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the story of Beckilynn

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Beckilynn was a product of her mother. Two peas in a pod. Her mother had allowed this girl to grow up with this holier than thou attitude, just like the one she possesses.

Her mother, Karen, now 45, raised Beckilynn to believe that she is better than anyone else, that she can do no wrong and that she is the most gorgeous female in the whole world. Her little "angel" could do no wrong whatsoever.

Karen had ripped new assholes on many a teacher the 12 years her darling angel was in school. She had run off a couple of principals and at least two superintendents.

If a teacher, even in trying to help the little "angel," Karen was on that teacher or princiapl like stink on shit!

Now, her little "angel" was turning 21, moving out, on her own, having made many enemies along the way. One had to wonder how she would ever survive if mother wasn't there to bail her ass out.

She had decided to be independent, and of all the places to live, in one of the roughest, toughest, apartment complexes in town. Nobody could beleive it, but Karen thought "she will straighten those wayward assholes out down there."

The father,with whom Beckilynn still made contact,had always told her, "trying to bring somebody up to your standards , will usually result in you being lowered to theirs."

The guys in the complex were having a party, most of them all knew Beckilynn, and unfortunately, her mother.

But, now that they all, including her "angel" daughter, were adults, the playing field was a little bit more level, they figured.

These guys were going to drink beer, grill steaks and burgers, and have "one hell of a party" Friday night, and the little "angel" was invited, even said she'd bring some beer.

Friday came and the steaks were done, Beckilynn kept her word, brought two suitcases of beer and some chips, and the beer was a being consumed at a rapid rate, even by this "angel" of a girl.

The guys were playing a game, Beckilynn and Carrie, both 25, and gorgeous, even Beckilynn had nice looks,tits,smile,hair and legs, but her attitude made her an ugly bitch.

Like Carrie, she is about 5-8, probably c cup tits, long flowing brownish red hair, and nice,long tan legs, very athletic.

Neither of the ladies were virgins, but Beckilynn's mother never approved of any guy Beckilynn liked or dated, and wasn't all that happy about her moving in this complex, but figured she would always be an "angel."

They were playing some sort of card game, because of the beer, Beckilynn didn't know the name, but whoever lost at the end, had to do whatever the winner said, regardless of what it was or how "gross" or inhumane it seemed.

Not being in her right senses, Beckilynn agreed to the rules, as did Carrie and the other three guys, all big, all handsome, and all mean in their own way.

According to her mother, all the guys there were just "asshole bastards."

After three hands, Beckilynn and Carrie, amazingly tied, and were losers. Rocky, the 6 ft, 30 year old, brown hair, mustache, and somewhat harsh with anything he said, was the winner.

This game was going on in his apartment that he and his wife, who was "out of town," had, paid no rent on, because he was the "maintence" man and she was the "manager."

So, Rocky plotted for a few minutes, leaving the two females, on this hot, muggy, humid evening in Oklahoma, wearing tube tops and shorts, they had shed their sandals when they came in the apartment from outside, wondering what hideous deed they would have to perform.

"All right," he said, after conferring with his comrads. "Carrie, you take her clothes off, with that closeline rope there, tie her hands to the legs of the couchon this end," he said pointing, "and her ankles to that table," he ordered, pointing at this humongous heavy table.

Beckilynn, drunk, tried to argue, but could only giggle as Carrie removed her clothes and tied her securely as commanded by Rocky.

"Now,you take off your clothes Carrie, pull down Joe's pants, suck his cock until he cums and put it in your mouth, do not swallow," he commanded.

Like a little kid obeying her father, although drunk, she did as ordered.

Both women looked amazing naked! Carrie put Joe's huge,hard cock in her mouth and began sucking it. She hadn't sucked a cock since graduation night in high school and she was loving it! Really getting into it, and when Joe told her he was cumming, Rocky told her to hold it in her mouth, then kiss "the bitch on the floor, filling her mouth with his cum."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," Beckilynn screamed, until Rocky's wife, Maggie walked in the door and told her, "shut up bitch!'

She knew Rocky was going to do this, and planned her arrival just right, to enjoy the fun, and had her video camera out.

"You will do it and enjoy, and that slutty bitch of a mother is going to see it," Maggie smiled, as Carrie began kissing Beckilynn and filling her mouth with Joe's cum.

Maggie was standing right over Beckilynn's face, her long legs, she could see right up her cut off shorts, to her shaved pussy that was getting wet, the sight of this 24 year old beauty naked, kissing Carrie, also naked, and drinking the cum of Joe, a man she fucked whenever Rocky went to town or out of town!

Instead of being humiated, this "angel" was actually enjoying this, or starting too, and was squirming with pleasure as Carrie was ordered to lick her pussy and Carrie,too, was getting into this, making Beckilynn writhe in pleasure, making her scream, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmy God, lick me bitch, lick me," she screamed.

Joe, already with his cock out, got Carrie's ass lubricated and put his cock in her ready, tight ass, causing her to squirm in delight and lick the little "angel" with more intensity, bringing her to a massive orgasm and flooding her face with her juices.

Maggie was shaking so bad, she wasn't sure how this video would turn out, so she set it on a tripod, focused it the best she could, and got naked and joine this orgy. Beckilynn was left tied on the floor for over two hours, with guys being called on the phone to come over and cum in both her pussy and her mouth, and Carrie, well, come to find out when Karen saw the tape, was in on planning the whole ordeal.

In disgust, Karen gave the tape to Beckilynn who watches the tape often and is planning on getting together with her new group of "friends" and indulging herself in as many sex fests as she can get coordianted, even considering inviting her mother over and getting her tied to the floor and getting fucked by six or more guys. "That would be so hot," she said, removing Rocky's cock from her mouth one night, "seeing my wonderful mother fucked and fucked and fucked. I'd love it.!"

Turns out, getting fucked like this is just what the little "angel" needed and she is now "well liked" at the complex.

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