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A Hole in One

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The morning was hot and humid in mid august. She arrived alone at the golf course this time, unlike many times before. After checking her make-up and a quick glimpse at the rest of her attire, she slid a hand under her skirt to give her freshly shaved pussy a lite feel. Feeling the moistness escaping from her wet slit, she knew it would be a great day of golf. She got out of the car, straightened her pleated short white skirt, and checked the buttons on her clingy white top that fit her like a glove, showing off her beautiful breast. As she turned to go to her trunk, she noticed 2 young men around 25 across the parking lot, both were looking her way. So to make there looks worth while, she leaned into her trunk to get her clubs, reaching further than she needed to make sure her skirt rose up to reveal her sexy ass and pantiless pussy to them. She looked in a mirror that she had placed in the trunk for just this reason and could tell by their smiling faces these 2 would be fun.

She then proceeded to the clubhouse to get her cart key. As she went to her cart, she noticed the 2 men weren?t far behind. She purposely dropped her keys to give them another peek. Realizing her pussy has gotten even wetter. She was thinking to herself how long she could keep up this line of teasing before one of them or both would make a move on her. When she reached the first tee, she warmed up with a few practice swings to make sure that they would be playing right behind her. She made up her mind these 2 would be the ones to get a hole in one with her this morning. As they approached the first tee, she proceeded to tee up her ball. Bending over straight legged in front of them as she did, making sure they got a nice long look at her wet slit. After her perfect tee shot, she turned and winked at them, put her club in her bag and proceeded down the fairway to her ball. Once on the green the 2 men had caught up with her. One of them approached her and asked if she would like to join them for the rest of the game.

She agreed quickly with a sly smile. The 2 men introduced themselves. The first one, named Anthony, tall, athletic build and dark tan, the other was Mark, average height with a muscular build, both were 25. Once on the second tee, Anthony went first. As he prepared to tee off, she parked her cart so when he turned around he would have a perfect view up her skirt, her legs were spread with one on the steering wheel and the other stretched over the seat. To her amazement, when he turned around she saw a thick half hard cock protruding from his shorts. He looked at her and said 2 can play a teasing game. He zipped his shorts and she took her tee shot. The Mark took his and when he turned his long cock was out and pointing right at her. She was looking, not realizing that her legs were open this time and her finger stroking her now soaked pussy. One of the young hung studs suggested that from now on for the rest of the game, the loser of each hole does whatever the winner suggests. They all agreed and the game took on a new twist.

Finishing the second hole the woman won and eagerly told Anthony to get on his knees in front of her cart, she bent over the front of the cart with her legs apart and told him to lightly lick her wet slit for a minute. He obliged without hesitation. He started licking lightly and the feel of his tongue on her soaked slit sent shivers through her body causing her to moan and gyrate her hips into his face. Anthony stopped without warning and left her catching her breath. As they proceeded to the third hole, she undid 2 buttons on her shirt and let her new golf pals get a better view of her firm tits. With her knees still shaking from the previous hole the woman did very poor on the third, resulting in her losing the hole. Mark with his now long hard 10? cock won and told her to get on her knees and suck his rigid member. She licked and sucked his throbbing cock with the enthusiasm of a schoolgirl going on her first date. She squeezed his balls as she filled her mouth with his prick. Feeling his balls tighten she released him before he could cum, saving it for yet another hole. On the fourth hole the woman went first. As she proceeded to tee up, again she bent over straight legged to give them a good view of her slippery fuck hole, to her surprise while she was bent over, one of them proceeded to place the end of a rubber gripped shaft against her eager wet hole. Without any thought she instinctively slid back on it, taking it as deep as she could coating it with her dripping juices. This was enough of a distraction for her that she flopped her tee shot and again lost the hole to Mark. He again told her to get on her knees and finish what she had started. This time as she engulfed his hard long cock deep into her throat, Anthony proceeded to lift her skirt and slide 2 fingers deep into her wet snatch. The feeling was so intense that she gobbled the cock up as she fucked the fingers and brought the stud to an explosive orgasm that she swallowed with ease as she exploded on the 2 fingers pounding into her hot slippery hole. As they approached the 5th hole, a par 3, she told the 2 horny studs that whichever one got closest to the pin off the tee, could put there hard cock where her fingers were. They both looked down and saw her masturbating in her seat with 2 fingers buried deep inside her dripping snatch. Mark teed off with a perfect tee shot followed by Anthony. As she went to take her tee shot, she bent over and Anthony places his thick swollen head against her wet opening. She instinctively slid back onto the swollen head that stretched her wet hole open, as she tried to slide back further Anthony moved and told her she would have to wait to see who was closer. When they approached the green, Anthony?s ball was definitely closer, sitting only inches from the hole. When they finished the hole, she went to put her club back in her bag, Anthony came up behind her and bent her over the back of the cart, lifting her skirt, he pushed his fat throbbing cock into her eagerly inviting wet slit, she slid back on it till his balls slapped her swollen clit. He fucked her slowly from this position as he undid her top and squeezed her firm breasts. He pulled out of her to keep from cumming and told her she would have to wait for more. On the 6th hole she was so horny and needing to be fucked that while her studs took there shots she fucked the shaft of her driver, coating 8 inches of the grip with her slippery juice. Anthony and Mark both watched as she fucked herself to a shuddering orgasm, her juices flowing freely down to her ass.

On the 7th hole Mark went first, after his tee shot he turned to find her on her knees sucking Anthony?s fat cock while she waited her turn. Not being able to hold back, Mark went and stood beside Anthony, took out his long hard member and put it in front of her, she grabbed it and stroked it as she sucked Anthony?s fat cock down her throat, the turned and engulfed Marks hard member. She stopped, composed herself long enough to make a beautiful tee shot and wind up winning the hole. She instructed Mark to get down on his knees as she lay back across the seat of the cart. She spread her legs and told him to lick her wet pussy. Mark did as he was told; he started lightly licking around the edges of her lips, her breathing quickened as his tongue darted across her swollen clit. Her moans getting louder he began sucking her clit as he slid a finger into her tight ass, this was enough to send mind reeling, as she threw her head back in erotic passion, Anthony?s thick hard cock was waiting for her open mouth. She took him instantly and sucked him deep into her mouth, her moans turning to muffled screams as Mark skillfully fingered her ass and sucked her cum soaked pussy till she was cumming again. As her orgasm eased she released Anthony from her mouth just before he came. At the 8th hole her legs were shaking to the point she had all she could do to hold herself up for her tee shot. When she turned around, both her studs were smiling with a lustful look in there eyes. Mark suggested that instead of doing anything on this hole that they should call it a game after 9 and the winner makes the rules from there. They all agreed and headed for the 9th tee.

On the 9th she went first, concentrating very hard to do her best because in her mind she had the game won and the rules would be for her 2 studs to take her and fuck her real good and not stop til she and they were all drained. The studs had other plans no matter what the outcome of the game. After they had all teed off and finished the hole, the scores were tallied and she had won by a very slim margin. She turned toward them both and told them for starters to get on there knees and kiss the inside of each thigh. They each did as they were told, but only a quick kiss, then Anthony stood and looking off toward the edge of the course, motioned to an old unused maintenance shed. He suggested they all go there and they all agreed. Once they got to the shed, Anthony went in first; she followed with Mark close behind.

While Mark was closing the door behind them, she started to say something only to be stopped by the pressing of Anthony?s mouth against hers. He kissed her roughly but passionately as his hands slid down to find her firm tits and hard nipples. He tore her top loose freeing the last couple buttons. As he dropped the top from her shoulders he leaned down and began kissing and lightly biting her hard nipples. This sent her mind whirling with lust and she lifted a leg up around his waist and began pumping against his crotch feeling his fat cock thru his shorts. At the same time she felt Marks hands lifting her skirt and spreading her ass apart, next she felt his tongue licking her from her ass to her clit probing her tight asshole and slick hot pussy as he made his way to her swelling clit. Anthony released her nipple and stepped back, standing in front of her he took her head and guided it to his zipper, unzipped his shorts and his thick hard prick sprung out like a coiled snake. He pushed her mouth onto it and she engulfed every fat inch into her mouth and sucked him good and hard. Mark licked and sucked her pussy until she was breathing loudly, then he began lightly licking the edges of her pussy and tracing around her as with the tip of his tongue. As he moved to her wet slit with his talented tongue she released Anthony?s fat cock and started to trace it with her nails as she licked and sucked on the swollen head, sliding her mouth just past the ridge and back off again. Marks tongue was now darting across her swollen clit causing her to moan loudly and grind her ass into his face, as Mark began pushing his tongue into her aching fuck hole he slid a finger into her ass which sent her over the edge, she started cumming uncontrollably Taking Anthony into her throat at the same time she sucked him and squeezed his balls til she felt him shooting his hot load down her throat. As her orgasm eased and Anthony stopped shooting the 2 studs released her, they lifted her onto a nearby table and laid her down. Mark grabbed her head and guided it to his long hard cock while Anthony began to finger her cum soaked pussy and ass at once, first one finger in each slippery hole then two. As she sucked and licked Marks rigid hard cock, Anthony spread her legs wider and lifted them higher as he positioned himself between her legs sliding his fat thick cock up and down her wet slit. She began begging him to fuck her as she engulfed more of Marks cock. Anthony teasingly pushed the head of his cock into her waiting slit, the feel of his thick cock entering her caused her to moan loudly and suck Mark deeper. Anthony pulled from her pussy for a second then pushed his fat prick into her tight hole full length, the size of it made her scream, she took Mark from her mouth and stroked his cock hard and fast as she told Anthony to fuck her hard. Anthony again pulled from her, this time he pushed the swollen head into her soaked ass just past the ridge causing her to go over the edge. She began pumping against his cock trying to take more but Anthony kept pulling back, giving her just enough to build her orgasm up more and more. Again he plunged deep into her pussy, this time she wrapped her legs around him and fucked his fat prick hard and fast her hips grinding into him, as she started cumming again, this time in an explosion of orgasms around his cock she took Mark deep into her throat and sucked him hard. When her orgasm finished and her body stopped spasming she said she wanted to ride Marks long hard cock. Mark without hesitation got onto the table and she slowly mounted his long prick, riding up and down on it til it was deep inside her. As she started going faster on Marks cock, She felt Anthony?s against her ass, teasingly pushing against her. She instinctively pushed back until she felt his swollen head inside her Anthony then slowly slid his cock in until he was all the way into her ass and then pulled back until just his head was in. She was screaming with pleasure telling both men to fuck her hard and how great they felt inside her, Mark pumping his long hard cock into her soaked pussy and Anthony pumping her ass full of his thick fat cock. They fucked her this way til she was a screaming cumming fuck goddess being filled by 2 young studs. She started cumming causing her pussy and ass to spasm around there hard cocks, as her first orgasm subsided they began fucking her harder and this bringing on another almost immediately. This time her spasming made them both start cumming and they each filled her soaked holes with their hot loads. As they?re cum dripped from her filled pussy and ass she proceeded to lick and suck each of them till there wasn?t a drop of cum left in their cocks. When they had finished they each kissed her and walked out the door telling her they hope they can play another round of golf with her real soon. While she got dressed and composed herself she heard this sound coming from the door that sounded like an alarm and realized it was her alarm clock and she had dreamt the entire thing, except for her pussy was soaked and she felt like she had just had the fuck of her life.


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