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Wife Kay Fucks Potential Client, Seals Deal For Me

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Wife Kay Fucks Potential Client, Seals Deal For Me

My beautiful wife Kay and I have been married over 20 years and still enjoy a very good sex life. She still turns me on very much and I love the fact that she loves to have sex and will go along with about anything I want to do to her, and her to me. She is very good orally and is willing to spend a lot of time pleasing me in that way, and I always return the favor, much to her pleasure. Kay is 47 years old but looks no where near her age. She is a very attractive brunette, petite at 5-1 115 pounds, but with a nice figure for her small frame??a very nice heart shaped ass and 32c tits with nipples that get very erect. Her nipples getting hard are a sure sign that she is getting turned on?..they?re like a flashing sign that says ?I need to be fucked?!!

We do ok financially but struggle sometimes like most, never being able to get to a point of not having to worry about bills and money. There was a possibility that all that could change soon?..if I could sign a prospective client that I had a business meeting set up with this coming weekend. This was a major player in my profession?.maybe bigger than any other. My co-workers couldn?t believe that I had even gotten a meeting with him, and I?m sure had little confidence that I could actually sign him on with our company. Kay and I were driving to Atlanta to meet him for drinks on Friday night and then I was to meet him Saturday morning to show him my proposal??to beg for his signature on the bottom line.

We arrived in Atlanta and checked into our room. We showered and were getting ready to go to the hotel bar downstairs to meet John, the potential client. What should I wear honey, Kay asked? I don?t know, I said, something classy, you know, conservative but still sexy. Hmmm, she said and started considering her options. She undid her bath towel and let it drop to the floor and I admired her body and looked forward to coming back to the room later. Both of us always enjoyed staying in a nice hotel and almost always had extremely good sex when we did?..there?s something about a hotel stay that helps squash any inhibitions. A couple times, I had gotten Kay to fuck me with the blinds open enough that anybody walking by could see us, and we had some takers?..both of us were really turned on by a little taste of exhibitionism. I watched as Kay put on a little bitty pair of black silk panties?.the cheeks of her fine ass hanging out the bottom. She then put on a matching black sheer, see through bra that easily showed her nice chocolate brown nipples through it. She topped it off with a black garter and sheer black stockings that she attached to the garter as she glanced at me to see if I was looking. This is for you for later she grinned. I can?t fucking wait, I replied. She decided on a dark gray skirt, short but not sleazy short, with a slit on one side that could make it be sexy if she wanted?..she could show more leg just by the way she chose to sit or cross her legs. She added a light gray silk blouse that showed just enough of her gorgeous cleavage, then black high heels that strapped abound the tops of her sexy ankles. She added a diamond necklace that rested just above her cleavage?.drawing the eyes toward her breasts, like she needed any help drawing attention to them! I don?t think she realized that most guys she ever came across checked out her tits no matter what she was wearing. How?s this, she asked as she made a turn around for me. Perfect, I said, conservative looking but very sexy. Why don?t we fuck before we go downstairs I said as I hugged her and ran my hands over her beautiful ass. No, she laughed, you?re just going to have to be patient. She reached down and felt of my hard dick and said ?you might want to get that under control before we go meet John?.I?m not sure that would be a good first impression! We both laughed and headed for the bar.

The bar was a very eloquent dimly lit place that was obviously designed for businessmen to seduce their prey. It screamed ?if you want to get laid bring her here first!? There were wealthy guys with suits and ties all over the place, smoking and drinking and hitting on the beautiful business women that accompanied them. We had never seen John in person, my only contact with him being over the phone. We had agreed to meet at the entrance to the bar. John, I asked, as we walked up to a guy standing at the entrance. Yes, he replied and held out his hand and we shook hands. And this must be your beautiful wife, he said, and reached to take Kay?s hand, nice to meet you. It?s very nice to meet you too, Kay said, as they looked into each others eyes just a bit too long. John was an extremely nice looking guy, tan, trim and fit, early 30?s, probably 6-1 around 175 pounds, and extremely wealthy. He was the kind of guy that, because of his looks and money, nobody ever said no to him, and especially the ladies. I was immediately jealous and Kay was immediately impressed. We made our way to the bar and Kay sat between us. We had several drinks just chatting and having a good time. Everything was going well, with both me and Kay doing our best to kiss his rich ass. And he was obviously attracted to Kay. His eyes were all over her and she was obviously being impressed by his attention to her. He touched her hand on several occasions as he made a point about something. After a few drinks, I excused myself and went to the restroom. When I came back John stood and said, ?my turn?. As he stood to leave he reached for Kay?s diamond necklace and held it with his hand behind it and resting against the top part of Kay?s cleavage and said ?beautiful necklace?. Thanks, Kay replied, my husband gave it to me. Your husband obviously has impeccable taste, he replied, and gently layed the diamond back onto my wife?s breast.

Damn, I said, as he left, he sure seems to like you. Uh yeah, you think, she asked sarcastically. You aren?t going to believe what he asked me while you were gone. I?m all ears I said anxiously. He asked me what color panties I was wearing, Kay replied. What, I asked in shock. He just asked me what color panties I was wearing, she repeated. What did you say to him, I asked. She looked at me and said, I have no idea why I did it honey, but after I got over the initial shock of his question I leaned over and whispered to him ?I?m not wearing any panties.? Then he whispered to me, ?that?s what I suspected, it?s a shame you wore a bra.? That?s when you walked back up and he held my necklace with his hand brushing the top of my breast. I noticed that Kay?s nipples were erect and it easily showed through her silk shirt. I was kind of shocked and unsure of how to take everything that just happened. I replied, ?you told him you weren?t wearing panties?? I don?t know why, she said again, first of all I am wearing panties and I don?t know why I answered that way, and secondly I can?t believe the man had the balls to ask me that anyway?..he obviously thinks he can seduce anybody he wants.? Well, from your reply to him, he seems to be doing a pretty good job on you, I said, and your nipples seem to be in agreement, I added. Kay was flustered and embarrassed that I knew she was turned on by this guy, but for some reason I wasn?t upset about it, I was turned on. I took Kay?s hand and lowered it under the bar and onto my leg and slid it up to allow her to feel of my rock hard dick. It was turning me on immensely that this young, rich, gorgeous looking client of mine was trying to seduce my wife right in front of me. It?s just a perk of being wealthy and nice looking both, I said, he is used to getting what he wants, and it?s obvious that he wants you. I know you?re doing your best to impress him for me Kay, and I appreciate it honey. I know you didn?t intend to turn him on but I can?t say I blame him?.you look fucking great tonite. Soooo, what are we saying here, she replied surprisingly. Well, I guess I?m saying if you?re ok with all this, with flirting with this guy, I?m ok with it. I can see you?re attracted to him and I can?t blame you for that either. So, how bad do you need this guy, what would it mean to us, she asked anxiously. He?s huge Kay, I replied, you just don?t understand how big this is. Believe me, if I can sign this guy, we won?t have to worry about money for a long time. Soooo, do you want me to do whatever I can to help, she asked, as she looked at me with a sexy little grin? Yes, I replied, I do, as I grinned back at her. No matter what, she asked? No matter what, I answered. We both knew this meant she was probably going to be fucking this guy before the night was over. John came back from the restroom and Kay immediately excused herself to go also, brushing herself against him as he sat back down. She returned in a few minutes and before she sat down whispered in my ear ?I?m not wearing any underwear.? I glanced at her as she sat down and could see from her now very visible erect nipples that she had removed her bra while in the restroom, and evidently her panties, probably putting them both in her purse. She had also unbuttoned an additional button on her silk blouse. Her nipples looked like they were trying to force their way out of the silk fabric. From John?s vantage point, every time Kay reached for her drink and leaned forward just a bit, he would be able to see her bare tit and very very erect nipple. And he would know that she removed her bra at his request. Like I said, the guy is accustomed to getting anything he requests. The game was on between the two of them. John obviously was enjoying getting to see my wife?s beautiful breast and wasn?t very discreet about it either. The bar was such that our legs went under it some, but not all the way under it. I could see that Kay had let her skirt ride up and had crossed her legs, allowing the slit of her skirt on his side to open enough that he could, I?m sure, glance down and see the darker top part of her stockings and probably the clasps to her garter. We were all getting pretty drunk by this time, especially Kay, which was good news for John because when Kay gets drunk she will do about anything, especially sexually. She loses all inhibitions. For instance, Kay has only allowed me to fuck her in the ass a few times, and it was always when she was really drunk. I try to keep plenty of alcohol around the house! We were all having a good time and Kay and John were getting pretty open with their little game of seduction. I glanced over once and saw John running his hand up her thigh where he thought I couldn?t see. Kay was practically coming out of her blouse, making sure it was open enough for his pleasure. It was getting out of hand so I decided I better make some kind of move or they were going to be having sex in front of me and everybody else in the bar. Well, I think it?s time for me to go pass out, I said, and stood up indicating that the party was over. Do you mind if I stay for a nightcap, Kay asked? This was Kay?s way of asking me one more time if it was ok with me for her to fuck John. Of course not, I replied, you have a key in your purse, I?m really tired so I?m sure I?ll be asleep before you get there. I said goodnight to John and we confirmed our meeting for the next morning. It was a quick discussion because he obviously didn?t have business on his mind. I left him with my wife and knew that he would be taking her to his room soon.

I couldn?t stand the anticipation but I waited up for Kay. It was a long wait. Finally, after about 3 hours, she quietly unlocked the door and walked into our room. She was carrying her high heels, garter, stockings and bra, obviously not wearing anything but her skirt and blouse. Her hair was a mess and it looked like she had slept in her clothes because they were a mess too. Her blouse looked like she had buttoned it wrong. She had ?I just got my brains fucked out? written all over her. The smell of sex oozed from her pores. Oh, hi honey, she said surprisingly, I didn?t expect you to still be up. Well I was kind of wondering how it went, I replied sarcastically, it looks like you kids had a good time. Yes, it was ok she said, trying unsuccessfully to hide her pleasure that she had from fucking this great looking young guy. And by the way, you don?t have to worry about your meeting with him tomorrow. He?s still going to meet with you, but it?s already a ?done deal.? She grinned and winked at me , took off her dress, and came and lied down next to me in the bed. Do you want me to tell you about it, she asked. Yes, I replied. Sure? she asked. I guided her hand down to my hard as hell dick and replied, ?I?m positive.?

?As soon as you left, he ran his hand up my thigh and under my skirt and felt of my pussy and asked me if I would like to have that nightcap in his room. Yes, I would like that very much, I told him so we went on up to his suite. When we walked in he walked ahead of me and went to the bar area to fix us a drink. I just waited in the center of the room and nervously tried to start a conversation. He didn?t say a word?.no reply to my attempt at small talk. He walked over to me and handed me a drink and lifted one finger softly up to my lips, indicating for me to stop talking. He left me standing there and walked over to a sofa and sat down. It was about 10 feet from where I was standing and he just calmly sat down and started sipping on his drink and looking me over, his eyes running slowly up from my feet to my eyes. He was fucking with me and making me very nervous, but also very excited. I just stood there nervously and waited for his direction. Finally he starts asking me questions. Are you excited Kay, he asked. Yes, I replied nervously. Good, he replied. We both knew from the first moment we met tonight that I would be fucking you, am I right Kay? Yes, I replied. I thought so, he said, and you started out trying to rationalize it in your head that you were doing it for your husband, right? Yes, I replied. But the real truth is that you are dying to fuck me, not because of your husband, but because you are dying to see what it would be like to fuck me, to have my cock inside of you, to have me take you to sexual ecstacy like you?ve never been before, am I right about that Kay? Yes, I replied in a soft nervous voice. Good?.very good Kay?..and I will tell you this, I am going to sign on with your husband tomorrow because I want you really, really bad and I think you will do anything I ask to make sure that happens?.not just because of him but because you want it for yourself. So you can leave now if you want or you can stay and do exactly as I tell you, it?s completely up to you. I?m staying, Kay whispered softly, just tell me what you want. I was extremely excited about what this guy was going to do with me. John walked over and turned on some slow sexy music on his computer and fixed himself another drink. I just remained where I was, waiting for him to tell me what was next. He sat back down and said, I want you to dance for me Kay?.I want to see your most seductive dance. I did not say anything, just did what I was told. I looked him straight in the eyes and watched as he took in every part of my body as I danced for him. I slowly swayed my body to the music, lifting my hands through my hair and over my head. I turned and slowly moved my ass back and forth for him, slowly grabbing the sides of my skirt and pulling it up to show him my bare ass cheeks. I ran my hands over my ass and then turned to face him and touched my breasts and then ran one hand down to the front of my skirt and slowly pulled it up and rubbed a finger across my clit. I started unbuttoning my blouse for him and he stopped me, saying ?not yet?. Why don?t you come over here and take my clothes off for me Kay?.would you like to do that, would you like to see what you?re getting. Yes, I replied, and walked to where he was as he stood up for me. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, running my finger down his chest as I went. His chest and stomach were gorgeous, and I admired it as I pulled his shirt the rest of the way off. I ran my hands gently over him and started kissing his chest and stomach and licking his nipples. I continued this while I reached and undid his belt and the button on his pants. I slowly unzipped his pants and could feel the bulge in them as I did. I couldn?t wait to see his cock. I pulled his pants down and he stepped out of them. He was down to his tight shorts and it looked like his dick was going to bust out of them. I pulled back from him a bit and looked him in the eyes seductively, dropping to my knees to take his shorts down. I slowly lowered them over his hips and released his huge gorgeous cock right in front of my eyes. I moaned and immediately put it in my hand. Not yet, he said, why don?t you stand back over there and strip for me now. He sat back down and started slowly jacking his hard dick and watched as I stripped for him. Nice and slow, he said. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and lowered it over my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I caressed my breasts and slowly circled my hard nipples with my finger. I reached to the side of my skirt and slowly unzipped it. I slowly pulled it down as I moved my hips from side to side as I pulled it down over my ass and let it drop. John?s cock got larger as he jacked it off while watching my show for him. I couldn?t wait to have it in me. I was down to only my garter and stockings and slowly removed the garter and stockings and was completely naked for his pleasure. I touched myself for him and I was very wet and very turned on. I want you to fuck me John, I said. Not yet, he said. I continued with what I was doing, running my finger up and down over my pussy until I had an orgasm?..I moaned and trembled as the pleasure of the orgasm ran through my body. Nice, very nice, John said, how would you like to have my hard cock in your mouth Kay, he asked. I would love to have it in my mouth, I replied. Why don?t you get on your hands and knees and crawl over to me, he asked. I did as he asked and as I went to him said ? please let me suck your dick, John.?. I crawled to where he sat on the couch and spread his legs apart as I stayed on my knees in front of him. I reached for his huge beautiful cock and slowly began jacking him off with one hand and then with both, making slow up and down twisting moves on his dick with my hands. I licked his balls by making slow circles around both of them and finally took both of them into my mouth. I massaged them forcefully with my tongue while I held them tightly in my mouth. John was moaning in pleasure and watching every thing I did to him. I released his balls from my mouth and admired the size of his huge cock as I continued jacking it off. I want to cum in your mouth Kay, he said. I said nothing and took my tongue and ran it slowly up the thick shaft of his dick and circled the head with my tongue, taking his pre-cum into my mouth. I started sucking him, taking a bit more of his dick into my mouth with each up and down motion I made on it. He held me by the hair and moved himself up and down as he pushed his dick further and further into my mouth. He was going to cum soon and increased the speed of his dick fucking my mouth, banging the head against the back of my throat over and over until he exploded in my mouth. I took all of his cum and couldn?t swallow all of it quick enough as it just kept spewing into my mouth. When he finished I pulled his dick out of my mouth and opened wide for him showing him his warm salty juices that filled my mouth. I then closed my mouth and showed him as I swallowed all of it for him. How was that, I said, knowing that he had loved me sucking his cock and that I had loved doing it. Very good, he replied, as I massaged his balls with my hand. Now I want you to go over there and put your hands on the wall and wait there for me Kay. I did as he said, placing my hands on the wall and stepping back enough where my hands were holding my body?s weight up. I spread my legs apart wide and arched my ass out to give him access to me. I waited, my pussy throbbing for him, dripping wet. I listened as he opened his briefcase, first one snap and then another. I lightly cringed with excitement with each noise it made. I wanted to look back over my shoulder to see what he was doing, but didn?t dare. He walked to me as I waited anxiously for him, postured for him to take me. I felt a silky like material as he lightly ran it over my back and ass. He placed it around my face, covering my eyes with it as he twisted it into a blindfold shape and tied it tightly to the back of my head. I heard him walk away again and fix himself a drink?.he tingled the ice in the glass for me to hear. In a moment, I could feel him coming back to where I was and soon felt him lightly rubbing my ass cheek with what felt like a wooden round paddle. You?re a bad girl Kay, a very bad girl, aren?t you. Yes, I replied softly, my body bracing itself and tense with anticipation. I felt the paddle being lifted off of me and then felt it smack my ass hard. The sting ran from my ass throughout all my body, bringing all my nerve endings to complete attention, particularly the ones in my pussy. I screamed as I reached to finger my clit and had an immediate orgasm, forgetting completely that there was even anyone else there with me. It was like I was in some state of sexual utopia. I came back to my senses and heard John ask ?and what happens to very bad girls Kay? They get spanked, I replied anxiously, and I felt the paddle smack my other ass cheek, even a little harder than the first. He lightly began making circles around my stinging ass cheeks with the paddle, as I anticipated the next smack. Spank me, I said, harder, and felt as he pulled it away and then smacked the middle of my ass, sending a burst of excitement down through the nerve endings in both of my legs. That was good, I moaned and braced myself again. I heard the ice from his glass again and shortly felt the cold as he lightly rubbed my red ass cheeks with a piece of ice. I felt the melting cold water drip from the ice and down my ass crack and into the back of my pussy. My nerve endings were even more sensitive than before?.something that I had never felt before. Fuck me John, I pleaded, fuck me now please, fuck me hard. I felt him take his huge dick that I wanted so bad and lightly rub it over my lower back and ass. He moved it down the crack of my ass until I felt the head finally touch my pussy lips. I spread my legs further apart. He ran it up and down over my swollen pussy lips, gradually inserting the head in and out of my gash. Is this what you want, Kay? Yes I screamed, fuck me John. He pushed his dick gradually in and out of me as I pushed my ass back toward him trying to get all of it in me quickly. I shivered inside as he slowly pushed each individual inch of his huge thick cock inside me. It filled my pussy and went to a depth in me that I had never felt a cock before. As soon as I had it all in me and it pushed the end of my pussy to go even further I had a bone chilling orgasm, screaming and banging my head on the wall. Yes?.yes?.yes, I screamed??God yes?.don?t stop John, please don?t stop! He grabbed my hip with one hand and the back of my head with the other, pushing my head against the wall and pounded his dick in and out of my pussy over and over and over. You like that don?t you Kay?.you wanted this bad didn?t you Kay, he yelled. I screamed with another orgasm as I yelled?.yes John, yes..yes..yes! He pulled his dick out of me and quickly moved it into my ass, easily inserting it into me as I moaned with each additional inch. Fuck my ass John, I yelled. He held me by the hips and banged my ass until he came to a huge orgasm, shooting a warm load of cum into my ass. He was finally spent?..had all he could stand, as did I. His beautiful cock had answered the plea of every nerve in my body to be satisfied like never before.

I gathered my stuff to leave as John lied down on the bed and watched me. You?re fucking unbelievable Kay, he said. I walked over to him and kissed him and said ?so were you, John, you don?t even know how good that was for me. Thank you. He asked if I would like to see him again. Let me assess the situation for you Mr. Big Shot businessman, I kidded. You?re gorgeous, you?re body is gorgeous, and like you needed any additional help getting laid, your dick is huge and gorgeous as well? can fuck me anytime you want. Of course you?ll need to sign with my husband tomorrow so we will have a reason to visit Atlanta. Done deal, he replied.

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