June 20, 2018
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An Onboard Romance

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The cruise ship left port in the early evening. My mother and I were on deck to enjoy the experience. We were on our way to Alaska for 7 days. My father had died and my mother had never lived her dream of an ocean cruise. I had gone through a sad divorce and was looking to change my negative outlook on life, and the cruise seemed to be the answer for both of us.

Later that evening I ventured out on the Promenade Deck for a breath of fresh air. I love the sounds of the sea and the winds and the feeling you are traveling somewhere new. I watched the dark coastline drifting by; the occasional lights signifying a small town or village; the lights of fishing boats out trolling for salmon. There was only one other person on deck that late, a lady that appeared to be about my age. I could not see her clearly but occasionally caught glimpses of her face when she turned into the light of the ship.

The next morning I was up early and left my mother sleeping in the cabin and returned to the deck. The same lady was there in almost the same location as the previous night. I stood beside her and said good morning too her. She looked up and smiled and greeted me as well. I mentioned seeing her there the previous night and she said she remembered seeing me. She was the type of woman who would not generally be considered attractive by most standards, but the kind that I find very alluring and desirable. She had a sort of a gaunt face with high cheek bones; an angular body almost skinny; wide shoulders and hips. Her breasts were not particularly noticeable. But when she smiled her beauty seemed to radiate from within. We chatted about nothing much but discovered the coincidence that she was cruising with her mother as well and that her mother was wheel chair bound, and that she herself was a widow. We felt comfortable with each other.

That night we met on deck once again and both knew without saying that it was deliberate and had nothing to do with chance. I stood closer to her this time, we occasionally bumped together and our eyes met often and lingered. We were both hungry for closeness and affection and in my mind at least looking for sex. We walked to the stern of the ship, it was quite late and there were very few others about. There was an alcove of sorts at the back end, which would partly protect us from view and I moved her easily into it. Our bodies came together, eyes locked and arms around each other, lips close, brushing and then meeting. I was hard and wanted to let her know that I was and I pressed my cock against her thigh. She did not move away at all, she was looking for just that I believe and moved her body so that her mound found my cock and pressed back at me. Her lips softened and parted, and I ran my tongue around them then ventured into her mouth in search of hers. Her arms were around my neck which allowed me freedom to caress her body, and I pressed my hands tight on her back, crushing her tits against my chest, then sliding down her back and butt to the back of her legs. I began inching her skirt up with my fingers until it was high enough that I could feel the bare skin on the back of her legs. My fingers worked their way under her panties and burned the skin of her ass cheeks as I caressed them. Her mouth was wide open now and her tongue almost into my throat. But there was no way we could fuck right there. I did not want to spoil our relationship by getting caught on deck with my cock in her. I whispered, "I want you", she said "yes", I said, "I want you naked", she said "oh yes, yes", I said, "I want to fuck you" and she whimpered in a strangled voice "oh yes I want that too". Her hands drifted down to my butt and we stood there kissing passionately rubbing my cock on her pussy in a standing dry fuck. Someone was approaching and we had to pull back. We kissed good night.

So, what does one do on a ship when there is no place to meet privately for a period long enough to fuck? That thought took control of my mind throughout the rest of that night and most of the next day. Both of our cabins were off limits with our mothers spending much of their days in there and certainly all of their nights. It was apparent that both of us had hoped to find sex on board the ship as well as to spend some time with our mothers. I had not even considered it would be a problem but it certainly had become one. The next morning the ship was docked in Ketchikan where my mother and I had arranged for a bus tour. On the jetty we met Barb and her mother. We introduced the two ladies and looked longingly at each other but went our separate ways for the day.

That evening late, she was waiting for me at the stern of the ship which was underway again and heading for Juneau. She was in a deck chair with a blanket covering most of her to ward off the cool of the sea air. I knelt down beside her and we kissed urgently as if we had not seen each other for months. The kiss was complete abandon, her lips parted and her tongue was there for the taking. It was a hot wet kiss, the kind that encourages an instant hard-on. I slipped my hand under the blanket and went straight for her pussy. At my touch she arched up a bit trying to present it to me. I felt her through her skirt, and then pulled the skirt upwards to expose it. She was wearing panties. I whispered, "I had hoped that you had left your panties in the cabin" and she answered, "I left them on because I wanted you to remove them" and then "they are very light I want you to tear them off of me". God this was a jolt, I wondered if she liked rough play. The panties were either bikini style or mini-panties and my fingers went to the narrow section on her hips and grasping it ripped it apart, then the same on the other side. Holding the front part I pulled the panties out from between her legs and lifted them to my face. Her eyes locked on mine, as I whispered "hmmm I can smell your pussy, I want more." She almost cum right there, squeezing her legs together to satisfy the feeling in her pussy. I slipped my hand between her legs, her slit was wet and sticky as my finger traced along its length and as I hooked a finger right up under her pubic bone, she cried out as she bit her lip. Our mouths met again as she fumbled with the jacket she was wearing, opening it to expose her naked tits, dark nipples showing in the moonlight. She pulled my head down and my lips fastened on a hard nipple, pinched it between my lips and sucked it deep into my mouth. I was finger fucking her with two fingers now, one each side of her clit as I probed for her G spot. She jolted upwards and pressed my hand tight to her cunt. I whispered "what are we going to do baby? We have to get alone soon, I want in you so bad; I have to get my cock in you." Her hand slipped inside my loosened belt, found my cock and began to jerk me off. It did not take long.

The next evening after a day in Juneau, I arranged for Barb and her mother to join us for dinner. Everyone got along well, and by now both mothers were watching the two of us, hoping against hope that we would hit it off and of course, eventually get married. We were not thinking that far ahead. We had both hoped to get laid and we had everything except a place to do it. After taking our mothers to their cabins we met at the lounge on the top deck. It was quite dark in there and not a lot of people, so we were able to find a secluded booth looking out over the water. We danced and drank a bottle of wine and sat in the booth and kissed and fondled. She was not wearing panties. I had never felt a pussy so often and not fucked it, at least since I was a teenager. But there was still no penetration.

The next day was a cruise day, there would not be any stops; just all day cruising. My blessed mother suggested that she and Barb's mother spend the afternoon together at a ladies affair put on by the social director of the ship. It all worked perfectly, we delivered our mothers to the theatre and then almost ran to my cabin. The last words from my mother were to the affect that she would not be back until 5 pm if not later, and that she would call ahead. We had at least 3 hours.

My hands fumbled with the room card and finally we were inside the cabin. We came together one step inside, her leg around behind mine hooking me against her pussy. No panties to worry about this time, and I fumbled getting my pants and undershorts to the floor while still trying to kiss and feel her. No need for foreplay, I pushed her up against the wall and jabbed my cock at her pussy until it found the tunnel. Ah God we fucked! She was so active that sometimes my cock flew out of her pussy and jabbed into thin air. We got that first one off in good time, and finally relaxed a bit. We undressed totally and moved to the bed. I watched her crawl up on the bed and turn towards me, now smiling, looking even more desirable, her rangy body highlighted by a triangular bush, dark brown aureoles on quite nice tits, and a look on her face that said that there was more waiting for me.

I crawled up beside her and both of us were relaxed and ready to explore. We lay side by side facing each other, our bodies barely touching as if we wanted to prolong the foreplay forever. We kissed much more softly now, lips wet and tongues flicking out. Her nipples grazed my chest, our hips and bellies rubbing against the others. She lifted one leg up over my hip, virtually offering herself to me, my hand slipped between her legs and my forearm rubbed against her wet slit. I ran my finger from the crack of her ass along past her butt hole, along her slit and then my hand clamped on her entire pussy and pressed hard on it. I asked her if there were any off limit areas and she whispered, "none for you, you can use what you want." My mind raced to her mouth, her pussy, her butt hole, all places I wanted to explore in the next few hours. If I was able to finish! Her hand began to encourage another erection from my semi-hard cock. She was good at it, I closed my eyes as she expertly stroked and felt my cock and balls, running a finger down the vein below, gently holding my balls then a finger to my butt hole, rimming it. Then when it was ready she moved it between her legs. Still on our sides she did all the work as she maneuvered the knob into her wet cunt. Ah God, then the wonderful feeling of my swollen knob slipping up into her. We started to slow fuck then, luxuriating in the pure pleasure of two bodies in perfect unison. My stiff cock enclosed in a velvet hole with a thousand hot tongues which opened and closed with each long slow stroke. Our mouths were open and our tongues explored as the intensity began to build, fucking fast and hard, my fingers digging into her butt cheeks and pulling them apart to allow more penetration. Her upper leg hooked around behind mine, heel digging and kicking at me trying to suck me right up inside of her. Then our bodies jerked as we climaxed together, she reacting to the first spurt of hot cum searing her inside. Then slowly relaxing as her pussy squeezed my softening cock out, her leg dropped and we laughed at the release of tension and she rolled to her back.

I have always enjoyed the after-play of fucking. I enjoy propping myself up on one elbow on my side, looking over the lady that I have just fucked. Something about a woman's body after sex, the sight of it, the feel and taste of it that seems just so damn pleasurable. And I did this with Barb now, our eyes saying thank you to each other, her lips soft and still parted with tongue tip showing, breasts and nipples swollen and red from kisses and sucks, down her soft belly to her pussy, her bush sweaty and soaked in cum and pussy juice. I felt her pussy, and ran my fingers through the bush and caressed her mound, slipped two fingers easily inside her, swollen lips and cum right down the slit to her butt hole. I let my lips range over her face and chest and tits and belly and then back to her mouth where our kisses once more became passionate. I whispered, "Shall we shower baby? It is a very small shower and we might have difficulty doing much more than get wet."

Her hips were beginning to grind a bit as I fingered her. I slid my slippery finger down to her butt hole, and rimmed her a bit, testing her reaction. She squirmed a bit so I asked her if she had ever been ass fucked. She whispered a quiet "no"; I asked her if she was interested and her response an even quieter "yes". I worked one finger inside the ring of her hole and she whimpered a bit, fingers digging in my shoulder. I knew her answer and got up and found my travel kit where I had always carried a tube of KY jelly for just this reason. I always told myself that I did anal only for the pleasure it brought some women, but honestly I did get a thrill out of this animal style fucking on occasion and was only too happy to provide the service. Back at the bedside, Barb's eyes filled with anticipation and a little fear maybe, and I told her we could shower after this one. I squeezed some jelly on my cock as I stood beside her and asked her to spread it on for me. Ah god yes, she was good with her hands, and it also served to arouse her more. I then lay on my back beside her and told her to mount me with her knees each side of my hips, and then to lay her tits on my chest. I felt her ass cheeks, caressed them then let my fingers slide in between her cheeks to her butt hole. I squeezed some jelly on my fingers and then began to work her hole, then sliding one finger inside her, then another. I squeezed some more into her ass crack which almost made her cum, then applied it deeply. I moved my knob to her hole and told her to take it as fast or as slow as she wanted. She began working it into her, slowly straightening as it went deeper. The feel for the man is like pulling the finger of a tight rubber glove over your cock; and this despite the jelly. I was filled with the need to start fucking it, but knew that I should wait and let her get to relax and get comfortable. Finally she had most of it in her and just sat there with glazed eyes, then moving a bit up and down. Then a little longer moves as the excitement built in her. I made my cock throb to entice her to get more active, she bit her lip and straightened right up and almost lifted off of it, then sank down with a moan. I slipped one finger into her cunt, pressing it against the membrane that separated the pussy and the butt hole. She yelped at that feeling and began to move more easily. There was enough movement now for me to take over, and I pulled her down to me bending her over me and began to fuck her. She put her fingers between her legs and circled her clit as I banged away at her butt. This lady almost bent backwards in two when she cum and this time it was even wilder, straightening upwards and clamping on my cock, her belly shot forward and almost pulled her ass off the cock. Ah god, I let fly inside her butt hole, gritting my teeth while trying to not shout out loud. After a bit, she lifted off me and rolled to her back and said, "Ah god that was hot". I stood and pulled her out of bed and we melded together in a soft lingering kiss, both of us naked. "Let's try the shower!"

The shower was as predicted, too small for two to do anything sexual, but it was a period of relaxation. I was already over my daily limit for getting off, but the adrenalin rush kept me going I guess. It was just very nice, two naked bodies in warm water, soaping each other down and rubbing and slipping around inside. Our bodies were like two magnets, never wanting to be apart, clinging together no matter what we were trying to do. It was a magical day, the sort of day one dreams about when thinking of an on board romance. We had to move out to the main cabin to towel off and we took turns standing in front of the mirror as the other did the work. Only half an hour left before our afternoon would end but I had some comfort in knowing there would be a warning phone call.

I had planned to eat her pussy earlier but had been caught up in fucking her, so decided that now was a good time. I kissed my way down her neck, to her tits and nipples, sucking at them for a bit and as my lips worked their way down her belly, I slipped my fingers up into her pussy to tease and arouse it for my mouth and tongue. As I reached it she raised one foot up on a little bench and then watched in the mirror as I began to lick and suck her. She held my head with her hands and guided my tongue to her special spots. I alternately licked and sucked her slit and lips, finally sliding a finger up near my tongue. She was grinding her pussy against my face as she got near to cummming again. She pulled me to my feet and then slid down my body as I had done to hers. She may not have known about anal, but she knew her business with oral; the use of her tongue and lips; when and how hard to suck; teasing of the balls to arouse me to the edge of cumming; sucking each ball carefully into her mouth; she knew it all. But we wanted to finish the best way and I followed her as she moved back to the bed. Watching her butt move above her naked legs, seeing her breasts swing as she turned to face me, arranging her head on the pillow, slowly opening her legs and holding out her arms for a final meeting with her pussy. I mounted her almost in slow motion, up on extended arms to allow her hand to find my cock and guide it to her wet hole, rubbing the knob deliciously in the lips. One easy thrust and I was in her deep, our bushes and pubic bones grinding together, no tease or foreplay necessary, just one slow long fuck until we both cum together.

It was a gorgeous ending to a ship board romance. We had both found what we had needed with each other, and there were no real efforts to continue after leaving the ship. But who knows, we do have each other's names and numbers and perhaps may decide to take another cruise, alone. But could that ever be as exciting as the first meeting? We might want to find out.

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