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mastermichaels gift

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I met mastermichael a few years ago online through sls site. We chatted for several months sharing favorite porn clips and pictures....we chatted regularly a couple of times a week, and after some time he began to share his inner most secrets and fantasies. Mike was not married but he had several women that he roleplayed with several times a month. About a year and a half ago he met a married woman that sparked his interest. He was only able to see her during the day, which was difficult to schedule with him owning a business, however he did his damndest to see her anytime she was available....I could tell that she really turned my buddy on.

He would tell me stories of his sexual encounters with different women where he roleplayed as dom male. They were always vivid in detail so you were convinced that he wasn't making the shit up. Many times after we chatted, ...and sometimes while we chatted I would get so worked up that I would have to go see one of the local bar flies ....or put relief in my own hands...figuratively speaking.

Mike often spoke of his desire to get his married mistress taken to a remote area where she would be used for an afternoon of pleasure by another male, in full view for him to see, without her knowledge. I have to admit, the fantasy intrigued me, but I could hardly imagine how he would be able to accomplish let a guy fantasize right? Well he had been going on for weeks about this, adding more details all the time, so it got to be like a game. He even went so far as to have one of his other women dye her hair blonde and be taken to the spot with another dom friend of his, but that led to sheer disappointment for him...he said it just wasn't the same as it would have been with deidre, his married mistress......I could tell from his messages that he was frustrated because he had invested a lot of time to work out the details of his plan and the woman that he had roleplay didn't act the way he wanted....she was eager and slutty, where dee would have been much more reserved and innocent....and he was very sad with the mans performance because he didn't follow some "script" that Mike had much to absorb with that.....i figured that would squash any further talk of his plan, which had been going on since new years eve. I smiled to myself and thought what a schmuk....i mean...really......get a steady kinky girlfriend, or go to the local club....plenty o women who put out in there ....not like he didn't have the money to go wine n dine em ....or pay a prostitute even....unlike myself....who takes what he can pick up for the night...and always carry a ....

The weather was getting nicer now, spring approached and I was on the puter less often due to all the yard work that spring requires, so I was surprised to get an instant message "BUZZ" from Mike at 7:00 am one morning, while sipping my second cup of startled me a little. I always forget that it opens at start up now when i turn the damned thing on....(need to fix that before the kids start spending weekends and go online)....his message said "hey whats up" and we messaged back and forth about what was going on in our lives, what was, home life....and then of course his perpetual fantasy....he wanted to know if i was ready to help him execute his plan....i responded sure...what did he have in mind....thats when he told me that he had been chatting with deidre and been telling her that he had an old college buddy that was relocating to the area after his messy divorce that he wanted to show around....he had told her that his name was bryan and that he was a city boy that wanted to learn how to live up north in the wilderness.....pick up some new hobbies, learn some new things, and get accustomed to the area so he could find his way around....."Kewl" i responded, not understanding what the hell that had to do with the price of tea in china....he went on in the message that he had been planning for her to meet him for weeks and that he was ready to execute his plans......that he just needed a trustworthy male to help him fulfill his fantasy....hmmmmm smiling to myself....i typed back...and so you would be telling me because???.....he wrote back saying that he thought i was the man for the job....chuckling i typed back.." o.k.......lets hear your plan"....I was surprised at his reply as I wasnt prepared for how well thought out it was, or how quickly he planned to execute it.....Mike disclosed that he had talked deidre into meeting bryan at the local store. She be waiting at the bus stop park bench so he would know it was her....he explained that she was under the impression that Mike couldn't get away from the office and that his friend had taken a night job, so that he needed her to show him around and get aquainted with the area......Mike had suggested that she get him hooked on hunting for mushrooms as it was just the beginning of the season....and that she had suggested taking him to the old farm creek area....the remote area where Mike had in his fantasy......hmmmm thats convienient i thought.....and read on ...he said that deidre was a blonde with big blue eyes, short, a lil thick with large tits and a nice ass.....he told me she would be dressed in jeans and jean jacket....hmmmm the 80's look....i gotta admit i was getting a little turned on by the conversation which was making wild thoughts run through my head........I wasn't prepared for his next message which said that he had set up the meet for today....damn....i had so much shit i planned to do around the house....i wasn't heading into the office today, was taking a long weekend to install the outside yardlights, charge the sprinkler system and install the pond pump.....hmmmm looked at the clock and it was already 7:45....and my coffee was way past cold....i couldnt believe that we had been chatting that long....the sun was getting brighter and the temperature was already 56 degrees outside...nice I jumped again when Mike sent "BUZZ" thru messenger ...."so you ready, she will be there at 11:00 sharp" hmmmmm i just stared at the screen....shit....i really should stay home and get things done since i did take the day off from work.....but all work and no play does make Jack a dull boy.....and i was really getting aroused at this point I typed back, "ok, i'm game, lets do this" and I could feel my cock swell....damn.....either need to play with him more often or teach him better control...

He wrote back "right on, glad to hear you will assist me. deidre will have a package for you with some necessary tools and instructions which you will read in private.....she will give you directions right out of the driveway of the store. I will be in the woods ahead of you about a half hour or so and set up in my spot so that I can watch the whole scenario play out before me without her knowing i am down there...make sure you bring a watch with a second hand....good luck and enjoy"....and before I could reply....he disappeared offline.....hmmmmm i sat and watched for a few minutes expecting him to sign back in, but he never i sent a couple of messages that posted offline and went about my morning keeping a close eye on the time. The store was only ten minutes from my house so I started a bit of each of my projects in case my wife arrived home before me, and then cleaned out the cab of the truck so we would have no problem getting down any of those two tracks. I knocked off at 10 to shower and shave....then...what the hell to wear...hmmm i decided to go with the "rugged" look....and went to my sons room to borrow a shirt and jeans. I found a newer lightweight flannel and buttonfly levis...and bonus, his black cowboy boots were in the closet....i grabbed those so i could really look the part....a far cry from my usual 3 peice suit/tie attire By 10:30 I was really getting excited/nervous and wished i had given mike my cell i decided to enjoy a little 420 to relax....and i rolled a few for the road...just in case the whole plan was a disaster. I left the house a little early and headed to the store. It was really nice outside now and there was little need for the light windbreaker i had on ....i scanned the parking lot as i pulled in and noticed a woman at the bus stop area chatting with an elderly man. I parked next to the bus stop area and got out. The charter bus was just pulling in as I walked to them....she looked up at me with those big blue eyes hid behind sunglasses...and i extended my hand..."you must be deidre?" ...she smiled taking my hand and said" and you must be bryan....she took a manilla mailer envelope off the bench and handed it to me...."mike said you have been waiting for this...he got it at the office yesterday and he would bring you the second package that was to be delivered this afternoon" "oh yes, right...." i said as I guided her to the truck opening the door for her...."ah do you need anything from the store? i gotta use the mens room...too much coffee with that long drive ya know .." i stuffed the package in my coat....waiting for a response...."no, im good she said, holding up a large tote she had, we have water, mesh bags and something to sit on, all set" and with that i helped into the truck and went into the store....directly to the mens room of course to open that package....

I locked the door and opened the package. It contained small rubber bands, zip ties,jack knife, electrical tape, a two way radio, digital camera and a folded typed message. I was intrigued and hurried to read the message which read:

You will allow deidre to guide you to the area where we find morel mushrooms. It is in a remote area where no one really comes, and definately no one but will hear her but us. She will take you to the area and you will notice a group of shrubs on the west sunny side of the hill....there will be a pink ribbon in one of the branches...this is where you will lie out the blanket. Make sure that the small sapling is centered right above the blanket as you will need it there. When you have spread out the blanket you will allow her to show you the area....she usually traverses the hill....ask questions...make small talk whatever....then when the time is right you will say you need to relieve yourself and end up by the blanket. you will then turn on the radio and tape open the mike. you will have the small rubber bands ready to bind her nipples. you will have the zip ties ready as well. remove your coat or shirt and cover the radio and cam, then you will call her up to you to take a break and smoke a cigarette. once you have her with you and you are ready....when you have her in front of you will grab her breast or crotch or both....look into those big blue eyes and tell her "Mastermichael wishes for you to pleasure my cock this afternoon" make sure that you speak so i can hear you in the radio and then u will order her to remove her clothes. once she has begun to strip you will pull her nipples taunt and bind them with the rubber bands....u will bind her hands behind her back so she will not interfere with my show..u may take pictures if u wish..... when she is naked you will make sure she is positioned sideways on the hill so i have full view and you will order her to undo your pants and pull our ur cock. i want to watch her pull them down to ur ankles, then you will order her to lick ur balls as you gently pull her head forward into ur crotch...u will time her for exactly two minutes, still holding her head in place, then u will order her to lick ur cock and u will time her for two mins, then u will order her to open her mouth and u will feed her just the head for two mins, pumping slowly, then u will order her to swallow ur cock and u will feed her mouth for two mins. this will make her very hot and wet.u will then remove the ziptie and order her to lie on the blanket spread eagles so i have full view of her wet pussy, u will bind her hands above her head around the sapling, then u will pull her legs up and eat her till she cums which wont take long. she will orgasm once, then if u keep going will have a more intense, and dont stop until she has a third orgasm which always only takes about six minutes to achieve from start to finish...once she has cum u will undo the zip ties again and u will lie on the blanket so that she may mount ur cock and ride u for 40 sets of 8 reps each, again making sure that u r centered on the blanket so i have full view of her riding ur cock and this time with the digital camera on in record mode so we have a nice memory of the afternoon. u will bind her hands behind her back again and u will tell her"Mastermichael wishes u to jerk off my cock with ur cunt"u will lie down and order her to mount ur cock-then u will tell her that she must stroke u 40 sets of 8 reps each 1-up 2- down 3-up 4-down 5-up-6-down 7-up 8-down...i want u to talk dirty to hear so i may hear while she rides u and be sure to pull on those nipples. tell her u know how much she enjoys cock. tell her how good her pussy feels. im sure that u can handle the rest. u will have to play it by ear as far as if u allow her to get u off while riding u or u want to enjoy fucking her in another position, as long as i am able to watch and hear u cum. she will have to be taken back to the park bench by 3:00 so she isn't missed at home so lets have some fun.

My hands were trembling as i read this and my dick got so hard, that i couldnt even piss now that i had to....SSSHHHIIITTT damn!!! I was blown away to say the least....what had I gotten myself into? my head was swimming from reading the letter and all the vivid thoughts that now raced through my brain....hmmmmm I had lost track of time felt like i had been in the bathroom forever, but in reality i had left her in the truck for about ten minutes now...i hurried stuffing everything back in the envelope and fastening the tie, stuffed it back into my coat and left the store.

The sun was really getting hot now and i noticed it was stuffy in the truck when i climbed in...I opened the window as i turned the engine over...."gettin warm" i said as i pulled out of the lot....."ur the navigator hun, which way do we go?"....and there began our journey to the mushroom spot. We made a lot of casual small talk on the way, she told me how she had met mike a few years back and they had become friends....i smiled to myself because i knew all about her being his friend...hehehe she didn't know that i knew she had been attracted to mike because he was quite handsome and well built, but that she had been disappointed the first time they had sex because she had assumed a man with mikes height and build would be hung like a horse and that just wasn't so....nonetheless she had remained his friend with benefits using the logic that if she found another man to fuck on the side it would make her a slut....hmmmmm women! never did understand them much I found myself daydreaming only half listening to her as she went on about the area attractions, only paying attention to road signs and direction of travel. After what seemed like 100 miles of back road driving down two tracks we finally came to the mushroom spot at the end of a dead end seasonal road, where she indicated i should pull over and park. She grabbed her bag and I said allow me....taking it from her and slipping my package inside....."ur the leader.....i will follow u " i said as she jumped out of the truck and headed thru the tag elders into the woods, going east uphill to the ridge in the distance. I followed closely behind her watching her ass wiggle as she walked the grassy trail. I could feel beads of sweat building on my forehead as i walked behind her, breathing a little heavy, thinking damned cigarettes.....we reached the crest of the hill and the valley was a sight to see for sure....the sun was high in the sky, being noon or later, and the sky was so pure baby blue, the birds were chirping and you could see patches of fresh green growth sprouting up on the hill...the apple trees were budded and i could hear a cardinal in the distance...nice she turned to me and shaded her eyes from the sun saying "this is our mushroom hill, when conditions are right they are all over the hill, you just have to know what ur looking for" as she walked across the hill to the we walked a little further i could see clumps of poplar trees and knolls on the side of the hill and straight aheard were a bunch of cedar shrubs and behold the pink ribbon...she continued on and was going past the shrubs when i left the bag near the maple sapling that mike spoke of we walked only a few yards into a clump of ash trees when she dropped to her knees to examine the ground....within minutes she said " look, heres the first morel of the year, i'll show u......." I walked up to see her pulling back the dried brown leaves and ferns from the base of the ash tree exposing the fleshy white stems of tiny pale mushrooms...."nice" i said to her...and she plucked them up and shoved them under my nose "smell that ....its the smell of earth.....the smell of morels" and she rose to wander on, pulling a mesh bag from her back pocket and throwing the cluster of five mushrooms into the bag, heading across the hill.

We traversed the hill back in forth for a bit, and I was really getting warm so I told her that I had to go and see a man about a horse and headed up the hill to find those shrubs.....I got back to where we left her tote and I took the blanket and spread it out carefully in front of the sapling. I took off my coat and dumped the contents of the envelope onto the blanket, following mike's instructions with the radio. The bottled water was far from cold, but i was thirsty so i opened one, then did go relieve myself hiding behind the bushes. I could see dee in the distance and hollered for her to come take a break with me and i watched her stand and start up hill. I went back to the blanket and took off my shirt....I was really sweating in the hot sun and the breeze felt good to my skin. I lit a cigarette inhaling deeply as I watched her walk palms were sweating and i was so nervous/anxious that i was trembling.....damn i thougt to myself.....need to lighten up.....I knew it would take her a few more minutes to reach where i was sitting so i pulled out a joint and lit it....sucking in the smoke slowly.....mmmmm tasty.....i held it till i thought i would explode and exhaled....feeling a headrush....mmmm then relaxation....mmmmm and again....I roached it before she reached the blanket where i lit her a smoke and handed it to her. Taking her coat off she plopped onto the blanket. I could see her tanned skin in the open clevage of her shirt. She hit the cigarette hard then exhaled...ahhhhhh she held up her mesh bag which was now about a quarter full and said"not bad for the first pick" I nodded and mumbled "um hum...nice" and i laid back on the blanket looking into the sky, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin, warming my hairy chest....i closed my eyes and smoked listening to her next lesson in mushrooming 101....she was talking about "false morels" now....something about mind was in overdrive....i knew something about a beef steak that she didnt know...i sat up and gazed down the hill wondering where mike might be.....i looked in the direction straight down the hill from the blanket and you literally could not see the forest for the trees, there were so many leaves out now.....but i swear if i looked just right, the sun was glinting on something down there causing it to flash a sparkle up the hill....hmmmm....i was getting aroused now....i knew that i would have to make my move soon as it was well after noon and we were on time constraints.....i butted my smoke between my fingers and field dressed the butt....i realized she was watching me and shrugged my shoulders....stating "military training still there i guess" chuckling...she handed me her glowing butt and i did the same with hers. she was leaned back on the blanket in the sun, with her sunglasses off now and her hair flowing over her shoulders, eyes closed and basking in the sunlight....i cleared my throat....and reaching inside of her shirt i grabbed her breast and pinched the nipple firmly between my finger and thumb....which clearly caught her by surprise as her eyes opened wide and she gasped....i told her firmly then "Mastermichael wishes for you to entertain me this afternoon deidre...he wants u to pleasure my cock her in the sun" I didn't sound like me thats for sure....i was so turned on now that my cock was rock hard.....i looked into her eyes and there was a shocked look of total looked as if she were going to say something....maybe protest....then i cleared my throat again and said firmly...."take ur clothes off deidre....master wishes u to pleasure me" and there was a real look of lust in her eyes then....i could tell she was turned on as well....but she said nothing as i continued to pull and pinch her nipple....i stood pulling her to her feet and i told her again to remove her clothes as i pulled out the radio in full sight and turned the digital camera on ...

she slowly unbuttoned her shirt and undid her jeans....i helped her out of her bra and grasping one breast at a time i bound each nipple with the rubber bands causing her to gasp and moan.....and those nipples to protrude wonderfully.....i felt my cock jump in my pants....throbbing ....balls sweating....damn it was getting hot out here once she was naked i pulled her hands behind her back and bound them with the she looked at me wide eyed...."this is how master wishes" i said reassuringly and when i turned her to face me, i made sure she was positioned sideways on the hill and i pushed her to her knees...."master wants u to undo my pants and take out my cock" and with that ...she fumbled with my belt, then the buttons on the jeans, and finally pulled them to my ankles, then she pulled my whitey titey fruit of the looms to my knees causing my fully erect 8 inch cock to be thrust into her face....i knew i was in cock was jumping with excitement....damn.....the cool breeze felt good to my sweating balls....she sat in front of me....and i pulled her head into my crotch saying "master wishes u to lick my balls" and i intertwined my fingers in her hair holding her into place as she began to lap at my sack..rubbing my hard cock on her cheeks.....mmmm damn her hot wet tongue felt goooooooddddd.....mmmmmmm i reached to pull on her nipples and kept an eye on the time....watching the seconds tick before my next command..telling her how good she was making my cock much i enjoyed it..mmmmm waves of pleasure all through my body from her tongue....then it was time to tell her "master wishes u to lick my cock" and i pulled back a little letting her lap at my dick.....oooohhhhhh damn i hope he was getting a good show because i was already in a place where i could blow my load.....i looked into the field....trying not to blow my wad as i watched her bobbing up and down, tits jiggling ....i followed his instructions to a "T" first pumping slowly, giving her just the head for two mins...leaking pre cum like a teenager.....then feeding it to her deeper without blowing my load for two mins....and she was having a hard time not gagging on my cock....slurpin and sucking trying to keep it in her was a miracle that i didnt damn knees were gettin weak...thank god i for real...if i wouldve lost it then, i would have been just six minutes She was a sight to see ....hands bound behind her with those large saggy, but nice tits with nipples protruding....her pussy was shaved and she had a heart tattoo on her ass.....her tanned skin was smooth and soft as a babys bottom and she looked so fuckable right now....i couldnt wait to taste her juices and i pulled her to her feet....i took the jacknife and removed the zipties from her wrist and ordered her to lie on the blanket spread eagled....she was squinting in the sunlight so i couldnt read her expression as she laid on the blanket.....I had to move her a bit to position her under the sapling, then i bound her wrists around the sapling and climbed over her body positioning my throbbing cock over her face....resting on my knees i pulled her knees open roughly and forced them apart and pulled them up leaving her pussy completely open and exposed and she gasped startled......her pussy in full view for mike to see.....i moved the radio near her head so mike could hear and ordered her to "eat my cock while i make ur pussy cum" and with that i thrust my cock past her full wet lips into her hot mouth and began to pump slowly mmmmm saying"thats it....mmm nice n tite" and i buried my face in her pussy. i nibbled on her swollen clit...i had never seen one that large and she squirmed as i ran my tongue up and down her swollen lips....she was making noise, well as much as she could with my cock buried in her throat....and i just concentrated on making her cum....she was very hot and dripping wet....i held her legs tightly and continued to eat her as i fucked her mouth....her pussy was trembling ....her legs were beginning to quiver....i could tell it wouldnt be long before she came.....i was trying hard not to blow my load so i clamped down on her swollen clit and shoved my finger inside her finger fucking her as deep as i could...and within seconds i could feel her convulse in orgasm...moaning so loud now even with my cock in her mouth and juices flooding over my fingers..."ahhhh thats it " i said taking my mouth off her clit...."thats it....cum for me" i said louder....then went back to chewing her clit and fingering her for a second orgasm....which didn't take long to happen just as he said....."YES!! i said this time louder....CUM FOR ME!!..thats it!!! CUM!!! and fingering her deeper.....i felt her clench her pussy like a visegrip on them and orgasm again......more hot wet juice drippin now down her ass, glistening wetness in the bright cock was throbbing in her mouth now, my balls were soooooo full....all i wanted is to blow my load......but i wanted that third orgasm out of her that he said was the big as her convulsions subsided a second time, i pulled my cock from her mouth and went back to eating her pussy even harder....licking the lips, lapping at her wetness and sucking her clit while i drove my fingers into her hot and ready hole.....finger fucking her with body was covered with sweat.....the sun was beating down on my back....i could tell i would have a sunburn by tomorrow.....and her whole body began to quake....her legs jerked violently in my hands and she began to moan loudly with a with a third orgasm that made her body tremble under mine....she was moaning and breathing cock was throbbing in her face, leaking precum steadily now....oozing from the head....the dry weeds were sharp under my elbows even thru the we lie there for a moment catching our breath....i rocked my weight onto my knees and rose....looking over her sated wet body, chest heaving ...breathing hard....sweat making the hair around her face cling to her forehead....she had a trail of glistening precum on her cheek and her lips were puffy and red....she looked incredible with her arms over her head and her legs spread lying on that blanket in the sun....i wanted to fuck her right then....but instead i took out the knife and released her hands.....i sat on the edge of the blanket and lit a cigarette..i needed a break so i could let my cock regain composure...i handed it to her and she took a drag, inhaling deeply, and handed it back ....just squinting at me....i stood and told her "master wishes for u to ride my cock deidre....u must mount and ride me 40 sets of 8 repetitions u understand?" she just looked at me with those big blue eyes open wide....and nodded...i helped her to stand and pulling her hands behind her back, i used the last ziptie to bind them and i lay on the blanket, making sure that my body was centered for a good showing...i turned on the digital camera and set it to record between my legs....and then i ordered her to "mount my cock" she straddled my body and slowly slid my thick throbbing cock between her swollen pussy lips....damn she was wet, warm and tite....i could feel my cock stretch her pussy as she impaled herself with it....damn it felt so good that soon i was throbbing inside of balls were soooooooooooooo full.....i grabbed her hips and thrust up inside her as i pulled her down onto my body.....oooohhhhh fuccckkkkkkk did she feel good....she rose up...then down....then up....then down.....pumping my cock slowly....she was so lubed that after a few strokes she was able to glide up and down with ease....i was in heaven....i knew that i would have to concentrate or i would blow my load prematurely and ruin everything.....i took the radio and placed it between us on the blanket....and pulling on her tits and she rode me i told her how good her pussy felt wrapped around my dick, and how i knew how much she loved cock.....i knew she was enjoying my fat cock......i knew that she had enjoyed mastermichaels cock many i knew he wanted to train her to be a obedient slut by timing her when she gives him head as she did myself.....i rambled on so that i kept my mind off that tight pussy slamming onto the base of my cock.....jerking off my throbbing dick with her tite hot wet pussy as she rode me harder and faster.....i asked her the count from time to time.....and she would recite 22-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-23-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-24-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 all the while she had a look of real lust on her could see she was completely absorbed in the moment ....and she was having a hard time not cumming all over my cock as she rode.....i felt wave after wave of pleasure as she rode me....i pulled hard on her nipples and listened to her moans.....watching her tits bounce on her chest as she rode me....tits protruding, chest pulled forward with her arms bound behind her.......i could feel the floodgates about to open as she was nearing her 40th set of balls were full and needed cock was throbbing as she now bounced spastically rising completely off my cock and slamming it to the base back inside her steaming pussy.......i sounded like an animal as i grunted in orgasm blowing my load inside her as she slammed down on me....streams of thick hot cum filling her pussy.....i could feel her pussy tighten and convulse as she too began to orgasm...squeezing my cock and milking out every drop of jizz......"AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH " i was panting and my knees went week as she collapsed into my chest.....we were both dripping sweat and i felt so lightheaded that i thought i may faint.....we lay there for a few minutes and i glanced at my was already 2:30....we needed to get outa there and head back matter what she was gonna be late...i sat up and began to dress without saying a word....i gathered the contents from the envelope and put them back inside, turning off the blinking camera as i did......seems it ran out of memory space....dee dressed without saying a word, and folded up the blanket, putting it back in her tote. I pulled out two cigarettes and lit them handing her one.....then i pulled her face to mine and gave her a full kiss on the mouth...telling her that i had an incredible day....i thanked her for an absolutely orgasmic experience....told her i hoped we would see each other again....and with that we followed the trail back to my truck, but not before i looked down the hill and saw what appeared to be a man leaning on a tree....naked.....hmmmm they appeared to be smoking.....hmmmm mike smokes....hope he enjoyed the show. The truck cab was steaming when we reached it and we drove back in we neared the store....dee placed her hand on my cock and said...."mushroom season goes all month" smiling.....

I pulled up to the bus stop area and parked....i pulled her to me and kissed her full on the lips again, handing her the package i said " you can return this to mike, I got what I needed from it" I thanked her again for a great day and drove home to go online....and wait to hear from mike. It was the only time I got to share her, but I had the time of my life. :)

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