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Weekend to Remember - Chapter 2

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When she woke up, He was stroking her hair and holding her close. She purred contentedly and lifted her face for a kiss, which He willingly gave. They laid there on the platform bed for a few more minutes before He rolled off and offered her a hand.

“I think we need food. Let’s go see what you can come up with in the kitchen.”

He lead her back down the hall into the kitchen and helped her find all the items she needed to prepare them a meal. He watched her work efficiently and happily on the project, culminating in a tasty meal. They talked as they ate and then He went back to the playroom to prepare their next session while she cleaned up the kitchen and then dealt with her hygiene needs.

When she walked back into the dungeon playroom, he had transformed it. The hanging support system now contained a pulley system to raise and lower its passenger and the ropes hung ready for her wrists and hair. Eye screws were now obvious on the floor that would likely be for her ankles. A rolling metal table was nearby, covered by a cloth. The cloth obviously concealed a number of items from the looks of it and her blindfold lie atop the cloth.

First, He reached over and selected the wrist and ankle cuffs He had laid out for her. He strapped these on and the led her over to the ropes and secured her so that she was spread top and bottom. He slipped on her blindfold and then scooped her long hair up and into a band. He secured her hair to its on hanging rope so that it was out of her way, but not so tight as to pull.

“Everything feel comfortable right now?” He asked solicitously. When she nodded, He began to softly stroke her body. He lingered most on the parts of her the caused her to purr with desire. He added tongue and lips, then teeth that nipped and scr*ped, followed by the soothing tongue and fingers. She shivered again and again as His touch hit her trigger spots. He watched it all, making notes of where she was most sensitive.

She heard the table rattle a bit and something clatter across it. He lips and teeth were still tugging on a nipple when He backed off and replaced His mouth with the bite of a nipple clamp. She moaned in response, even when His mouth began to suckle and tease her other nipple. Soon her other nipple was caught by another clamp. He continued to stroke and sooth her until she grew more comfortable with the clamps.

Another rattle on the table signaled that a new item was being added to play. The swoosh and then thud of the tails made it obvious that He was again using His flogger. He moved around her, striking different parts of her body in a softer thud than she had expected. He also used the tails to drag them over and around her body between strikes, in a sensuous dance of pleasure and discomfort. She was never sure exactly what to expect next, and that heightened her excitement.

He laid the flogger down and reached for the pulley ropes. He adjusted them to support her before reaching down to release her ankles long enough to attach them to a spreader bar and another pulley rope. He slowly began to raise her feet and legs until they were several feet off the ground. A cloth was laid on her back, then pulled around to catch her abdomen in it’s own cradle of support. Once in place, He leveled her, readjusted the nipple clamps, and began the stroking and striking of the tails – this time on her ass and pussy.

When heat radiated off her ass, He stopped to caress it briefly, before dribbling something cool and wet on her ass and down into her pussy. His fingers spread the cool liquid between her cheeks and around her anus, then down in and all around her pussy. His fingers dipped inside her, smearing the liquid inside the walls of her pussy until she was fully covered. Next He slowly parted her cheeks and began to dip first one finger and then a second and third in and out of her ass. The sensation was quite seductive and caused her to moan and wiggle in the restraints.

He leaned up closer to her ear and whispered, “Mmmmmm, does that feel good? Do you like feeling my fingers fucking in and out of your ass? Mmmm? Does it make you want more?”

She nodded vigorously until the pain of pulled hair made her temper her movement. She knew part of the seduction was the mix of sensations, but she certainly didn’t like the pull on her hair. Instead, she chose to focus on the sensations in her nipples, ass and pussy. She knew that He was a Master at creating the right mix of sensations to drive her over the edge.

He continued to play in and around her ass with one hand while He reached for a new item on the table – a cock-shaped butt plug of considerable length and girth. He dipped it into the lubricant and then brought it over to her ass. He removed His fingers and substituted the butt plug into her gaping hole. Between the lubricant, the previous stretching His fingers had accomplished and her desire for more, He found it easy to slip the head in past the first sphincter, and just a little more force pushed it past the 2nd. He heard her gasp and purr as He began to slowly and smoothly fuck her ass with the plug. She was just beginning to itch for more when He flipped the dial and started the vibrating and thrusting motion of the plug. He pushed it all the way to the base and then moved away from her to reset the pulley and drop her a little closer to the floor.

The plug was quickly sending her into a frenzy of sensations when she felt another toy beginning to slide into her hungry pussy. This was on a stand was hooked up to a motor that was designed to fuck a dildo in and out of her pussy according to a rate He set with a dial. He began with a slow, smooth motion that was synchronized to the thrusting of the plug. She began to thrash and hunch in response to the stimulus.

He reached over and grabbed the flogger again and began to flog her ass, then under to catch her pubes, then her nipples and then her back. The flogger tails fell again and again leaving red heat behind. The frenzy of sensations was too much until she knew that she was going to cum. Her labored breathing and mewlings gave Him all the information He needed to know.

He cranked up the fucking machine and then moved to stand in front of her. He inserted His erect cock into her mouth and began to fuck her face. Drops of pre-cum were already pearling on the end of his cock and she tasted their salty flavor on her tongue. She sucked as He thrust and flogged her back and ass. Over and over He hit the back of her throat until He erupted in an intense orgasm that caused Him to back out of her mouth and spew on her face and hair.

As the first drops landed on her face, her own intense orgasm bubbled up and over and had her screaming in ecstasy. He collapsed into a chair to watch her shudder and buck while He slowly dialed down the fucking machine and then the putt plug. When both were no longer moving, He leaned back into the chair to regain enough strength to remove the dildo and plug and then release her from the suspension ropes. He knew she would be fine there, but He would help her to move back to the platform bed soon so they could grab a few hours nap until He was ready to begin her next weekend treat.

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