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the princess gets her fantasy

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It was Saturday morning 7:30 am W/we woke up in each others arms. W/we were out friday night at a regular bar hanging out with the swingers at the greet and meet. Y/you were wearing a very short skirt, it was so short Y/your lace tops on the stockings Y/you were wearing were not covered at all, everyone could see the clip from the garter belt showing too. You had on a black sheer top, with a black bra that had a streachy flap at the top of the cup to pull up and cover Y/your nipples. I had Y/you put on a remote control butterfly vibrator pressed tightly against Y/your clit. I had the remote, every once in awhile I would hit the button without Y/you knowing I was going to do it whenever Y/you were talking to someone. Y/you would kind of jump when I hit the button. Y/you were talking to this one guy, not part of the swinger group. I was sitting next to Y/you, just talking about nothing in paticular just making conversation, I hit the button Y/you jumped, this time I did not let go of the button I left it on. The vibrator was pressed tightly against Y/your clit, while you were trying to talk to this guy, the feelings of an iminant orgasm was upon Y/you, I let go of the button. About 20 seconds later I hit it again while you were in mid sentence, Y/you kind of shuddered a little. The guy looked at Y/you wondering what was wrong with Y/you, Y/you laughed and said y/you just caught a chill. He looked at Y/you with a look that said yeah right. I kept the button down this time untill I seen Y/your whole body start to tense up I could tell Y/you were about to cum. I held it down Y/you tilted Y/your head back squeezed the edge of the table we were sitting at Y/your face tightened up, and Y/you let out a moan not real loud but loud enough that everyone near U/us could hear y/you. Amanda leaned over from the booth in fron of U/us, and said "that sounded like someone just had an orgasm" Y/you smiled and said thats because I/i just did. Y/you then explained to the guy sitting across from U/us what was going on. He was intrigued, asked us about U/us. Y/you explained we were swingers. Y/you were my slave, I am Y/your Master, Y/you are my property, and Y/you can only do what I allow Y/you to do. And Y/you and I only played with girls. He was very curious about the whole slave master thing. Y/you told him how it works what Y/you do and how much Y/you love it. When Y/you told him about the spanking and the punishments I do to Y/you, He said he would love to come watch Y/you being spanked, and asked if he could be spanked on his bare bottom by Y/you. Y/you told him he would have to ask me if Y/you could. I told him "sure but not tonight, give me your phone number and i will let you know when but you need to know, if we do this the P/princess here would be his mistress (master) for that, and he would have to do exactly what she told you to do. Whatever it is she wants you to do." He asked Y/you what it was Y/you were going to ask him to do. Y/you said " aahhh, I/i will never tell, you will just have to be surprised. But rest assurred your ass will be sore from M/me spanking you. He then gave U/us his number Y/you asked him if was available tomorrow night Saturday, he said yes, and he went up to the bar to sit with the friends of his that came in.

Amanda came over to talk and asked Y/you how did Y/you have an orgasm just sitting there. Y/you stood up in the booth, pulled up your skirt and showed her the butterfly. I pushed the button at that point and made Y/you jump again, we all laughed and Y/you said damn that feels good. Amanda said I gotta get me one of those. I then got up to go to the bathroom while Y/you two talked. when I came out the door I could see Y/you sitting there with Y/your legs were opened up just enough for me to see the butterfly. Y/you looked over to me and smiled. I went over to the table across the bar room from Y./you, so I could see Y/you from a distance, while you were talking to Amanda, and I noticed Kathy and Mary were sitting with Y/you and all 4 of y/you were talking up a storm dont know what about but it was pretty animated. So what do I do, what else push the button. It was'nt 1 minute later your whole body trembled Y/you grabbed the edge of the table again, tightened up y/your face, tilted y/your head back this time when y/you came Y/you let out a much louder moan and said " my god I love that man" All of you all laughed and they wanted to try it out. Y/you said hell no this is for me tonight. Y/you then got up to go to the ladies room, when Y/you passed me I gave Y/you the signal to take off Y/your panties. Since Y/you were not wearing any it meant to remove the butterfly, Y/you gave me a dissaproving look and then realizing what Y/you did, knowing that was going to get Y/you punished Y/you came over to me and begged forgiveness. I said sorry babe toooooo late. Go potty and come right back here and hand me the butterfly. And tuck the flap of Y/your bra in so Y/your nipples will show. Y/you said yes my Master. When Y/you came out, Y/you came over to me. handed me the butterfly with a big smile and said your desires not mine my most benevolant Master. I said dont try to butter me up, Y/your getting punished, and it will be tonight real soon. I then told Y/you to go back to the ladies at the booth, tell them what Y/you did when I made Y/you remove the butterfly, and that Y/you were going to be punished for it. Also to keep your eyes on me for further instructions for Y/your punishment. After You told them, all 3 of them looked over at me and gave me a dirty look, I smiled and said from across the room rules are rules. After about 10 minutes I gave Y/you the signal to open Y/your legs a little wider, making sure I could see Y/your pussy, then after another 10 minutes a little more. then about 5 minutes after that I had Y/you unbuttom 1 button on Y/your blouse. then 5 minutes after that one more. That button was just below the bra you had on. one of the girls said something to Y/you about your buttons being undone and Y/you said I/I'm being punished. Again another dirty look from the 3 girls, I just shrugged my shoulders. About 5 minutes later another button then 5 minutes another just 1 left. Just about then the guy W/we were talking to earlier came by to use the bathroom, stopped by my table and noticed Y/you, he sat down across from me and was asking a few more questions about our lifestyle, the real reason was to see Y/your pussy and what was showing of Y/your tits. He then asked me will S/she really do whatever Y/you ask, I said yes S/she would because S/she knows S/she can trust me not to put her in danger. He said he did not believe me. No woman is like that. I said mine is. Watch... I gave Y/you a signal to take Y/your top off and sit there with just Your bra. which Y/you did, then I signalled Y/you to come to me. When Y/you came over everyone quit talking and watched Y/you come to me in that sexy bra with Y/your nipples standing out straight and hard. I asked y/you to kiss me, which y/you did and very passionately with lots of tongue. Then I told Y/you to go get Y/your top and come back to me.

When Y/you got Y/your top, Y/you dropped it in front of the booth, when Y/you bent down to pick it up Y/your skirt was so short all of Y/your fine ass showed. You came over and sat next to me with a smile, like a cat that just ate the canary. The guy was flabbergasted did not know what to say. I asked him do Y/you believe me now and he said yes I do. If we get together tomorrow night be prepared to obey her every command. Remember S/she only is allowed to play with girls, S/she will not suck your cock or fuck you. Y/you knodded Y/your head in agreement. He said call me please. Iasked him if he played pool he said yes but not well, good I said either does the P/princess. I gave Y/you 4 quarters and told Y/you to play pool with him. Y/you got up played pool very seductivley showing off that nice ass of Y/yours, and from the light at the table the sheer top was almost transparent. Y/you were the center of attention. After the game Y/you came back to the table, we had another drink, paid our tab and we left for home. it was 1 am. As soon as we got in the truck Y/you took off Y/your top and bra. Then told me when Y/you were talking to Kathy she told Y/you when she gives head she can deep throat any cock. Y/you asked me if Y/you could try it out on me. I said of course, Y/you then laid across the seat, pulled my cock out, and began to suck me off, deeper and deeper till Y/you actually did it. It was not long before Y/you made me cum. It was fabulous after making sure that there was no cum wasted, Y/you sat up and enjoyed the rest of the ride home topless, smiling, and very sate. When we got home, Y/you waited for me to open Y/your door just like a good girl, not bothering to put Y/your top back on, we walked up to the door opened it up and went in. Being so late we just went right to bed in the king size. cuddling together we both fell fast asleep. Now morning being here so early, we got up brushed our teeth went potty made coffee had a cup and went back to the bed because when Y/you went to make coffee Y/you put a pink ribbon in Y/your hair. We were just cuddling for a long time we both fell asleep again till 9 am or so when W/we woke up I had a huge hard-on Y/you said to me can I use that beautifully shaved smooth cock to pleasure me however I want it to. I said please do. First Y/you licked it then Y/you sucked it then You asked me to give Y/you at least 4 orgasms back to back as quickly as I could which I did You then got on all 4's with Y/your ass sticking up and Y/you then asked me to fuck Y/your pussy hard but not to cum which i did Just as I was about to cum we stopped. we then got up and had another cup of coffee talked about last night and the guy we met and what my thoughts were about him being Y/your slave tonight. I said I was going to allow Y/you to be the master tonight and we would be Y/your slaves allow Y/you to do anything to us Y/you wanted except suck his cock or let him fuck Y/you. But Y/you will have to wear everything red. Y/you agreed and Y/you asked me to take Y/you back to bed for the next round of sex. We got back in bed I gave Y/you another 4 orgasms and Y/you again got up on all 4's Y/you then said "please my most merciful and benevolant Master grab some lube from the dresser and fuck me in my virgin ass I want to finally feel Your wonderful cock in my ass and please cum inside of me so I can feel that too. Very carefully and slowly I pushed my cock into Y/your ass hole making sure not to hurt Y/you after a little bit I was in. It only took me about 25 strokes before I had a mind blowing orgasm I filled Y/you up with a load of cum that Y/you said felt very hot when it came. I could not believe how good it felt to cum inside your ass like that. We laid back down and took another nop not getting up till 2 pm. When we finally got up Y/you asked me if Y/you could call the guy we met and invite him to come over to the house around 7 so we can have the party because Y/you could not wait to be the Master tonight. I said sure. Y/you called he agreed and we were ready when he arrived right on time. Y/you were wearing Y/your sexiest red skirt with a slit that went all the way up to the top of Y/your hips. Y/your slutty bustier red stockings and red stiletto's Y/you then ordered us both to get naked and go to the bedroom to wait for Y/you but first Y/you wanted us to fix Y/you and us a drink. When we got to the bedroom Y/you commanded us to stand up on either side of the bed watch and no words are to be uttered by either of us till Y/you said we can talk. You laid down on the bed and made us watch Y/you rub Y/your pussy till Y/you came. Then Y/you told the guy to bend over on the bed with his ass sticking up and you got out the paddle and proceeded to smack the hell out of his ass till it was beet red. Then Y/you had him finish his drink and made him go and fix another one for Y/you and him. When he got back Y/you had me laying on the bed with my arms and legs tied to the bed so I could not move. Y/you then told the guy to sit on the left side of me. Y/you then came upto my head squatted down and told me to lick your pussy till Y/you came, I was licking away and i heard Y/you tell the guy to come over and suck on my cock but not to make me cum that was Y/your job. To my surprise he did while he was sucking away Y/you got so excited Y/you came almost immediatly which got me excited seeing Y/you so excited I wanted to cum too but Y/you would not let me and made him stop. Then Y/you just leaned forward keeping Y/your pussy tight to my mouth and put my cock into Y/your mouth and finished what he started. Licking me clean like You do so well. After untying me you had me go fix a drink for myself and Y/you and when I got back the guy was bent back over getting his ass spanked again by Y/you but this time Y/you were wearing a leather glove just smacking the hell out of him. His cock was as hard as a rock the whole time. you then told me to crawl onto the bed and suck his cock while Y/you were beating his ass with the glove and the paddle. I did that, Y/you told him not to cum, when he was ready to cum to tell me to stop, when he told me to stop, y/you had him roll over gave him a squirt of lube and told him to make himself cum for Y/you. Just as he was ready to cum y/you told him to stop. After waiting just a couple of minutes y/you took off your bustier laid down on the bed and told the guy to fuck Y/your titties. He climbed up on top and With me holding them together he fucked them till he came too. wiping his cum off with a towel. explaining to him that my cum is the only cum Y/you will ever taste or touch with Y/your hand. and my cock is the only cock you will suck on or let fuck y/your pussy. This man/man sucking was a fantasy of Y/yours and was very glad he was cooperative in doing it for Y/you. Then Y/you told him to get dressed and leave now that you got Y/your ass well beat and got to cum. I/i am giving back control to my Master now. we can all do this again another time. After he left Y/you came up to me and kissed me like never before and said thank you my master for granting me my fantasy you truly are the most benevolant merciful and fulfilling Master any slave could have. Will you please spank me now. end..........

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