delite she didn't have anything on under it. I saw that Deb had a clear view as well and she was having trouble to keep from being seen looking at Cindy's pussy. We got on with having dinner and cleared away the table, I watched as the two girls would find a reason to slide pass each other so they could brush each others titts. I could see Cindy's nipples becoming hard from there running into each other. Deb came up to me and tould me that she thought that Cindy was realy a hot lady. Not much different than what Cindy had to say about Deb. I made sure that the two of them didn't run out of beer and set back to see where this was all going to go, hoping for all to go my way. The beers where doing ther job for sure the girls where getting loser and loser with each other. Cindy was now setting with her legs apart so you could see her smoth pussy (she is the only lady I ever knew that had no hair on her pussy at all) quite a turn on for sure. My dick was getting hard looking at Cindy's pussy and knowing that was the same fiew that Deb had as well. With my lose shorts my dick was coming out of the leg as it got bigger. Cindy saw it and licked her lips and smiled at me. Deb said that she had to go to the bathroom and wanted to change out of her work things. While she was gone Cindy tould me that she realy liked Deb and wanted to know if I would be upset if she made a pass at her. I said go ahead if she thought Deb was that kind of a girl, not telling her that Deb wanted to try out being with a nother woman. I tould her to go for it if she was sure of it. Cindy said she saw Deb looking at her pussy and it was realy making her hot and she could feel the juices starting to run in her pussy. I just tould her to have fun and I would just watch.

Deb came back dressed in a short summer dress that was quite easy to see throw. Her dark nipples showed along with a very dark pach of hair between her legs. Cindy looked at her then looked at me and smiled and liked her lipps. I went and got more beer for everyone and set back for the show that I knew was coming. Cindy led the way by pulling her legs up in the chair and puting her head on her knees. There was her pussy right out there for everyone to see for sure. Deb was stairing now and couldn't take her eyes off of Cindy's pussy now. Cindy got up and said that it was getting to hot for her and that she was going to take her top off to cool off if it was alright with every one. Deb said that it was ok with her and it was getting quit warm out and she had wish she had something that was cooler. Cindy just Ha Ha'd and tould her she could take her dress off if she wanted that she was sure that it would not up set me. Deb got a little red in the face and said that she would and just lay her dress in her lap to keep covered up. Deb pulled her dress off and covered up as fast as she could and then Cindy pulled her top off and set back down leting her legs fall apart. I set there with two ladys all most naked now and all going the way that I wanted it to go and my dick was so hard that it was now pushing the leg of my shorts up and about 4 inches was out for all to see.

We had now gone throw a case of beer and I tould the girls that I would have to go and call the liquare store to get more sent over. It was close and Cindy said why don't I just drive over and get it. It would be faster and she wanted a bottle of wine also. I asked Cindy if she would like some wine? She said that would be nice that she was geting full from the beer and she needed to go and get read of some beer now. So off she went, I got up to go and Cindy tould me to not to get back to soon.

When I got back the girls where still seting out back and bouth of them had there feet up in the chair and they had a clear view of each other. I give each of them a glass of wine and set the bottle down for them and I went back to my beer drinking and watching the show. It didn't seem like no time the girls had gone throw the bottle of wine and was wanting me to bring out a nother for them. I did as asked, the two of them where starting to feel the wine for sure Deb had let her dress fall of and Cindy's legs where wide open now and her pussy lipps where opening up some and you coud see the drop of juice running out. Cindy finaly said that she was realy hot and it wasn't from the sun eather. Deb said she know what she was talking about. At this Cindy said that she was going to have to do some thing about it and started to play with the lips of her pussy and pulling her wrap around off to get it out of her way. As Deb I watched Cindy playing Deb started to rub her on hairy pussy and play with her nipples. Cindy now had taken a empty beer bottle and shoved it into her pussy Deb could not take her eyes off her now and realy started to finger her own pussy. With in mins. they both had a climax. Deb said that was the first time she had ever done anything like that in front of anyone. Cindy said that she realy enjoyed itand then asked what I thought. I just smiled and played a little with my own hard on. The girls went back to drinking there wine and coming down from the fun they had just had. As they where talking Deb asked about the lack of hair on Cindy's pussy. Cindy tould her that she had never had any hair down there. Deb said that most be nice not having any hair down there, with that Cindy tould her that she would help her if she wanted to see what it feel like to be bald. (More to come)

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