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Youre Insatiable Too!

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?You have such a beautiful naked body,? Alex commented.

How many men have fucked you? He asked.

My wife said, ?You are just the third. One boyfriend fucked me before I got married, and then my husband. Now YOU!?

She asked Alex, ?What?s our relationship now that we have made love??

Alex replied,?Princess, you are now my mistress! Only your husband and I can fuck you now! I?m very possessive?

My wife said, ?I agree, when I?m with you, my body is yours. You can do anything with Me.?

?Come here Princess, he said

?Open your legs for me? he said in a commanding voice.

My wife felt so submissive. She did as she was told.

Alex pointed to her wet, dripping pussy and then told her, "Your pussy lips are so extended. No wonder, they felt so good as if they were clasping my dick earlier. Hold your ussy; I want to touch your wet pubic hair!?

He then touched her wet pussy and held her pussy flaps apart as she remained standing beside the bed. My wife started moaning and then almost begged Alex, "Don't touch me there! It?s too much."

Alex ignored her. He continued to finger her.

She also was staring down on Alex?s naked body. She stooped down and kissed tenderly his left nipple. She then alternately kissed and sucked it. Alex told her that what she was doing was tickling and arousing at the same time. My wife then noticed that his slippery dick was already flaccid but still large.

She held it gingerly and asked him, ?No more hard feelings??

He smiled and said, ?Don?t worry; it will shortly spring back to life for you! Let?s take a quick shower now .I will just give you a damn good clean up!?

He quickly stood up and carried my wife to the adjacent bathroom. The two naked lovers went to the shower area together. They were locked in a tight embrace when, in seconds, the incredibly hot water hit their nude bodies.

Alex told my wife, ?You love the heat, I can tell by the calm look on your face.?

My wife replied,? I love the feel of your wet skin against mine. You look so handsome when you?re soaked to the bone.

His hands reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her even closer to him. As he squeezed her ass, my wife started moaning softly.

Alex and my wife were kissing again, his tongue playing against her lips, teeth, tongue; his teeth brushing her lips, biting occasionally. Her fingers were digging into his shoulders as his arms were wrapped up under hers.

He reached behind her for the bar of soap and started lathering up the bar in his hand. His soapy hands run over her chest and shoulders. He swished some lather in her nipples and breasts and down on to her stomach, poking his finger into her deep belly button.

Stroking his hands over her hips, he brought them up and forward, just below her stomach. His right hand then swished some lather on her still sticky pubic hair, stroking the lather over her extended pussy lips.

Alex told her, ?You feel so slippery and slick in my hands ? I?m aching to get inside you again, but not yet.?

He then slipped a finger inside her hot pussy. It made her gasp and grin all at the same time. Stroking a time or two more, he pulled his hand away, flicking his finger against her clit before he let it go.

Then a look of pure panic on her face as she said "Oh no?.please don?t stop!"

He didn't stop and as her eyes went shut he knew she was starting to have an orgasm. As she came hard on his hand her knees got weak and she almost fell down until her grabbed her to keep her from hitting the floor. He carried her over to a bench in the room and laid her on it with one leg over each side of the bench, her pussy wide open. He then began to finger her again. He enjoyed her pussy with his hand for at least 5 minutes, causing her to have another orgasm.

As she was on the verge of her third orgasm he removed his hand and slid himself up on the bench between her legs and put the tip of his dick up to her pussy. As soon as she felt this she looked down and saw the head of his dick touching her pussy.

She yelled out "NOOOOOOOO, NO PLEASE YOU CAN'T" then she yelled out his name, "Alex, my pussy is so sore now! Please don?t fuck me again!

Alex ignored her pleas, grabbed onto her shoulders and started pushing into her. He slid in and out a few times then stopped while buried deep into her.

He looked down between her legs and said, "Your pussy always feels soooo goood."

Then he really started fucking her. He fucked her well over 10 minutes... My wife also had a big orgasm. He then he slammed into her hard and my wife could tell he was cumming hard into her. When he was done he just laid there on top of her for a few minutes with his dick still in her. Then he got up and went over to the shower to clean him up. She also got up and walked over to a shower and got cleaned up.

After he turned off his shower he turned around and looked at her. He was hard again! She saw this and didn't know what to do. He grabbed her and pushed her over to one of the sinks, he suddenly was more forceful than before. He put her hands on the sink and told her to bend over in a voice than made it clear he wasn't asking, he was telling. Then he got behind her and started fucking her again from behind. This time it went on for at least 15 minutes before he slammed into her one last time and emptied himself into her. He then went back to the shower and cleaned himself. He just smiled at her but he didn't say a word. She staggered back over to the shower and got cleaned up again.

She just pouted at him and then said, "You are insatiable!"

Alex smiled and said, ?My dear,you are insatiable too!?

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