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A Thursday After Work

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A Thursday After Work

Okay, I'll admit it - I want sex. So why is this so unusual to admit? Because I'm a well-past middle age woman, and in my generation (or maybe it was just my parents philosophy) the women were taught not to express a need for sex. I believe in the late 1950?s and early 60?s society did not acknowledge or accept that the mature, older woman (past fifty-five) continues to have erotic sexual experiences much the same as when they were young.

This week, on Thursday evening as I drove the forty minutes home from work, I could not stop my thoughts from wanting to feel something inside my body. (I was sitting at a stoplight, and I glanced over at the car next to me - a man was alone in his car - I wondered if he would accept an invitation at a stoplight to have sex with a stranger at the nearest hotel. The light changed and we continued on our separate ways.) And everything constantly reminded me that I wanted sex, as I drove on toward home. I stopped at a farm stand to buy fresh corn for dinner, and I had to consciously stop fondling the zucchini! I just couldn't help myself and resist my mind's thoughts. I bought two, and two more nice sized cucumbers, knowing full well that at least one of each was going inside my body, just as soon as I could race home, pull the blinds down over the windows, lock the doors and turn off the phone.

I'm widowed and have been living alone for more than nine years. Masturbation is a way of life. Actually, I enjoy living alone and the freedom and luxury of experimenting at any time and for any length of time (sometimes several days in a row). I'm also an anal erotic, if you had not already guessed by my food selection. I did not discover anal sex until several years into my marriage. And now, at this age, it's my preference.

So I carried my groceries into the house, and as I put my purchases away, I took out a large bowl and ran warm water to fill it, and placed my erotic purchases in the water to wash and to warm them. I hurried off to the bedroom to change out of my work cloths, and turned on the shower in the adjoining bathroom, to warm that room in preparation for my playtime. I gathered my veggie toys from the kitchen, and then decided a small enema to clean out my rectum was probably the next order of business before I proceeded on to some serious play with these purchases.

I collected my douche and enema bottles from their cabinet, along with a special play syringe that I find terribly erotic just to look at and admire. I filled the two enema bottles to their brink with warm water, attached two different size nozzles, and lubricate both tips generously.

The play syringe is very special. I submerge the needle tip (the shape, but not a true needle) into the container of very warm lubricating oil, and withdraw the plunger to its fullest extent - making sure I have extracted only liquid and that no air was admitted into the syringe chamber.

I smiled thinking about how much fun the anticipation of a playtime is, as I continued getting everything ready. I lined-up these three instruments on the bathroom counter, along side my fresh veggie toys. Now I'm ready and actually eager to begin my playtime. I glanced at the clock, it's just 6:30 p.m., and I had all evening to relax and enjoy the episode and whatever adventures in anal play my mind wanted to create. It had been at least three months since my last enema. I was well overdue and eager for those old erotic feelings to again return for my pleasure.

I closed the bathroom door and watched in the mirror as I raised my left leg and placed my foot on the counter. This allowed full view in the mirror of my vagina and rectum. A larger full-length mirror was on the wall directly behind me.

I picked-up the warm enema bottle and proceeded to insert the tube a short few inches into my rectum. I stopped, took a deep breath, and starring into the mirror; I relished the moment. The moment before it all begins. Yes, probably this moment is the most thrilling to me in many ways. The moment before it all begins and I'm crazy with lust and completely consumed by the desire to climax and go beyond any self control. I know what's about to happen - what's coming next. My heart is pounding and my head throbs in anticipation. I love to prolong this feeling - the sexual build-up and anticipation makes for an incredible release.

As I stare into the mirror, looking straight into my eyes I whispered, 'Are you ready?' I did mpt answer, but proceeded to squeeze the warm water into my rectum. It was nice and gentle as I felt it speeding up my passage. I removed my foot from the counter, and bent over at the waist as I squeezed and pushed the last ounces into my bottom. I whispered, 'Oh,that feels so nice'. I withdrew the bottle and deposited it in the sink.

I stood straight up and the sensations I felt were fantastic. I could just barely tell there is liquid inside me. Nothing uncomfortable, just a nice warmth and knowing - knowing that I'd deposited some liquid up my bottom ? I have done it ? and it feels terrific.

Now for the second enema. Actually this is a douche container of approximately twelve ounces of liquid with an attached unusually large and long white tip. I felt rather impatient, I wanted it immediately. I was anxious to feel it filling me and rushing up inside. Quickly, I got down on the floor on my knees and place my head on the floor, butt in the air. I watched every movement in the full-length mirror on the wall. I reached back to my bottom, and with one quick motion, I inserted the long white douche-tip to the hilt. The weight of the bulb kind of bumped against my rectum and creates a slight sloshing sound ? this excited me and I felt a deep sexual arousal. Then a terrific urge passed over me, I wanted to feel the water rush inside. I want it quickly, that very second, and fast. I whispered 'Oh gosh you need this!'

My right hand began to shake as I squeezed the douche bulb as firmly as possible . . . continuing to squeeze. . . .I could feel the warmth flowing into me and my stomach was gurgling. . . . a natural little whimper was heard as I watched the reflection in the mirror. . . the bulb going flat and empty. . . and all too quickly, it was over. My face was red flushed, my heart was racing, and there was a throbbing beat in my head. I softly said "Oh finally, you done it. It feels wonderful - what a rush!"

I could feel the accumulation of liquid then inside me. I removed the nozzle from my bottom, got up off the floor, deposited the instrument in the sink, and sat down on the commode. The water emptied from my bottom quickly, without many cramps or discomfort. And when I believed that I was sufficiently clean, I then felt ready and the time had finally arrived. I began to lubricate my fresh veggie cucumber and zucchini.

Since expelling the water enema, I became aware that I needed lubricant in my rectum to be able to accept either of those new objects. So, I acknowledged that I?d prepared my body for was about to happen, and it was time to begin the real play.

Getting back into position, to be able to watch in the mirror, I again placed my foot on top of the counter. I wanted to watch the oil syringe being inserted. The end, having been well lubricated, was positioned at the dark opening of my anus, and it glided easily up inside without resistance. I loved this picture. The tip inserted - the syringe's measurement red lines visible - the plunger fully extended. As a child, that image scared the hell out of me, but now, I couldn?t wait to feel it inside me. The anxiety was terrific. I let go and just looked at the image in the mirror of the syringe inserted in my bottom.

This moment - this picture was erotic - the moment before I felt the warm lubricating liquid coat the inside of my rectum. I stared at the reflection in the mirror and memorize the moment. Now it was time to depress the plunger. Simultaneously, as I watched the contents exit the vile, I felt the warm oil flowing up inside. I said aloud ?I love this feeling?. And it was over. . . the syringe was empty. In just that moment, it is quickly over and done, just as a typical injection is quickly finished. Immediately my thoughts were that 'I want more'! So, it was time for the veggie dildos. I withdrew the syringe and laid it in the sink.

I was terribly aroused and anxious to feel something, just anything ? but something needed to fill my bottom and right that minute! It was such an urgent feeling and hard to describe. I surmised the cucumber was the smallest in diameter, and therefore it was selected first. I pressed the tip of the cucumber on my rectum and gently pushed, and thereby it begin to open - - - but very slowly. Growing impatient, I began a pace of small short strokes, and then stoppd. Then gently I applied firm pressure once more to push it further inside. It was large but I'm sure I've experimented with larger objects, so I continued forcing and pushing. On the second or third round of short strokes followed by constant pushing pressure, I bear down with all my might, and the cucumber slides approximately three-quarters of the length inside and stays lodged without further pushing. It felt remarkable and full, spreading my hole. I relaxed my arm, the one pushing so hard; took a deep breath, and relaxed. Oh lord how I wanted that! There was no pain, I was certainly very aroused and wanting - so much craving that no consideration was given to any negative thoughts or feelings. My mind was only telling me that I was being penetrated. It was large. It was stretching me. It was uncomfortable, but no pain. And, it was fascinating to watch my body accept this invasion. I was truly enjoying these sensations and needing that experience.

Than I had an overpowering urge to climax. With my right hand holding the cucumber in place in my bottom, I put my left leg on the floor and walked out of the bath area and over to my bed, carrying the other veggie toy in my left hand. I laid down and attempted to get comfortable by rolling over onto my back. I brought my knees up to my chest, and with my right hand I attempted to insert this second veggie, the zucchini, into my vagina. Although I was extremely wet, it was tight and only the very tip end would enter. So I moved it around on my clit and then back into my vagina several times.

Slowly, with my left hand, I attempted to slightly move the cucumber in-and-out of my rectum. Once I progressed to a continuous rhythm motion - pulling the cucumber out and shoving it back in again; there was no stopping. I forgot about the attempt to enter my vagina, and instead felt the urgent need to massage my clit with my right hand, just as fast as I possibly could. At the same time, I shoved the cucumber in-and-out of my bottom with extreme force. I was aware of how hard and intense that action had become. I shoved the veggie the entire length - all the way inside and actually lost it for a moment as my anus closed around the end. I rolled up into a sort of sit-up position, with my chin touching my chest. I was holding my breath. It was exhilarating and perfect; I was about to climax with the feeling of the full penetration. Bearing down and with all my strength grunting, I cried out. Raising my head up and exhaling, it was as if I?d given birth, I pushed the object out my rectum one more time. It was fantastic, and in the same moment, it's over.

I stoked the cucumber in-and-out gently, one more time, to confirm that I was truly spent and done, and there was no lingering need to have or feel more. And, as I slowed down, I completely removed the cucumber, relaxed my legs and took several deep breaths. My heart was pounding hard and loud, and slowly it returns to a normal pace.

I glanced over at the clock on the night-stand by my bed, it was 9:30 p.m. If I hurried, got out of bed and cleaned everything up in time, I could catch the 10 o'clock news and fall asleep, getting plenty of rest for work tomorrow. I'll fondly remember this erotic Thursday evening.

Good Night.

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