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he baby sat 2

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well I have some time so I thought I would finish the ending for you. A couple day went by and I didn't see Jim (baby sitter). So was trying to figure out what was going on, Then one day I got home early and was walking to mail box to get my mail. As I did the school bus pulled up and my daughter got out. But to my surprise Jim got off too. So I ask him if he was lost and he said no, just wanted to jog home, So as I got the mail out my daughter head to the house. Just then I heard Jim say ( I will have silly cakes) . I stop and was looking at my daughter and seen she was out of ear shot. As I stood there he keep saying your going deeper and deeper. I was afraid of what he had in mind with my daughter running about, Then he step around me and put something in my mail box. Then he told me that I will recheck my mail box and find out I miss a letter and get it and head to the house. When I get to the house I will go threw my mail. I will find a question form asking me question , I will fill out all the question and seal it and put it in my mail box to go back to the company. He keep telling me to answer all question and put it right back in my mail box. Once the letter in the mail box I will wake up and will not remember the form I filled out. Then he walk away. So I went in the house and went to find what he put in my mail box. My daughter fix a snack and went to do her home work, so I open up his letter to find it was full of question. Adult question. It started out say it was a adult survey and no one would know who filled this out and to please answer honestly. It started out ask height , weight, and measurement. what size you wear. etc. But then it got more adult question. Do you like oral sex, give , receive. what position's you like.. different place you have had sex. how many people you have had sex with. have you had more then one at a time,, or do you dream about more then one at a time. did you have and play sexually around the house. and on and on. some really wild question. So laugh I filled it out, thinking he would blow a nut reading this. Once I got done I put it in its envelope and put it back in the mail box. I went back in and keep a eye on it. Sure enough wasn't long and he ran up and grab it out and ran .

A few days went by and no word or site from him. I thought maybe he thought I played a joke on him . But then on a Saturday I heard a knock on my door. I went to answer and there stood Jim and 2 of his friends. I ask him what was up and he reminded me that I told him a couple weeks ago that he and his friends could use my pool some Saturday. I did tell him that. So they wanted to go swimming . It was a really hot day and I couldn't blame them, So I told them to go ahead. They headed out back. Then another knock , I went back and it was Jim again, He ask for the key to unlock the fence around the pool. So I turn to go get it and he step in. When I handed it to him, he says ( I will have silly cakes) So I stop in my track and he started to tell me im going deep and deeper asleep. Then he ask me if my daughter was spending the weekend with her dad., which he knew this. So I said yes. So now he smile big. He starts to tell me how hot it is out and that I will see them swimming out back and decide to swim too. I will then go put on my bikini and come out and swim with them. That I will play games in the pool and have fun. Then he went out back again. So it was really hot and they where having a really good time. So I said dam why not and went and change into my bikini. I put on my pool robe and headed out back. The other boys seem surprise that I came out. But as I ask them if it was okay that I join them I took off my robe. they seen my bikini and both said sure. Jim just smile away. The water did feel good and we started to play games and joking around. Some small horse play going on. Then Jim came close to me and say ( I will have silly cakes) again, So then he do's his deep sleep line, but he talking so his friend don't hear him. Then I feel him undue my bikini top. He tell me that I don't notice that my top came untied and I will swim to their end of the pool. playing out game. But I will pop out of the pool with no top. Then I will notice my top gone and go find it and put it back on. I was a bit nervous about this, but the thought of it was making me horny. So sure enough he went to the other end of the pool with his friends. So off I went to chase them and I did pop out of the pool. I seen there eyes light up and I acted like I didn't know why for a minute. Then I acted surprised and cover up. My nipples where rock hard and I did enjoy seeing their face. I found my top and put it back on. I told them I was sorry and climb out of the pool and headed up to the house. I seen them all talking and knew what they where talking about loll I went and shower and put on my shorts and top. I few minute later Jim came in by himself and did his hypnotic thing again. So he tell me to go change and put on a mini skirt and a blouse and only that. Then to come back out. When I do I will notice my ex watching TV. I will tease and flirt with him. When I do that my ex will be play full too and will play and kiss and have roaming hands. I will like this and keep playing and tease. That I tease hubby so much that he gets really horny and its will turn into a wild sex party with you and him the only one home. Well I change as I was told and when I came out Jim was on the couch and his friend where in other chairs watching TV. So I kinda bounce around like I was tease my ex. I had all eyes on me and none on the TV. After a bit of time of doing this Jim got up and walk up behind me and wrap his arm around my waist. and started to kiss my neck. As he did this he hands started to roam wild all over me as he held me to him. His friend eyes light up and mouth fell open as he did this. So im letting him play and im playing back. Now as he playing his hand come up and lock onto my boobs playing and feeling them up. with no bra on, they where getting really played with. Now im a bit nervous about this but im getting horny as ever. Then his hand went inside my blouse as he played . Now im really get into this and really turn on. He stop and took my hand and lead me to the couch pulling me down beside him. With him half on top of me, he went to kissing me as his hand still roaming all over me. He was back to playing with my boobs as he started to kiss down the front of my neck That's when he started to unbutton my blouse bringing out my boobs. He went right for them and started sucking and nibbling on my boobs. I was getting hotter then I ever thought and his friend move to get a better look, Wasn't to long and his hand was slide up under my skirt to find my hot wet pussy. He started to finger my pussy as he keep suck on my boobs. As he played with it he told me that he notice that I shave my pussy bald for him and that I was a good girl for doing that. Then he told me to pull my skirt way up and to spread my legs so he can see and play with my bald pussy. I pulled it up and spread wide as he kiss down to my belly. As he play he was checking out my bald pussy.His friend even move closer but at this time I didn't care. I guess Jim wanted to show his friend what he could do. he stop playing and told me to stand up. Dam don't stop now! But I stood up as he told me. He told me to take off my clothes. so I took them off standing there naked. Then smile he tells me how hot I'm. He then tell me to let go to the bedroom and he take my hand leading the way. Once we get there, he tell me to lay on the bed and spread my legs so he can see my bald pussy. As I did this he was taking his clothes off . Then he climb on top of me and started to fuck the hell out of my pussy. He was doing better this time and lasting longer as he fuck me. As he fucking me he start to call me names and telling me to fuck him harder, Now im so close I don't care and I wrap my legs around him and fuck him as hard as I can. This time I start to orgasm and cumming heavier then I ever think I have. He loose it right behind me pumping me full of his seed. Once he done he rolls off me and our juice are pouring out of my pussy. Now his friends are going nuts and asking him how he got to fuck me. Laugh ting he told me to go take a quick shower and to hurry back. As I went I heard him tell them about hypnoses me. Just as I got out of the shower Jim come n and tell me how deep deep asleep I was. Then he telling me that I having one of my dreams like on the paper I filled out. Than I would stay naked and go into the bedroom and find 3 naked men in my bedroom and on the bed one will be naked and I will go over and suck his cock and then climb on and fuck him, As I fuck the other will join in and this would turn into a gang bang with me taken on that they want. sure enough when I went back in, his friend was on the bed with one hard cock. So I walk over and slide on the bed, sucking him harder then he was. Now my pussy is still soaking wet. so wasn't long and I move up slide his hard cock into my hot pussy. I started to ride him for all it was worth. That when his other friend jump on the bed standing in front of me, trying to put his cock in my mouth. so know im riding one cock with another pounding my throat. this was my first 3's and it was better then I dreamed. They all ended up spending the night. I don't know how many time I got fuck or cock I suck. But we did it in ever room and in every way possible. We even fuck out side. lol After it was all over, I had a smile and didn't care that I took all 3 on and they left with a smile.

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