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my first lesson

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As she turned in the isle she saw him. Her breath quickened in her chest. He didn’t speak. He didn’t have to. She knew what was expected of her. Since the night he had taken her into his lair, and seduced her beyond all reasonable thought, until she had given herself to him there, she has always known exactly what was expected of her. No good master leaves his charges uninformed on the rules of their life. You are no longer in charge, was the first rule. If I tell you to do something, you simply do it, you don’t question me, or even have a thought first, my command simply becomes action. It was hard at leave a daytime, sometimes full week of normal life, and when in his presence, forfeit all self thought. But that was his will, and the master ALWAYS got what he wanted. She was to undress in her car and enter his home from the servants’ entrance completely nude, no exceptions would be tolerated. The only clothes she would wear in his presence would be provided by him (which was seldom, for he preferred her nude). While with him there would be no jewelry, no time pieces, nothing to take away from her natural beauty... except for the chains she wore. Made of gold, one fit tightly around her neck, the other around her belly, and finally one for each wrist and foot. Stylish yet utilized to keep her within 300 feet of him at all times. He held the control in his pocket. Made allowances for what part of the house she was to be in, or what activity she should be doing at the time. If she deviated at all in her distance from the master, small electric shocks would emit from the chains. Not enough to mark her body (unless provoked by continued disobedience) yet just enough to remind his slave what was expected of her, and within what parameters she could entertain herself in his absence. These were just a few of the regulations attached to her residence here.

On this particular night, she had been instructed to take the weekend off to be with her family/friends, and her presence would only be expected on Sunday morning. With a Saturday night free, she didn’t know what to do with herself and in her boredom found herself doing some mindless shopping at the local Wal-Mart. This is where she saw him. It was the first time she had ever encountered him in public since they first met. But she had been told what to do if it happened, and warned that the consequences would be grave if she failed. Her hands sweating, she slipped off her wedding rings. She could show no loyalty to any other person in his presence. As he passed the isle, she knew she had 60 seconds... so she began to work quickly. Cell phone, off, pockets empty, purse sealed tightly she rushed to the exit of the store, swiftly found her car, and placed her purse in the trunk. She got inside and began to undress, constantly watching the rearview mirror for his car. She folded her clothes in a neat pile on the passenger seat, so as not to attract attention should anyone notice her car here, indefinitely. She finished as he pulled behind her car, just barely, thankfully she had not been wearing panties. She grabbed her keys, and with a deep breath climbed, completely naked, from her car. She walked to his car where she tried the door and it was locked. She knew she was being stared at. She was naked, in the middle of Wal-Mart parking lot, in the dead of winter, trying to get into a locked car! Suddenly she heard the pop of the locks giving way and opened the front door. She was greeted by a large man, in a suit, and directed by the driver, to the back seat. Once again, in full view of everyone in the parking lot, naked, she went to the rear door, and opened it to get in. There was a soft blanket there for her, so she wrapped up, and the TV screen switched on, on the back of the seat in front of her. She began to watch what was played for her. There was her master on the screen before her; a smile came to her lips. He was naked, and his chiseled body was well endowed, and semi hard on the screen. She was almost jealous of how he had become that way, until she remembered that while the slave serves only one master, one master has many slaves. She felt moisture building up between her legs, as she watched him walk to the center of the screen and stop. It was almost as if she were actually looking into his eyes, and he looking back. Then another gentleman entered the stage. She recognized the man in the suit from the front seat. The master introduced him as sir singleton. As this introduction was being made on the screen, she felt sir singletons hand reaching around the back of his seat, and caressing her calf. It was a rough hand, cold and dry. Her first instinct was to pull away, when she heard her master’s voice tell her that sir singleton was her own very special guest and she should do anything he asked while on his visit here. Repulsed she relaxed her body, and sir singleton turned around in his seat to look at her. The TV screen went dark. He had thick glasses, and a greasy nose. She closed her eyes and tried not to think about his fingers inching their way toward her crotch. She heard his breathing come faster, as he slid a finger into her moist folds... he would have liked to finger her but couldn’t reach far enough, and she did not oblige him by moving closer. She saw the master’s eyes in the rearview watching her. They told her not to be afraid he was in control of everything. She relaxed a bit, closed her eyes, and tried to pretend that the hands on her body belonged to her master.

As they arrived at the house she was let out at the servants’ entrance to receive her chains, and meet them in the foyer. She had known this day might come. When he would want to share her... she had hoped to be interesting enough for him to want for himself, yet one always knew men had to show off their best toys. She met them just as the maid had taken their coats, and was excused for the evening. The maid looked at her with scorn and disgust, but she held her head high and smiled... the second rule was no shame in her position. As the door closed behind her, the master led them both to the study. The fire was burning and she saw candles in almost every corner. There was wine on the table, and her favorite robe over the back of the chair. Oh how she longed to put on that robe and escape the scrutiny of greasy faced sir singleton. Many nights had been spent in that robe, curled at the master’s side, in bed, or at his feet, as he sat in his chair. But she knew that she could not put it on until she was instructed to do so. Such a romantic setting, and yet an intruder, she felt betrayed. Then her master spoke...

Sir Singleton is here, my dear, to learn from me. To find his own passage to master hood. He comes from a very wealthy family, and now desires to take his first slave. His father sent him to me to learn how to enslave women, since he himself fell in love with his first slave, Sir Singleton’s mother, and has remained docile and faithful to her from their first kiss. Sir Singleton will learn by watching me, and following my instructions, how to become a master. You will do as I tell you, to aide in his instruction, do you understand? "Yes sir” she replied.

Master took her by the hand and led her to stand in front of Sir, as he raised his hand, Master said, "stop” and Sir Singletons had dropped. "The first thing you must learn is never to touch another mans property unless given permission. You will demand this from your guests in the future, as I demand it from you now. In the car you touched my slave without my permission, and silently I instructed her not to refuse. You owe her an apology for this and you will do so by bowing to kiss her feet."

"I beg your pardon; I am here to learn mastery, not to beg forgiveness from a common slave!" Sir Singleton snapped. The back of the master’s hand came against his face sharply, as he put his arm to his throat to halt any thought of retaliation. In surprise Sir Singleton's eyes widened. When the master stepped back he said "you are here to learn, and you will do so according to my rules. Do as I say or leave my home!" Sir S. fell to his knees, and kissed at my feet, mumbling an apology that could barely be heard. The master nodded to me, and I answered him "you are forgiven". At this time, I was led to the wall, where behind the bar was a secret chamber. By removing a bottle of Cognac (the masters favorite drink*) the bar changed to the secret chamber with attachments and hooks of all kinds. I was so excited, I hadn’t seen this place since my first visit to the castle, but it was here in this very chamber that I gave myself to be the master’s possession without question. The master took my hands, and bound them with leather straps. The same with the ankles. He put my collar around my neck and tightened it until I could just breathe. My face began to flush with anticipation. He asked Sir S if he could see how being bound excited me, and he replied that he could. Sir S took a place at the table next to us, with pen and notebook waiting for him, the master truly meant for this to be a learning experience for him. And then... it began again. Step by step, just as it had the first time. I was inducted into his family. Told of the others, and given all opportunity to flee. And yet I would stay. Every time.

The music became a little louder; it was Beethoven... I think. The master returned to me, lifted my head and looked into my eyes. "Exquisite" he said. "You are very beautiful” I smiled a little at the irony why someone would cage something they found so beautiful. "So beautiful in fact, that I must have you for my very own." I became frightened; one never knows what a stranger will do. I felt his hot breath on my face, "you are afraid?" I nodded. “I will blindfold you so that you will not have to be afraid” he put the blindfold on my eyes, and whispered into my ear, " you do not have to be afraid, I will not hurt you... much, and when I do, I will heal you, with my touch” I felt his fingertips sliding over my breasts, the nails scratching my nipples, making them swell with irritation. I tried to concentrate on breathing, to remain relaxed. I heard doors opening and closing items being moved about. And then I felt it. Something very warm, and wet. being poured onto my breasts. It had a sweet scent, it was sticky, it was honey. I heard rustling, two sets of feet moving, and then I felt lips on my breast, licking the honey, and sucking at my nipples. It was then that I noticed, there was a mouth on each nipple, and Sir Singleton was participating. I flinched a bit, and the master, pulled away. It had been him, sucking my right nipple, but my reluctance had earned me not only the loss of his attentions to my breast, but a punishment as well. The clip was placed on my right nipple, in place of his mouth. Attached to the leather strap hooked to my right wrist. It was up to me how tightly it pulled. Sir Singleton continued to feast on my left breast. Licking so wetly that when the honey was all gone, my breast was wet with saliva. I felt it being wiped clean, the master has a thing for cleanliness (thank God). And then I heard the crank. He was cranking the leather straps tighter to pull my legs further apart. I felt his breath on my neck, light kisses, slowly being placed as he moved down my body. My legs were pulled so far apart; there was no shield for my snatch. It was open for the world to see, or at least the two men in the room. I felt hot breath reach my belly button. Felt the lips of my cunt being pulled apart. And then I felt it, hot breath on my clit. The hood being pulled back, the clip being slid over my clit, to cause it to protrude out, and swell. I heard Sir S smacking his lips, from the side. But I held myself rigid.... to avoid punishment. I felt his head sliding beneath my crotch, heard the noise as the stool was propped beneath his head, and felt the crank of the the wall props to lower me onto his face.... his tongue going inside my pussy deeper and deeper. I could feel his nose touching just below my asshole as the crank stopped with my pussy pressed into his mouth. I wanted to be grossed out, but the hot breath from his nose was filling my asshole, and my juices started to flow. I could hear the master speaking to him below in muffled whispers, sharing with him all the secrets of gaining possession of the female body. He twitched his nose, and buried it deep in my ass; he licked my hole and slid his tongue up and down my slit. My juices were flowing heavily now, and with my legs spread there was nothing to slow them, they ran right down his throat, and I heard him swallowing quickly to keep up. I felt my Masters breath in my ears... "Let him please you, but u cum only for me". This was my first test. I had controlled my orgasms before when Master was touching me, but I always thought secretly he helped me, like maybe let up on the force or something to cool me off, though I could never prove it, and Master would be angry if he knew I even entertained that thought. But, Sir Singleton wasn’t giving me any reprieve. His fingers slid inside of me, and his tongue found my clit. I was grinding against his face, I knew not to make noise... I had not been permited to speak. The next thing I knew he had 4 fingers inside me, and was twisting his hand, trying to get his thumb in.... HE WAS GOING TO FIST ME! I had heard of this before, but never had it done the thought of it excited and frightened me, and I would have felt much safer if it were my master’s hand inside me. My juices were really flowing now, there was no need for lubrication, I could feel him twisting his hand, and wiggling his fingers, he was about to slide all the way in. I concentrated on breathing trying to relax as much as I could, but I didn’t care about his greasy nose anymore, I wanted to feel his hand all the way inside me. I felt breath in my ear again... hold back he said... and I felt him reach behind and slowly pull my ass cheeks apart...POP, the whole hand went in, and I thought I would hit the roof. I was shaking, and trembling, and tears were in my eyes, I was on the verge of cumming, trying so hard to hold back, for my master. this was a whole new world of wonder for me, the feeling of having another limb inside me made me feel empowered, like I could do anything. And now with this new empowerment my master squatted to lick between my ass cheeks. I was still blindfolded, and my body was finely tuned to his touch, making up for the sense of sight I no longer had. He spread my ass wider which only intensified the sensation inside my pussy, then, he slipped his tongue inside my asshole. I gasped for breath, as he slid his hot wet tongue in and out of my ass, making it hot, and open up. He slid in a finger, then two. I knew what was to come, this was the way he always prepared me to feel his giant cock in my ass. The master was always in control, and he made sure that the pain was never more than I could bear. As he unhooked my straps and pushed the utility wall back, he eased behind me, and I leaned forward. He started to enter me from behind, I felt a little numb as he pushed the head inside. I took a deep breath, as he pushed my upper body forward and I felt Sir Singletons other hand grab my breast, just as Masters Cock plundered my ass. "Speak, Slave, cum" my master said, and I screamed as he pumped my ass deeper and deeper, and Sir S's hand was rubbing against his cock thru the thin layer of skin that separates the pussy from the asshole. I was cumming so hard now and screaming, because this was different from any orgasm I ever had before, its like I was cumming from every pore in my body, my body was exploding, Master just kept pumping my ass, then as my climax began to build again, I heard him say to Sir S, "Now", and he pulled his hand out of me in one movement, and placed his mouth straight over the hole. I began to shake from the trauma of his fist passing back thru my cervix so roughly, and then the master fucking my asshole out, I started to cum so violently my body was thrashing, and my head what shaking back and forth.... screaming, and Sir S's mouth never left my pussy hole. He drank every drop of juice I spilled and lay there waiting for more. When the Master pulled from me, Sir S removed his mouth from my hole, and licked the clit and lips of my pussy as he moved from beneath me. Master removed my blindfold, and as he stood, I realized that Sir S hadn’t even undressed; I could see his erection thru his clothes. He stood, gave me a slight bow, and exited the room without a word. I turned to my master who was removing my straps and collar, “Master, he didn’t cum?” I said, sharply he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up short and in his face until I could feel his breath on my face…”He is not your concern, I am the only thing you need to worry about, and right now, I need to be cleaned.” With this he let me go as quickly has he had took hold of me, and I dropped to my knees. His cock was soft now, and had my juices on it from where he had fucked my ass. I gently lifted it, and sucked away all the juices. I licked his balls, and his inner thighs clean, and was just about to pull back when he grabbed my head. “Don’t stop, don’t stop till I say so” he got a hand full of my hair, and pulled me toward his dick. My mouth clenched tightly shut, I still had not gotten fully used to the idea of being forced to suck dick. He pushed his dick between my lips, I did not want to disappoint my master, but I couldn’t seem to spread my lips voluntarily. He pulled my hair until my head was back and he could look into my eyes. “Are we going to go thru this again?” he asked. I licked my lips but quickly clenched them shut again. I am sure he thought I was teasing him, but the truth is, I wanted nothing more than to suck his bulging cock, but the lady in me was having a hard time giving way to the slave. I had always thought of sucking cock as a degrading act, and didn’t even perform oral for my husband of 9 years…. I saw him raise his hand. I closed my eyes. SMACK! I felt it against my cheek; he rubbed my cheek where it now stung. I looked in his eyes, and saw anguish. Like a parent forced to discipline a child for their own good. He was not enjoying this, but if he didn’t make me do it, he lost control, and in this relationship, he was the only one who would have control. Again his hand was raised, he pushed harder to force his cock into my mouth, when I parted my lips but kept my teeth clenched tightly, he reached further back and this time tears came to my eyes as his hand met with my cheek, my mouth opened and he shoved his dick deep into my throat. Gagging and crying, I sniffed and looked into his eyes. I could see the frustration on his face from my making him go to that level. For a moment he just held his dick deep in my throat. I could feel the tension draining from him and finally he began to rock back and forth, rubbing my red face where his hand had made a mark. He put both hands into my hair, and gently pulling at it, helped me to get the rhythm he was seeking. He looked into my eyes, his eyes so serious. He was pumping me hard now, guiding my mouth with his hands in my hair. I could feel his balls swelling, and his cock throbbing, so I swirled my tongue around the tip, the started to lick up and down while still rhythmically sucking his huge organ. I could see on his face, he was ready to blow. I mentally prepared myself for what was coming; he always had a lot of cum. His movements became jerking, and his sperm began to shoot against my throat. I tried to swallow but there was just so much, I choked. As I pulled back to spit it out, he pushed his cock into my throat, and said “ not a drop, not a drop spills or we do this all over until you get it right” I sucked in air, and made myself gulp at the cum that was still spraying from his manhood. When he finished, he pulled his cock from my lips, wrapped his fingers around it at the base, and smoothed all the excess sperm and saliva from it, then put his fingers to my lips, he truly did not want me to miss a drop. Once I had successfully swallowed all of his seed, he poured himself a cognac, and replaced the bottle returning our slave chamber to his bar. He pressed a button under the counter, then took my hand and gestured for me to come with him. I followed holding his hand loosely, as he led me outside, across the terrace, and into the Master Suite. He walked slowly so that the landscapers working in the gardens and the boys cleaning the pool could see his thoroughly fucked slave in all her glory. As we entered this suite, the maid was just leaving, her cursory glance shining on me as usual. Master told me to wait, and I did while he had a word with the maid. I could see the maid was not pleased with what Master had to say to her, but he is the king of his castle, and he fully expects to be treated as such. So when she left, she was in complete agreement with what he had said to her. He came back and took my hand and led me to the bathroom, where the giant tub was filled to the top with citrus scented bubbles and small orange flowers. (Master knows I have allergies to most flowered scents). We stepped down into the tub and the jets were swirling it around my legs. It was the most relaxing feeling… then Master piled my hair on top of my head with a clip, and proceeded to wash me, from head to toe. He even used a facial scrub and shaved my legs and pits and pussy. When I looked at him in wonder, he said “a master, who doesn’t take care of his slave, will soon have a dissatisfied slave, and a dissatisfied slave will never please her master”. I couldn’t agree more. He washed my hair, and dried it and when we entered the bedroom, the fire was crackling and my robe lay on the bed, alongside and envelope with my name on it. Anxious to know what it was I ripped the envelope open and looked inside while still nude. Master watched me as a parent might watch an overly excited child. Inside the envelope lay ten crisp hundred dollar bills, and a note that read “thank you, Madame, for one of the most valuable lessons of my life. Sincerely, Sir Singleton. In dismay, I turned to hand the money to my Master, not knowing how to treat the situation. Master said, “I have been paid for the lesson, dear, anything in that envelope, was left for you, and you may do whatever you desire with it.” I put my robe on, and tucked the envelope in my pocket. Master had settled onto the sofa with a book, so I went to take my place at his feet. He stopped me and took my hand, and seated me on the sofa next to him. “Mastering someone does not always mean dominating them, my love.” He said to me. “Sometimes the greatest expression of love one can show is control and measure. Tonight my control brought you favorable rewards, and for your peace of mind, the maid is pleasing Sir Singleton as we speak, and she will be his first slave. Tomorrow you will return to your husband who was conveniently called away on an emergency and does not know that you have not been home. You will find a note from him telling you he is sorry he missed the weekend with you. Let him make it up to you.” “Yes sir” I responded. With that Master held me in his arms, and read to me for hours of Masters and slaves, and rituals and torture. He taught me the difference between obedience and worship, and how to know when which is appropriate. He told me that being my Master is not always about being my boss, but about making sure that I have the best experiences possible. Its not always as much fun as it looks for him. And before I lay down at the foot of his bed that night, he softly kissed me, from head to toe, licked my pussy, and entered me over and over again, teaching me how to wait on him, until he was ready for my climax, and shattering my body with his love……..

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