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trouble with new job

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Hi my name is Judy. Im married for 5 years when this came up. My husband company was bought up and most of the people where cut. But my husband was offer a postion at the mother company. It was 300 miles away, so we would have to move there. We had no choice and felt lucky to have a job. So we found some people to sublet our place and we found a place there. This was one big night mare to work out. Plus my husband was working on a multi million job. So moving and this pressure was getting nuts. So we got out there and he all most had to head right out for the meeting on this new contract. So had to send out his paper work and prints to them ahead of time. So he ask me to express mail them. But he all so had the contract for our new place set to go. Well Im blonde and this sound bad, but i did mix them up. The real lady stop by and i gave her the wrong envolpe and express out out paper work, The next day hubby took off for his meeting, Then everthing hit the fan. He got there and they found out that they got wrong papers and everyone was piss off and getting pretty mad. He called me and ask me what the hell i did with his. I realise that i most of gave his to the realistate lady. I got ahold of her and she confrimed that she had his papers. So now his big boss is involve in this and he really piss off. So he told my husband to have me get the paper and deliever them to his house as soon as possible, And he would make sure they got sent out and to them as soon as possible. I was going to a job interveiw and dress up in a dress, heels and the whole deal. So i called to post pone my appointment and ran to get his paper and head to his boss house. I pull up to his address to find this big huge place, its one of those place when you see it you say wow. I knock on the door and a servant answer the door. I told him who i was and he told me he was glad to see me because his boss was flipping out over this,. He lead me to his office and i went in pretty nervous. There behind the desk was a big stocky black male and he was mad, He started to yell at me telling me how much money this contract was worth and how my husband could have lost this job. So i told him it was my fault this happen and how sorry i was. He telling me he didnt care who did what, and it was my husband job to do it right, He looking over the papers to see if all was there, But he telling me how my husband could be fired over this mess. We borrowed alot of money to do this move and our place was rented out. So if he get fired we would have no place to live and owe lots of money out. So i"m doing my best to smooth talk his boss down. But he still pretty mad. He get on the phone and still yelling at my husband, telling him that if this fall threw , he would be done. Im sweating this one out. He faxing stuff out and telling my husband to work with what he was sending and he would have hard copy delieverd.

So now he sit back and looking at me and still talking how this could be the end of my husband job. Plus how he in charge and when he tell poeople do do things, he exspect them to do it. no if or butt's about it. So im telling him how sorry i was and if there anything i can do to make this work out. I can fell him looking me up and down. Still looking piss, he tells me it going to take alot to smooth this mess out. i told him i understood that and hope it would work out. Then he stood up and walk around his desk, He lean against it as he stare me up and down. Then he started to tell me how work up he was.and how it wasn't good for his blood pressure. I'm telling him i can see how this would do that and how sorry i was. Then he ask me if i meant what i said about helping to get this all work out. Figured he was soft up some, i'm excited about this and told him yes i meant it. Then he ask me to stand up. So i stood up. He told me to turn around slowly. so i did. He started to tell me how good i look, I'm a bit nervous but told him thank you. Then still looking very stern at me, he told me to take my dress off. A bit surprise , i told him i was married and couldnt do that. Not missing a beat, he told me that he meant it when he said he tell people to do thing he exspect them to do it. I told him i couldnt do that. He told me okay an walk around his desk and pulled out his check book, and started to write in it. He slide the check accross the desk and told me to take it and leave. I pick it up and look at it and ask him what this was for, He told me it was my husband last check. I told him the deal hasn't falling threw yet and why the last check, Still looking very stern and told me that you two fuck this up and his blood pressure didnt neet this.I ask him to wait to see what happen first. He just stare at me and said you can set the check down and take off your dress or take it and leave. I know i can't leave, we are broke. So i set the check down, knowing he was very serious about this, Nervously i slowly unbutton my dress and he watch my ever move. i slowly slip it off and now standing in my bra, bikini panties, and garter and stockings and heels. he smile at me and said he all was love a woman that wore stockng and garters. i stood there nervous as he stare at me.Then he told me to take off my bra. Im 38c . I stood there a minute and he repeated it again, but add this time , that he meant when he said he exspects people to do what he says , when he says it, of go home now. I knew he meant it so nervously i took off my bra,and let it fall, but tried to use my hand to hide my boobs. He told me to put my hand down,now. So i pull them away. He smile now and telling me he like them very much . It seem like along time went by but i know it was only seconds. Then he say mite as well get this over with and to take off my panties. i froze abit but then he yell now.So i quickly slide them down and step out of them. Im all most bald with a small patch of hair. He smile and telling me how hot that was. I could tell he was getting turn on as his pants got a bulge in them. Smile at me he got up and started to walk out of his office telling me to follow him. i started to pick up my stuff but he told me to drop them that i didn't need them. So now im walking beind him in just my stocking , garters and heels. Hope his staff don't see me. As we walk he told me he was glad that i knew to do what he says. He went up stairs and i followed along, He went into on room and i followed along, It was his bedroom and one huge kind size bed, with mirrows all over the place. He smile at me and told me to knee down, As i was doing this ,he started to undo his pants. He slide down his pants and shorts and this big black hard snake jump out. I guess i look a bit scared because he told me to relax. He took ahold of it asking me if i ever seen a black cock before, I told him no. He ask me what i thought of it and i told him it was quite big. He walk over to me holding it and telling me to lick it.. Now So i slowly started to lick it as he was holding it., then he press it against my lips, telling me to open up. As i did he push it pass my lips, Telling me to suck it and lick it all over. So i did start to work on sucking n licking it. he started to fuck my face as i did, He yell for me to suck hard, so i did. but then he pulled it out and it was all wet from me sucking and licking on it. It was rock hard. He told me to stand up and to lay on the bed.. So i slide onto the bed as he stood there stare at me. he started to take off his clothes and as he did he told me to spread my legs wide. Ater i did he told me to finger my pussy and get it all hot and wet. i lay there for a bit and looking stern again he told me i better work it and get it all hot and wet becasue he was going to fuck me and i do want it wet for him. So i slowly slide my hand down and found my pussy allready pretty wet. But i slowly started to finger myself to try to get it wetter. he keep taken off is stuff. Now he was nake, with his cock still rock hard.He push my legs farther apart as he kneeld on the bed inbetween my legs.He lean forward taken my boobs in his hands squezzing them and playing with them. He smile and he started to lower himself down. I could feel his cock poking at my pussy. i knew there was no stop to this. I told him we should use protection, but he smile and shove hard into me, I felt the head of his cock pop into my pussy,. He started to push hard as he told me he was clean and only fuck bareback and that he was going to pump his black seed deep into my pussy. I tense a bit and he laught and told me to relax and enjoy it, because i will be spending the night and that he was going to be fucking me all night. I told im my hubby was going to be calling me soon, He laugth and told that i can talk to him on my cell and pretend i was home.Then he started to push harder and slowly started to fuck back and forther working deeper each time. Its the biggest cock ive had and it hurts , but my pussy seen to really like it, becasue i getting hotter and wetter as his fucking me. I could feel myself getting ready to cum as he pounding me now. i guess he knew it because he told me to start to fuck with him. So now im pushing up to meet his cock as he pounded deeper . Then he grab my legs pulling them up in the air as he slam deeper itno me. He stop fucking and just pushing deep as i felt his cock explode into my pussy. I could feel him filling me with his seed as he keep pumping into me. But now this is taken me over the edge and i'm cum hard pushing up to meet his cock. Then he feel down on top of me, telling me how he love my white pussy. Then i hear a spearker telling him he had phone call. He said he would be right there. Pulling out me, i could feel all the juice pouring out of me, he jump off and smile at me. He ran in and took a quck showe and grab his robe and slip it on. He then went over to a draw and pull out a short sheer nitey.. he threw it at me and told me take a shower and put this on and meet him in his office, and turn and left. Looking at it i notice how sheer it was and would just about cover my butt. and i dont see any panties that go with it. Ive gone this far and thinking this is saving my hubby job, i went and shower. I slip it on , wow it is short and sheer.. Oh well he allready seen all what i got, So i went down to his office , trying not to run into any of his servants. I made it. I walk in and he smile, and told me I'm doing alot better at what im told to do. He was still on the phone with his people. I heard the door bell ring and ring again, He told me that he sent the servant away and that i need to get the door, and that it should be the carrier to pick up the papers. I told him i didn't bring a robe down. He smile and said i wasnt suppose and to go to the door the way i was dress. Well in this outfit i wasnt hiding much. Door ring again and he said go now. Dam i hope its no one i know. Off to the door. I open it to find a young guy in a carried out fit. His eye pop open as he seen me in this sheer outfit. He told me that he was here for some papers, I told him to follow me i lead him to the office.. i could feel him stare at my back side. We went into the office and he was just getting off the phone, He smile becasue the guy was stare at me and not him. He pick up the papers and put them in a folder, and handed them to the guy. Still telling him what he wanted down, and the what and wheres of it all.But as he talk he walk up behind me, slipping his arms around me as he talk, I dont think the carrier hear much as he watch us.. But as he talk he slide one hand up and started to play with my boobs. I think the kid was about to cum in his jeans. need less to say my nipple got hard and poking out quite far. Now i can feel his cock getting hard and pressing against my ass as he talk. Then i felt his over hand on my hip, rubbing it as he keep talking. But he slowly work his hand up as he talk, But as he did this , it was workng my nitely up too., I knew by the guy face and his stare that the nitely was higher then my pussy. Then he slowly slide his hand onto my stomach slowly rubbing it.and he rubbing bear skin now. . so yes my pussy was well see able. He was grinding his cock into my ass as he rub. But the he hand headed south, playing in the small patch of hair. But then he slide lower. as his finger parted my pussy lips , he told the guy he could go, He had to tell him twice before he left. So know he got my boobs and finger in my pussy, and grinding against me. He giggle say how wet my pussy felt and ask me if i did anything like that before, I told him no. Laughting he told me he love to flash and tease people like that. Now he push me forward bending me over his desk as he pulled the nitely up. He pull his robe apart and his now hard cock and rubbing my bare ass. He told me to get his cock into my pussy because i wanted to fuck me now. i reach down and grab it, and it didnt take me long to find my pussy.. Hold me and pulling me to him he slamming it home. I found myself pushing back , fucking him as much as he was fucking me.. wasnt long and we both where cum again as hard as the first time. as we both ran out of energy, he laught and told me that i most be a real slut at heart because i was getting into this to much, i just laught at him. I knew it was going to be along night, but i didtn care. more to follow

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