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janie and her Master chapter 3

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As they kissed goodbye in the hotel parking lot after their first meeeting, Joe gave Janie a homework assignment. He told her that for their next encounter He wanted her to bring a roll of duct tape, a collar and a leash. The collar and leash were to be something that she picked out herself, something she would wear proudly whenever they were together symbolize that she "belonged" to Him, that He was her "Master." And the duct tape? Well, she would just have to wait and see.

As usual, they continued their weekday im chats and phone calls (which sometimes led to phone sex). She began to refer to Him as "Master" and "Sir". She even began to capitalize any names or pronouns when refering to Him in their chats, noticing that He only referenced her in the lower case, which she started to do as well. Whenever she would slip, He would bring it to her attention.

Janie was a little uneasy about her homework assignment. Duct tape was easy (what the hell did He want that for anyway??). But, she couldn't order the collar and leash online and have it mailed to her house (what if her husband Tom recieved the package?) and she was uncomfortable going into an adult "toy" store by herself. Sure, she had been many times (that's where all her "toys" came from), but only with Tom. She was hoping Joe might forget or decide to buy them himself, but every time they talked He asked her about it and reminded her that they would not meet again until she had completed her "assignment".

So she decided to go and check out the pet supply section at the department store. She must have stood in front of that display for an hour trying to decide. Finally, she decided on a black leather collar with silver studs and a matching leash. At least it would match all of her outfits she had bought "for" Joe as well as her 5 inch black "fuck me" heels she always wore for Him. She wondered as she was paying what the other customers and cashier would think if they knew they were for her and not a dog?

Finally the day of their next encounter arrived. Joe had gotten to the hotel first and had instructed Janie that she was to come into the lobby and wait for His call. As she walked inside she knew that every eye was on this "hooker" and she purposely looked down at the floor. As directed, she was wearing a VERY short skirt (barely covering her ass- hopefully she wouldn't have to bend down before she got to the room!!!), halter top, no bra or panties and her 5 inch heels. She knew she looked HOT- beautiful long legs, tanned and toned body (thanks to the gym), although she was rather small chested- but at least they were hers and they were real. She was only average height (5'4") but her long legs, short skirt and high heels made her look much taller. After what seemed like an eternity her phone finally rang. The sound of His voice always ecxcited her and this was no exception. "Yes, Master", she answered. He told her to look around the lobby and see if any of the men were watching her. Nervously she glanced around and told Him that yes, everyone was watching her. He chuckled that mischievous, wicked chuckle that she loved as he told her the room number.

She hurried to the elevator and pushed the button before anyone else could get in. As she approached the room, she noticed two maids standing right outside the door and she could tell they were talking about her. Quickly, she knocked and Joe opened the door and pulled her inside, leaving it open. He kissed her hard then stepped back to look at and admire her "attire". He praised her for being such a good girl and dressing the way He wanted her to and how beatiful and Hot she looked. Then He pushed her up against the wall, kissing her passionately as His fingers found her exposed clit and began to work their magic.With His other hand He grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as He kissed her. Within a minute she was writhing against the wall as He continued to stimulate her. Just as her whimpers and moans began to esculate, Joe kicked the door shut (much to the dismay of the maids who were really getting into this!). Janie lost count of how many orgasms she had as her knees began to buckle as she fell against Him. She wanted to ask Him to stop, but she knew better. They had agreed on a safe word (pink) beforehand but Janie knew she would probably never use it. Finally He released her, gasping and spent. After a moment to regain her senses, Joe asked her if she had brought her homework assignment. "Yes, Sir", she answered as she went to get them out of her "toy" bag.

Joe told her to come kneel in front of the mirror. Obediently she did as she was told. He told her to pull her hair back as He fastened the collar gently around her neck and attatched the leash. "Look at yourself in the mirror- you are so Hot, dressing like this and wearing this collar and leash that you bought for Me to put on you. Do you like it? Do you want to wear this for your "Master" and do whatever He tells you to do?" Janie answered, "Yes, Master, i want to wear this for You and do as You tell me." She looked at herself in the mirror. She saw a sexy, mature, married woman, dressed like a slut, wearing a collar and leash that she had bought to wear as a symbol of her willingness to please and obey this man, her "Master." It was at this moment that they both knew they had crossed that "line". This relationship was going to a new level. This is the man who would own her body and her mind. Even though they were both married to others, she now belonged to Him. He knew what she needed and He was willing and able to give it to her. He would transport her to another world- because as He so often reminded her- it was all about her- about her wants and needs and cravings. Though they would both continue to see other people (partly because home and work situations prevented them from seeing each other as often as they would of liked), they both knew that up to this point no otherrelationship could compare to what they had. This was special- unique. Right now, all she wanted was to be dominated by her "Master", to feel His strength and the power that He had over her.

"What do you want right now?, He asked her. She replied, "i want to suck my "Master's cock". He asked her if she had missed His cock, if she thought about His cock when she was with other men and she told Him that yes she did. She told him how much she loved His cock because it was so big and thick and beautiful. Janie began to unzip His suit pants and grab His cock. She took Him all the way into her mouth as she began to massage His balls with one hand. "That's a good girl, work that cock." Joe grabbed Janies's head forcing her all the way, again and again as her eyes started to water and she began to gag. He then pulled her back to her feet, kissing her and pushing her back against the wall as his fingers once again found her spot. Instinctively, her legs began to close as the pressure intensified. Open your legs, He commanded her. She tried but her body betrayed her - it was so intense. She sensed His displeasure as He walked to her bag and took out the duct tape, two vibrators and the lube. He got undressed and then took her by the leash and led her over to the desk.

He instructed her to get on her hands and knees. He lubed up one vibrator and handed it to her. "Stroke it like it's a cock", He said. Janie did. Then he took it and put it in her pussy. "Back up to the desk leg one leg on either side", he ordered. Then He taped the vibrator so it would stay and he taped her ankles to the desk. He handed her the other vibrator to "suck" while he began to finger her clit again. Now there was no way she could close her legs. She was completely at His mercy. In less than a minute she was cumming and yet He kept going and going. "I am going to take you to the edge and back again", He informed her. Her eyes began to water as she sucked harder on that "cock" in her mouth, her pussy vibrating and His fingers making her cum and cum. Finally she could stand it no more and reached back to grab His hand. Immediately, she knew she had done wrong. "Move your hand - NOW", He ordered. She forced her hand away as she looked at Him pleadingly. He stopped and removed the vibrator from her mouth. Sitting in the desk chair, He grabbed her head and fed His hard cock into her eager mouth. She deep- throated Him, feeling His balls against her chin. He began to fuck her pretty mouth harder and harder, deeper and deeper, her eyes were watering, her nose running and then she tasted that sweet cum that she loved so much as He emptied Himself into her throat. He got up and untaped her, and removed the vibrator from her pussy. Gently, He led her to to bed and got her some water. They both lay there recovering.

After a short rest, He kissed her and told her to get on her hands and knees on the bed. She faced the mirror and He licked her pussy until she was dripping. As, he got behind her she could feel His swollen cock at the opening of her eager pussy. Pushing into her- gently at first (He was BIG) and then forcing Himself all the way. She rocked back and forth. He held her head up with the leash and she could see in the mirror - her with her collar and leash and her "Master" behind her- what a beautiful sight!!!! She came hard and fast. "You know what's next, don't you? I have filled your mouth and your pussy with my cock, there's only one whole left. What do you want me to do?", He asked her. Janie cried out, "i want my Master to fuck my ass!!". Joe grabbed the lube and put some in her hand. "you know what to do", He told her. Janie sat up on her knees and began to work the lube into her ass with her fingers. Joe grabbed a vibrator and lubed it up and handed it to her. "Prepare your ass, " He told her, "Because I am gonna stuff it with My big cock". Janie began to work the vibrator into her ass. He lubed another vibrator and put it in her pussy. She began to fuck herself with both vibrators as Joe stuffed her mouth again with His cock. "Get it nice and wet, cuz it's going in your ass". With all three holes filled, Janie came hard over and over. Joe pulled His engored cock out of her mouth and told her to get on her back and slide to the edge of the bed. He stood betweet her legs and pulled the vibrator slowly out of her ass.

He began to ease His cock into her ass, nice and gentle as Janie placed her feet (with her shoes still on) around His neck. Stroking her pussy with the vibrator, she pushed her ass further onto her "Master's" cock until He was balls deep. She begged him to fuck her hard. As He began to thrust harder and faster He asked her, "Who owns you baby? Who owns your pussy and your mouth and your ass? Tell me ..." As Janie began to cum over and over she moaned, "You do Master. You own me, I belong to You". Just as He felt Himself begin to climax and cum deep in her ass He said, "Yes, and don't you ever forget it, especially when you are with those other "boys" and even your husband- I own you!". And with that He errupted as she climaxed at the sametime. Afterwards, Joe cleaned her up as He always did. He genty unbuckled the collar and told her that He would keep the collar and leash in His desk drawer so that He could think of her whenever He saw it (and so her husband wouldn't find it). "you were so beatiful and so good today. Next time I will introduce you to pain. Would you like that?" As they kissed goodbye she replied, Yes, Master..........." to be continued

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