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a star is born

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my wife and I have always wanted to go to a nude resort when they have porn week. we always liked watching porn movies and thought it would be fun to be at a resort while the porn stars are there. one day several years ago my wife was looking at one of the Caribbean erotic resort web pages and noticed that they were hosting porn week in a few months. then she said to me, "they are having a contest and giving away 10, 1 week, all expenses paid trips to their resort during this week". she asked me if she should enter. I told her, "why not?" I figured it was a waste of time, but thought it couldn't hurt to enter.

a few weeks went passed and I actually forgot about it, but one day my wife was looking through our mail she just picked up and I here her say, "we won, we won". I asked her what we one. she told me we were one of the 10 lucky people to win one of the free weeks at the erotic resort during porn week. then I heard her say, "hmmm, interesting". I asked her what the catch was because I figured there was a catch. she said, "no nothing like that, in addition to the free week they are also giving these 10 winners a chance to audition to be in a real porn movie". I said, "really, would you like to do that?" she then said, "I don't know, it might be fun." I was surprised to hear her say that. she enjoys sex immensely and even enjoys being watched but I never really thought she would enjoy being in a porn movie. but she seemed to really be excited about this so we agreed we'd sign up for the audition. she called and made all the arrangements. they told her we'd receive further instructions about the audition once at the resort.

as time approached for our trip I could tell my wife was getting more excited each passing day thinking about our adventure. she seemed to be even more horny than usual during the few days before our departure. her orgasms seemed more intense and she was more than ready to have sex 4 or 5 times a day. I figured it had to be the thoughts of the trip that had her so horny and that was fine by me.

finally the day arrived. we boarded our plane and was on our way. as we rode on the plane I was getting hard thinking about the week ahead. I figured once push came to shove and my wife got in front of the cameras she would back out of actually performing, but this was a clothing optional resort and I saw some of the clothes my wife packed for herself for the trip so I figured there'd be more than enough stimulus to get us both excited to ensure some great sex regardless of what happened with the audition.

once at the resort and we checked into our room the desk clerk told us where to go to get more info on the audition. the people were very nice. they explained everything really well. they told us that the audition would be taped but there would only be one copy made and that copy would be given to us to do with as we wish. they told us out of the 10 winners 2 would be selected to participate in some scenes for an actual movie. they told us if we were selected we would be given a release form to sign giving them permission to use the footage and we would also be given a sum of money for performing. then they told us our audition time would be 3pm the next day. they told us we would be working with another man and woman, both of whom had been in the business for several years. they told us to arrive around 2pm to meet these actors and receive more instructions on the audition. we agreed to be there and to be ready. we really didn't know what to expect, but my wife seemed really excited about doing this and it seemed to really turn her on thinking about it so I was good with it. I still felt once we got there and she realized she was being filmed she'd be too shy and wouldn't want to do it, but we'd see. as we prepared to go for dinner my wife was really getting into the atmosphere of the resort. she slipped into one of her sexy revealing club dresses. it was cut very short, had an open back, had deep plunging neckline, and was made of a very sheer material. her boobs and large nipples were visible through the thin material as was her tiny g string. I got an instant erection looking at her. she smiled and told me we'd take care of that after dinner as she looked right at the bulge in my shorts. I told her we could take care of it now and then again after dinner. she laughed and then told me she was hungry and I could wait. as we sat and dined with many other mostly naked people I could feel my cock grow rock hard again as I couldn't keep my eyes off my almost naked wife as she displayed to the other guests her great body. I could see many other guys and a few women checking her out and this got me even more turned on. then I thought how much I am going to enjoy, if she actually goes through with it, watching my wife audition for a role in a porn movie and how much fun I'd have auditioning for a role myself. I was so horny, I couldn't wait to get back to the room to fuck my wife. once we finished dining I could tell my wife had the same thoughts as me as we didn't waste anytime sitting around talking to each other. we hurried back to the room and ripped each other's clothes off and had a great evening of wonderful sex with each other. after we satisfied each other multiple times we both got showers and went to bed.

the next morning after we ate breakfast my wife said to me, "we better both trim up". I agreed. we both shaved ourselves regularly but we wanted to be clean shaven for the audition. after my wife shaved herself she asked me to double check to see if she got all the stubble. she did a great job, her pussy was as smooth as a baby's bottom. she then checked me and told me I was good to go. as the 2 o'clock hour approached I could feel myself getting a bit nervous. I was worried about my wife and here I was feeling some jitters and she seemed fine and ready.

the audition was in a private outdoor pool setting where only the 2 porn stars and the filming crew were aloud to be. once we arrive at the shooting location we were introduced to the 2 porn stars, Ken and Jenny, who we'd be working with. they were both wearing short bathrobes and I assumed nothing else under them. they seemed very nice and very friendly. Jenny was a blond beauty with a great tan who I could tell even through the robe had a great set of tits. I had no idea what we'd be asked to do but I was very turned on by thinking about the prospects of fucking her as I could feel my cock grow in my shorts. I could tell my wife was attracted to Ken by the look on her face as she talked with him. the director then came over to us and told us we should just relax and do what comes natural. he said he'd give us some direction, but the actors would help us along. he then told us to get undressed. as I watched my wife pull up her shirt to remove it over her head her large boobs popped out as she wasn't wearing a bra. her nipples were already large and puffy and I could tell she was horny from talking to Ken. she seemed ready for this, but I still figured she'd back out at some point when the cameras started rolling. then I watched as she removed her shorts revealing her tight ass and baby smooth pussy as she wasn't wearing any underwear. as I undressed I could feel my cock was not fully erect. I was so horny, but my cock wasn't responding. my wife looked at me and said, "oh is somebody shy?" I couldn't believe this. all the time I was thinking my wife would be too shy to do this and it ends up being me who can't get ready. the director told me this happens a lot and Jenny might be able to help me. as I watched her take off her robe her amazing body became visible. what a set of tits. I was sure they were fake, but at that point I didn't care. she came over to me and started talking to me telling me to relax. I tried but my cock wouldn't get fully erect. then she slowly reached her one hand out and began rubbing my cock. as she continued it got a little harder, but still not fully erect. as she was trying to stimulate me I saw my wife and Ken, who by now was naked, talking. I could tell my wife really liked him as I could see her frequently starring at his large erection. Jenny tried but it wasn't helping me. I was so horny, but I couldn't get it fully hard. finally the director came over and told me he was sorry, but we needed to proceed with the audition because he had more people to audition later that day. he told us my wife was welcome to audition by herself with Ken and Jenny. I told her to go ahead, still thinking she'd back out and especially now that I wouldn't be participating with her. she said, "I don't feel right not having you be part of it". I said to her, "go ahead, I can tell you really want to try this". she looked at me with a smile and said, "I do. are you sure you don't mind?" I told her I was fine with it and I'd enjoy watching. she seemed like she was actually going to go through with this. as the three of them got ready I could see my wife was really horny as her nipples were as big as I ever seen them and I could see the inside of her thighs were wet from the juices of her pussy. the director told her to start by rubbing Ken's cock and then after a few minutes to start sucking it. as I watched the camera men begin to film my wife gently began stroking Ken's large cock. in just a few seconds she dropped to her knees and began sucking it. as she was doing this Jenny knelt down beside her and began rubbing my wife's tits and massaging her large puffy nipples. after a few minutes Ken laid down and my wife and Jenny began rubbing his cock. as they did I saw them look at each other, move their heads toward each other and begin to kiss. then they both started sucking on his large erection. as they took turns sucking him I had a perfect view of both girl's pussies as they were knelt down and bent over with their legs spread. I could see both were dripping with juice. then without any instructions from the director my wife positioned herself over top Ken and she began to push his cock into her pussy. Jenny then positioned herself over Ken's face. my wife then began to ride Ken like a mechanical bull as he licked Jenny's wet pussy. the 2 girls leaned towards one another and began kissing again. this time it was a much longer more sensual kiss. both girls began moaning and sighing as Ken worked deep inside my wife with his cock and also had his tongue deep in Jenny's pussy. after about 15 minutes Jenny dismounted from Ken's face and laid down next to him and my wife. my wife began rubbing Jenny's wide open cunt as Ken continued to pound her pussy. eventually my wife dismounted Ken and began licking Jenny's pussy. Ken then got his face under my wife's pussy and began licking her. both women moaned loudly as they were both enjoying the activity. as my wife continued to bury her tongue inside Jenny Ken positioned himself behind my wife and entered her anus with his cock. I wasn't sure how that was going to go. we had never done anal before because my wife never really thought she'd like it. as he entered she let out a loud moan as if in pain, but as he continued to push his cock deeper and deeper into her ass her tone became one of great pleasure. as Ken continued to work his large cock in my wife's anus she continued to lick Jenny's pussy. eventually Ken pulled out of my wife and came around to the front of both girls. I think the audition was about over as ken was ready to ejaculate. I watched as my wife and Jenny worked ken's cock, taking turns sucking and rubbing it again. shortly after Ken exploded with a large wad of cum squirting it all over my wife and Jenny's faces. my wife had a big smile as she kissed Jenny one more time. I watched as Jenny licked some of the cum off my wife's face and then my wife did the same to Jenny. the director told us he liked it and my wife was very good but the decision on picking the 2 winners wasn't his. the executives would review all the contestants auditions and they'd make a decision on who would have the opportunity to have some scenes in the movie. he told us they'd call us tomorrow morning with their decision. as we said goodbye to Jenny and ken my wife told me she wasn't putting her clothes back on to walk back to the room. as Jenny hugged me and pressed her large boobs tight against my chest, I could only think of what I missed by not being able to get a full erection. I could have fucked this blond beauty porn star.

on the way back to the room I asked my wife if she liked it. she said, "yes, very much". I could tell by watching she enjoyed it. I was surprised about her willingness to perform in front of the camera and also her willingness to do anal. she told me she didn't think she'd like anal either but after he was in it felt awesome. as we continued our walk back to the room I looked down and my cock was rock hard. I thought to myself, "sure now you get hard". I could tell my wife was also extremely horny from the activity. her nipples were still huge and puffy and her juices continued to run down the inside of her legs. I think she would have gone all the way with ken if the director would have told them to. but better for me because when we got back to the room we had one of the best evenings of sex we had had in years. after we finished pleasuring each other multiple times I asked my wife what she'd do if they actually picked her for one of the parts in the movie. she looked at me and said, "that won't happen". I told her I wasn't sure, they all seemed impressed with her.

the next morning about 9 am our phone rang. my wife answered it and I heard her say, "really, well thank you, we'll be there". after she hung up she looked at me and said, "they picked me". they told her to make her decision before noon and if she decided to accept she needed to sign some paperwork and the scenes would be shot the next day. I looked at her and said, "I told you, they liked you". she asked me if she should do it. I told her if it's what she wants I'm ok with it. she then said, "I really, really enjoyed it, I think I want to do it." "It'll just be a one time thing", she said. I said, "fine, call them back and tell them".

after we ate lunch we stopped by the office to sign the paperwork and get more info on my wife's part in the movie. the executives told us they picked her as one of the winners because she was a "natural" and she did things without the director telling her what to do. they also told her they liked her willingness to do whatever came natural to her including anal, intercourse, kissing and licking another woman, having cum shot on her face and how she really seemed to enjoy doing it not just doing it because she felt she had to. they told us they wanted her for 3 scenes. the first would be with her and 2 other women in a lesbian scene. the second was a gang bang scene with my wife and 6 guys. and the final scene would be with her and 2 guys. they then gave her a pin to wear around the resort that showed she was a member of the XXX cast. my wife was extremely excited about this. that's all she talked about the rest of the day.

as we prepared for dinner that night I could tell she was very horny with all the talk and thoughts in her mind about the scenes she'd be performing in the XXX movie the next day. her outfit for dinner reflected her mood as it was her most provocative, revealing outfit she owned. the top consisted of a thin strip of transparent material that wasn't even wide enough to cover her large areolas. the bottom was made of the same see through material that was about 8 inches long on the one side and tapered down to a tiny string tie on the other side. it was supposed to be worn with a thong, but she didn't have one on so her pussy was completely exposed. it really was no different than if she had been completely nude. there was nothing this outfit was hiding. then she pinned her XXX cast pin to her tiny skirt. as we walked into the restaurant she definitely got noticed. several people came up to her and asked her for her autograph. really? she isn't really a porn star, but they noticed the pin and they didn't know any different. my wife loved the attention and gladly signed napkins or whatever they wanted her to sign, including several ladies boobs. but the one that topped it off was the guy who got her to sign his erection. as she grabbed his cock and signed her name I could see a big smile on her face and knew she was having a blast. I knew she was horny as hell as I saw her nipples were rock hard and huge and her juices were running down her legs. when we got back to the room we again had amazing sex. this was turning out great for me too even though I was still disappointed about not being able to perform for the audition.

the next morning after breakfast my wife shaved again to make sure she was perfectly clean. man did her pussy look great when it was baby smooth. no wonder the execs liked her. as we headed to the shoot I knew my wife was horny thinking about the day ahead. she was really anticipating her scenes and I could tell she was going to be great. as we arrived the director introduced my wife to the girls she'd be working with, Jenny from the day before was one and Morgan was the other. as I watched the girls remove their robes I saw Jenny's amazing body and again thought about what I missed the day before. Morgan was also extremely well built. my wife was going to have fun with these 2. as they started to film the director didn't even need to instruct them. it was so natural watching these 3 busty beauties caress and kiss each other. then they started licking each other's pussies. the cameras continued to roll as the scene was now over 45 minutes long as all the girls were really into each other and the director left them go as long as they wanted to. I could feel my cock get rock hard and so bad wanted to go join in, but knew that wouldn't be allowed and would probably ruin my wife's day. after about 1 and a half hours I could see my wife was ready to have an orgasm as Jenny continued to lick her wide open pussy and as she licked Morgan's dripping clit. suddenly my wife erupted in an incredible and lengthy orgasm, arching her back and grabbing her breasts and pinching her large nipples. then Morgan erupted from my wife's magical tongue. finally Jenny came as Morgan licked her wet pussy while she continued to lick my wife's dripping cunt. what a scene. the director exclaimed how perfect it was and that he didn't think there'd be any need for editing any of it.

after a short break it was time for the next scene. this was the one with my wife and 6 guys in an orgy. as the scene started all the guys were standing around my wife with their cocks pointing in her face while she was knelt down on her knees. I saw my wife start grabbing their cocks even before I heard the director yell "roll it". she had one in each hand and one in her mouth. then I saw her pull 2 off the guys closer together and watched as she shoved both their cocks in her mouth at the same time while continuing to take turns stroking the other 4 cocks. then as a few of the guys laid down I watched as my wife took turns riding them while stroking and sucking the others. all six guys took their turn fucking my wife as she continued to take turns sucking and stroking the others. she was having a blast and was performing like a pro, as if she had done this for years. she not only didn't seem to mind being filmed for the whole world to see but I think it was actually a turn on for her. I was shocked, but at the same time extremely turned on. my cock had gotten as hard as I can remember it ever had been in my life. after about an hour I could tell some of the guys were getting close. my wife could tell also as she prepared for their cum on her face and body. as she continued to stroke them the one guy came shooting cum over my wife's face and lips. she didn't even let on as she continued to stroke 2 others and suck another. then I think something happened she wasn't quite ready for. the guy she was sucking suddenly exploded in her mouth. I watched as I saw a surprised look on her face and then watched as she took a big gulp and swallowed his cum. soon after the 2 guys she was stroking exploded on her boobs covering them with cum. then she stroked the remaining 2 guys until they exploded on her face and boobs. as they finished squirting their cum on her I heard the director say "bravo". I heard him tell my wife how he liked her reaction and her swallowing of the guys cum after his sudden ejaculation in her mouth. as she came over to me she was covered in cum. I was so horny. I asked her when her last scene was. she told me not for 2 hours. I told her I was so horny and needed to fuck her. she was as ready as me as she didn't have an orgasm in this scene. she asked the director if it would be ok if we had sex off to the side while they filmed the other scenes of the movie my wife wasn't in. he told her that would be fine just try to be somewhat quiet. as my wife went to get some paper towels to wipe the cum off her body I told her to let it on, it turned me on. she smiled and said, ok, how about if I just smear it all over my body?" I told her that would be great. as I undressed I watched her smear the 5 guys cum all over her chest and stomach and as she laid down and spread her legs she began rubbing some in her pussy. as I approached her my cock was oozing and so hard as I saw the sun glistening off her cum covered breasts. I rammed my rod deep in her and in about 10 minutes of pounding her we both exploded in great pleasure.

before we knew it it was almost time for my wife's final scene. the director called her over and introduced her to the 2 guys she'd be doing the scene with. both guys had very large erect cocks as I saw them admiring my wife's beautiful naked body. as they began filming my wife didn't waste anytime. she stroked and sucked them for a few minutes and then as the one guy lay down she hopped on his erection and began riding it. the other guy went around to the back of my wife and as she bent over and laid on top of the guy she was fucking he stuck his cock in her anus. again like in the audition she let out a loud yell as if it hurt when he first entered but then got a huge smile on her face as he stuck it deep in her ass. the 2 guys pounded her for over 30 minutes as she moaned, sighed and screamed in DP pleasure. as I watched I could tell these 2 guys were instructed to not pull out as they approached cumming. soon I saw the guy on the bottom who was in my wife's pussy let out a moan of his own and I knew he came inside my wife. soon after my wife began an incredible orgasm as she clinched her legs around him. at that moment the other guy erupted in her ass. my wife let out another loud yell of orgasmic pleasure. as the 2 guys pulled out of my wife she flipped to her back, spread and lifter her legs and reached down and spread her pussy lips to reveal her cum filled pussy and cum filled asshole. I watched as I could tell the camera man was zooming in on y wife's pussy and asshole. they continued to roll the film as she began fingering her cum filled pussy. then I heard the director yell to me, "are you hard?" I was incredibly hard again. I yelled back, "yes". then he said, "get in there and fuck her". as the cameras kept rolling I stuck my cock in my wife's oozing pussy. I could feel the other guy's cum ooze out of her as my cock entered her wide open and slippery vagina. we had incredible sex as the camera caught it all. as I worked my cock back and forth in her wet slippery pussy I could feel I was getting close. as I erupted my wife had another incredible and lengthy orgasm. it was unexpected and spontaneous, but I finally got involved in an XXX movie with my wife.

after we finished the director told my wife to go talk to the execs of the film company. as we walked naked into their office I could see them drooling over my wife's great body. they said they were very impressed with my wife and how natural she was in front of the camera. and they told us her great body didn't hurt either. they wanted her to sign a long term deal and told me maybe there'd be some room for me to join in occasionally. we looked at each other and I could tell my wife was all in for this. she was so good at it I couldn't tell her I didn't want her to. actually, the thoughts of being married to a porn star got me horny thinking about it.

to date she has made over 40 movies and actually has been the main star in over 20 of them.

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