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Another TRUE road trip in Tennessee

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My girlfriend and i had planned a trip to Murfreesboro Tn. from our hometown earlier in the week and we had planned a ritual that we do allot on our road trips and that is to have sex or foreplay in the cab of my truck or just an occasional flash to a trucker . Something about the open road and the exhibitionish side of us that drives us both wild it seems . For i can't wait to play with her and watch her get off no matter what trucker might be beside us when it all unfolds . MY girl is a VERY attractive and sexy , sexual young lady . 37 years of age , blonde , 36D's and a GREAT figure to accompany the rest of her smooth skinned body . Totally shaved too . I luv to kiss her from her head to her sexy toes . Oh yes i luv to suck on each of her toes too ! *s* Makes me hard just typing this story thinking about her . Anyway , i packed our little fun bag of goodies that we normally carry with us on our road trips and that consist of a cordless Hitachi Wand that she luvs to put on her clit to get off with and along with a slim G-Spot vibrator and a realistic dildo and also some K-Y warming gel that's she sometimes she uses .

I picked her up at her house and it was around two o'clock in the afternoon and she was waiting on me at the door and we both were very excited and tingling already just cause we both knew what was in store ! It was this past Saturday afternoon and we had no more than gotten on the highway before we both started kissing and then she reached down for my already swollen cock and rubbed it from the outside my tight jeans . She was already as horny as i was and we hadn't gotten five miles from the house . We both laughed and enjoyed our conversation for a few more miles before we got on the interstate and headed toward Nashville . I immediatley started looking ahead of me for semi trucks and as well as my rear view mirror but none was in sight . A few more miles past by and she looked at me and said " well , i want to suck your cock baby" ! Now who am i to refuse such a noble jester ? She leaned over and laid down in the the seat and took my already hard cock , out of my pants and started sucking on it so freaking good . Slobbering all over and jacking it with her right hand and moaning with each mouth full of wet , hard , throbbing cock . It was all i could do to keep my eyes from rolling back in my head and watch the road ahead of me . Cars passing us and her feet up in the air as she is laying on her stomach ,while sucking my cock , and i often wonder what some of the people in the vehicles would think if they could see what was happening to me right now ! I was running my hands under her sweater feeling her erect nipples under her bra and hearing her moan was a sound of pure pleasure for us both . Another two or three miles went by before i had to make her stop . Cause i know i was about to fill her mouth full of hot spewing cum . She wouldn't have cared for she loves for me to cum in her mouth . She loves to swallow it too . I'm telling you this girl was built for sex . She is VERY bi as well .

Back to the story , After making her stop on the super blow job i was getting , she sat up and took her sweater off and unhooked her bra and let her gorgeous tits loose for me . Her beautiful nipples were at full attention and they called my name . But at 70 mph i am limited you know ! She slid her jeans off revealing her beautiful long legs and thighs . So she ask me "do i need to take off my panties too" ? I said something to the remark as "that's the only thing left,why should you keep them on ?" So she peeled her cute , sexy , lacy panties off and laid her head back in my lap and this time laying on her back . Believe it or not WE hadn't passed a trucker yet and we had drove at least 20 miles . There just wasn't that much traffic period this day for some reason .

I continued to squeeze her tits for her and pull on her hard nipples but only before i slid my free right hand down to her wanting pussy . I rubbed her clit a few times before i slid a finger in her SOAKED , WET pussy . Then i slid two fingers inside her . She was moaning and her eyes shut as she was in pleasure heaven . I begin fucking her pussy faster and faster with my fingers . Darting in and out of her soaked pussy , her face turns a reddish color as she is almost on the verge of one of VERY pleasurable orgasms . She loves to have all kinds of O's including the penetration and clitoral and also a squirt from time to time . She reaches down to the goodie bag and finds her Hitachi Rechargeable Magic Wand and flips it to high and lays it on her already swollen clit and in seconds with the vibrator on her clit and my two fingers fucking her , her face turns so red that you think she was being straggled . Her eyes shut and she lets out a "oh baby , yes , oh baby i'm cumming" and her body trembles and she has a clitoral orgasm for at least a good minute . I can feel her pussy tighten and release around my fingers each time her pussy throbs . She goes limb and is breathless for a couple more minutes before she can re-coop .

Finally i see a semi truck up ahead . We are gaining on it and my girl is still naked laying on her back and i start to finger her wet pussy once again . My cock by now is about to explode . My head is very swollen as its peeking still out of my unzipped pants . She starts to lick around and around my head of my cock some and i am consecrating on the road as i switch to the left lane in hopes to give a trucker a very special day . We usually whip by the drivers of the semi trucks for you never know who it is driving those trucks these days and as well who might be in them . Don't want to offend no family or kids that might happen to be in the cab that's for sure . We normally look up at the drivers or look back at them after we pass them to see if the coast is clear so to speak . The driver was a really , really old man and he never looked down and so we just drove on . By this time we were coming up on our Murfreesboro exit too , so my girl raised up and couldn't believe we were already at our destination already . She got up and started dressing and straightening herself for the days activities and i put my dick back in my pants saving a really big load of cum for the trip home .

The shopping day had ended for us and it once again was time to head back toward our hometown . The only difference between now and on our trip to Murfreesboro is it's dark now . It's all good though for we have played in the dark too . Just flip on a interior cab light and truckers can see everything going on inside the heated cab .

We no longer got on the interstate that i looked over and seen that clothes were coming off once again and i didn't have to say nothing at all . She was ready for whatever might happen cause this girl was so horny and i was the lucky person sitting beside her too ! She laid on her back once again and let me have my way with her and her sexy body . My one free hand was all over her once again . I kept looking for a semi truck ahead and again there were none in sight . So i continued to play with her wet pussy , fingering her once again . Over and over she moaned and i reached down and got the slim G-Spot vibrator and slid it over her aching clit . Rubbing it back and forth over her clit i finally buried it inside her wanting , soaked pussy . Again she spoke out loudly "oh baby" , "baby that feels so fucking good in my pussy....yeah baby ,fuck me ...fuck me " ! I then told her to " here , fuck your pussy yourself , i want to watch you do yourself " ! Needless to say she took the vibrator and started fucking her sweet pussy . In and out , faster and faster and then bringing it back out and vibrating her swollen clit . She moaned and started to cum when i pushed her hand and vib away stopping her for i knew we would find a trucker soon for him to see her cum too . Soon as i did that she chuckled and said " oh , you gonna pay for that " ! *L*

It wasn't 2 minutes that we were coming up on , not one , or two , but three semi trucks ahead of us . I told her that we had truckers ahead of us . She was still in her little relaxed world that she gets in when she is about to orgasm . I flip the inside interior light on so all can see . Including the truckers ahead . My girl is VERY excited about what's fixing to happen and not to mention getting herself off once again too . She reaches over and gets her Magic Wand once again and throws her legs in the air and spreads her beautiful pussy lips wide open so she can fuck herself good with her G-Spot vib and put the Magic Wand on her still swollen clit . She is really fucking herself good and moaning and we come up beside the first trucker as we were in the left lane and slowly pass by him . Her body is facing the passenger side window just so the truckers can get a real good look . Obviously he didn't even look down for we didn't get no reaction from the truck driver . So i eased up beside the next trucker and all the time my baby still fucking her self faster and faster and vibrating her clit so we just pulled up beside him and rode there for about a half minute and i saw his cab light come on . It was an older black guy and he was shaking his head and body "yes" and gave us or my girl a big thumbs up . It was at that point i told her that he was watching her and she exploded into a frantic orgasm once again . She cum for at least a minute and he got to see the whole thing . I am equipped with a CB radio and i could hear the driver say something but couldn't make it out . I got on my CB and said "hope you liked the show , for we sure did " ! Now then , there was one more truck ahead of him and i eased on up to his door side so he could see in and once again my girl showed him her everything . There was traffic behind me by now that was wanting by so i eased over in front of the third and final trucker to let the other traffic come by us . The third trucker jumped back in the pass lane and pulled back up beside us when the traffic cleared and by this time my girl had sat up but still nude . She held her tits for him and shook them at him . He came on the CB and said "shit , those sure are nice , hot dam'it " ! I replied , "thank you all for what you guys do for us too" , as our exit was less than a half mile away . We came on home that Saturday night had sex like two rabbits in heat needless to say . This is my second true story i have ever written and posted on here . Hope ya'll enjoyed it and hopefully i will have another one sometime really soon .

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