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Wendy saves her marriage

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22 Oct 2009

Wendy saves her marriage.

My husband Chuck and I have been married for 22 years, raised kids, paid off a mortgage and built two successful careers. Typical Mr & Mrs, stuck in the rut and rat race of American life. We used to write fantasy letters and e-mails to each other, make love, romance each other and generally had fun playng out our fantasies without boundries or messy third parties to complicate our lives. We learned alot about our secret desires which led to some great sex together. Over the years, kids, work, daily grind & exhaustion left us checking the sex block once a month for years. I was bored and so was Chuck eventhough the desire was there the only action I got regularly was pleasing myself with a collection of sex toys and I suspect he was screwing his secretary.

I was an attractive woman who had become a lonely and sexually frustrated wife. This was a bad combinations for a 44 year old empty nest horney married woman with opportunity, male coworkers and a husband who was to wrapped up in his own business and weekend golf outings with the guys to please his wife. We truely do love each other but after 22 years of momogomy our love life and bedroom passion needed a triple bypass to survive. Truth is we were both bored to death in bed and physically disinterested in sex together. So I did what many women would do in this situation, I started looking for opportunity. What I needed was a discrete gentlemen who was interested in satisfying a middle aged housewife regularly.

My story begins when I accidently sent an e-mail to Chuck intended for Sam which included nude pictures and a very reveiling message. I was flat out busted because it included me telling him how much I missed his big black cock and how I needed his love making to satisfy me. When I got home from work that day it was apparent Chuck was pissed to put it mildly. I didn't know he'd seen the e-mail when he confronted me with questions so I played the "you are wrong, I would never to that..." until he showed me my e-mail, case closed. I figured we were finished.

He wanted to know every detail, how many times big Black Sambo "fucked" me and did I like black cock. If I enjoyed being a cheating slut wife, if I swallowed his cum, how much I enjoyed black dick in my pussy (which I did), did I take it up my ass...on and on. Finally, I had had enough of his degrading shit, this was not all my fault. I told him yes I did enjoy it since our sex life sucked, it was fucking boring, had no adventure, he wasn't interested. Other men made me feel good, turned me on and appreciated my beauty. I said I was sick of masterbating (not true) and needed romance to fill my needs. What did he care, as far as I knew his dick had fallen off and as far as he knew my pussy was sealed shut. So I told him to play his fucking golf and work all day I was happy to stay home and get laid by the mailman. I said I am an attractive woman with I needed a real man who really wanted to satisfy my starving sexual appetite. I needed to feel like a woman again and experince some of my fantasies, he wasn't doing it for me and other men were so back off. Yes, I cheated and yes I was getting fucked by other men and had been for months! Don't know what got into me but I just snapped.

Chuck was in a state of shock, staring at me like someone just ran over his golf clubs. I new I'd hurt him so I sincerely told him dispite all I did and said I felt sorry for my deeds, I loved him and wanted to make it up to him no matter what, I wanted to make our marriage work. Still in his trance I snuggled up to him and kissed him passionately, I rubbed his crotch until I felt it begin to buldge. He squeezed my ass and slid his hand up my dress between my legs to massage my pussy through my panties. I spread my legs as we kissed to welcome he fingers pushing my panties aside to finger me. Finslly he broke the silence whispering in my ear that he had neglected his wife but his wife had been a very bad girl. She needed a good firm spanking for her behavior no matter what her reasons were She had been a bad girl and needed punishment. I said yes, I had been very bad moving my crotch up and down as he finger fucked me I kissed him deeply swirling my tongue in his mouth. I whispered to him, "Wendy wants to be punished for being such a cheating whore". He ground his hardness against my hand as I rubbed him, we kissed and fondled each other on the couch like highschool kids. He said I needed a good spanking for starters to which I said "yes please, punish me I was a very very bad girl". I was so hot and wet from all this emotion and passion all I wanted him to do was spank and fuck me like a French whore.

Chuck laid me over his lap pulled my dress up, panties down and slapped my bare ass with a loud smack as I cried out in pain and pleasure. He said very softly "are you going to cheat on me again?" I cried out, "no never" and he slapped my ass again hsrder and said "yes you will you like being a slut don't you"! Again I insisted "no I'll be a good girl I promise"! He spanked my ass twice and I cried out "No Wendy will be a good girl" he slapped my cheeks three times. "Wrong answer, you like being a slut don't you"! I cried out, "Yes, I do I love being a whore, yes yes I'm a slut and I love it". Then he softly rubbed my red sore ass cheeks and then said "that's better, I think I'd like to see you fuck your black man, would like that?" I told I would like him to watch as he kissed my ass cheeks and fingered my wet hole. The afternoon was like a dream. Then Chuck told me to strip and get between his legs and suck my cock. Truth is, I was so turned on with our dirty talk, being spanked and my husband disiplining me I would have fucked a horse. I enjoyed being submissive, my heart was racing and my pussy was burning with hot desire and excitement.

I could feel my husbands hardness pressing against my stomach. It was a chore to pry his hard cock out of his jeans I had to undo his belt, pants and zipper to pull his pants down to get his stiff cock out it slapped against his stomach as I pulled his pants down. Like a sex starved vixen I sucked his balls, licked and stroked his shaft while he fingered my wet engorged pussy. This was what we had been missing in our marriage, hot kinky wild sex and we both loved it!

That afternoon and evening we made love like wild animals. He and I came countless times and for the first time he stuck his finger up my ass at the moment I climaxed, he thrust deep in and out of me as I cried out in an incredible orgasm. For the finale' he tougned my ass, fingered my hole prepping me for anal. I begged him not to as he spread my cheeks apart and lubed my ass with his spit, I felt the head of his cock pressing against my asshole. He gently eased into my backside, I let out a squeel and tensed up. He slapped me on the ass cheek and told me to relax or this punishment ass fucking was going to hurt. Slowly he was moving in and out of me with the head of his cock as I exhaled, bit my lip and cloesed my eyes and gripped the sheets in my hands. All I could think was oh my God, please not anal sex but it was to late my ass cherrie was gone. It was uncomfortable as his thick 7"'s slowly he pushed in and pulled out deeper and deeper. I adjusted as he gently gave me anal for the first time in my life. I moaned groaned and grunted until he pulled out and shot his load on my bare backside. We had never had sex like this before, it was amazing and just what we needed to save our marriage.

Now I was on a state of shock and satisfaction that our sex life and relstionship had taken such a turn. My head was spinning and my bunghole, ass cheeks and pussy were warn out but very satisfied. I felt an insataciable surge for sex, sex and more sex and I wanted more of our fantasies fulfilled. Exhausted and spent we took a shower together then drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

At 6am the alarm sounded, Chuck rolled over, kissed me passionately and slid a finger in my wet pussy and said, "time for my morning fuck Wendy now spread you legs and open you pussy" I spread my legs wide open and open my labia with my fingers and asked him what took him so long. He sucked my hard nipples ran his tongue across my stomach to my clit. He spread my legs further apart as his tongue darted up and down my glisening wet slit teasing my erect clit he asked me to masterbate for him until my body shattered in orgasm and spewed love juice on the sheets below. He drove his hard cock deep in me, I let out a gasp and held him as tight as I could as our bodies thrust at each other in a passionate deep love dance. He whispered in my ear how much he enjoyed his new slut wife, she is much more fun than the old prude bitch he had married. I had to agree and told him I was glad I finally had a husband to fuck me deep and hard. I was so turned on my pussy gushed more juice soaking the sheets as we made passionate love together. I whispered to him "oh yes I love being your dirty whore wife, oh God yes fuck me deep and hard, yes, yes, yes give me your cock fuck my pussy...fuck your slut wife....yes"! I couldn't believe I was acting this way as he thrust deep and hard into me his cock felt so good against the inside of my vagina. As he came he pulled out and shot his hot load in all over my tits and in my mouth, another first. Chuck had me lick his cock and balls clear before he showered. I made him a light breakfast and coffee before he kissed me goodbye. Before he drove off for his usual Saturday morning golf outing he told me to trim my pussy and get ready to meet the foursome. I kissed him and told him to make sure they had a firm shaft and a long drive cause the front nine was open for play. I was sure he couldn't be serious.

XXX, Wendy

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