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Weekend to Remember, Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

She napped after they got back from the adult store. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to sleep, but she quickly dropped into a dreamless slumber. She awoke feeling refreshed and ready for whatever He had planned for them.

She slipped down the hall and back into the shower to take more meticulous care with her grooming. She took the time she needed to adorn her hair to show off the new hair clip. She wanted everything to be perfect for this night out. Once she approved of the beautiful woman in the mirror, she left the bathroom to find Him.

He was in the office talking on the phone. He looked up and smiled approvingly when she knocked on the door frame. He motioned her come and sit beside Him at the table where He spent most of His working hours. Once His call was complete He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“That was the man we are meeting for dinner tonight. He is a dom, as well as My friend. He has a new slave He is training to serve Him. She is new to the Life and without many friends who could help her and be a friend. He knew you were coming to see me this weekend, and hoped that you might be willing to be a model for her tonight.”

“We are committed only to dinner with them. If you are open to more, then it is yours to give. You do not need to feel obligated to be her friend. I am, however, asking you to be on your best behavior tonight and show off the best of your training. If you are comfortable with more, you can let me know and we will decide together how far any thing else might go.”

“Do you understand what I am asking of you?”

She nodded. “I believe I do. You are asking me to serve you to the very best of my ability. I will behave in every way to honor You and what You have taught me. If I like her, that’s grand. If not, it’s okay, too. If I like him and feel comfortable with him, wonderful. If not, that’s fine too. Is that the gist of it?”

He smiled and nodded. “That’s My pet. I have no doubt you will be perfect in every way.”

“I see you have already been in the shower and prepared yourself for tonight. You look lovely and your collar becomes you in every way. You may have the next couple of hours to do as you wish while I finish up here and then make Myself presentable. I will let you know when it is time to dress for dinner.”

She understood she had been dismissed, and so she rose and left the room. She headed into the library where she knew He kept books and games for her and a second computer where she could check her email and such. She spent her free time catching up on her email and playing the tile game He had installed for her the last time she came. He was not surprised to find her deeply into the game when He came to let her know it was time to dress for dinner.

“I hear you won,” He chuckled, as the computer sounded it’s usual trumpet fanfare to signal game victory.

She laughed as she began to shut it all down. “I did. Four out of five. And one of them was my best time ever.”

They dressed quickly. She came and asked Him to zip her dress and was treated to a little nipple tease and taunt, but He did finally quit playing and zip her in. When He finished with His dressing, though, He called her over and told her to bend over the bed. He grabbed a bag and came over to the bed and lifted her skirt. He removed the 2 vibrating toys from the bag and carefully inserted them into her. He fastened the straps so that everything was secured and then helped her up and turned her towards Him.

“You won’t know when it’s coming tonight, but the remotes are in my pocket and I plan to turn them on and off periodically during the night. I expect you to behave and I expect you not to cum unless I give you permission. It’s to be just a little added fun. Here’s a thong to help you feel a little more secure, but I can promise you the toys won’t drop out.” His smile was positively wicked.

“The limo will be here in about five minutes, so you can practice walking like something is not up you ass.” He slapped her ass and turned her back around with a gentle push.

Walking with a normal gait wasn’t easy. She knew the toys weren’t large in girth, but it did interfere with the way she normally walked. And, it didn’t help when He turned the toys on and off as she practiced walking. It was going to be an interesting night trying to maintain!

The limo arrived and the driver pushed the intercom button to announce his arrival. He spoke to the driver and told him they would be out in just a minute.

“Go ahead and head to the door. I need to grab something and lock up and I will meet you at the car.”

She walked rather stiffly through the house and out the front door. The chauffeur was waiting by the limo with back door open. She smiled at the well dressed, good-looking man as she came near the stretch. He smiled in return and offered her his hand to help her enter the vehicle. She gladly took it, wanting to make sure she didn’t stumble into the interior of the car.

He got to the limo just as she was making her awkward way into the passenger area. He smiled as she made the effort not to expose her ass getting in. He knew that more than her ass would be exposed before the night was over. And with that pleasant thought rolling around in His head, He spoke to the chauffeur.

“Thanks, Randy. I trust you got the information on our itinerary this evening? We will be picking up another couple when we leave here. And I want my bag in the limo with us, not in the trunk.”

Bag? He had a bag? She almost lost her balance getting to the bench seat at that remark. She sat and turned to see Him hand the chauffeur a gym bag before He ducked and entered the vehicle. He smiled innocently at her and moved to the conversation pit area of the limo and signal her to join Him.

Randy passed Him the bag. “I’ve got your instructions and itinerary, Mr. Andrews. I’m glad you asked for me tonight. I always enjoy driving you. The wine and cheese you ordered are in the bins. The first bottle is open and breathing. The music you requested is in the CD player. Everything is exactly as you requested.” And with that, he closed the limo door.

“I see you know our chauffeur,” she said. “Do you do this often?”

He laughed. “Not often, but Randy drives me when I don’t want to drive myself. His boss is a friend and I get a good deal on the ride when I book one. He takes good care of me, so I almost always ask for him. He’s a hot hunk, isn’t he?” He asked with a wicked leer.

“Mmm, yes, he is,” she agreed, but was not distracted. “What’s in the bag?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” He teased. “Now come here like a good girl.”

Shifting around in a moving limo, especially with toys inserted, is not an easy matter, but she made it without falling. He turned the music on while she made the transition and soon soothing strains of jazz filled the car. He snuggled her up next to Him and let her relax into the seat before turning to pour her a glass of wine from the open bottle. As she sipped hers, He poured Himself a glass. He let her get the glass almost up to her lips before He flipped the cock in her pussy on it’s lowest setting; almost causing her to spill the wine.

“That was mean,” she whispered. “I almost spilled this lovely wine on me.”

He laughed. “I told you I would be dong that without warning,” and with that He keyed the plug to also begin its buzzing in her ass. Then He watched her struggle to not fidget as He left them both to purr for a bit. Without warning, the buzzing stopped and she slowly settled back into the seat, watching Him carefully.

The rest of the ride to their first stop was fairly uneventful. He let her look her fill over the interior of the limo. There was a small conversation area in an L shaped design at the back of the limo. It would seat 4 comfortably on the two leather seats. There were a couple of bins in the a bar area that ran around the back of the seats, and their wine and cheese had been set up there with wine classes, saucers and napkins in holders mounted on the bar. At the end of His seat was a panel with controls for the CD and other equipment, although what it all controlled, she wasn’t sure. In front of them was another long seat with the doors on either side of the vehicle. A long, curving bench seat ran the length of driver’s side limo interior, and more bar area ran along the opposite side. At the far end of the passenger area of the limo was another seat with a privacy screen that separated the driver’s area from the passengers. The screen was down and she could see Randy in the driver’s seat. Another person sat in the front passenger seat.

“I wonder who is up there with the driver,” she whispered. “I didn’t see anyone else outside the limo when we were getting in. Is it normal to have 2 people to drive?”

He said, “That’s one of their new chauffeurs. He’s training with Randy tonight. He’ll be with us the whole night getting some valuable lessons. I think his name is Chuck. I agreed to let him ride along tonight.”

She nodded. Randy must be very good if he was training a new driver. They must be in the best of hands.

When they arrived at their first stop, Randy hopped out and went to the door to let their guests know the car had arrived. They were out the door almost immediately and Chuck had hopped out to open the passenger door for them. He assisted the woman to enter and then the man. He handed the man a bag, of similar size to the one Her Master had brought. Now she was really curious!

He made the introductions when everyone was seated in the conversation area. “Evan, this is my pet, Beth. Beth, this is Master Evan and his new slave, Jennifer.”

She nodded to both of them and they exchanged greetings. Her Master poured both of them a glass of wine and indicated that she should serve the cheese. When everyone had something to drink and eat, He pushed the intercom and told Randy He could proceed to the next stop.

For about five minutes, they chatted and got to know one another. It was obvious that He and Master Evan had known each other for some time. Talk flowed mainly between the two of them, while the women listened excepted when asked a direct question. Just when she was beginning to get comfortable with things, the plug began to vibrate and she stiffened abruptly beside Him.

He patted her leg and continued to talk while she struggled to maintain composure as the vibrations continued to ramp up. She almost missed a question directed to her when the cock vibrator also began its own dance. She took a deep breath and managed to stutter some sort of reply before both vibrators abruptly shut off. She gulped in more air before she began to try and relax back into the seat.

He gave her only a moment before He reached over and slid her dress up almost to her waist. His fingers wandered lazily over her skin as He continued to talk to Master Evan, who did not react at all. Jennifer, however, smothered a soft gasp as her eyes darted from one person to another. She was sure that Jennifer would have bolted out the door if the limo had not been moving.

Master Evan turned and addressed Jennifer directly. “Is something the matter?”

Jennifer stuttered, “Master Collin is…. Beth is…. Uh, I don’t…. Well, I don’t…” and with that she covered her face with her hands and whimpered.

“Pet, would you like to respond to Jennifer?” He nodded in Jennifer’s direction and waited for her to respond.

She took a deep breath. “Jennifer, my role is to please my Master however He desires. If it is His desire to pet me in this manner in the limo, He knows that I will not object. I am here to serve Him.”

He patted her approvingly on the thigh before He turned to Master Evan. “I see why you asked for help in her training. It should be an interesting night.”

Master Evan nodded before he addressed Jennifer again. “Take your hands off your face and look at me!” He waited for her to comply before he continued. “He isn’t doing anything she isn’t willing to let Him do. She’s fine. And it isn’t anything I haven’t done to you before.”

“Yes, but,” she gasped, “You’ve never done it to me with anyone else around!”

Master Evan nodded. “That’s true, because you were just getting used to the roles. It’s why you wear only a training collar. You have much to learn and I am hoping Beth will show you how a proper slave acts. I told you tonight would begin the next level of your training. I expect you will experience a number of things you haven’t seen or done before. Do you understand, or shall I take the collar back and take you home?”

Jennifer gasped and her hand flew up to the thin leather collar around her neck. It was obvious that she was struggling to decide how to respond. Master Evan continued to watch her carefully until she bowed her head and whispered, “I understand.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.”

Jennifer raised her head and looked straight at him, and in a louder and stronger voice she insisted, “I understand. I will learn.”

Master Evan nodded and patted her leg. He kissed her gently before he reached over and raised her dress also and watched as Jennifer struggled to remain still and compliant. “Good girl,” he praised her and turned back to resume his conversation with Master Collin.

For the rest of the ride, the two men touched and petted their respected slaves. Master Collin pushed Beth forward and unzipped her dress far enough to get access to her tits and then pulled her to lie across His lap with both her tits and pussy accessible to His roaming hands. She lay compliantly on His lap after arranging her legs so they weren’t crowding Master Evan. She spread her legs wider and let His hand play freely when it dipped between her legs. She moaned softly as His other hand played seductively over her tits.

She could hear Jennifer moving and whimpering on the other seat, but she couldn’t see what was going on. She assumed everything was good, because Master Evan issued no more reprimands. She hoped Jennifer was learning to relax into the touching so that she enjoyed the attention. She knew that she enjoyed pleasing Him in this way.

The intercom crackled softly. “We are pulling into the parking lot, sir.”

He helped her sit up and secure the dress as Master Evan helped Jennifer get presentable. By the time Randy opened the door, everyone was respectably clad and ready to exit the limo. Randy helped the ladies exit the limo into the parking lot of the restaurant He had chosen.

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