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Welcome Home

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You have been lusting after this guy with whom you have been corresponding. Your fantasy was that he might be all that he had written in his erotic stories, which seems to be his method of seduction. You?ve shared his erotica with me; he?s so good, I?d fuck him. All week I have been on pins and needles with typical macho bullshit, Is he going to be better in bed?, Is he going to sweep you off your feet?, Will the love we share be strong enough to bring you back to me? This evening I did everything possible to keep busy to not think about what might be happening. What was strange is, every time I allowed myself to think about what might be happening, I found myself becoming aroused.

We have some agreements and guidelines to go by for safety reasons. You call me once you arrive at the hotel and again upon leaving. You were going to be at the hotel by 5pm and stay till 10pm, but here it was 11pm and no call. I?m starting to get worried. It was close to midnight when my phone rang, ?Are you awake,? your voice comes across softly. ?Yes baby, I?ve been waiting for you?. Twenty minutes later a knock at my door awakens me from my meditation; I look through the peephole and I see your beautiful smile and those bright greenish-blue eyes. As I open the door you throw yourself into my arms. We embrace and you kiss me passionately. Our mouths are locked and our tongues are dancing in their embrace. Your lips are wet and succulent; when I suck on your bottom lip it causes you to press your groin hard against me.

You reach into my boxers, ?Mmm, is that all for me?, taking hold of my suddenly hard cock. Looking up, our eyes lock and you assure me that your time with him evening could never compare to what we have. You then slide to the floor and take me into your mouth. We are still in my doorway, as I had not yet had the opportunity to close it. You continue sucking, licking my cock and cupping my balls, as you savor the first drops of pre-cum. Like a suckling fawn savoring it?s mother milk. You know just how I like it, as I have taken the time to teach you, and you?re a willing student. You stand suddenly, whispering softly, blowing into my ear, ?Close the door baby and take me to your bed?. Once in my bedroom I begin undressing you slowly, You attempt to rush me, but I?m not having it. I unbutton your blouse, and continue by releasing your beautiful breasts from the confines of your bra. They are an exquisite sight DD?s. Your areolas are large and wrinkled with excitement. As you look into my eyes, I pinch your nipples, Your eyes close and your head rolls back, I can hear the muffled sigh of your desire. I take your whole breast, sucking, flicking and biting lightly until your nipples harden and your moans become louder. I push you back onto my bed. Looking up at me, your eyes are filled with anticipation. Reaching up you try to pull me onto you, I resist. You look confused, knowing that I desire you, but you?ve been naughty, and you need to be disciplined for your actions. You know what I must do. You whimper, ?I?ve been bad baby, teach me to be good?. I growl ?Shut up bitch and turn over.? Taking hold of your arms, tying each one to the headboard of my king size bed, running my hands across your succulent body, squeezing, applying pressure to the small of your back. Looking at you from behind is an opus.

I slap you on the ass, ?Ohhhh yes, baby, again?, the sting causes you to flinch but I can tell that the pain/pleasure has reached your groin, arching your back. I reach for the large wooden spoon and barely touching you on the inside of your thighs. You rise your wanting ass more. I begin to smoothly run the spoon across your body, sometimes barely touching your skin. Your smooth white skin is on fire. I walk around the bed and kneel by your head, grabbing you by the hair and brushing my hard cock across your face, leaving a trail of pre-cum on your cheek. You are unable to see as I have blind folded you.

Opening your mouth, your tongue is waiting to taste me as I brush my wet cock across your sweet lips. You love the taste, it is an aphrodisiac for you. I snap you on the back of your ass. ?Hmmm?, you lick your lips ?Please baby, let me suck it! Oh fuck, please I want to taste you in my mouth?. But I don?t answer, instead I get off the bed and leave the room quietly, leaving you to wonder what is going on. You lay there very quietly, trying to hear what might be going on in the living room. After about 5 minutes, which must seem like an eternity to you.

Not sure if there might be someone else there, You break your silence, ?Is that you, who?s there?? I don?t answer but kneel between your spread legs. I begin to softly touch the small of your back, snapping you on the back with my spoon. I break my silence, ?Bitch I told you to shut the fuck up,? as the sound of my paddle on your ass echo?s in the room. Your bottom is becoming red and hot. I reach down and touch your pussy. You are dripping wet. The lips of your labia are swollen with desire, your aroma is now starting to fill the air. I run my fingers across your clit, which is hard. I cup your pussy squeezing your lips between my fingers. I insert first one, then two fingers, you are slick with desire I pull my hand away slowly. I want to taste your sweet juices. So I lick my fingers sucking on each, savoring the taste and cause my cock to throb. I continue playing with your pussy, rubbing softly. I re-insert my fingers, you tighten your muscles trying to pull my fingers in deeper. My hand is soaked and I use your juices to lube your ass.

Now you become aware of what I want, and you are eager to give me the object of my desire. ?You want me to fuck you in your ass don?t you bitch?, ?Yes, yes, baby, please take me, make me your whore?. I pull you closer lifting and spreading your cheeks, giving me better access. Looking down at your pussy, it is budding like a flower producing its nectar. I?m compelled to lower my head, running my tongue across your labia, sucking on each one savoring your taste.

Licking your clit, I can feel its hardness against my tongue, licking softly, sucking it into my mouth, and using just enough suction to pull on it. ?Oh baby that?s it, lick it, YES SUCK MY PUSSY?, your words come screaming as your body shutters. Your hips are moving, gyrating, pushing against me. Your pussy is begging to be filled. I can feel the walls your sweet womanhood pulsating at the touch of my tongue. I move up ever so slowly reaching the object of my interest. With my tongue I draw little circles around the cheeks of your ass, leaving a wet trail. Inserting first one then two fingers into your pussy, you smile and push back onto my hand begging for more.

Reaching over to my nightstand for some lube, squeezing I watch the cool liquid drip down the crack of your ass until it reaches its mark. Slowly I begin to massage the slippery liquid around with my cock. I can feel your excitement as your little buttonhole starts to respond to my touch. I insert my cock into your pussy, not to please myself but to let you feel how hard I am. Your pussy is so warm and tight, I feel you tighten your grip on my cock not wanting to let go you are so wet. All the while I?m playing with your ass getting you to relax, preparing you for the assault. You moan loudly begging for me to take you, ?Fuck me now, I want you?re big fucking cock inside Me.?

You are now aching for release from the dam of excitement that has been building. ?Eres mi puta,? pulling out against your will. ?No, please keep it in, you fuck, why are you fucking teasing me.? ?Te gusta ese bicho?, ?Si, Si Luis?, your gringa accent excites me all the more. Slowly I descend into your tight hot hole. I watch as you bite on your bottom lip, ?Are you ok?. I see you smile, and I know that you are ready, to take all 8 ½ inches of my Puerto Rican manhood. Your ass is tight and I slowly push. You take hold of the ropes that hold you down, adding lube to ease my entry, ?Mmm, baby your tight?, as I descend deeper, I take hold of your hips just the way you like. You push back, gyrating your hips slowly, opening up to take me deeper. You start squeezing my cock milking it trying to draw my hot cum from me.

I know what you want, as I start thrusting a little harder and you push back onto me as I drive my cock to the hilt. ?Te gusta ese bicho mamita? I can feel your body starting to shake, your ass is gripping my cock, I know that you are about to explode, but so am I. I tighten my PC muscle to cut off the sensations I?m feeling, ?No, no, not yet?. I take you by the hair, ?Cum for me baby, cum for me right now?, ?Oh yes baby, yes, make me cum, FUCK me harder pound my ass with your big fucken cock, come on you fucken BASTARD, give it to me?.

I reach around you and place my hand on your clit, letting the weight of my body push you down flat on the bed. I take hold of your clit between my two fingers so that you could move in just the right way heighten your pleasure. I can feel your juices welling up in my hand, squirting, wetting the sheet as the first wave of your orgasm start to over take you. ?Harder baby, fuck me, yes, yes, baby?, your screams can be heard next door I?m sure.

Your gyrations have taken hold of me and I?m now lost, the sensations have taken over me, ?Ay si Mamita, fuck, AHHH, YESSS? I scream out as I start to explode deep inside of you. ?Oh baby, yes it?s HOT, you?re cum feels so fucken good? your voice is still heavy. I reach over and release the ropes that are holding your arms. As we lay there spent our bodies sweaty, our juices bearing witness of affinity, roll off I embrace you, our eyes meet and we kiss. Your voice is now soft as you say, ? I needed that, sweetie, and I love you?. Smiling softly we kiss.. A lovers Kiss

Luis Miguel

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