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What a Womman Really Desires

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This is a male dominant story. This is a re-posting of a story from last Saturday.

What a Woman really Desires

Most men spend their lives trying to figure out what every woman wants, Sadly if given the opportunity without judgement most women will gladly share their innermost desires regardless of what they are. This is a story about one woman?s desires that she shared with me when given that opportunity. I only hope I can do this justice.

Carolyn is a normal woman in today?s world. She is mid-thirties, married, has small children, lives in a nice home and drives to work and back each day as does her husband. She dresses sexy conservative for work and holds secret desires to dress much more like a flirt and less like Susy homemaker. She works for a mid size construction firm as the office manager which puts her in contact each day with anywhere from half a dozen men to as many as fifty or sixty. If they only knew what she wishes would happen, but I get ahead of myself. She is 5' 4" tall and weighs 125 lbs, blonde hair, 36C, and great legs. She favors skirts unless the weather is really terrible.

She like most women has on occasion allowed a little more leg to show than you would suspect her to want to show. Always accidentally on purpose so to speak. In her position she has to remain the ?Ice queen? as some of the guys refer to her when she is out of earshot. They even have sympathy for her husband because they believe that she is the ?Ice Queen? all the time. Many a man has had the opportunity to see up her skirt when she became ?careless? or down her blouse at those luscious mounds that are hidden beneath the clothes for a peak at what could be nature?s most handy toys. They look, they see, but they do not realize the fire that burns within the ?Ice Queen?. If only the world were a different place and allowed adults to enjoy themselves without being judged. Then the following just might happen at that Midwestern construction firm that is home to the ?Ice Queen?.

Her boss is the randy sort. He is always trying to peek down her blouse or up her skirt or just enjoying the shape of the figure as she glides in and out of his office. He is the type of man that you don?t question, never raises his voice because he doesn?t have to, people listen. He is above reproach because of the way people feel about him and see him, not because he does nothing wrong. A couple of years ago he decided that the ?Ice Queen? needed a sterner hand to bring her potential to life. With her being the office manager her salary is of course a very important part of her and her family?s life plan. You just don?t endanger those things that are important. He recognized the importance of it and decided to use it to his advantage. All it took was a few hours on a weekend playing with some accounting to make it look on the surface as if someone might be skimming a little extra off the top. That and a auditor who couldn?t add two plus two and get four. He called a meeting on a day when Carolyn was indulging her inner fantasies by going commando under a mid- thigh skirt and a button up blouse that had a couple of buttons undone on top.

He left her a note requesting an emergency meeting at 6 o?clock that evening while she was out of the office for a few minutes between three and four. Not a lot of notice from a boss that generally never called for meetings outside of normal nine to five business hours, but enough that she could juggle schedules and be there as requested. What was this emergency meeting? In twelve years working for him she had never had a emergency meeting. At six o?clock she went to his office through the deserted building. The office was his monument to himself. Complete with his private bath, and deep mahogany desk the office had a twelve man conference table and two comfortable couches along with a couple of matching leather chairs. Walking into it she felt very small in the room. There were papers scattered all over the conference table and among them were the company records she had supplied copies of to the auditor a few days before. He simply sat behind his desk and told her to take a quick look at the books. She couldn?t figure out what in the world she was looking for but he quickly began giving her numbers and acct. and having her verify the numbers. She was scrambling around the table back and forth and bending over to look at the books. Though it was very alarming to her she began to notice a pattern that appeared to show some discrepancies in the books. He was not giving her time to look into details but was demanding answers, answers she didn?t have off the top of her head. He was sitting back and enjoying the show that the short, loose skirt was allowing to be seen. It wasn?t what she would have chosen to wear to this meeting. Despair began to take a firm grip on her mind and she could feel herself shaking from the inside out. It was very out of character for her but she found herself being reduced to tears quickly. They had worked closely together from the time the company was beginning and she felt a bond with him as a result but everything looked really bad on the surface. She was bent over the table trying to hide the tears to no avail when she heard his voice suddenly much closer to her, then his big strong construction worker arms were wrapped around her as gently as a father holds a newborn and he was reassuring her that he had every faith in her and it just might be an error. She felt the feeling of relief but she also felt his arms around her and his hands in places where they might not belong. She also could feel his semi-erect penis against her naked bottom. Now she should have been offended but instead she was feeling a burning deep between her legs and a moistness that betrayed her image. His hands either by design or accidentally on purpose slid over her breasts and she felt the nipples growing hard from just ne touch and despite herself she turned and threw her arms around his shoulders and hugged him tight. Doing this the skirt was pulled up and in the mirror lined walls of the room he could clearly see that she had no underwear on, and feeling the little rockets on her breast through her blouse it was a safe bet that she wasn?t wearing a bra either. Amidst the thank you for having faith in me comments she was sobbing he took her hair and gently pulled her head back and kissed her full on the lips. Without realizing what she was doing her mouth opened and her tongue went into his mouth and what appeared to start as a fatherly hug quickly turned hot enough to melt steel. His hands went down her back and grabbed each cheek of her naked ass and pulled her into his now rock hard erection. For an instant she wondered what he thought about her not having panties on, but that quickly went away as he picked her up and deposited her on the sofa and came down on top of her. She didn?t have time to think further as her skirt was above her waist where it had fallen and his hands already had more buttons undone and her tits were easily seen and worse yet were being manhandled like what they were toys. Toys that were meant to be the ignition system, for a woman with many suppressed desires. His hands and his mouth worked on those tits and she responded like only he could have dreamed. Her hands found his zipper and down it came. His cock came out to play and it was magnificent. It matched his rather large body structure and then some. Clothes did not even come off. It was hands and mouth on tits, then hands and mouth on cunt lips, and then it was massive cock prying it?s way into her mostly neglected vaginal receiver. She did not protest but was meeting his very first thrust with enthusiasm. God, it felt wonderful to be ravished in a moment of unbridled lust. Her orgasm came only a few thrusts in and it did not start to end there. As she was cumming very hard he just kept thrusting like a steam engine in overdrive. He continued to pummel her and she continued to cum like she had not cum in years. Finally she felt him harden even more if that were possible and there was a change in rhythm that was obvious and then he was buried as deep as was possible and she felt the warm spurts of semen hit her insides and she was cumming again. It was over.

They both felt a little awkward in those first moments afterward, but he was quicker to recover as he got off of her and returned to his desk. She was fumbling with her blouse and smoothing her skirt when he said, ?Carolyn, come here please.?. She didn?t question him but went quickly to his desk in an almost run. He looked at her in a way that she had never seen and reached out and turned her around. Pulling her hands behind her back he whispered in her ear that things would be different from now on. He asked her what time she was supposed to be home and hearing her say sometime around ten he grasped the cuffs from his desk and put them on her wrists that he was holding behind her back. She was totally shocked. What the hell? He then reached around her and slowly unbuttoned her blouse pulling it open then spinning her around his lips found her nipples and his hand was between her legs caressing that now semi sore area. Despite herself she heard her say Yes sir and her eyes were closed and she was gasping breath between her lips as there just didn?t seem to be any way to get the air she needed though her nose. He undid her skirt and it dropped to the floor. Then he said step back and close your eyes. She did as told and he thanked her for being an obedient employee. She felt as much as saw through closed eyes that a flash went off. He told her to spread her legs as wide as possible and lean forward and she felt the flash again and again. He was taking pictures of her. The kind of pictures that even her husband had never been allowed to take , yet she was following every order given and enjoying it. Finally she was told to smile and open her eyes and she did. The flash fired again and again and now he knew she was willingly doing as told . He sat back down and motioned her to walk the short distance to him. She obediently did as told and when she arrived he gently put his hands on her shoulder and willed her to kneel in front of him. His cock was rock hard again and as he took picture after picture of her she began sucking his cock. He reached the boiling point and pulled her head down over his shaft and began shooting his cum into her mouth. Swallow that and clean me up . Short and to the point and she willingly did as told. got up , zipped his pants and released her hands. Very casually he told her that the PICS would be ready tomorrow and they would have another meeting at 6 o?clock tomorrow night. She simply replied Yes sir as she started to get dressed. He pleasantly dismissed her saying, be on time for tomorrow?s meeting, and plan to be late getting home, maybe midnight. Despite herself she said yes sir and quickly departed.

As she got in the car her mind was spinning at 120mph plus God know how much. What just happened? I fucked my boss, or more accurately, he fucked me. Now what happens? Did I just tell him that I would be here tomorrow night until midnight? Lots of questions and virtually no answers except for the burning desire within her that said. What do I wear tomorrow?

He sat back in his chair as the camera unloaded the risque photos he had taken of her in a vulnerable moment. Hell, he was going to see to it that all moments from now on were vulnerable moments. On his way home he patted the pocket that had the prints of his new sub/slave. As a afterthought he stopped at an adult book shop where they stocked and sold a lot of risque clothing. As he walked in he took out a couple of photos that clearly showed her with her hands cuffed behind her back and accidentally slipped in one of the blow job PICS. The gal that worked there had been on his radar for a while. Maybe seeing these PICS will stir her interest. She walked up and asked how she could be of assistance. He simply handed her the photos and said he wanted the hottest possible outfit for her to strip from and including shoes, stockings , anything that would make her feel hot, damn the costs. She stumbled and then was going thru the PICS and smiled upon reaching the bow job pic. Turning to him and looking him from head to toe she commented that it might be well worth the costs and she had just the right thing. He said good, gift wrap it for me please and handed her a 20 for her trouble. Now even he didn?t know what she would be wearing.

She slept very well, that is after she masturbated three times thinking of what had transpired and what was to come. The alarm rang far too early as it usually did in the morning. She made sure she told her husband to pick up the kids as she would be unable to and not to wait up, her meeting was continuing tonight. He agreed and left for work taking the kids to school on the way. Now, what should she wear to work? Sanity prevailed and she chose to wear a nice skirt and blouse complete with both bra and panties. The ?Ice Queen? returneth, if only for a short while.

Upon walking into her office, she found that she had a message from him and uncharacteristically it was over four minutes long. It essentially went something like this. Thank you for attending and being so cooperative in last nights meeting. I anticipate the same type of cooperation this evening as our meeting continues. Please note that I will not be in my office upon your arrival. Please let yourself in and you will find a group of boxes with a card that holds detailed instruction as to what you should do with the contents of the boxes. See you at 6, give yourself 30 minutes to deal with the boxes so be there at 5:30, I will return by 6. Again, I appreciate your cooperation and look forward to many years of helping each of us achieve our goals by hard and obedient work. She listened and replayed it and listened. The results were the same, a burning in her loins that ended with a nervous knot in her stomach.

At 5:30 she half ran, half wanted to run away from his office. She knocked on arrival and sure enough he was not there. The conference table was clean except for the boxes which were neatly gift wrapped and each had a card on top. She picked up a box and started to read the card but stopped when it said, read me last. She picked up another box and it said, yes I am first. She opened it to find more instructions. Carolyn, take the contents of this box and regardless of thoughts do the following. Put on the contents of this box, nothing more and nothing less. She looked around and decided to use the bath to change. She went in and found a school girl uniform that was tiny at most. A pair of stockings, a garterbelt, crotch less panties and a half bra that did not cover her nipples. Enjoy, the shoes are in the other box. She dressed quickly and looked in the mirror. She definitely looked hot and deep inside of her she felt even hotter. The skirt barely covered most of her ass when standing very still. The top was so sheer that you could have read fine print through it, and you get the idea I would hope. She quickly went and retrieved the other box with the shoes. My God, can I even stand in there things, I don?t own a pair with heels half that size. Regardless , she sat and put them on and then read the instructions. She could not believe what they said. She walked to the pager microphone and read the following. Mr Patterson, your evenings entertainment is now ready to serve you as ordered, please come to your office when you are ready. Turning off the Mic. she stepped away from the desk and looked into the mirror lined wall and breathed a heated sigh.

He was waiting, it had only taken her fifteen minutes from the time she had walked in and he had watched her every move for any signs of hesitation and had observed none from the monitors that he had secretly had installed in his office area.. In fact there seemed to be an eagerness to complete her task. He walked in and went straight for his desk. He motioned for her to sit in the chair in front of the desk and casually said , ?spread your knees to 10 inches upon sitting please. Without hesitation she obeyed. He sat thinking to himself how easy this was and why had he not done it before. He said to her. ?I have reviewed the books and made some corrections to them and I can make it appear as though it had never happened if that is agreeable to you?? Without waiting for an answer he continued. ? I will require that you agree to me doing that and that you perform the tasks I assign you without question from this day forward regardless of any moral or legal questions you may have. You will obey all orders without question. If that is not acceptable then get changed, get out, and we will deal with this in a court of law which is a long arduous process.? He stopped and waited for an answer. She swallowed very hard, was this some type of set-up to entrap her into saying something that would make her appear guilty when she was in fact innocent or was this a genuine offer. He broke the silence for her. ? I need an answer and I need it now. This is a genuine offer enabling you to admit no guilt and lose no respect, salary, or benefits. Weigh your answer well Carolyn.?

She thought for a minute , then just a he rose from his desk she blurted out, ? I will take it sir.? Good , he said sitting back down at his desk. Now come here and receive your punishment. She couldn?t believe what she just heard, but got up and rounded the desk. He turned her around and quickly cuffed her hands and pulled her over his knee. You look very nice in your new outfit, do you like it? She mumbled yes sir and was lost wondering what was to come. He flipped her skirt up and landed his rather large hand upon her delicate ass. She yelped in spite of herself and he chuckled. This may very well be even more enjoyable than I had anticipated. If that little pat on the but brought a yelp, by the end of this I?m guessing you may well be in tears. ?Any objections my little slut?? Carolyn couldn?t believe her ears. What did he call me and what did he say about me? She didn?t have the opportunity to think further as the attack on her backside quickly continued and began to build up speed and heat in her backside. She was squirming a lot but did not want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her reduced to tears. He on the other hand knew his hand would outlast her bottom plus he had the option of invading the area between her legs any time he wished. Tonight would truly be a new beginning for both of them or it would be the end .

He continued to spank her bottom royally bringing it to a nice glowing red color that showed nicely under the ?skirt? she had been told to wear. It was fifteen minutes to seven by then. He told her to go fix her makeup and get ready , the others would be there by 7 and she had a presentation to present to the group. She quickly told him that she was not prepared to present anything and 15 minutes was not enough time to change clothes and get ready. Then he dropped the bombshell that she never saw coming. ?Carolyn, only the three VP?s of the company will be attending tonight and you are dressed perfectly fine right now for what you are presenting.? She quickly questioned what he meant and he rather matter of factly told her that she was the subject of tonight?s meeting. ?You will come out and grab my hand and I will help you up on the conference table. Then you will dance two songs rather provacatively before beginning to lose your clothes slowly and meticulously for the next three songs. Then you will do a series of three songs on the lap of each of the VP?s and provide whatever sexual favors they might request.? She exploded at him and in no uncertain terms told him that she would do no such thing. He picked up the envelope of pictures and the set of altered books and told her get ready and you can come out and obey my orders or you can walk out and wait for your husband to receive the pkgs. Your choice? Now get ready!

She might as well have been hit in the face. She grabbed her things and went to the restroom and locked the door.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the office door and she heard him let the three VP?s into the office. He knocked on the door and said in a loud voice, ?Carolyn, five minutes to show and do time.? He turned and looked at the clock on the wall and went to the conference table. The three VP?s were sitting and wondering what this was all about. He said in a rather husky whispered tone, ?gentlemen, either we need a new office manager or you are going to be treated to a very dirty presentation complete with a demonstration of the merchandise? They all looked shocked but he simply turned and put on some music. Then knocked on the door to the restroom and said ?Now or never Carolyn?

She just couldn?t bear the thought of her husband receiving those photos. She couldn?t imagine facing those VP?s everyday after she did what she had been told either. In the end she decided to spare her husband, or did she just decide that it might not be that bad. After all, they were all married and wouldn?t want the news to get around, would they? She opened the door and walked toward the conference table to some very admiring stares and more than one of them was clearing his throat and looking at her like she was the last meal.

?We are in agreement Carolyn? he said as she walked up and took his hand. She simply nodded and began to dance as she was helped onto the table. A little awkward at first but soon she was getting into the fantasy that she had played in her mind a thousand times of stripping for some of the guys. The three songs went by very quickly and it was time to remove some clothes as was indicated by her master by a unfastening motion with his hands. She acknowledge him and quickly found the front clasp of the top to the outfit. She unsnapped it and was surprised to see that her nipples were as hard as they had ever been in her life. This fact did not go unnoticed by the audience either. She figured what the hell and shook her tits in front of each of them.

Now naked from the waist up, she began to dance to the second song. Her master as she was quickly beginning to think of him motioned for the skirt to come off. She quickly obeyed and squatted in front of the first guy with her crotch less underwear framing her lips that would soon be the receiver for a lot of abuse and use. She didn?t hold back gyrating her hips for each man and when the song ended the music temporarily stopped. Her master met her and helped her down telling the men to make themselves more comfortable and hit the couches. He got her down and pulled her hands behind her and cuffed them behind her back. A blindfold was put on her and then she was shown to the couch and the VP?s were told to not say a word so their identity would be unknown as they received their lap dances and in this case different rules apply than apply in a strip club. She can?t use her hands so you gentlemen are welcome to touch and more any part of the slut dancers body.

She was put in front of someone and his hands guided her onto his naked body. She felt his cock against her leg and his hand went between her legs. He quickly discovered that she was soaking wet and pulled his hand away to show the others. She heard laughter as he began sucking her nipples.

There was no music for these very personal lap dances other than her moans of passion. In just a minute she felt his cock at her entrance and he pressed down on her shoulders signaling to her to mount his cock. She was so horny by then that she would have mounted a fence post and probably would have enjoyed it. By the time she hit the bottom of his very lengthy cock she was in the midst of an earthshattering orgasm like none she had ever had. Her entire body shook with the spasms from her vagina. She was definitely lost in her passion and began riding his cock rather gracefully for a gal who had her hands tied behind her back. It didn?t take all that long until she felt him tense and she knew she was fixing to receive his load into her womb. He gave a enthusiastic thumbs up to the other three gentlemen and shot all he had into her. It took a couple of minutes for them both to stop spasming and then he helped her off and she was quickly put into a kneeling position and two hands grabbed her head and a cock went into her mouth. Without fanfare, he started stroking in and out and was controlling the penetration with his hands. Each stroke went deeper and she had to fight to keep from gagging. Who knew these guys were hung like this she thought to herself. What began slowly ended with a cock half way down her throat and a load of his cum in the same. He finally pulled back and she could gasp for air, a much needed commodity at this point.

She was stood up rather abruptly and a rope put around her body and looped around her tits. It was knotted at her back and she was shoved over the conference table and a cock was searching for a home behind her. It found a home in her ass. A seldom used area that she didn?t particularly enjoy the use of. Nobody asked her and nobody listened when she protested either, in fact she got slapped rather rudely for complaining at all. She heard her master tell them that he apologized for her outburst and assured him he could continue. He continued by ramming balls deep into her ass and continuing to pound her until she felt him coming deep in her bowels. After a moment he pulled back and slapped her very tender ass quite soundly and the idea caught on quickly as the three VP?s proceeded to turn her very hot red ass a very much deeper shade of fiery red by abusing her ass. Nobody was talking but they were sure laughing and having a jolly good time with the new company slut. Her master was the first and only face she saw when her blindfold was removed. She hated the tear stains that he was admiring from very close up. His hands roved her body and she was brought back to the couch. Her ordeal was not over by a long shot.

He pulled her to him and whispered to her. It didn?t appear that you minded all that much getting to be a slut for four men. In fact it appeared that it was something that you wanted to do all along. I always thought so, but now I know. Another cock found all three of her used holes and she was exhausted by the time he rolled off of her and patted her sore ass and said, ?See you tomorrow my little slut? She responded with ?Yes Master, thank you.?

le dominant story. Second posting, the first was incomplete.

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