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Weekend to Remember Chapt 1

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She looked out the airplane window as they were pulling up to the gate. She fussed with her dress hem as she fidgetted on the seat. She had been looking forward to this weekend for over a month now, and she was afraid reality might fall short of her anticipation and fantasies of this weekend. There was only one way to know, and that meant getting off the plane and finding Him.

He had sent her the tickets for the trip, along with explicit instructions for her to follow. She was to wear only a dress, no longer than several inches above her knees, heels, and she could wear thigh high stockings or not, but nothing else except a pair of nipple loops. She had chosen a dress that would support her tits so she didn’t bounce too much, and long enough to fully cover her ass. He allowed no luggage, ID that would fit in her smallest pocketbook, and her cell phone so He could contact her. Since she had almost nothing with her, she found it easy to slip off the plane at the head of the line.

He was waiting in baggage for her. He smiled when she walked in and beaconed her to follow Him, then turned to walk out the door. She hurried across the room and managed to catch Him just as He crossed the street to enter the parking garage. He took her hand, smiled, and hurried her towards the back of the garage to his waiting van.

“Get into the van,” He said as He opened the sliding door behind the driver’s seat. She stooped and tried to get in without exposing her bare pussy, but He bared it as He pushed her in ahead of Him and then shut the door. He turned her around, pushed her towards the bench seat and then leaned forward to kiss her exquisitely and deeply.

“I’m glad you’re here and that you followed my instructions to the letter. I like it when you are a good girl. Now strip!”

She shivered in anticipation and then reached for the hem to pull the dress over her head. He took the dress from her and dropped it into the front seat. His hands glided over her curves, teasing her nipples made hard and perky in the nipple loops, trailing over her clit and finally coming back up to cup her face. Another slow kiss and then He pushed her down on the seat and turned her so that she faced the back of the seat.

A loop of rope closed around her wrist and then He tugged the other arm free so that her other wrist was also ensnared. He didn’t tie her so tight as to cause discomfort, so she relaxed. Another rope soon wrapped her ankles together, and then secured them to a loop on the wall of the van. Next, He blindfolded her and secured seat belts around her so she wouldn’t tumble during the ride. He removed the nipple loops and dropped them into His pocket and then He patted her bare ass and moved away.

The next sensation took her breath away as the tails of a flogger landed on her bare ass. He struck her quickly and at least half a dozen times before His hand caressed her hot, red ass. “Very nice. Now we can go.” The He crawled into the driver’s seat and started the vehicle.

She could not believe He was driving down the freeway with her bound and naked on the seat. She had no idea if anyone could see her, but she hoped they could not. She had no idea how long He might drive around with her like this, but she knew that each mile was making her antsy with anticipation. Soon a trickle of wet began to drip from between her legs and she realized that the trip as making her hotter and wetter as well.

When the van came to a final stop, she heard Him exit the van, but He did not immediately open the door to release her. Instead, she heard the garage door mechanism working and a door open and close. Several minutes passed before she heard the door open again and then the door to the van opened.

He untied her feet and released the seat belts, helped her sit up and duck out without falling on her face. The blindfold and the wrist ropes remained on. His hand guided her out of the garage and into the house. She heard nothing other than the sounds of appliances as they passed through what she thought was probably the kitchen. They came to another door and He stopped.

“Do you need to use the bathroom?” She nodded affirmatively and He took her inside the room and helped her onto the toilet. When she was finished, He gently patted her pussy dry and then helped her up as He flushed. Then He guided her on through the house until they came to a deeply carpeted room where He stopped.

Only then did He take off the blindfold. They were in a dungeon. Assorted bondage set-ups were scattered in the room – a cross, a set of chains hanging from the ceiling, a pillory, a spanking bench, a sex swing, and a platform bed with ropes attached to the supports. Spanking items hung from a rack on the wall and a case with assorted insertable toys hung underneath it. There were a few cabinets on the far wall, but the doors were shut, so she had no idea what might lurk there. It seemed that He had quite a few plans for their weekend together and He was prepared for many kinds of activities she loved.

“Choose your first piece of furniture,” He whispered. “It will be one of the few choices you will have all weekend, so choose wisely.”

She smiled at Him and walked over to the spanking bench. “I think I’d like to start here.”

He reached into His back pocket and pulled out the flogger. “Good choice, My dear. Let me help you get on there.”

He untied her wrists only long enough to get her on the bench and secured her hands under the bench, and then her ankles to the supports. He slipped the blindfold back on her face. Last, He pulled her down so that her pussy and ass were both exposed for the tails and then began to systematically flog her ass and pussy, stopping briefly every now and again to stroke and scratch her hot, red flesh.

Soon her pussy was dripping wet and a puddle was forming on the floor. She knew that if He continued, she would cum without Him ever entering her. She felt the familiar tightening the occurred just before she went over the edge, and then He stopped.

For just a minute, there was nothing. No sound, no touch, no thudding of the tails. Then she felt Him grab her hips and thrust into her hard and fast as He began to fuck her with a vengeance. She could hear the slapping of flesh as He thrust into her again and again, faster and faster. She heard soft cries which she realized were her own as her body again began to slide towards orgasm. Suddenly, He began to spasm and cum, His cries load and clear as He leaned over her back. With a cry of her own, she followed Him over the top and her pussy spasms gripped and milked His cock again and again until they were both spent.

He stayed inside her for a few minutes and she could feel cum begin trickling out of her and dripping on the floor. Finally He moved and reached to untie her. Once the bounds were undone, He removed the blindfold and helped her over to the platform bed where they collapsed and curled together before they both dozed off.

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