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Drive by Shooting

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Drive by Shooting

My wife does not particularly enjoy her job. She works in a big office in downtown Charlotte, and she often talks about how she feels invisible amongst the throes of workers in her?s and the surrounding offices. The thought of her feeling that way seems remarkable to me, as I have always found her impossible to miss in any setting.

Beth is not tall, at 5?4?, but she still commands a presence whenever she is around. She has flowing, shoulder length auburn hair, gorgeous green eyes, and a body that is simply built for sin. She wears a 38DD bra, all natural, and size eight panties. She is soft and curvy, as a sexy woman should be, but even at age 35, she has a nice taught waistline and a perfect heart shaped ass.

Because her chest is so large, she often dresses overly conservative at work, trying to be certain to avoid ever being accused of appearing unprofessional or inappropriate. In our personal life, it is just the opposite. She rarely wears a shirt when at home with me, as my hands and mouth are always on those beautiful tits from sun up to sun down.

I often make her wear revealing clothes out in public as well, and very rarely do I allow her to wear a bra. Her breasts are the perfect size and shape in my eyes, as they are a nice tear-drop shape, with silver dollar sized areola. I love watching her nipples get hard and become outlined in her tops, and we both get excited by noticing the stares they always attract from anyone close enough to notice.

Now, at the time these events took place, we had yet to delve fully into the lifestyle. We talked about it often, as I love to talk shit to her while we are in bed anyway, and I knew she loved the idea of involving others in our sex life. I would most often talk about her being with other men, about me watching her get fucked by multiple, well hung studs, and she would always go nuts! She loved the idea of being a slut, and has always loved the idea of being watched as well. She has been an exhibitionist for most of her life, which is not surprising, since her large tits developed early, and they have garnered her attention from nearly every man she sees.

The closest we had come to swinging at this point was fucking in an adult bookstore while a crowd listened to her moans from outside the booth. I had also had her flash truckers, fingering herself in the passenger side of the car as I drove down the interstate. These activities were always fun and safe, as she was not quite ready at this point to involve physical contact with other people. She was content to simply indulge our exhibitionistic and voyeuristic fantasies. She was always still very conservative at work, however, as her profession requires a certain level of reserved decorum.

Because of that, I knew it may take some coaxing to get her to let that wild side of her come out in the stuffy setting of her workplace. But, upon hearing how she felt at work, I began to encourage her to spice things up a little with her behavior and dress. I told her she should be a little more flirty, just as she is in normal life, and that she should dress a little more revealing. She was resistant, however, again worried about maintaining the proper appearance and reputation.

I started the process by asking her about the men at work. From time to time she would talk about work, but she was not one to let a lot of her work issues invade our time together at home. However, as we discussed things, she did perk up a little bit when talking about one new Branch Head named Dean. He was fairly new to her office, and he had made his appreciation for her assets quite obvious. She liked his looks, and thought he had a nice air of confidence, somewhat bordering on cockiness, about him.

Beth told me that from the first time they met, which was about three months ago, he has always behaved properly, but he was also always a bit forward with her. She noted that he would look her up and down, smiling, and then make eye contact with her. He wouldn?t look away from her gaze, and if she didn?t either, he would give her a wink or lick his lips as he finally broke his stare.

He would also make subtle comments to her. On one occasion in the breakroom, he greeted her, and told her, with a smirkish grin on his face, how ?perky? she looked that day. As he left, she realized her nipples had been hard, and that their outline was clearly visible despite her wearing a conservative bra and sweater. He definitely was referencing his admiration for her tits with that comment, and she silently loved the attention he was giving her.

As she thought about it, there were several other small incidents like that with him, including a couple of instances in which he brushed his arm or shoulder up against her tits when they passed in the hall or in a meeting. He would always look back at her, grinning, and say ?excuse me? as he looked directly down at the lovely tits he had just gotten a rub of. Again, she loved the attention, and as we were discussing this, she was shocked that she hadn?t noticed the pattern in his behavior before. Her mindset at work is just so focused on the tasks at hand, that she hadn?t allowed those kinds of thoughts to creep into her head at all.

When I asked her to describe him, she said he was about 55, which was about 20 years older than us at the time. He was tall, about 6?2?, and had what she thought was a muscular, broad frame under his suits. His head was shaved, and his goatee was scattered with brown and gray hairs. I could see the twinkle in her eyes as she spoke about him, and I knew this was going to be a lot of fun?..probably even more so for me than for her.

So, I, of course, immediately began working on her. I told her she needed to start flirting with this guy a little bit, and tell me how he reacted. I loved seeing the effect she had on men out in public, just as she did, and I would often have her suck me and jack me off while telling me about some guy hitting on her or staring at her tits.

So, she tried to dissuade me?.yeah?right?..but she finally gave in. Based on her breathing and body language the next day when she left for work, I knew she was looking forward to this as much as I was, despite her protests. We agreed that she should wear something that would allow her to appear professional when she needed to be, but that could look sexy as well.

So, we both woke up early, and went through her wardrobe to find the perfect outfit. She wore a black skirt that was shorter than she would normally wear to work, but not a micro-skirt or anything like that. It hugged her ass nicely, and it also clearly showed the outline of her panties, or lack thereof. She would wear a business jacket with it, and that came down long enough to cover her ass for the moments she did not want to be too revealing.

For her top, which is the area I was most interested in, she wore an off-white, silk blouse, and left off the camisole she would normally wear under it. Also, instead of wearing an off-white or nude bra that would blend in, she wore a lacey, black bra underneath. It had a little red rose in the middle of the cups, and both the lace design and the outline of her erect nipples were clearly visible through the thin, silk material. Again, when she did not want to be too revealing, she would simply wear the jacket which kept her covered up.

The design of the bra was very uplifting, and the cups plunged deeply towards her cleavage. The upper edges of the cups barely covered her areola, spilling most of her weighty tits right out of the top of it. This design, while also looking very sexy, allowed her natural breasts to sway and jiggle quite easily, and made it very difficult for them to go unnoticed by anyone that was nearby. Of course, having double D?s, she really didn?t need any help in getting them noticed anyway.

The thin black, lacey material was moderately see through, and was thin enough that it did nothing to hide the shape of her nipples if they were to grow hard?.which I knew they would. It was perfect, and I was rock hard just watching her get ready. She wore her matching black thong with the bra, allowing her perfect ass cheeks to also swing freely for any wandering eyes to see and enjoy.

Before she left for work, I kissed her passionately and ran my hands all over her body. She was trembling with the excitement of going off to be so naughty at work. Before I released her, I reached under her skirt, between her parted legs, and slipped my hand in through the side of her thong panties. Her pussy was already soaking wet with anticipation, and I privately hoped he would be able to smell her wetness on her panties by the time she ran into this new guy at work.

So off she went, with instructions on just how bad a girl to be. The sky was the limit! She could go as far as she liked, as long as I got every detail at the end of her day. All day at work I could think of nothing else, but I made myself not call her. I wanted to find out at the end of the day, and I didn?t want to influence her slutty decisions one bit. The day seemed torturously long for me, and I sped home when six o?clock finally arrived. When I got home I saw her car in the driveway, and my heart began racing in anticipation of her news.

When I entered the house, I called to her, and she called back to me from upstairs. I climbed to the second floor, leaping three steps at a time, to find her in the bed, wearing the black lace bra and thong she had worn to work. She motioned for me to join her. I jumped in, and she kissed me passionately. She was breathing hard, and she quickly undressed us both.

As we lie there, kissing and fondling each other, I told her to tell me what happened.

?It was so much fun, Alan. Thank you so much?, she said.

With that she recounted her day for me...

It started normally, with meetings and nothing interesting going on. She couldn?t concentrate though, knowing she was going to let that inner slut inside her come out at some point. Right before lunch, she saw her new friend in the hall. She asked him to help her move her computer from one side of her desk to the other. This was of course just a ploy to spend some time alone with him, and get a feel for where his head might be.

Dean agreed, and came to her office. Once inside, she showed him what she needed done. He removed his suit coat to do the work, and her suspicion was confirmed. He had a very strong build, broad shoulders, and his back muscles bulged through his dress shirt as he did as she asked. While he was moving the computer, she commented that she should probably help as well, and that since it was getting a bit warm in there, she suggested she should probably remove her jacket too.

As she did, he stopped dead in his tracks, seeming to completely forget why he had even come into her office. He put the computer down and stared directly at her, his eyes moving up and down her body. She could feel her face flush and could feel the wetness come over her, but she loved every second of it. He looked up at her, made eye contact, smiled, and turned back to his task.

?Do you feel more comfortable now?? Dean asked her.

?Yes?, she said.

?Good. I like you better that way too?.

After he was finished, he turned back to her, again taking in every inch of her, pausing his eyes on her nipples that were straining against the thin, silk material.

?What are you doing for lunch??, he asked her, never removing his gaze for her heaving breasts.

?Nothing?, she said.

?Cool. I know a great little Mexican place. Let?s go?.

She quickly agreed. They made small talk all the way to the restaurant, but she felt his eyes moving over her exposed legs. Her short skirt had ridden up climbing into his SUV, and he could see her milky white skin exposed up to her mid thighs. She did nothing to cover up, and he did nothing to hide his appreciation for her body.

When they got to the table, he said to her, ?Let me take that for you?, and moved toward her.

?Take what??

But before she even got the words all the way out, he was removing her jacket. She grabbed at it, saying that was alright, but he ignored her protests, and took it off anyway?.his eyes staring directly and deeply into hers. He smiled. And she smiled back, now knowing that he knew her game, and that he was now running it. She hadn?t planned on letting everyone in the restaurant see her bra through her top, but he made sure that was exactly what happened.

As they sat and ate, his eyes continued to move over her, taking her in, knowing her completely.

?Are you cold??, he asked, smiling, as he gazed at her erect nipples.

She blushed slightly, smiling back at him, ?A little?, she said.

He chuckled, and said ?Baby, there ain?t nothing little about you?.

She just laughed back, knowing exactly what he meant. As they shared that laugh, she could feel her breasts jiggling and bouncing, as they always do when she laughs, and she enjoyed that feeling as much as she enjoyed him looking at her, soaking in every movement.

As Beth is telling me this, she has by now cum about four times on my fingers. She wants to touch me, but my cock is so swollen and engorged, that if she just touched it, I would explode. To help keep her hands off me, and to make it more difficult for her to recall her slutty behavior, I move down her body and begin to eat her as she continues telling me about her day. She groans and starts sliding around the bed, as I hold her thighs and lick up her juices, which are dripping by this point, and have already left a puddle on our covers. I pause and slow my pace just enough for her to regain her composure, and return to her confessions?

They continued flirting throughout lunch, and towards the end of the meal, she excused herself to go to the restroom. As she walked away from the table, she could feel his eyes on her. She knew he could see her ass jiggling, and that he would be able to see that she was wearing a thong now that her jacket was removed. Just before she entered the ladies room, she looked back, finding him smiling at her, thoroughly exploring her talents.

When she returned, she asked Dean if he was ready to go. He said he was, and they loaded into his SUV and headed back to the office. As they drove, he again was taking her in, looking her up and down. As he did, he finally said, ?You know, I just have to tell you, that you look amazing. You are a gorgeous, sexy woman. I?m glad I don?t have to work with you directly in my office, because there is no way I could concentrate on my work with you walking around like that. Your husband is a very lucky man.?

?What this ole suit? I?ve had this thing forever. I don?t even really think its all that flattering.?

?It?s not the suit?, Dean said. ?When I saw you without that jacket on, and could see that sexy lace bra of yours, I couldn?t believe it. That is how a woman is supposed to dress, workplace or not. Women shouldn?t hide their sexuality and their bodies. If you?ve got it, flaunt it, that?s what I say!?

?Well thanks, but I really don?t feel I have anything to flaunt,? Beth said, continuing to play coy and innocent.

Dean continued to look her up and down, her breasts bouncing with each bump they hit, and her thighs exposed, and slightly parted. She felt his gaze and loved every second of this trip. Feeling more bold now, especially since he was so openly admiring her, and since she knew her game was completely out in the open, she decide to step things up a little.

?Oh damn,? she said, looking down at her blouse and brushing her hand over her swollen breasts.

?What??, asked Dean, as he looked down, enjoying watching her hand.

?I got crumbs all over my blouse. Those damn fries I guess,? as she continued her movements. Her touch, ever so gentle, yet firm, was causing her nipple to reach a new height of excitement, and it was growing longer and harder than it may have ever been before, clearly pushing out, reshaping the fabric of her blouse.

?Did I get them all??, she asked, moving her hand away, and pushing her tits out, leaning over towards Dean.

He looked at her. He could see her smiling at him. She saw him openly gulp, as he stared intently down at her chest. He paused for a moment, and in one smooth, confident motion, he reached out and said, ?Almost?let me get the last few crumbs for you.?

He had upped her ante. Before she could even think to react, and if she even would have, his right hand began brushing gently across her left breast. First once, then a second time, and moving his gaze to her beautiful eyes, he let it glide a third, deliberate and slow arch across her very hard nipple. His hand paused oh so slightly, as his palm rested on the bullet beneath her thin top. With a brief and gentle squeeze, he moved it away, swallowed again, and said, ?There, that?s perfect.?

Swallowing hard herself now, and breathing just as hard, Beth replied, ?Yes, that was perfect.?

The sat silently now. Beth?s stomach tumbling as her heart was racing. Her body and face had flushed, and she was in heaven. He knew exactly what she wanted. He didn?t take it too far, and he didn?t let her down. His touch was electrifying, and she knew then that he was a man who knew exactly how to please a woman. After a few moments passed, Beth broke the awkward silence, clearing her throat first.

?I must admit it, I do like to dress like a woman though. I hate having to be all stuffy at work, but you have to be careful of the image you put out there,? she said to Dean.

Dean readjusted his position in his chair, appearing to return from the haze she had put him in. ?Fuck the image!?, he said. ?Be you. Be proud to be you! The only people around there who would think anything of it are the jealous women who wish they looked like you,? he said.

?Awe, you?re too sweet. I must admit, I do prefer to dress down. Most of the time at home I really like to dress comfortable and casual. In fact, I rarely wear a bra, unless I am at work?, Beth confessed.

?Damn! Don?t tell me that!?, Dean exclaimed with a chuckle. ?How the hell am I supposed to concentrate at work knowing that??

They both laughed, enjoying the tension breaking humor.

?To tell you honestly, my husband Alan picked this one out for me today,? Beth said to him, again playfully rubbing her hands over her breasts, ? But I really don?t like it.?

Dean stared at her intently, watching her hand. ?Why?s that??, he said. ?I gotta tell you, I?m with Alan?I love it!?

The both chuckled again.

?Well, out of all my bras, this one is probably the most uncomfortable. In fact,? Beth continued, ?I doubt I will make it through the afternoon with this thing on. Since I have my jacket to cover up with, I?ll probably just take it off sometime after lunch.?

Dean was speechless. He just stared at her, his mouth wide open.

?Oh, I can?t believe you told me that!?, he said. ?You?re such a tease, torturing me like that. How am I supposed to focus the rest of the day now? That?s just vicious! What a tease!?, he finished.

The both chuckled again.

By now, they were pulling into the parking lot back at work.

Beth jumped out, and joined Dean to walk back into work.

?I?m no tease. I promise you that?, she said.

?Oh really? I guess we?ll have to see about that?, Dean replied.

?Yeah, we will?, Beth asserted, reaching out and touching Dean on the shoulder, letting her hand linger just a moment to feel his taught muscle before moving it back to her side.

?Thanks for lunch,? she told him.

?No baby.? Dean replied. ?Thank you!?

They walked the rest of the way in silence, no doubt both in deep thought about their lunch, the drive and their conversation. As they passed Beth?s office, she said to Dean, ?I may need your help with another heavy item this afternoon. If I call you down to my office, will you be able to come??, she asked, with a smirky grin on her face.

Dean looked around a bit. ?Come? Yeah, I think I?ll be able to cum!?

They shared another laugh.

?Just say when?, he said. ?Just say when.?

About an hour later, Beth finally got up the nerve to follow through. She went to the ladies room and removed her bra. While the restroom was still empty, she opened her jacket and looked at herself in the full length mirror. The blouse was perfect. Nothing was left to the imagination. Her areola was completely visible, and the thin material hugged against her nipples, which were erect from the sensation and from the excitement of the game she was now completely lost in.

She went in the stall and sat. She reached under her skirt to find her panties soaked, her juices puddled there, and her legs trembling with anticipation. She touched herself. She could not believe how swollen she was, and how quickly she came, just from the lightest brush of a finger. She loved this, and now knew why I had pushed her to let her inner slut come out.

Finally, Beth rose, fixed her skirt, closed her jacket and returned to her office.

Ten minutes later, she called Dean.

He was in her office in an instant. She asked him to help her realign her desk, just turning it slightly and sliding it a few inches to the left. She pointed to where she wanted it moved, and in doing so, she directed Dean?s gaze towards her purse, which was sitting on the floor beside the desk. Spilling out of the top of the purse, in clear view, was Beth?s bra.

A big smile moved over Dean?s face as he saw it, and he turned to look at Beth. His eyes moved to her chest, as if he was trying to look straight through her jacket to his prize.

?Let?s get started,? Beth said.

?Indeed!?, replied Dean, as he looked back at her face. ?Indeed!?

As he bent to do so, his arms bulging through his shirt, Beth began to unbutton her jacket. She was shaking with excitement and fear and tension, all at once. She fumbled with the buttons, and Dean, looking up from his task, stared intently, awaiting the reward for his patience.

But it was not to be.

Before she could finish, they were interrupted, by one person after another. Beth would get so close, ready to open herself to him, and someone would walk by, or call out, or somehow cause their game to take a break. Finally, Dean smiled, and reluctantly said he needed to get back to his office. As he passed her, on his way out, she pulled him to her.

?Thanks for your help,? she said.

As she did, she pushed her braless tits against his shoulder, letting her jacket slide out of the way. Her erect nipple pushed against that fabric and into his fleshy muscles. Clearly he could feel it, as he shifted slightly to enjoy the sensation of it gliding across his skin. As he moved in that way, his hips pushed against her as well, and she was startled by what she found.

His hardness, moved across her thigh, sliding, and grazed her unintended hand. As it did, her fingers reacted slightly, closing briefly, as its girth and shape fell into her palm. That moment, however brief, took her breathe away. Although she was playing the game to the fullest, she had not thought, or somehow she had naively forgotten, that she might be causing the same kind of reaction in him that she was enjoying within herself.

As he backed away, he smiled, enjoying what he could, with his eyes longing for more. As he headed back to his office, her knees nearly buckled at what she had done, at what she had felt, and at the strain of coming so close to what she wanted to do. Falling all so short was not acceptable. She wanted to continue this journey, but she was not sure how.

As the day reached its close, her phone rang. Thinking it was me, she answered quickly. But it wasn?t me, it was Dean.

?Thanks for the lunch, and for our?uh?day. I enjoyed getting to know you better, and hope we can do it all again sometime?.?, he paused??even though you are a tease!?, and he chuckled that same laugh again.

She laughed back.

?Thanks, I enjoyed it too. I?m only sorry we weren?t able to complete the job in my office,? Beth said confidently.

?Me too!? replied Dean.

Again they laughed nervously.

?Guess it will be a bit of a long drive home,? Beth said.

?Yeah, a long, HARD one for me?.if you know what I mean??, replied Dean.

?Oh yeah, I do know EXACTLY what you mean!?, and they both laughed again.

?Well, if I see that big boat of yours in traffic out there, I?ll give you a honk?, said Beth, referring to Dean?s big SUV. ?I hate how long it takes to get out of downtown. These one-way streets are horrible. If I had that big rig of yours, I?d just drive over the top of everyone.?

?Believe me, I have thought about it?, Dean admitted. ?At least I have a good view from my high vantage point. It makes maneuvering through traffic much easier. Plus, if I ever want to be nosey, I can always see right down in to people?s cars and watch what they are doing. Its pretty cool?, he said.

Beth livened up, ideas flooding her mind.

?Well, if you see my little red Camry, I?ll be sure to wave up at you, and I?ll be REAL perky and friendly!?, she hinted.

Dean paused. Her choice of words was not missed on him. ?What time do you leave??, he asked.

?I?m leaving now?, Beth said.

?What do you know??me too?, Dean replied.

Beth rushed to her car, with a new anticipation. Could she really flirt with him from her car? She was sure as hell gonna try!

As she pulled out of the parking garage, Beth saw the familiar grill of Dean?s big SUV in her rear view mirror. As they pulled out into the bumper to bumper traffic, Dean used his vehicle?s size to push and force and maneuver his way over to her passenger side. He was slightly ahead of her, but not too far off.

As they sat and waited for the first of many lights to change, Beth saw Dean looking back from his driver?s side window through her windshield. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. Beth slowly leaned forward in her seat and began unbuttoning her jacket. As she did, she could see Dean?s eyes get larger, as he stared at her intently.

As she undid each button, she could feel her panties begin to dampen again, and the familiar sensations of her hardening nipples returned again as well. With all the buttons undone, she pulled the jacked open, exposing her braless tits, covered only by the thin fabric of her blouse. She leaned back, pushing them forward, allowing Dean to soak in every detail.

As Dean strained to get a clear view from that angle, the light changed, and they had to move up. As they stopped at the next light, Dean was again slightly ahead of her. She could tell from the strain on his face that he was having difficulty seeing what he had so patiently waited all day for.

Again, Beth leaned forward, and this time, she slid each arm from her jacket, completely removing it, and throwing it to the rear seat of her car. Her blouse now heaved up and down as her breathing quickened, aware of how clearly visible her breasts were. Still, Dean was not able to get a good view, and once again, the light changed, causing them to move.

As they stopped at the next light, one of the cars in front of Beth raced to make the light, moving her up in the line of traffic. She now found herself right beside Dean. She could see his smiling face looking down on her, and it excited her tremendously. Still, with the glare of the windows, Dean could not see her clearly. Although they did not speak, she could see the disappointment on his face.

He motioned to her, with a twisting motion of some kind. She bounced as she realized he was asking her to turn towards him. She did so, quickly, again causing her tits to jiggle, and she could see the warmth move over his face. When she did that, when they jiggled beneath the material, it helped his view. So she turned her shoulders towards him again, and then shook them briefly.

She could feel the fabric brush her nipples as her large tits swayed back and forth underneath the thin top. She could see Dean bite his lip, and could feel his eyes caressing her, as he could definitely see her perfect breasts in all their glory now. He mouthed the words ?thank you? to her, and she smiled back, appreciative of his adoration. As the light changed again, they moved up, separating briefly and again landed side by side.

As she again looked towards Dean, she could see some movement from him. As she looked at his shoulder, his muscles appeared to be flexing, and his face had an expression of strain and pleasure all at once. Suddenly it hit her! He was touching himself, jacking off perhaps, or at least rubbing his cock through his pants. Her pussy immediately twitched, and a gush of warmth flooded her as the excitement was almost too much. As his eyes narrowed, straining to take more of her in, Beth realized she had no choice but to take the next step.

Without so much as a glimpse around, Beth reached down, and in one motion, pulled her blouse up above her breasts. Without a care as to who else might see what she was doing, she again faced him, exposing her massive, swaying tits to a man she barely knew, and to a man who was most certainly not her husband! She loved the sensation, the feeling of being exposed, and her hands, as if on autopilot, began moving to touch her warm skin.

Dean nearly jumped up and hit his head on his truck! He couldn?t believe the clear view of the most perfect set of tits he had ever seen! Beth couldn?t help but continue moving her hands, touching them, as she always does, cupping one after another, slowly gliding her palm over each nipple, before assertively pinching and tugging each one, sending waves of sensations through her now burning pussy.

She could see Dean?s shoulder moving more dramatically now, really flexing. She loved this. A gorgeous, older man?a colleague?someone with whom she must work every day, was stroking his big hard cock while looking at and thinking only of her. She felt slutty and sexy and desirable and dirty all at the same time, and she realized she loved it more than anything she had ever done. She wanted to fuck him now, she realized, and her pussy throbbed and burned for attention.

As the light changed it brought her back to consciousness. They moved to the next light, and as they did, Beth lifted her right leg and laid it on the seat beside her. Her skirt was bunched against her waist, and her panties exposed and pointing directly at Dean. When they stopped and reconnected with each other, her tits again swaying perfectly from the motion of her car stopping, the caught each other?s gaze again.

While Dean stared intently at her, moving his eyes from her tits to her panty covered pussy, his face was red and tense, and his body was shaking and rocking in his seat. Beth mouthed the words to him, ?I want to fuck you.? He grinned back, his eyes like embers in a fire, and mouthed, ?I am going to fuck you?.and soon.?

With that, Beth took her right hand and pulled her panties to one side. She reached down, and with two fingers, pulled her sopping pussy wide open, allowing Dean to see her swollen, throbbing, inner, pink lips. His head went back, as she could tell the game was almost becoming too much for him.

They locked eyes again. ?Are you hard??, she mouthed to him, as the tips of two of her fingers easily slid into her wetness.

?I am about to cum!?, he yelled back, dispensing with the silent communication.

Just then, the light changed again, and they moved to what would be the final set of lights on the downtown street. Once they passed this next light, they would be swept away in traffic on their separate, winding paths.

As they rejoined at that final light, she mouthed ?Show me!? to him.

Dean tried to lean up in his seat, but his SUV simply sat too high, and she could not see his cock. However, his motion, the stroking, was very pronounced, and the expression on his face made his pleasurable torture very evident.

She pulled her fingers from her swollen pussy, having cum on them twice in that short time frame, and slowly brought them to her mouth. Their eyes locked as she tasted herself, her expression showing how much she loved the taste, and the scene they were being carried away in. As he looked on, she motioned with her fingers that she wanted to jack him off on her face, sticking her tongue out, as if to catch his cum and swallow it down!

That was it! He could stand no more! With a look of shock and elation on his face, he yelled, Dean?s upper body jerked, his head bouncing off the seat rest, and then ?..her prize!!!

Dean shot not one, but a second?then a third?and finally a fourth?, long thick stream of his cum all over his driver?s side window. He was clearly aiming for her, trying to give Beth at least the sight of what she wanted to taste and feel and rub all over her face and bare breasts.

She gasped at the sight of his huge loads, thick and dripping. She wanted to taste them, to feel their heat and texture, as she looked into his eyes and made sure he knew how much she loved every drop. As he finished, trying to catch his breath and regain his composure, the light changed.

Fate was taking them apart again, and it was time. They were both exhausted, having enjoyed the pleasure of each other, without so much as a kiss, a stroke, or even one moment of physical contact. Later, they would both agree that it may have been the single most satisfying sexual encounter of their lives.

They waved goodbye, and they attempted to begin the process of putting themselves back together. Beth and I both got to know Dean much better over the next couple years, although to this day, he has no idea of my involvement in their exploits.

As Beth ended her story, and we prepared for an evening of lust and passion like we hadn?t experienced in years, she came to a very simple realization.

?So I guess you enjoyed your day, overall, and that you are glad I twisted your arm into playing our little game, huh??, I asked her.

?Yes, it was amazing. I must admit, I am shocked by one thing though,? she said.

?What?s that??, I asked.

?I never thought I?d be so damn happy to be the victim of a drive by shooting!?, Beth replied.

We both laughed.

Alan and Beth

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