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At the Gym

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I was looking forward to meeting my boyfriend in the Florida Keys. We had planned this trip very carefully and I was looking forward to the warm rays of sun stroking my body while we played in the waters. More than anything, I was looking forward to discarding my clothes and getting a tan all-over.

Late Thursday afternoon, the VP of my division called me to his office. My boss was sitting with him too. He said, "I know you will be on vacation next week, but a situation has come up and you need to go to the customer's site all next week." Apparently the client was dissatisfied with our company's work and was threatening a lawsuit. To smooth things over and to analyze the underlying cause of the problem, I was to leave Saturday and spend all week at the client site. He also agreed to compensate for my inconvenience and depending on the outcome, he agreed to pay for an all expenses paid vacation for two to the Keys at a later date.

I spent all Friday talking to the Project Managers and Developers on site to come to grips with the problem. Also I wanted to see if I could resolve the problem without making the trip. Finally, I decided I had to go. I called my boyfriend and explained why I was not planning to be there. Our conversation heated up and we ended up masturbating ? a close substitute for the "real" thing. I promised to call and talk to him often to at least compensate for not being close to him.

The town was every bit cold as my mood. I met with the Client and with all the users for the first 2 days. I also met with the developers and project managers to determine a strategy on how to handle the situation. I prepared numerous presentations and discussion on the whole situation and made presentations. By Friday I was totally beat. I went to my room and had a long bath. I shaved my legs, underarms and pussy clean. I went to bed exhausted, but frustrated. I woke up in the morning and decided to visit the hotel gym, something I had wanted to all through the week, but just could not manage.

The gym was practically empty. I worked out, pushing myself and felt the rush melt away the tension and frustrations. I came back to the locker room and found a whole bunch of women ? of various age groups ? teens to mature women. Looks like they were all getting ready for a swim. I peeled off my shorts and my sports bra. Since I was not wearing any panties, I put them away in the locker and came back to the shower area with my shampoo. All conversation stopped at once and the women were staring at me. A number of eyes were staring at my bald pussy. Seeing so many eyes on me, was a sudden turn on. I felt moist, while my nipples started to harden.

As I put down my shampoo in the shower area and moved towards the restroom stalls, I found that women were still looking at me. Some of them pretended to wander towards the stalls as well. I had a sudden thought in my head. I left the stall door open, lifted the lid up and peed into the bowl standing up. Then I turned around, took a piece of tissue and wiped myself in full view of the women, and flushed the toilet. I headed towards the showers. It first annoyed me that the women were still watching me, but it also felt like a turn-on. The warm water from shower soothed me and as I lathered myself, I found myself in a dream-like state. My hands caressed my breasts - pinched my nipples. As gently stroked my nipples, feeling Trevor's hands over me, imagining his hot wet tongue running over them. My hands moved towards my belly and played around with my belly button. It felt as if I had lost control of my hands. They had a life of their own and I was just a spectator.

I lathered the soap around my pussy and felt my hands and fingers straying all over my pussy... rubbing the lips, teasing my labia and exploring the depths of my moist haven. My left hand was doing the exploring on the backside... probing first and then entering my butt hole. With the lather it was an easy entry and my hips began to gyrate to a rhythm all of their own, keeping pace with my fingers. I nearly screamed as I came, the water washing off my cum. I suddenly realized I was in a shower with a circle of women staring at me wide-eyed and open mouthed. I gave a weak smile finished my shower and toweled myself off. I tossed the wet towel into the basket and went towards my locker. I retrieved my conditioner and hair brush and walked backed toward the mirrors to comb my hair, still completely naked. I headed back to my locker, put my sweatpants and tee shirt on and walked out of the gym.

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