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the cabin (male dom)

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outside the flakes were falling but inside his eyes were blazing with pasion, heating her body with the thrill of what was to come. they were trapped behind a wall of snow with no hope of getting out any time soon. she was his to play with how ever he so desired.

tracing the outlines of her tight body as she lay naked on the floor, her clothes torn in pieces he takes a deep breath and contemplates the first move. she can see his cock buldging beneanth his jeans. he stand over her and begins to undress, soaking in the image of her wet, hairless pussy. "MMmm..." she starts to moan at the sight of his naked body with a smile on her face. thinking of how he's going to dominate her heightens her excitement. he rolls her over with his foot and kneels over her ass. "ahh!" her voice peeks when he spanks her. finally with her legs shaking in anticipation he pulls her up by the hair and with one hand you throws her onto the bed, letting her know that she is powerless to his dominating force.

he has complete control of her body. lifting up the candle from the night stand, he lets the hot wax drip onto her chest and over her tits, squeezing her tender nipples. she cringes from the sudden pain and he puts the candle down, then grabs her neck. "did i say you can move you little cunt?" she shakes her head and he carress her stomach, gently rubbing his fingers around her pussy lips. he brings over a dildo and slowly fucks her tight cunt, making her drip. she's clinging to the sheets, trying not to move. shoving the dildo faster and deeper into her now. he can see she's close to climaxing so he stops and slaps her face with the dildo before throwing it on the floor. "you don't cum until i say so..understood?" her head nods and tears begin to swell in her eyes from holding back a much needed orgasim.

he bends down between her thighs and squeezes her legs, bites on her pussy and licks her dry. then he spits on her chest and lays on top of her to rub her flithy tits with his chissled pecks. she can feel him getting hard while he teases her with his quivering member slowly humping her groid. he sits on her face and shoves his huge cock in her mouth. "suck it bitch." without hesitation she does as she's told, chocking on his dick. after 10 mins of her tounge massaging his shaft she feels his warm cum fill her mouth. "Mmmm...good girl angel." the cum drips down her chin as she rolls on top of him and emptys her sticky snack onto his chest. :::SLAP!!::: "you fucking cunt! dirty fucking whore, clean that up and swallow it! NOW" with a smirk on her face she touches her cheek, wondering if he left a mark. as her tounge moves in circles around his stomach and up to his nipples he smiles and lets out a hummed moan.

while kissing his chest she moves her pussy lower, getting in position to sit on his cock and finally get the release her body is begging for. quickly he rises and shoves her off of him. "not yet whore. you're my slut. only mine. i'll fuck you when i feel you've been punished long enough."

he sits up adjecent to her tiny body and pushes her legs apart even further than she thought she could stretch. she screams at the feel of his fist fucking the crap out of her. she can't hold back...he's covered in her cum. "did i say you could finish you little whore?!" he screams as he smothers her face with her cum. she licks his fingers clean to apologize for being a bad girl.

he kneels over her again, staring intently at his dirty little sex toy. he doesn't waste any time tonight. he pulls her back to the head of the bed and flips her over - ass up. once again pushing her body spread eagle, he cuffs her to the bedpost. she can feel the chilling sensation of him squirting a bottle of lube into her ass and he rubs her softly, prepping her for the ass r*pe she's about to expierence. rail her with his cock. "UUgghhh...mmmm....o god...o god!!!" it feels like she's going to rip in half. fuck that ass. hold her back down so he can pound her harder. his balls slap back and forth, back and forth on her ass. it hurts so good. he pulls out just in time to squirt his cum all over her.

he unties her but still she can barely move. her ass is so sore from his rock hard cock. she follows him as he backs up and sits on the couch. she sits on her knees and carress his legs, kissing you up to the tip of his dick. she continue up, licking his chest and sucking on his nipples. she straddles him, puts his hands on her ass and nibbles on his ears. "Mmm" she giggles when he slaps her ass so hard it leaves a mark. her hips move in circles over his dick and she can feel him getting hard again. every time his cock stiffens she gets excited and her pussy gets so wet. he pushs her off his lap and her head slams into the floor. he pounces ontop of her and (FINALLY!) shoves his cock inside her before she even knows what's just happened.

"uh uuhhhh oooo" she wraps her legs around him, pulling him deeper inside her tight pussy. he smiles, "you like that, huh?" he goes faster, faster...they're sliding across the floor. pound her harder until she screams. "yea baby, my filthy little toy. scream louder..i want to hear what my cock is doing to you." her moans increase, getting louder every time. "uhhh yes! fuck me!! ughh.... harder!!!" she pulls his shoulders down, leaving scratches down his back. "cum. NOW," he orders with absolute certainty. she screams when she finishes for the second time, squirting all over the bed. this amuses him. he grabs her neck to hold her still. his cock feels amazing in her tight pussy.

he gets off her and orders her into the laundry room. she peeks out the window on her way and sees the snow rising. she smiles to herself, knowing that nothing can stop his utter domination. "turn the spin cycle on. high. and jump up," he shouts to her while he looks for the next surprise. he walks over to her with a can of whipped cream and covers her perky tits. she runs her fingers alongside this treat and slowly sucks her finger, exciting him once more. moving closer to the washer he lifts her legs over his shoulders. she is already moaning from the vibrations. he shoves his dick inside her and licks the whipped cream off her tits while she tries not to fall back from the intense pleasure. "tell me you're a whore." between moans she complies. "ugh!! i'm such a aahhhh ooo god i'm such a whore. i'm your filthy fucking slut!! o god!!"

"now cum again. squirt all over me," he tells her with a satisfied smirk on his face. her legs fly to the ceiling as she let's out the loudest scream yet.

with his dick still inside her he carries her back to the bedroom. "huhh," she squeals. he had thrown her on her ass so he could make himself comfortable on the bed. she stared innocently up at his face awaited the next order. "what are you waiting for you stupid whore? get on top of me and ride my cock. make me cum you filthy slut." immediately she crawled towards his dick, licked her remaining cum off and got into position. she pressed her hands into his chest and fucked him like a jackrabbit, her hair whipping across her face. "Ugghhhh.. o god that's perfect! you're such a good whore." he continues to slap her ass. within minutes she came again and let's out a sigh, slowing down for her full release.

he rolls over her, spits on her face, and explodes in her pussy. completely satisfied he lays on the pillow and pushes her to the side. "good girl angle. you're my toy. remember that you fucking cunt."

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