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A deals a deal

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Dan had just turned eighteen and was starting a working gap year before university. He'd moved to London from the small town in the Devon where he grew up and he knew nobody in the big city. But he need not have worried because the mountain biking shop he'd landed a job in was full of people of his age and equally keen on extreme biking.

One of his jobs was to run beginners' mountain bike courses at the weekends and it was at one of these that he met Jess. She was just sixteen and she walked into the shop with one of her school friends, Claire, to book for next weekend's session. Jess caught his eye immediately, though she wasn't really his 'type'. His previous girlfriends had all been petite, blonde and blue-eyed, but Jess was the opposite. She had wavy dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin and although she had a 16 year old girls' slim waist, she was really quite curvy with bigger breasts than any girl he'd been out with.

But, if anything, she was dressed much younger than her age with a simple, short gingham skirt, black woollen school tights, sensible shoes, a plain white T-shirt and a cute little cardigan. But the young, innocent look actually made her blossoming curves all the more obvious. The little skirt would have just looked pretty on a girl of 13 or 14, but the curve of Jess's 16 year-old bum made the fabric flare out as she walked so the hem rose up enough to reveal the curve of her upper thighs. The simple white T-shirt wasn't too small for her but the swell of her growing breasts was obvious through the fabric, particular as she moved. But, because the clothes were cute rather than overtly sexy, the effect was more of a teen blossoming into a woman that anything slutty or sleazy. In fact, she seemed totally unaware of Dan and the other guys in the shop sneaking a peak of her legs and breasts. But she did notice him looking in her direction.

It wasn't just her body and her innocence that caught his eye. She was very, very pretty. The shine of her dark eyes and the flash of her white smile drew him to her and he found it difficult not to stare. Of course, like 16 year-old girls do, there was a lot of nudging and whispering and giggling with her friend as they stole glances back in his direction. This whole innocence thing was captivating. Attractive, sexy and flirtatious but sweet and cute and pretty.

When Dan asked for her phone number (for the booking, of course), there was even more giggling. She was definitely flirting with him now, tilting her chin down and looking up at him innocently with her big brown eyes. Beautiful eyes, T-shirted breasts, woollen-tighted thighs, he didn't know where to look and he was sure she'd seen his eyes wander. But she held his gaze, gave him her number and confirmed two places on Saturday's course.

In bed that night, his mind filled with images of her blossoming curves in her cute teenage clothes. It was more than he could bear and he wanked his stiff cock furiously until he exploded. It was probably the first time he'd fantasised about a fully clothed girl. This was weird. He hadn't even imagined what her breasts or bum or pussy might look like. The hem of her skirt and the swell of her T-shirt had been enough to make him shoot his load.

Over the next two days this became a recurring fantasy and when Saturday came he found himself semi-erect on on the way to the course, just from thinking about her.

She was a few minutes late arriving at the pavillion in the park where the course was held. But when she walked in, two things struck him immediately. She was alone (it turned our Claire's mum had made her catch up on overdue homework) and, if it was possible, she looked even more innocent. She was wearing white tennis shorts that clung to her bum and showed off her bare, tanned legs. Her trainers were topped with cute white ankle socks. And on top a plain white T-shirt just thin enough to see her plain white bra through it. Maybe other people wouldn't have given her a second glance, but Dan's cock was not only tenting his trousers, it was pressing hard into the underside of the registration desk he was sitting at.

He was 18 and wondered if it was a bit odd him lusting after a 16 year old dressed so innocently, but compared to his other girlfriends, Jess had more of a woman's body, even if her teenage clothes did very little to hide any of it. He was smitten. Over lunch, she was on her own, so he sat with her and they talked and talked. Jess wasn't just beautiful, she was smart and confident too, and he found himself falling for her rather than just wanting her body.

When Jess invited him to hang out in the park with her, Claire and their friends on Sunday afternoon, he jumped at the chance. Over the next few weeks, they met up again several times and he got to know her and her close friends quite well. Jess was at an all-girls school and he loved spending time with her group of five or six 16 and 17 year-olds who were all really friendly. Though Jess was the one he always wanted to be with, a couple of her friends were just as pretty and because they were so relaxed around him, he enjoyed all the glimpses of their young bodies as they lay around at Jess's house or in the park.

Jess and Dan just kind of ended up together one night. Everyone else had gone home and Dan was the only one left at her house. Her parents, who he'd met and liked, had already gone to bed and the two of them were in the kitchen talking till it was past midnight. He didn't know whether to make a move - it was obvious she liked him but he didn't know if she minded the age difference between them. But at some point, she just kind of closed her eyes, tilted her head and looked like she was ready to be kissed. And that was that. There was no sex that night, no fumbling around, no touching even. Just a really wonderful, sensual kiss that went on and on. It was, well, just really sweet. And when they eventually kissed goodnight at the door she can't have failed to notice his stiff cock pressing against her tummy as she held him close. He couldn't hide it and she didn't seem to mind. It just seemed so intimate.

Again, that night, he made himself cum without ever having to imagine her naked. He just thought of their kiss and came after three or four pumps of his fist. He couldn't remember ever being this turned on. And he couldn't wait till the next time they met.

But it didn't go how he imagined it. Her friends were all giggly and teased them about being 'boyfriend and girlfriend' but they were all really sweet. And more importantly, they all made excuses to go home early and left them alone together. Jess's parents were out for the evening and that gave them at least two hours. His cock was at straining point and he could feel the little foil-packed condom he'd put in his jeans pocket in anticipation of this moment. But although Jess looked almost edible when she walked in barefoot, in those same tennis shorts and a strappy vest top and although she kissed and cuddled just as intimately, it became clear that there was going to be no sex tonight.

A few times, when they were kissing, his hands had brushed the sides of her breasts and once stroked her bare leg around the hem of her shorts. But, each time, she somehow managed to move out of reach while kissing him even more intimately and passionately. So, there was a slight awkwardness between them and eventually she just came out and said, "Look, I'm sorry". "For what?" he asked. "It's just that, well, I'm just not ready", she said. "Don't worry, I understand. Honestly, it's OK, I don't mind", he reassured her. "Really?" she asked, "It's just that I can't help noticing that you're, well, you know, that I've made you excited." He followed her gaze to where the ridge of his stiff cock was clearly visible against his thigh. "Ah", he said, "That's because I think you're so beautiful and so sexy and when you kiss me like that I can't help it". She blushed slightly and giggled. "That's so cute" she said. "Cute?" he sounded offended, like she was making fun of him. "Well, no, not cute, I didn't mean cute" she backtracked. "Well what did you mean?" he pressed. "I just think you're lovely for not pushing me, that's all" she said, "and I love the fact that I make you so turned on." "Do, you?", he encouraged, "and why's that?"

She paused for a minute before replying. "What is it?" he coaxed. "It's, well, it's just that I've never talked about this kind of thing with a boy before. Only with my girlfriends." "Go on" he said, "it's great that you like turning me on!" "Really?" she asked, her big brown eyes searching his face, "you don't think I'm teasing you or leading you on?" He shook his head, "all I know is that when I look at you and when you kiss me, my cock gets very, very stiff." She visibly flinched when he said the word 'cock' and he noticed that she licked her lips nervously. But she said nothing.

"So," he said, trying to keep the conversation going, because this was getting interesting, "why do you like making my cock so hard?" He deliberately used the work 'cock' again to see if it had the same effect. This time he saw her eyes dart to the outline of his stiff cock in his jeans. "Well", she said, "I suppose it means you really like me", she smiled, "and..." "And what?" he said expectantly. She blushed a deep red and looked down at the floor. Then she just blurted it out. "And I like to think about you taking care of it when you get home." Her eyes were still fixed on the floor. There, she'd said it. She held her breath and wondered what he would think. "That is so unbelievably sexy!" he finally replied. She shot him a glance. "You don't think that's weird?" she said enquiringly. "Not at all. I think it's really hot! Tell me, what do you imagine me doing?" he invited. She could see a sexy grin on his face now.

"I don't know." she shot back, "just, you know, you getting it out and rubbing it till you finish." She thought that sounded really lame. The kind of thing a schoolgirl would say. But she need not have worried. Dan was enjoying this now. "Well", he said, "if you must know, I've had to do it every day since I met you, sometimes twice!" There it was again, a little lick of the lips. "Tell me more" she said softly. "Like what?" he teased, "what do you want to know?" She seemed more confident now and said, "I don't know, just, well, just how you actually do it. It would help me imagine it."

"Well, take last night" he said, enjoying the reaction he was getting. "Your kissing turned me on so much that I came after three or four strokes." Her big eyes widened and glistened and he saw her press her thighs together as she shifted on the seat. "Really?" was all she could say. "Really!" he confirmed. "And, and... where were you?" she blurted out, obviously wanting more graphic details. This was her little fantasy becoming real. "I was in the bathroom", he offered, sensing her growing interest, "I got in through the front door, rushed into the bathroom, freed it from my pants and pumped it in my fist!." He was enjoying this and wanted to see how much he could turn her on. "Really?" was all she could say again. "Yes, really!" he smiled. "And where did you, you know... where did it all go?" Her eyes were shining as she asked the question. He set out to shock and thrill her again. "What, do you mean my cum? Where did my cum go?" She just nodded. "It sprayed everywhere", he continued, "all over the mirror and some in the basin. I just couldn't help myself, I just had to cum and I came really hard and really fast!"

She swallowed hard but her mouth was dry. This was even hotter than she'd imagined. She could feel that familiar tightness inside her and when she moved on the chair, she could feel the wetness in her panties. Then he shot her the question she wasn't expecting. "So, Jess, that's what I did, but what were you doing?" Oh my God. She had savoured every detail of his revelation but hadn't been prepared for this. "It's only fair", he persisted. "You know every detail of what I did, but what about you? Were you turned on too?" A moment passed and then, in a small girlish voice, she said, "You know I was". But he wouldn't let up. "So, while I was cumming in the bathroom mirror, what were you doing?

After what seemed like an age, she mumbled an answer, once more staring at the floor. This was so exciting and so embarrassing at the same time. "Sorry, I didn't hear that", Dan pressed. "I said I was in the shower", she repeated, dying of embarrassment. "Now that, I would really like to see" he grinned. It broke the ice. "I bet you would!" she laughed and playfully punched him in the arm. "Ow!", he pretended, before adding, "but what exactly were you doing in the shower?" "Use your imagination!" she fired back indignantly. "Why don't you just tell me?" he retorted. "Do I have to?" she said plaintively, looking into his eyes for some mercy. But he just grinned again, saying, "I want all the details!"

Slowly and quietly, and without making any eye contact, she described how she had sat on the floor of the shower and directed the spray head between her open legs. "No, honestly, I really would like to see that!" he sighed. "Well, you're not going to see it tonight!" she declared flatly. "So, does that mean I get the full show tomorrow?" he said eagerly. "Only if you put on a show for me", she countered, and regretted it even before the words had left her mouth. She'd meant to say no, that she would never let a boy see that. It was too, well, too personal, though talking about it was certainly fun.

But before she could take it back, before she could keep this as strictly fantasy, he'd seized on her words. "OK, it's a deal, I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!" he said triumphantly. She tried to backtrack. To say she was only joking. But he was adamant, "Uh, uh, no way... a deal's a deal", he said. "And tomorrow night's the night!" This was her chance to get out of it. "Oh, I can't tomorrow, I'm babysitting for the Fosters next door." This took the wind out of his sails, but only for a moment. Then a big grin spread across his face. "Didn't you say the kid's always asleep by 7pm and you just watch their TV till midnight?" "Yes, but...", she began. But he'd already hatched his plan, "No problem, then, I'll be there at 7.30pm", he announced. "Oh, and one more thing... wear that gingham skirt, it drives me crazy!" And with that he was heading for the front door, a spring in his step.

Jess couldn't sleep. Not a wink. She was horrified at the idea of him watching her touch herself, but then again, the idea of watching him stroke that stiff cock of his was thrilling. She couldn't get his words out of her head... "Your kissing turned me on so much that I came after three or four strokes", he'd said. She loved the part where he'd "rushed into the bathroom, freed it from my pants and pumped it in my fist!." And she had this vivid mental image of his cum spraying all over the bathroom mirror. She loved the fact that he'd said he couldn't help it, that she'd turned him on so much.

It was all too much, so she slipped her hand underneath her nightdress for the second time that night and rubbed herself to another shuddering finish. And as she did it, she imagined him stood before her, his stiff cock standing away from his body, his fist gripping tightly around the shaft and his cum splashing everywhere. But there was more. She imagined him staring at her own fingers between her legs as he stroked his cock and she imagined the look of lust on his face as he watched her reach her orgasm. And she decided, there and then, that this was so dirty and so sexy that she would have to go through with it. She couldn't back out now.

The next day at school Jess couldn't concentrate. And she couldn't tell any of her friends the plan, not even Claire. What would they think of her? Dan was no better. He was distracted, mesmerised by the pictures in his head of a gingham hemline rising up bare thighs to little white panties. Several times he thought of nipping out for a quick wank, but he wanted to save that for this evening's performance.

When she got home, Jess shed her school clothes, peeled off her now sticky panties and had a long soak in the bath. She was still nervous, of course, but her fear had been replaced by butterflies and excitement and a tightening ache between her legs. She trimmed the unruly hair down there into a neat strip and realised that all it did was make her lips far more exposed and prominent. He would see absolutely everything. She ironed her gingham skirt, the one he'd asked for, and wriggled it over a pair of plain white panties - she didn't want to appear too slutty. She wore the ankle socks he'd said made her look 'cute' and a simple white T-shirt. He'd gone on about how good she'd looked in one on the biking course. She checked her hair and outfit in the mirror, and then she went next door to the Fosters' to put their young son Jack to bed.

Mr & Mrs Foster - Mike and Sue - were in a rush tonight and glad to see her arrive on time. After a few hurried instructions, they were gone, promising to be back around midnight and telling her to help herself to anything in the fridge. As usual, Jack was no problem. He'd already had his bath and had his pyjamas on. "Jack's stayed up specially", Mrs Foster had said, "he's really excited to see you, Jess". Jess smiled. "But not as excited as Dan's going to be!", she thought to herself, as she carried the yawning child up two flights of stairs and settled him down with one of his favourite story books. He was fast asleep way before the end. She kissed his forehead and tiptoed back downstairs. It was only 7.15pm, and the next 15 minutes seemed like an eternity. She felt strangely calm, not what she'd expected, but she still jumped out of her skin when the doorbell rang just after 7.30pm. "No going back now", she thought to herself.

She swung the front door open and, for a moment, she completely forgot to breathe. He had cycled over, as always, so his cheeks were flushed and his hair was tousled by the wind. But he looked gorgeous, much better than those weedy boysat school and the idiots from the Sixth Form College up the road. His T-shirt showed off his chest and arms: he clearly worked out. And his jeans clung to his thighs... and, very obviously, to his fully stiff cock, clearly visible through the material. Then she realised that she was staring, that she wasn't breathing and that she hadn't even said 'hello'.

Dan had pedalled fast to get there. He'd imagined tonight over and over, all day, until his balls ached from his being permanently stiff. This was too good to be true and now she was standing there, clearly staring right at the bulge in his jeans. And she looked exactly as he'd imagined: pretty gingham skirt over bare legs with a simple white T-shirt and cute ankle socks. He'd been wanking to this mental picture for nearly two weeks now, ever since they'd met, and now here she was, ready to watch him do it again, but live. She seemed to snap out of staring at his bulge, took a deep breath and said, "You'd better come in" and swung the door wide open. He followed her down the hall, hypnotised by the hem of her skirt swaying across her tanned upper thighs. He felt his balls tighten and his cock twitch inside his pants.

When they reached the comfortable lounge, he'd expected it to be a little awkward. He thought she'd be nervous or possibly a little reluctant. Or maybe even try to back out. And he'd thought of a few ways they might break the ice and get things going. But none of his plans were needed. Far from being reluctant, Jess now seemed to take control. As he leaned in to kiss her she stepped smartly out of his grasp and said, "New rules, tonight... no touching, only looking!" "But, Jess... ", he started. "But, nothing", she retorted, "now, I think we'll have those sexy jeans off, Dan - you can just put them over the back of that chair behind you." This wasn't in his plan, but it was strangely exciting. A pretty 16 year-old girl, dressed as in his wet dream, was telling him to get his jeans off. Ten seconds later he was down to his T-shirt and boxers. And there was no hiding the huge tent his stiff cock was making. He'd once measured his full-on cock at just over 7" with a ruler, but tonight, if anything, it seemed even bigger. And Jess couldn't take her eyes off it. Things were going to get interesting, he could tell.

Jess began the moves that she'd practised that morning in her bedroom mirror. First she twirled around, making her skirt flare out and giving him a brief, tantalising glimpse of her white panties and the tops of her thighs. Then she gathered two fist-fulls of T-shirt cotton and pulled the material back and behind her so that it clung really tightly to her very round breasts. She saw his eyes widen as he realised that she was bra-less tonight, for the first time. For good measure, she arched her back to make her pointy nipples jut out, now two dark circles against the thin white cotton. She had his full attention and he was speechless. Now for the daring move. She turned around, facing away from him and took a couple of steps into the middle of the room. Then slowly, very slowly, she began to lean forward, sliding her hands down her thighs, over her knees and down her shins until she gripped a white-socked ankle in each hand. She knew from this morning's practice in the mirror, that her skirt was now revealing half her white panties and that they were stretched really tightly across her bum.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a movement and realised Dan's hand had slipped down to the bulge in his boxer shorts. "Hey, no!" she scolded, "I said no touching, and I meant it!" "But I thought you wanted to watch?" he seemed confused. "I'll tell you when you can touch, but until then, use your eyes!" she announced. And with that she started to slide her ankles slowly apart until she could press both hands flat on the floor. In this position, she knew he would be able to see her panties stretching to cover her lips and she knew he would love that. But what she didn't realise was how dirty it actually looked. This morning, in the mirror, her panties were dry, but now they were slick with her wetness so they were clinging to every fold of her pussy and they'd become slightly translucent. It was pornographic. Again, she saw movement, but when she looked, it was his cock twitching in his boxers, all on its own.

"Jess, please, please, just let me wank!" he implored. "Not yet", she smiled. She was enjoying this. And though his balls ached and his cock was twitching for his hand to pump it, so was he. "Time to lose the boxers, I think", she said, as she sank back onto the big sofa. Dan hooked his thumbs into the waistband and went to join her on the sofa. "Not so fast!" she stopped him, "you're staying right where you are. Stand in front of me and show me that stiff cock of yours!" She felt really dirty saying the word out loud and Dan remembered that it was only last night that it had made her flinch when he'd said it. But he did exactly as he was told. Jess was fascinated as he expertly yanked the waistband outwards, then up and over, to clear the tip of the thick, stiff cock that came bobbing into view. She swallowed hard and pressed her thighs together. That familiar feeling was tingling between her legs. She was transfixed as his cock, independently of Dan, swayed around before standing proudly away from his muscular thighs, pointing upwards at a steep angle. It had looked a good size in his jeans, but now it looked enormous, bigger than she'd expected. It wasn't just the length, it was the thickness of it and she wondered what it would look like with his fist, or even both his fists around it?

She looked up at his face and followed his steady gaze. It was then she realised that her skirt was up around her waist and that her thighs were just far enough apart for him to see between her legs. His breathing was shallow and fast. She instinctively moved her hand to the waistband of her panties. But, instead of ripping them off, which was her first thought, she teasingly crept her fingers underneath the flimsy material. He watched as the outline of her fingers found the source of her wetness. His breathing became uneven. Through the semi-see-through cotton he caught the movement of her caressing fingers as they travelled the full length of her wet lips, pausing where he imagined her clitoris to be. Repeatedly, her fingers travelled higher, then lower and the movements became circular and more rhythmic. Sometimes her eyes were half-closed and then sometimes her gaze was wide and her big brown eyes were full of lust and fixed on his now throbbing cock. She began to suck in air in short breaths and to make small moaning noises every time her fingers brushed her clitoris.

This was agony and ecstacy. The single horniest thing he'd ever seen, but the frustration of not being able to touch his now pulsing, straining cock. He realised that he'd fallen into time with her breathing and with each downward stroke of her fingers, he was clenching and unclenching his powerful cock muscles, causing his stiffness to jerk up and down. This was the closest he could get to wanking his cock and pre-cum was now glistening and trickling all over it. But he wasn't prepared for what happened next. Jess watched as Dan's face betrayed just how close he was to cumming. And she loved the way the tip of his cock was wet and pulsing. All without him even touching it! It was too much. She needed to cum. Hard.

Her fingers stopped caressing and started pulling and probing, urgently. She bent and raised her knees, spreading her thighs wide and bringing her ankle-socked feet right up next to her white panties. Dan stared as Jess's fingers pulled her wet lips open, really wide open. Though she still had her panties on, everything was on show through the now soaking see-through cotton. Finally her other hand, that had been almost weighing up her breasts through her T-shirt, now darted between her legs, yanking the thin cotton strip aside, momentarily revealing everything before plunging her index and middle fingers up into her impossibly tight, little wet hole. Almost immediately, she clamped her slippery thighs tightly round her wrist and arched her back as she let out a series of gasping moans, ending in a shudder that shook her whole body.

At the sight of that, Dan's breathing became ragged. He instinctively moved a step forward, towards her writhing body and as he did so the swollen tip of his cock brushed roughly across his T-shirt. That was enough to make his balls spasm and after a second where nothing happened, his cock was suddenly spurting out great ropes of hot, sticky cum. The first splattered on the carpet between them, but, as he stumbled towards her, the second spurt splashed against her left thigh and hit the sofa while the third one fell squarely on her panties and fingers. By this time his knees had all but given way and were now resting on the edge of the sofa between her open legs. So the fourth and final spurt soaked her right breast through her T-shirt and splashed right up to her neck and chin. His pretty 16 year-old girlfriend was lying there in white panties and ankle socks, her two fingers still buried right inside her tight little hole and she was covered in his cum.

Jess watched Dan cum, glassy eyed, and, as she felt the warmth of it on her skin, she tightened her muscles around her soaking wet fingers and squeezed them out of her little hole just in time to take hold of his still throbbing, but completely spent cock. "Hey!", he said, breaking the silence, "I thought you said no touching?" She squeezed his still huge cock hard in her little hand and simply said, "My rules."

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