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tourist trap part 3

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"what is this sir?"

"slut, do you think you are the only person i sought out today? you are appropriate for my needs, but my needs are complicated and you alone would not suffice"

you recall that time you read The Story of O in the city library. surprised that such a book would even be there. but when your black thong came off, and you sat back on the leather. and you remember what happened to O in that car...

your ass touched the seat and the cool leather stuck to your thighs. you start to adjust the flounce of your skirt but realize the leather is also touching your labia lips in a very soothing manner.

this revelry is interrupted though with the newcommers and Sir's words that you are not enough.

"fuck you mr. if you don't think that i am enough to satisfy you. you can stop this black ass car and let me out now."

"well slut, i believe you read the note fully. and agreed to all the terms when you entered this car."

"enjoy the ride" he smirks.

i try to identify the new passengers. i detect a hint of cologne with a flowery scent.

"is that Chloe or sunflowers?"

a voice whimpers "yes, its Chloe"

a female voice.

"and is that Escape, i ask"

"none of your business lady" a rough voice spits out.

gessh, a whimpy lady and an asshole. you wonder what the hell is going on now.

sir speaks up. "have you ever been with more then one lover at a time"

your clit throbs, and the questions come too fast to answer.

"have you ever sucked two cocks at once" "have you ever tasted a pussy" "have you ever had a woman lick your pearl clit while riding on a cock" "have you ever had the proper training on how to serve a master"

then he asks a question, obviously not to me.

"undo your top button on your dress.

take off your left shoe.

open your thighs.

touch your knees.

undo another button.

lick your lip.

touch your thigh.

touch higher.

undo another button.

undo your bra, expose your nipples.

take off your thong."

damn you think, those are the exact commands you were given. you can hear that she complies with all his commands.

then someone touches your blindfold and it falls from your eyes. you look the new ones over. the woman is younger then you. the man is older. the man is asian and the woman is black. your eyes are alarmed to see the womans legs splayed, but then you cant take them away.

her open pussy is pink against her dark thighs, and she is touching her nipples, dark baking chocolate against caramel breasts.

sir says to you "is your cunt getting moist?"

"i dont have a CUNT. sir. i have a pussy." but you are getting wet and dont have an answer for why.

you think back on all the times you have been around nude women. you dont recall having this type of response.

"touch your cunt"

"harold, i am getting tired of this master shit, i dont have a cunt, i have a clit and pussy"

but you cant help it, and you touch yourself. and yes, you are flowing nectar from your lips below. your clitoris is starting to itch for more then your own touch.

"i think its time for you to learn why you are here, and that your manners need some correction slut."

he opens a bag and pulls out a riding crop.

"open your c.... i mean pussy lips slut"

you smile at your minor victory and open your legs wide.

he nods to the ebony beauty and tells her man to move her next to you on the seat.

"i will call you bytch. and i want you to hold on to slut's nipples while i give her an important lesson"

you melt when you feel a womans fingers on your pert nipples for the first time in your life. the smooth finger tips. the hesitant touch. you can hear her breath caught up short as this is the first time she has ever touched another woman's breast as well

then sir leans forward and touches the handle of the crop to your open pussy. he dips into your thick clear honey and pulls it up slowly, painting a trail up to your clitoris. you can barely hold back the sigh and how your body neess to arch up against the touch, while simultaneously wanting to slink down into the seat and moan

he turns to the one he calls bytch.

"open your mouth and put out your tongue"

out flicks her pink tongue, and he touches the tip of his whip handle, wet from your inner self, and annoints her tongue.

"we are there" says the driver.

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