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an offer neither of them could refuse

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For weeks I have noticed on my lunch break sitting in the park a very petite attractive women with long straight black hair sitting on the bench each day but she was always upset and the worried and so finally I decided to sit down next to her and ask her why are you crying. You are so beautiful and you should not be crying, so looks at me and tell me her husband has no job and has no sperm in his small cock to get me pregnant. I want him to support me, get me pregnant and treat me the queen I am. You are a queen I told her. Here is my business card have your husband come to my office 9 am sharp tomorrow. The girl just stared at me and started to cry even more as I hugged her and told her it will be ok.

As I walked away from her my cock tingled with excitement knowing that she has no idea what I am thinking about and how good her life will be moving forward.

The next morning my receptionist told me that my 9 o clock appointment is here. I said send him right in. As he walked in he was well dressed, nice smile and had a firm handshake. I asked him to sit down and said hello. He said thank you for this interview and opportunity. I asked him to tell me about his self and after a few minutes I stopped him. Tell me about your personal life, he told me he has not worked for 6 months and that his wife wants a baby. Are you fucking her a lot, he looked at me and said no not at all, I can?t get her pregnant and she hates me for it. I have a solution for you if you are up to it, I will hire you give you a huge salary, company car and many perks if you will allow me to fuck your wife to get her pregnant for you. You both will raise our kids as your own. Kids he said yes kids I am thinking about 3. I will also tell her that she must fuck you anytime you want it, she will be on call for me any time I want her and there is no time she or you can say no to me. I will take her with me on trips, I will buy her all the hot looking cloths I want to see her in, she is a queen and will be treated, and dressed like a queen. What do you say about that, I think I can live with that but not sure she will be up to that, go home tell her what we discussed about and let me know what your decision is.

Tell her to come to my office at 10 am if she agrees. If she agrees you will come to my office at 9 am but don?t tell her you will be here. Have a good day and lets see what type of salesman I just hired.

Again my cock was growing large in my pants with the thoughts of this little sexy petite women coming to my office tomorrow morning to see me.

I got into my office early the next morning I wanted to get a few things done with the hopes that my new employee would be here at 9 with good news. 9 am came and went with nothing 915 my receptionist tell me my 9 o clock appointment is here and was sorry for being late for traffic. So sit down and tell me how it went last night. When I told her that the man on the bench would hire me she was happy then I told her your plan and she slapped my on the face and told me she was no slut, I grabbed her and told her your not a slut you?re a queen you want me to support you and give you a baby that?s what intend on doing I want this you want this as the thought of her getting pregnant wore on she started to smile and un due my pants, she started to place her mouth on my small soft cock and suck it, she has not sucked my cock in so long that after a few strokes I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all another thing she did not do for me. She layed next to me and asked did I enjoy while she stroked my cock again, she said I have never been with another man and not sure what I would do, I told her you will be treated well and to enjoy yourself knowing that I am not mad I am excited, I only wish I could be there.

She fucked me after we talked and then we went to bed, before I cam over here she was trying on different outfits for you so not sure what she will have on. She will be here at 10. I said in 22 minutes are you sure you want this for you and your wife. Yes.

Great then stand up drop your pants and lean over my chair, he gave me a very strange look. Remember I get what I want and right now I want to unload my load in your ass to give you an idea of what your wife will be getting on a daily basis. He did have a small cock as he dropped his pants and leaned over my nice chair, he told me that his ass was never played with, I said it will be today after you take my cock into you mouth to get it nice and ready for your ass. I never sucked a cock before either no problem open your mouth and I stuck it deep down his throat holding his head so he would not back out and my cock grew large. My 8 inch cock was buried deep inside his mouth and I kept pumping my cock hard giving him everything I could then I stopped and turned him over on the chair and brought the tip of my raging cock to his tight ass, no lube just his saliva was enough for me as I pushed it in slowly until his ass relaxed and allowed my cock full access. I gave him a pillow for his head to keep his mouth and grunts quiet. I fucked him nice and hard and with in a minute of so I pumped his ass full with cum. I looked at the clock and told him to get dressed fast and then get over there in the closet, your wife will be here shortly, I don?t want to hear a peep at of you and you will never tell her you were in the closet while she was here. As he got dressed I straightened up my appearance and sat down at my desk eagerly waiting her to arrive.

10 am came and there she was coming through my door, wow I thought her long straight black hair looked so shinny, she had on a very short black mini dress that was sitting very high up here legs and was also revealing her very perky breasts she looked more hotter than I have imagined before seeing her in the park in loose fitting sweats and jackets and crying she looked so young now, like years and worried were all gone off her face.

I meet her halfway a cross the room and gave her a hug and asked her to sit down. Your husband told you why you were coming her today at 10 am. Yes he did. Are you here because you want to be here, yes I am. Why are you here I asked, she said I am here to be treated like a queen and become pregnant with our kids.

Are you excited to know that you will be pregnant. Yes she said.

A few rules just to be clear, you will continue to fuck your husband as he needs to be fucked, is that clear, yes she said, you will be ready for me when I want you to come here, or my house or on a business trip. I understand she says, do you have any questions no she said.

Please slowly take your dress off and let me look at you. She turned her back to me and unzipped her dress and walked out of it as it fell to her feet, she had on a very nice bra and tiny little thong. I asked her to bind over so I can see her nice firm round ass, Your ass looks great, your legs look so smooth and tone stand up and turn around and undue your bra, she does and her breasts looked so perfect, they just were just amazing to look at along with her very neat trimmed pussy, I can?t believe someone this beautiful was so sad and depressed all those months. I walked over to her and slowly started to caress her body running my fingers up and down her legs and around her nipples and down her back passing through the crack of her ass, I never let me husband touch my ass, well I am not your husband and you will allow me to touch, lick or fuck it as I seem fit to do. I continued to run my finger through her hair moving it away from her neck and ear so I can gently bring my tongue to nibble on it and feeling her body just relax and accept my touches and licks. I bring my hand to her hand and lead her over to my couch we I ask her to sit down and spread her legs wide with out hesitation so does and before I go down on her with my tongue I glance over the back of the couch to see her husband pressed up against the door looking out at his naked wife and I. I lower my head down to her pussy and start to lick her she is so wet so moves her body in sync with my tongue and with in a few moments her body is shaking as her pussy drips into my mouth as she has her first orgasm with me. She opens here eyes and said I am feeling like a queen what can I do now to serve you my king. I asked her to open up my pants in which she does, my cock is already hard and ready, she smiles at me and says this is only the second cock I have touched and it is much larger than my husbands, I bring my cock to her mouth and she eagerly takes it in just like her husband did 25 minutes ago, she was much better than he was for a women who has not sucked a cock in a while she was doing a great job, I was lasting a long time and she seemed eager to taste my cum, I kept looking through the closet door and watching her husband stroking his cock, I turned my attention back to her and watching her eyes focus on my cock was so hot she seemed to really want to give me her best. She started to suck my cock faster and faster and take it deeper and deeper, I thought you was going to pull my cock of by the way she was sucking it, but she didn?t.

My cock started to tense and she and I know what was coming, with in a few more stroked my cock exploded and my cum was running down her face and she did her best to take it all, as she eased my cock out of her mouth I could see her husband also shot his load and was quietly resting still in the closet on the floor.

I told her to stay laying on the couch while I made some phone calls before we went out to lunch, she layed there with such happiness and pleasure, I asked her what do you think your husband is doing right now she said more than likely just sitting around wondering what is going on now. We both thought that nothing would happen the first day.

After a few phone calls I told her to go with my receptionist to the conference room and wait for me while I had a 5 minute meeting before lunch after she left my office I had her husband come out and asked what he thought about the scene, never in a million years did I think my wife would suck another mans cock or cum, when she came through your door I almost did not recognize her she has not looked that good for months. I am going now to take her to lunch and some shopping these cloths are for me and what I want her to wear when we go out. While she is in the conference room I need you to go home and drop your car off. My receptionist will follow you so then she can drive you over to pick up your new car. Enjoy your afternoon. Which I knew he would because my receptionist who loves to be fucked in the ass was told to give up her ass to our new employee when she gets to his house since he was deprived of it for so many years. He will like his additional perks as time goes on but that is for the next story if you all enjoyed this one.

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