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Trading in FBs

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This actually happened to me way back in my life where a friend became more than a friend and we traded in FB?s we had, on being FB?s to each other.

This took place in 1989, before Teresa and I reconnected and married. I was just going through a divorce in the summer of 1989, a marriage that just didn?t work out. Luckily for me, I got to keep the house and boat, she just wanted out. That July a lady I worked with, Angie, wanted to remodel her master bath in her home, and knew I did stuff like that on the side. Now Angie was a long time divorcee, 41, and still had a great body. Her face was kind of plain, but nothing you?d throw a bag over, or have to wait until 2am when you were drunk. Great personality, a gift for gab, and she did like to flirt a lot. She is 5? 5, maybe 130 lbs soaking wet, with a 34C chest size, but has an incredible ass, dark hair just past her shoulders and brown eyes. She also has a 22 year old daughter Robin. Robin, was about the same height as her mom, but was a little chunky around the middle, but same ass and her boobs were a little smaller. She also like to flirt a lot too, which was cool with me. She lived with a girlfriend of hers in apartment a few miles away. Angie has a nice house, 3 bedroom with a good size master suite, with a large master bath. She wanted to expand the walk in shower and remove the garden tub and replace that with a Jacuzzi style bath tub. She had me come over and showed me what she thought would work and booklets on different tubs and showers. I did the measurements and suggested a couple of things and she agreed and I told her it could be done. She said that she would order all that I needed and asked when I could start. I told her anytime, but it would be evenings and days off, and she was fine with that. Luckily she had another bathroom she could use while I had this one under construction.

I started that weekend on tearing stuff out. Being it was July, it was hot out and Angie wore short shorts and halters, which I didn?t mind at all. Loved looking at her body, which she liked showing off. She would sit and talk with me while I worked, and occasionally helped me when I needed it. Her daughter stopped by both days and she also dressed kind of scantily with shorts and a tube top, or like that Sunday, a bikini so she could lay out and work her tan. Caught myself a few times looking out Angie?s window at Robin laying on the deck, which made blood rush to my groin. I finished up that first day around 5pm, because Angie was going out and didn?t want me working in the evening. She said she was going to dinner with this one guy she see?s now and then. I was thinking, oh well, so much for asking her out. Plus she probably would say no because of the age factor. I was 33 and she was 41. That Sunday Angie had on short cotton type of shorts that just covered her ass and a bikini top. She did look Hot, that was for sure, and I told her so. She blushed a little and thanked me. Angie is also the type of lady that likes to touch you when she talks with you, nothing outrageous, but a hand here or there, or a few times her boob on my arm a few times, like on that Sunday. She even said I had a nice ass that Sunday when I bent down to get something. During the week, I was over there damn near every night after work, getting every thing prepared for when the new stuff came in. 3 of the nights, Angie worked late until 8, and in most cases, I was just leaving as she came in. That Wednesday evening she got home a bit after 8 and I asked her to go to dinner with me, since I hadn?t eaten yet and she accepted. We went for Mexican and told life stories. She is a very funny lady and told funny story?s about things in her life. She told me about her ex, who she divorced years before but never found a guy who was worth the effort to commit too. She said it felt like she couldn?t give in the whole way to a guy with her heart. Her ex used to abuse her, never physically, but verbally, so she has trust issues and he was very jealous if she even looked at a guy. When we got back to her place, Robin was there just chilling out, as she said. Of course she made remarks about mom being out with a young guy, which we both blew off. Angie went to change and Robin came up to me and said, Mom thinks you are hot, and so do I. I told her thanks, but your mom doesn?t want anything from me like that. She laughed and said, well if she don?t, I certainly do. I chuckled and said honey, you are a to the point person aren?t you. She said damn straight. I left shortly after that.

That Thursday the items were delivered and Angie was so excited. She asked how long it would take and I said a few days as long as everything went ok. She said she cant wait to use the tub and feel those jets soothe her tired bones. And she wanted to try out the new shower that had 2 shower heads in it. One was normal height and the other was about waist high. Can only imagine what she?d use that for. They delivery guy helped me move the tub inside and we set it in position and the shower I could handle since it was in pieces. Robin was helping me move those into the area of the bedroom that I sort of took over for construction, as her mom was outside paying for the delivery. As we got close to where I wanted, Robin slipped and fell down. I dropped my end and went and helped her up. As she got up she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She leaned back a second then kissed me again but this time with tongue too. I told her we cant be doing this here, Christ her mom would freak. She said nah, she knows how much I like men. I left shortly after that, after talking with Angie about when I would be back. I told her Friday I would be working until 6, so I was going to stay at home. She said that is good with her because she had plans and winked at me. I figured her fuck toy must be making a visit. Robin asked what she was doing and Angie said not to worry about it. That Friday I was home a little past 6 and got changed. Just a t-shirt and gym style shorts and as custom for me, no underwear. About 7:30 I was thinking of making a burger on the grill, when the doorbell chimed and I went to see who it was, and low and behold, Robin was standing there. I opened the door and asked how did you know where I live? She said she saw my address and phone number in her mom?s book. She said she was bored with nothing to do and knew I was going to be home and just wanted to see if I wanted company. I said, well ok and asked if she ate? She said no, not as yet and then licked her lips and smiled. Christ this girl was one horny one. I said I was making a burger and she said that was cool. So I made her up one and we went out on the deck. She had on these really short short that did nothing to cover her ass, which I could see her cheeks easily and a yellow halter top that when she turned sideways, I could see the one boob nicely. I know it was wrong to look at her like this but I surely would like to fuck her. She came out with me and saw my hot tub out there and ohh and awed over it. We made small talk and actually she is a bright young lady as she explained her job, friends and life for her. She too said she always seemed to pick assholes to date who only cared about themselves. I told her that was how 20 somethings are. We ate on the deck and then I asked if she wanted to shoot some pool, which she readily agreed too.

We went down to my rec room which has a small bar and fridge, a pool table and dart board set up and then 2 couches at the one end. I asked if she wanted something to drink and asked if I had beer. I said I do, but not sure how old it is, since I don?t drink. She took one anyways, and then another. We were having a good time, laughing about silly shit we both talked about. Then she reached into her purse and brought out a joint and asked if I minded. I said light em if you got em. We shared the joint and continued playing. I was walking around the table as she sat on the bar stool. As I approached her far leg shot out and her foot planted on the side of the pool table and I ran into her leg, then her other leg came out and now had me boxed in between her legs. She moan and said nice fit and giggled. I told her to watch starting something you may not want to finish. She laughed and said no worries hun, I finish everything I start. I wanted to grab her just start kissing her and I knew the pot was having an effect on both of us. She said lets do another joint and she lit it up. As she took a drag she said come here and shot gunned it to me and kissed me then. Then she said Oooohh, I see someone likes this and she looked at the bulge in my shorts. She then asked if we could try out the hot tub. I said we could but you didn?t bring a suit, She laughed and said fuck the suit, naked is fine with her. Luckily it was getting dark out and my house sat back far enough so neighbors cant see back there. We went up to the back deck and she damn near ripped her top off and I just stared at her breast. Though not real big, but big enough to play with and dark areola?s. Then she dropped her shorts to the ground and I saw there was no panties. She laughs and said you going to stare or get naked too? I was looking at her pussy now, which she had trimmed to have it look like an arrow pointing down to her slit. Quite sexy actually. Although she has a small belly, not flat like many of the hotties have, she still looked good, especially since it has been a few weeks since I was naked with a woman, a lady friend who I am a Fuck Buddy with. Her thighs were a little thick too but she had a great ass. We climbed in and I turned on the jets. She was loving the feeling and just relaxing. I handed her the beer she brought up and I was sipping tea. She said damn this feels good. I told her the jets make it just right. She scooted over close to me and was running her hand on my leg, and smiled up at me and said I am starting something and you better help finish it too. Her hand wasted no time in grabbing my hard cock. She said damn, you are big. We started kissing and I started massaging her tits as she stroked me. I told her she cant moan loud or the neighbors might her. She laughed and said fuck them. She asked me to sit on the ledge and started sucking my cock. She was quite talented there and it felt great. After about 10 minutes she broke away and said her mouth needed a break. So we switched positions so I could eat her. I wasted no time in driving my tongue into her. She tried muffling her moans as I licked away and after about 5 minutes started cumming. She did taste sweet too. She pushed my head away and asked if we could go inside to the bed. I said sure and we got out dried off and headed to my bed. She dove onto the bed then rolled over and spread her legs. I said not so fast young lady, I?m not done eating you. She said oh good, most guys she?s been with usually last a couple minutes down there. I said well I am not most guys. I ate her again and licked her ass for another 20 minutes and she came 2 more times. She finally looked at me and said please fuck me, I need your cock in me. I took her legs and spread them wide and she guided my cock right into her slit. I pushed in slowly at first, but she took her legs and wrapped them behind me and pulled me in deeper. She goes, yessssssssss fill my pussy up baby. I don?t think we fucked for 2 or 3 minutes and she?s cumming already and she is loud too, thank god the windows were closed and air on. I slowed down some as she was coming down from her orgasm, but we continued to fuck at a nice steady pace. Her pussy was really tight and told her so. She said non-use can do that, and giggled. I told her it was a great feeling and started fucking just a little faster and her moans got louder. She likes to talk too when she fucks, asking me what my ex was like in bed and if I was fucking anyone else. I told her about Karen my current FB, and how she is separated and living near here, but that I only see her when she needs sex. Her job in real estate takes up a lot of her time, but that she is quite good in bed, but doesn?t talk as much as you, nor is her pussy this tight. Robin goes mmmmmm, so you like this hot tight pussy huh? I said definitely. She goes good, now fuck me and cum in me. I put her legs back up on my shoulders and started giving it to her hard. The harder I fucked her, the louder she told me to fuck her. I could hear my slapping against her ass and could hear that wet sound you get when you are fucking real good. I finally couldn?t hold off anymore and started shooting in her and held my cock deep inside. This made her cum again, with her holding on to my neck real tight as she came, damn near yelling fuck fuck fuck fuck.. We fucked after short break and continued to fuck for another couple of hours, in all sorts of positions. She stayed the night with me and was sleeping soundly when I awoke in the morning. I went and made us some coffee and was sitting at my table drinking and reading the paper when she came out, went to the bathroom, then padded over to me. I handed her a cup, which she gratefully took. We were both naked still and said she had a great time last night and wanted to know if we could do that again. I said it depends. She asked on what. Whether your mom and I become sexual. She said so what, she goes I am not looking for a boyfriend, just a fuck buddy, and after last night, you definitely are better than any guy I ever have had. I said I don?t think your mom would be keen on that. She said her mom has a a fuck buddy right now and he?s a real tool. I don?t like him. He always leers at me and I find him gross. She told me he was a married guy and mom just uses him for a night out and sex, but I think she could do better, plus I am not asking for you to have us both in bed with you at the same time. I said what if it gets serious, and she said we?ll stop then. As we were talking she saw I was hard again and she straddled my chair and lowered herself down on my cock. She was already wet and it slipped right in. I said, damn girl, you are the most insatiable woman I have ever been with. She laughed and said it helps when her partner has a nice size cock and knows how to use it and the biggest turn on for her was when I ate her after cumming in her every time. She said no guy ever did that to her. Then she told me that her and her mom are nudist, which shocked me. She said no lie, have been since I can remember and even go to nudist resorts and her aunts family is too, which is Angie?s sister?s family. We fucked for a good half an hour and both finally came and then showered together. She asked if she could come back tonight but I told her that her mom and I had plans. She said wooohooo, you might get lucky tonight, but if not, call me and I will be over. She kissed me and left.

I was over at Angie?s around 10am and worked all morning and most of the afternoon there, got a lot accomplished. I didn?t really need to work that hard because I was on vacation now for the next week and knew I could finish in good time. Angie came home about 4pm and checked on my progress and was impressed how far along I was and was excited that she may have her bath back next week. She too was on vacation. She switched with someone at work, so she could help out. She then asked what I thought about just staying there for dinner, instead of going out and I said fine, but asked what I could bring, she said a bottle of wine would be good, because we were eating Italian. I asked what time I needed to be back and she said stay, but I said I really needed to shower and shave. She said I could do that here but I said I didn?t have my shaver and needed some fresh clothes. She goes , hmmmm, what all are you shaving, and I looked at her stupid like, then got her little message and just winked.

I rushed home and shaved and showered, and got dressed. Nothing fancy, just a nice pair of Khaki shorts and a polo golf shirt, but tonight I went commando, just in case. On the way back over I stopped at a store and got her a nice wine to go with dinner and ice tea for me, and a bouquet of flowers. When I arrived back at her place around 6:30, she was dressed in a jean mini skirt, and black blouse and since the material was thin, a lacy black bra, and she looked hot. She invited me in and thanked me for the flowers and said I look nice and I said she looked lovely tonight, and she thanked me. We were in her kitchen as she was preparing the rest of dinner, which was going to be lasagna and bread sticks and a salad and chocolate mousse for dessert, though I?d prefer her for dessert. I helped her with the salad and we kept bumping into each other, which was fine with me. The last time though she threw her hip into me saying she needed room, so I hipped her back but then grabbed her and pulled her close and we kissed. Our lips met and instead of pulling back, her arms went around my neck and it turned into a very passionate kiss that was lasting a good few minutes. She finally broke away and said, whewwwww, now that we got that out of the way, we better eat or something else may happen. My cock was now hard as a rock and hoping she couldn?t tell right then. As we ate we talked about relationships and she told me about Larry, her current, as she put it, friend with benefits. She said she liked him but he can be snobbish and is always bragging about his money and stuff, and then she said he is married. She said that she hopes I would not look down on her and I said why? Is he taking care of your needs and treats you nice? She shrugged her shoulders and said, yeah I guess, but he never takes her anywhere around here, it is always on the west side or they just stay here. I told her about Karen, my friend with benefit that I see every couple of weeks. She asked more about her and if I had feelings for her and I said no, just friends, who enjoy sex. I told her how she is separated from her husband, but have to wonder about that. I am not allowed to call her and she can never spend the night, though she blames that on the kids, which I could understand. Angie asked if we got out on dates, and I said yes, but she always picks something that is miles from our area. Angie laughed and said, shit, she is still with hubby and she is fucking around. She said to just ask her to be upfront, like Larry is with her. She asked what she did for a living and I told her it was real estate, and Angie really started laughing and said Larry was too. I said I guess those real estate people like their side sex a lot. She said that she hoped I used protection when I was with her and I said most definitely only because I didn?t know what her hubby used to do and I am sure she has other lovers. Angie said she makes Larry cover up too, because lord knows where that dick has been. We both laughed and started cleaning up. I helped with the dishes which she thought was great and we kissed again. She said lets go watch a movie or something, so we went into her family room and she put on some movie, though I really cant remember what movie it was. She was curled up next to me on the couch, with her head on my shoulder and my arm around her and she asked what I did last night. I wanted to say fucked Robin half the night, but didn?t think that would be wise and told her I just hit the hot tub and relaxed, not lying, just not divulging all. She then looked up at me and we started kissing again, this time with lots of passion and tongue searching. As we kissed her hand went under my shirt and was rubbing my chest. She broke away from kissing and said, you realize I am older than you, and I said yeah, so what, what?s 8 years, nothing. We are both adults, we work hard, we?ve been around the block and we enjoy life. She started kissing me again and her hand was rubbing all over me now, pinching my nipples as she did. My hand started exploring her chest now, and she gasped as I started unbuttoning her blouse. Once unbuttoned, my fingers found their way under her lace bra and started slowly playing with her breast and nipples. I knew she was enjoying it because she was moaning as we kissed, as I was moaning too. Then i felt her hand roam its way down to the bulge in my pants and she started rubbing it. She looked up at me and said she has wanted to touch me there for a long time. I said please be my guest. So she unzipped my shorts and put her hand in and started rubbing against my cock. Then she pulled it out and started stroking it lightly, with her finger playing with the pre-cum I had already. She looked up at me and said, baby you are very nice down there, and I like you weren?t wearing underwear. I told her I usually don?t when I go out, only to work is all. She moaned and said this whole time you been here you have been commando when you are here. and I said yep. She said damn. She started licking my shaft now and it felt good and as she did played with her nipples more, then reached down and over her and ran my hand up her thigh to her panties and started rubbing her pussy. She opened her legs for me to have better access and my fingers moved her pantie?s out of the way and started rubbing her slit. I heard her say oh god. We were playing like this for a good 10 minutes until she said lets take a break. Now we both smoke so she said lets get a cigarette and then grabbed her glass of wine. I put mr happy back in my shorts and went outside and smoked. She said we?re not done but I want this to last. I said I was cool with that. Then she shocked me again when she said look, I like to party sweetie, so would it bother me if she lit a joint. I told lets do it, which she smiled and said damn where have you been all my life. She left for a minute and came back and lit it up. We smoke it and kissed, smoked some more and kissed until it was done. Then she grabbed my hand and led me inside and into her bedroom. We stripped each other down until we were naked, the whole time trying to kiss as we did, the only time I couldn?t was when I kneeled down and removed her panties. I buried my face into her waiting snatch and kissed her pussy. Now all she had was a brown landing strip of hair, which made her super sexy looking. When I stood back up she noticed that I did indeed shave all around down there. She laughed and said, I see you got my hint. I asked if she liked, and she said oh yeahhhhhhhh. I told her that she looked extremely sexy and I noticed no tan lines on her. She put her arms around me and we kissed again but this time I placed my hands on her gorgeous ass and picked her up. As I did, hers legs went around me and I carried her to the bed and gently laid her down. I was between her legs and I moved all the way to her head and started licking down. She paused me and said look, I really get into sex, so I may say or ask for things done, so if this is a problem for you, lets stop now. I said baby, anything you want, anyway you want it, I am here to please every inch of you and many times that I can. Be vocal, be yourself. She said she didn?t want me to think that she was some slutty whore though. I said look, sex is supposed to be fun and turn each other on and if you get turned on a certain way, lets do it. Remember I am a guy, and I?ll cum no matter what and hopefully 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 times tonight. She goes good, now lets fuck. I ate her for a good twenty minutes, and she came 3 times, then she rolled me over so she could finish her blowjob from before, so I suggested 69ing and she said cool. She did ask though, if I was tired of her pussy? I laughed and said heavens no, I could eat you all night and will again after I am in you. She asked then if I brought condoms and I said no. she asked if Karen was the only woman that I have been with and I lied and said yes. She said are you comfortable with me being intimate with Larry, though he uses a condom. I said yes I was. Then we proceeded to eat each other and she came again while I was sucking her clit and fingering her. She even liked when I was licking her ass too, in fact, moan really loud on my cock in her mouth. Damn this woman could suck cock, but after the workout last night and this morning I knew I could last a good long time. After about 10 minutes she said she needed a break and got off of me. She got up and went over by my tools and brought back my measuring tape and said she needed to know how long I was. I laughed and said measure away. She said damn, almost 8 inches. Christ you are nice and much longer than Larry. Now she got back on the bed and straddled me and sank her pussy down over my cock. We started fucking slowly with me letting Angie control the tempo. As we fucked she kept telling me how good this felt and to suck her nipples. I obliged and took each one at a time and sucked and bit them. She started cumming the 2nd time I bit one, and telling me don?t stop baby it feels so fucking good. As she rode me, I started rubbing her clit, which sent shivers down her body and she orgasmed again, this time really hard. I asked if Larry did this to her, she said fuck no, he just pounds away on top until he cums and he is done. I said no worry?s here, you?ll cum a lot more tonight. She asked if Karen fucked like her. I said no, she like me on top or doggie, doesn?t suck at all and cum?s maybe two times and she is done. The more we talked about our other partners, the more intense our fucking was getting. She looked at the clock and said you know we have been doing this for over 25 minutes and I think you need to cum. I said I think you are right, sat up and held her and flip us over so I was on top, without me leaving inside her. She goes, hot damn baby, now fuck me good and hard, and so I did. I was pounding her pussy, with both of us grunting and moaning, and my balls were getting that heavy feeling of needing release. She looked up at me and said cum in me, I want it all in me now. A few more hard strokes and I started to grunt hard and cum. It felt like it lasted for minutes but I knew it was only maybe a minute. As I calmed down, she started cumming again. Her legs were wrapped around me squeezing hard and her lips were smashed into mine trying to kiss. Her legs fell down to my side and we started kissing more. Then she broke away and said that was the best she has had in ages. She said I lost count on how many times you made me cum. I said I bet I make you cum more. She said only if you do too. We sat up and lit some gigs and just relaxed in the afterglow of what just happened. After we finished smoking I asked if she was tired and she surprised me and said no. I took her legs and spread them wide and started licking her thighs. She asked what are you doing, and I said cleaning up my mess. She moaned and said oh please do, never had that done before, so the next 5 minutes I ate my cum from her, and saved a little and came up and kissed her. My cock was almost at full erection again and it slipped into her. She told me that was super erotic and loved what I was doing to her. We thrashed around on the bed and fucked for another 15 minutes until I came again. Even though the air was on, we were both sweating now and it felt great. I licked her again until she came and she said ok lets stop for now. We sat there and smoked again but really didn?t talk. She had a far away look on her face and I feared she was going to say something like this was a bad idea or something. She says I want you to spend the night with me, but I have whats his name coming here at 8am. I said oh, ok. I started to get out of bed and she pulled me back and said don?t go. I told her I don?t want her to feel uncomfortable about this. She said she isn?t. she said she is going to tell Larry tomorrow that this is not going to work out. I told her let?s do this this. We?ll set up a double date with our buddy?s and see if they hit it off and then they go their merry way. She said that?s not a bad idea. I said maybe we should go out come back here and I don?t know, start making out with them and see if it leads to maybe a swap that night. She said that sounds like fun actually. I asked do you mind being naked in front of others? She goes, well, I guess you should know, Robin and I are nudist and usually I am naked all the time when I am home or Robin is here. I said that explains the no tan lines. She laughed and said you noticed. I said hell yeah I did. So maybe we see how things go with dinner and such and play a game of strip poker and then we use the cards to pair them off and see where it leads. Christ they have lots in common and she is nice looking, a little chubby but pretty. Angie said that Larry complains about my bony body at times, so maybe she?ll be more his type. Well then let?s see where it goes. She asked if I was good seeing her start fucking Larry and I said oh yeah, I think it would be a turn on. She felt the same way too about me. She then reached over and set the alarm for 6am. Gives us enough time for a morning round and her to shower before he gets there. She saw I was hard again and pulled me on top of her and told me to fuck her again, and boy did we. She was super turned on and we fucked hard then fell asleep. We awoke at six, went to the bathroom and came back out and made very slow love to each other.

I left about 7am and went home. I made coffee and a breakfast for myself, and around 8 I called Karen. I knew I had awakened her and apologized for it. She was talking real low like someone was there at first. She finally asked what was up, so I told her that I think we need to explore time with other people. She was silent for a minute, and then said you know, I have been thinking that too. You are a real great guy Tom, but I know neither of us wants to go to the next level, but I also want to see what is out there and our schedules really don?t mix well. I told her that I agree and said she is a great person too and wish her luck and hung up. A little after 9 my phone rang and I answered it, and here it was Angie. She asked if she woke me up and I said no. She then told me about her conversation with Larry, and basically told him they weren?t going to see each other again. He said that was too bad, but he understood. I laughed, and Angie asked what was so funny. So I told her about my conversation with Karen. Angie laughed and said that is great, now we don?t have to worry about playing match maker with them. She did say then that she is a little bummed that she wouldn?t get to see me with another woman. I told her that we can always find some couple for that if she is game. Then she goes, look I need to tell you some things now that we have crossed that line. I was thinking uh oh, but waited for her to speak. She said she is bisexual. I said OK, so what? She said does that bother me? I said no, why should it. I?ve seen plenty of porn with it in it and find it quite the turn on. Then she told me about a guy she dated about 8 years ago that got her into it and into swinging. I asked did you enjoy it? She said oh yes, it is lots of fun with the right people and a non jealous partner. I told her that I already said I thought it would be hot to see her with another man, and now, another woman. Then she dropped one more bombshell. She said we haven?t corrected ourselves when Robin calls me mom and stuff and we need to with you. Robin is not my daughter, then she didn?t say anything. So I finally said ok. You must love her like one. She said that she did and explained how when her and her ex split up, Robin wanted nothing to do with him and his abrasive ways. Her real mom left her when she was 2 years old and I came into her life a year later then married the asshole. So I got custodial control of her, with the ex?s permission because he didn?t think he could raise a teenager. She said they have their ups and downs but are really close now and are more like best friends and she only calls her mom in front of people who don?t know the whole story. I said I am fine with it all, but also relieved a little bit that I wasn?t poking her daughter. I asked her what she was doing today and she said not much except lay out and maybe go to the mall later with Robin. I asked if she and Robin would like a day on the boat and then eat at this river restaurant later. She thought about one second and said sure, sounds fun. She did ask, what no working here today? I told her all work and no play could make me a dull boy. I told her come over around noon and we?ll go and I?ll pack some snacks and that.

Around 11:30 there was a knock at the door and I went to let in the girls. Angie came in first and kissed me on the lips. She was wearing this orange wrap that was thin and could see her orange bikini through it. She looks very hot like that. Robin followed her in and also kissed me on the lips and since Angie was facing away, also grabbed my cock and winked at me. Robin was wearing a White wrap but it wasn?t see through, which was surprising in how she likes to show off her body. Angie was looking around so I gave them the 10 cent tour. The house was neat, and even the bed made, which she commented about when I showed her the room. I tried not to look at Robin, but I did steal a glance at her when we were in the bedroom, and she had that ?I fucked you right there look? and smiled. We made our way to the deck from my bedroom and Angie and Robin ooh and awed about the hot tub. Robin said maybe we can try this out later. Angie said Tom will probably be tired of us by then. I said are you nuts, two beautiful ladies with me, I don?t think that is going to happen . So I did tell them if they have any pot, they should leave it here because the Coast Guard likes to board boats on Sunday?s like this. Of course Robin had some and took it out. She asked if she could light one up now and I said sure but I wont be doing any. Her and Angie both hit on it and finished it. Then I gathered up the towels and cooler and bag with snacks and we went down to the dock where the boat was. Once we got under way and out of the river and into the lake, it was like glass. The weather was perfect, high 80?s and no wind. My boat is a 24 footer so it can handle lake erie with no trouble. I headed us northeast and thought we should get way out in case the girls wanted to lay out naked. I let Robin drive for a bit and Angie too. They were both excited about being out here. As Robin drove, Angie stood behind me holding me close and it felt good. Both girls had their wraps off and only their bikini?s on. Robin?s was lime green and barely covered her tits and ass. Angie?s was bright orange and against her dark tan looked really good. About 45 minutes of driving I asked if they wanted to stop and lay out for a bit and they both said sure. I opened up the seats so they because a bed for laying out and lifted the back seats so it became a higher bed. There was no one anywhere near us, seeing we were about 5 miles out. Angie was surprised how small the shoreline looked. I told her we go about 3 or 4 miles more and we?d lose sight of it. They both were rummaging around in their carry on bags, so I decided to see how they react to a naked man. My shirt was already off at the dock, but then i dropped my trunks and turned towards them. Robin was first to notice and said Damnnnnn. Angie looked up and saw how I was dressed and just smiled. Robin said thank god we can finally get naked around him. We all three laughed and Angie followed suit. Angie said good, you need to get some color on that ass and shaved area now. Robin said I looked pretty sexy like that and I am trying to think of anything to hold off getting an erection. I laid out towels on all the seat-beds and said it will more comfy that way and not the hot vinyl. Angie was bent over in her bag and her ass looked so good and I could see her pussy lips just staring at me and I could feel myself start to stiffen, so I walked past her, ran a finger down her crack to her slit and moved away. She gasped slightly and gave me a sly smile. I laid down on my stomach before the girls noticed my cock getting stiff. Robin was also laying down and asked Angie to put lotion on her back. Angie poured some on her back and then her butt and legs and slowly and almost sensually rubbed it in. I was definitely getting harder as she rubbed between Robins legs and then started wondering if these two played together. I her a slight moan from Robin as Angie?s hand was between her thighs. She then finished with Robin and came over to me and started rubbing on me with the coconut oil. It smelled really good too. As she got to my butt and she really went slow and then reached under me and grabbed my now almost hard cock. Then her hand came up my crack and lingered at my hole and I could feel her put pressure on it like she wanted to enter me. Christ she was making this difficult to stay calm. I looked back at her and mouthed that she was a tease to which she just smiled and blew me a kiss. If Robin wasn?t there I would have banged her right then and there. Robin then got up, and went and did Angie. I wasn?t watching but I could hear faintly that Angie let out a little moan, so I turned and looked and Robin had her hand between Angies thighs and she looked at me and gave me this very evil smile. So we all laid out enjoying the sun, with the radio on and not a care in the world. About a half hour later Robin said she had to pee. I told her she had two choices, jump in the water and pee, or use the small potable potty down in the cuddy cabin. She opted for the cabin and as she walked by, slapped me on my ass and laughed. Both Angie and I sat up, with me looking around for other boats but there was none. She asked for a beer and a snack bag which I gave to her. Robin came back up onto the deck and said that I had a nice boat and wouldn?t mind spending a night on it. I just blew it off and handed her a beer and I had a coke. As we sat there and drank, Robin said, so are you cool with how we are? I said of course I am. Even the nudity part? I said well, seeing I am nude with you, what do you think? She laughed and said I was pretty cool and hoped to see me at Angies naked a lot more now, because I was easy on the eyes, and judging from your half mast before, you definitely like what you see. Angie said she does speak her mind, that?s for sure. We finished our drinks and Angie came over and said lets oil your front half now and started with my head and worked down. As she rubbed my chest she leaned in and kissed me, full open mouth with lots of tongue. At that point my Cock was fully hard and her hand went to it and started stroking it. I started to say something but she just said shush and enjoy. She then took my cock in her mouth and I noticed Robin laying there watching us but also rubbing her pussy. Damn, this was so hot and I thought maybe I was dreaming. Angie started giving me a blow job now, with long slow strokes of my cock then her mouth taking most of it in and then back up. God it felt great. She finished my legs as she sucked me but then released my cock, came back up and kissed me again. She thought for sure I would be tired from last night and this morning. I said I don?t think so and chuckled. She goes well I will finish him later. Then she sat back down with her legs spread for me to see her wet pussy. Robin got up and got the oil and started moving towards Angie, but before she got there, reached over and grabbed my cock and stroked it a minute, and just smiled at me. She kneeled down in front of Angie now and started rubbing oil into her chest and tits, then astonished me when she leaned in and started sucking her nipples. Then I watched as she licked lower and started licking Angie?s pussy. Angie was moaning so much now and I was just staring at this and oh so turned on. Angie looked at me then pointed to Robin?s ass which was up and facing me and mouthed for me to eat her. So I got down on my knees and started licking Robin?s ass and pussy and for the next 10 minutes we ate. Robin is a loud moaner and so is Angie. Both girls really getting into it and they both came within a minute of each other. After they came they sat next to each other and said what a great way to spend an afternoon. They looked at me and asked, can you handle this arrangement? I asked for them to explain. Angie said that she and Robin have been lovers the last 3 years and will continue as such and no man will stop that. And if you are cool about it you get to watch and play too, and Angie said yes, you can fuck us both. I got between Angie?s legs and started eating her, only because I love eating pussy. Robin got down on her knees and was helping me lick Angie to another orgasm. Then as Angie rested, Robin pushed me onto my back, straddled me and slowly sank on to my cock. She looked over at Angie and said damn Ang, this cock feels so good, just like you said. We fucked for about 5 minutes and Angie got up and straddled my face and then lowered her pussy on to my mouth and I wasted no time in licking her and sucking her clit. I reached up with my hands to play with her nipples only to find Robin?s mouth there, so I played with the one as she sucked the other. I was getting close to cumming and let the girls know. They both got off of me and started stroking my cock fast until I started shooting cum in their mouths and faces. They got a big load from me then I watched as they kissed each other. I sat up and then stuck my tongue in there too and tasted them both. I told them I needed a rest and they did too, so we just laid on the floor panting away. I looked at Angie and ask, so you told her about last night? She said yes, they don?t hide things like that from each other. Robin caught my eye though, and shook her head no, meaning she didn?t say anything about Friday night. Angie started to tear up a little so I asked what was wrong? She said she is afraid that I will think they are too freaky, and slutty. I told her that was BS, and I don?t think that of them. But I do like the slutty part a lot. Every man?s dream is to have two women and that his woman is slutty in bed but a lady out of it, and bed can be anywhere too. Boat, couch, dining room table or anywhere they like. She leaned down on me and kissed me really passionately and then thanked me. She ask that anything we did together stays between us. I said just like Vegas my dear. We fucked a couple of more times, before I said we should head in for dinner. I let Robin drive, after she got her bikini back on. Angie and I sat towards the back and made out until we got close enough to land where I needed to take control of the boat.

Dinner was excellent as we feasted on crab legs and I had a steak too. And yes the girls did put on shorts and tops before we went to the outdoor café of the restaurant. We finally set sail back to the dock around 7 and made it back in almost an hour, seeing there was no rush. Robin wants me to take her water skiing sometime, which I said we can do soon. Once we got back to my place the girls then hopped in the shower to clean up some. I heard a lot of giggling in there and just shook my head. I went out and tested the hot tub and decided to turn down the heat in it. I came back in and the girls were just coming out of the shower, dressed in only towels. They asked if I could close the blinds in the house, unless I didn?t mind the neighbors seeing them naked. Once I had them closed the towels came off and Ang said much better. I told them I?d be out in a few and to make themselves at home. Wine and beer was downstairs in rec room. I came out of the shower dried off then went downstairs because I could hear pool balls being hit. The girls were playing 8 ball. They were also smoking a joint too. I?m now thinking that I could be in for a long night with these two lovelies. Ang walked up to me as Robin was shooting and hugged me tight then kissed me, then asked now what are we? I asked what do you mean? She said that we both unloaded our FB, fuck buddies, so are we exclusive to each other? I said I would be fine with it, if she was. She asked what if I meet a guy and really want to bed him down? I said go for it, but let me know how it was. I told her that would be a huge turn on, and even bigger if I could watch. Robin asked what fantasies I have. I said well one was fulfilled today, being in a ffm 3some. Robin said that it was hot to do. Any others she asked? I said yeah being in a group session with swingers. She asked if I was ever with a couple before and swung and I said yes, a few years back with ex and a couple we were good friends with. Did it 3 times with them, then to find out later the ex and him were meeting on the side too. Robin asked if the girls were bi and I said no, damnit, and we all laughed. She asked if I was open to play with guy. I told her it would depend on the situation but for the most part I am open to anything except kids and potty stuff and not really interested in the dom sub stuff. I think that is demeaning a person. Ang said damn, I guess I should wear the leather and bring out the whips now, which we all laughed at. I asked Robin some of her fantasies. She wants to be gangbanged by 3 or 4 guys and do double penetration once. Ang just laughed and said you don?t want to do that, lord knows where those cocks have been. She wants to find a guy as open as I am. Angie then said look, you are the second guy to know about us, but he wasn?t to keen on the sharing idea, so if you have a problem with it, let?s just call it a day and know we had some fun. I said look, I am not going to judge you two, and I look forward to spending time with you and if Robin wants to join is, I am great with it, if you are. I don?t own you, and tell you how to live your life, so are we cool now? She said definitely. She said the other guy lasted about 2 weeks with her, but he got possessive and she cant handle that shit. Ang then said she had to pee and would be right back. After she went upstairs, Robin came over and said look, I don?t expect to see you much but once in a while I want to come over and just fuck, no strings, no bullshit, just two horny people fucking like crazy. I said I was cool with that. She said I realize you two are a couple but her and I do share, but this will be between us. Then she kissed me and stroked my semi-hard cock. It was going on 10:30 and Ang said she was really tired and thought they should leave. I said you guys should stay the night because of the pot and beer they had been drinking. They all agreed and off to bed we went. Luckily I have a California king so it is big enough. I was in the middle, flanked by these two lovely ladies. Ang was out like a light in no time. Robin decided to play with my cock and got me hard and then scooted down and gave me a blow job. We were every quiet and it did not take me long to cum, and although not like earlier, I still came good and she swallowed most of it. She came up and gave me a kiss, with her mouth loaded with cum, which I happen to enjoy, and we fell asleep.

The girls left around 8am, and I was over a little later to work on the bathroom. Luckily Robin left because she had to work. Both Monday and Tuesday, I worked a lot to get this job finished and now Ang was going about the house naked the whole time. We did take breaks and made love more than fuck, but the sex was fantastic break from work. She had me spend Tuesday night with her and told me she was going out with a friend of hers Wednesday. She looked troubled, so I asked what was wrong. She told me her friend was Chris, a woman she has known for years from the nudist camp she goes too. Ok, so? Well we are lovers too, although Chris is a lesbian. I told her I don?t want her to change her life and how she lives, just make some time for me once in awhile. She laughed and said I haven?t had this much sex in years, but I am loving it and we did fuck 3 times that night. As we were fucking the one time, she admitted she was super turned on by me fucking Robin, watching my cock go in and out of her, and then eating my cum from her pussy. You can easily get turned on talking about sex with others as I told her how turned on I was watching them together, or when you 2 69?d and I was deep inside you and she was licking your pussy. The more we talked the faster and harder we fucked until we came really hard.

We woke up Wednesday morning and made love again and she said that has to hold me to at least tomorrow, if I come over. I worked all day until about 4pm, and then kissed and told her to have fun. She laughed and said, oh we will, but I will miss this and grabbed my crotch. I had showered and was thinking of dinner when the phone rang. It was Robin. She wanted to know if she could come hang with me this evening. At first I was thinking no, I need a break, but the brain below told me to say yes. I asked if she ate and she said no, so I said I?ll cook us steaks. We ate around 8 and then sat and relaxed. She told me she was happy that Ang and I were now seeing each other and hoped her and I could remain lovers too. I said I don?t see a problem with that. She said that we should keep it between us though. I agreed but also told her that if she started dating someone, then it should end, unless we all 4 play together, and she agreed. She got up and went to the bathroom and when she returned she was naked. Damn she is a sexy lady. She said get comfy, so I stripped down and we started kissing. I told her I don?t know if I can go like I did Friday night. She said that doesn?t surprise her because of all the sex I have had since Friday. I laughed, and said well you 2 are nympho?s, and she said fuck yeah we are. She got up and got her purse and pulled a little bottle out and then pour a white powder on the table. I asked where the hell did you get that? She said a friend of hers had some. I told her I hadn?t done any of that in a few years. She said it will help with that tired problem. I laughed and said oh it will and probably keep us up half the night. She said that was the plan, since she has tomorrow off. After doing it, I picked her up and placed her on the dining table and started eating her. I ate her right there until she came and then switched spots so she could suck me. She is really good at sucking and I know likes to swallow, but I was holding off on doing that. After 10 minutes I stopped her and said I need to be in you, and she said about time. I picked her up and carried her to the bed, laid her down, took her legs by the ankles and spread her wide and lined my cock up with her help and inserted it and didn?t stop until our pelvises met. We started fucking hard right from the get go. She was super horny now and talking really dirty, telling me to fuck her slutty cunt. We fucked a few minutes like that with her cumming pretty hard, but she didn?t want to stop. So I had her get on all fours and really started banging her. As I fucked her from behind, I licked my thumb and started rubbing her ass with it and slid it in. once her anus relaxed I fucked her ass and pussy with the same rhythm. This was driving her over the edge telling how much of a slut I was for fucking her ass and cunt like this. She yelled out that she was cumming, and so did i. rope after rope of cum deep inside her. We both collapsed on the bed then and laid there panting, like we just ran a marathon. After a few minutes I said sit on my face so I can clean you up. She told me that she loved having me do this and found it so erotic. I ate her for another 5 minutes getting all of our juices from her pussy then had her lay on me so I could share it kissing. As we laid there kissing and talking, she reached back and found my cock still hard. She said don?t you ever get soft and I told her no, not with that stuff. She got up and got some more and I told her last one for the night and she said yeah or we would be here all night and morning. She climb back up on bed and laid a line on my cock and snorted it off and then licked what ever remained. I laid her down and laid a line on her mound, next to her hair patch and did the same. I asked her if she ever squirted before and she said no, and doesn?t think she can. Hmmm, lets try and I started eating her again, licking her lips and rubbing her ass. I purposely stayed away from her clit, which sticks out like a little dick on her. I ate her for a good ten minutes then insert 2 fingers in her and started fucking her like that. I found her g-spot and started paying all the attention to that and I licked her lips and ass. She was thrashing about calling me all sorts of nasty names because I wont let her cum yet. I could tell she really needed to cum so I put all my focus on her g-spot with rapid movement and start sucking and biting her clit, within a minute she started howling and saying oh fuck yessssssssss. And then she started cumming and squirted all over me. I swear she had to have squirted for a good 20 seconds. My face and chest were coated with her cum, the bed soaked, and then she started to apologize for peeing on me. I told her that isn?t pee baby, that is cum. I let her taste it and now she knew it wasn?t pee. I crawled up next to her and held her as she was still shaking from her orgasm and just kept saying holy fuck. We kissed and cuddled for 15 minutes and then asked if she could call me daddy right now, since I was fucking her mommy. She laughed and said you should see the look on your face. She said I want to role play with you. She rolled on top of me, straddled my cock and sat on it. She sat up and looked down on me and said you like when I fuck daddy don?t you daddy? I said yes baby I do. Come show daddy how you can fuck him. She was fucking me hard now and I was asking her if baby likes daddy?s big cock in her. She moaned oh yes, baby loves daddy?s cock in hot cunt. I told her fuck daddy and make him come baby. We were both fucking hard now with me pushing up to meet her downward thrust. Skin slapping hard against each other until she came again, but didn?t squirt this time. I rolled over with her and then slowly took command of her and we fucked slowly and told her daddy loves baby and she kissed me and said oh daddy say it again. Not sure why but I said oh baby I love you and now make love to me and for 5 more minutes we went slow and easy with her legs wrapped around me until I came deep inside her again. We kissed and she said that was totally awesome. She said her and Ang play llike that at times and maybe the 3 of them could get into that.. She curled up in my arms while I turned off the light on the night stand and we fell asleep. Morning time came and she left saying she had shit to do but was to sore for more sex.

I did finish that bathroom project that weekend with Angie getting to shower finally on Sunday. Of course we showered together on the maiden voyage of it. The lower shower head pulses and feels pretty good when you are fucking. Over the next 6 months we did date and fuck all the time and had Robin join us on many occasions, and Robin stopped by at least once a week for a fun night with her alone. That next February, Angie told be some news I didn?t expect. She took a job in florida, working for her brother in law, sisters hubby, and that she was moving down in mid march. I told her I was cool with that and hoped it all worked for her. She said he has his own company and is going to play me real well. She asked if I wanted to go with her but I declined because I had my own business I just got going. Robin wasn?t sure if she was going to go and after Ang moved, Robin stopped by and told me she finally met a guy who she really likes, and he is a nudist like her and open minded. They are going to move down to Florida too in a few weeks, but she just had to see me one more time. We fucked that whole night and the next morning. I did hear from them from time to time over the years. We even met up with them in Florida when Teresa and I went down to Key West for a vacation. Teresa and Ang got along great, and she had a nice guy she was living with and they are swingers. We didn?t swing with them only because we both thought it would be weird for their respective partners we had now. But life is good and those two showed me a very kinky side of life.

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