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Weekend to Remember, Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

When she woke up, the clock said 9 am. She was covered in a light sheet, along on the bed. She smelled bacon! Just the smell had her stomach growling and her mouth watering. Time to get up and find some protein.

She stumbled down the hall and into the bathroom. After all, first things first! Emptying her bladder, fixing her hair and brushing her teeth with the items He had provided for her use made her feel a little more human and ready to face the day. Now for breakfast.

She stood in the doorway of the kitchen watching Him arrange the eggs, bacon, toast and fruit on two plates. The table was already set with utensils and two tall glasses of juice and a single cup of coffee. She smiled, cleared her throat and quipped, "I should be doing that."

He turned and smiled at her and winked. "You were sleeping so soundly I didn't want to wake you. I knew you were tired after your surprise last night and that today would be just as busy, so I let you sleep. I can cook a simple breakfast, so I did. Why don't you bring you naked self over here and eat while I tell you something about our day today."

She glided over and planted a slow, hot kiss on His sexy mouth as she wrapped her arms around His neck. Her body seemed to know just how to fit up against His exactly right, and His rising cock told her He found her as hot as she found Him. She wiggled against Him, brushing His chest with her erect nipples and undulating softly against His growing hardness. He let her linger a moment before He slapped her ass and stepped away. "Breakfast first!"

They sat and ate in silence for a few minutes, savoring the delightful breakfast He had prepared. The food tasted as good as it had smelled and she appreciated that He had been thoughtful enough to prepare it. Her hand wandered over to His and squeezed. "Thanks for breakfast. It's great."

He smiled and nodded. "How do you feel this morning?"

"Mmm, a little sore still, but otherwise I feel wonderful. Yesterday was great and certainly not what I expected. But then, You never do what I expect anyway, so that's not new." She laughed and then took a swallow of her juice. "Just curious. How many men were here last night at Your little party. I know I counted at least 4."

"There were actually 5 men besides Myself. One of them brought His video equipment and taped it. If you're good, I might let you take a copy of the disc home with you when you leave. If not... But that's why we stayed in one place. It kept someone from having to move the camera and allowed him to participate. They all agreed watching you take them all on was hot. I think they all went home happy."

She laughed. "And the purpose of the blindfold the entire time?"

"I didn't want you to freak out when you saw how many of us there were," He laughed. "You couldn't have escaped, but I wasn't sure you would have let loose as well as you did if you had seen them all around you. Next time, you'll know and be able to see and you will know you can handle it."

She nodded. "I see what You mean. I'm not sure how I would have reacted if I had known there were 6 of you. I lost count of how many times I got fucked, but there were never more cocks than I could handle at a time. I have to say, it was good for me."

"So what are we doing today? You said it would be busy."

"Well, first we're going to grab a shower. We have about an hour before our first appointment, and I'm sure you will want a shower as much as I do. You can choose to shower with Me or alone." He wiggled His eyebrows and winked, making her almost choke on her juice as she began to laugh.

He continued on. "Then we are going to see a friend who has been working on a new collar for you. He needs to fit it to you as this one won't come off unless it is cut off. We are due there about 11:00 and we have 30 minutes open to us before anyone else will be arriving at his store. He also has a dress there that I ask him to hold for you for tonight. So jewelry and clothes should make you happy."

She laughed again and leaned over to kiss Him. "Sounds like fun, but I bet that's not there is to it."

He simply smiled and continued His litany. "We are making a trip by an adult store after lunch. I want to add a few things to My stock and maybe see what kind of mischief we can get into. Then we will come home for a while before we meet some friends for dinner tonight. I've been talking to them about you and decided we would all go out on the town tonight - hence the new dress. We are going in style in a limo. I've left plans open ended so we can allow things to flow wherever. And that's as far as I planned the day."

She nodded and gathered the empty dishes and put them in the dishwasher. It only took a few minutes to clean up. Then she turned and smirked, "Race you to the bathroom!" She took off down the hall with Him hot behind her, laughing as He caught up with her and slapped her ass playfully.

They showered together; the experience an erotic dance. She loved His hands on her and loved her hands on Him. The bathroom was their steamy playroom as both of them loved pleasing the other. He laughed and took full advantage of her when she pretended to drop the soap and bent over in front of Him and wiggled her hips invitingly. His hard cock slipped easily into her and His hands massaged and teased her tits as He rocketed them both to a quick and hard climax while the hot water rained down on them.

After the shower, He handed her the dress she had arrived in. Since that was all it seemed He planned for her to wear, she turned to tease out the tangles in her long hair, finishing about the time He finished dressing. He took her hand and headed out the door to the car.

The drive wasn't far and the day was fair. They chatted and listened to music while He drove. When He pulled up to the blue house, she turned and said, "I thought we were going to a store?"

"This is his store. His shop is around at the back of the house. Come on, he is expecting us," He said as He slid out of the car and offered her His hand to follow.

The path to the shop led through a tall wooden gate and through beautiful and fragrant garden surrounded by a large privacy fence. Butterflies flitted from flower to flower and birds chirped in the trees that shaded the garden. Their host met them on the path and motioned them into a screened in area.

"Hi, I'm Daniel," he greeted her. "Your Master has told me a lot about you. He said you love flowers and gardens. so I hope you find my work area as beautiful as I do."

She nodded vigorously. "It's beautiful. I can see you have done so much with the area. Everything melds together in such a beautiful symmetry. I like it very much."

Daniel smiled. "Thank you. I hope you find your new collar as beautiful as you find my garden. Please come this way."

A table over in the corner held her new collar. It was a gorgeous creation of silver roses and crystals. In the center of each silver rose was a clear Australian crystal. The roses were looped together by serpentine chain and small crystals of assorted colors were linked in the chain between the roses. In the very center of the piece, a trio of smaller chains angled down to a single link that supported a bouquet of silver roses bound by a tiny bow.

A tiny gasp of awe escaped her lips. Her finger traced the bouquet as tears filled her eyes. "It's so ....I don't know! So absolutely awesome. So exquisitely beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. I can't believe it's mine! It's perfect."

She turned and smiled as tears shimmered in the light as they trickled down her face. He knew it was exactly right.

"Take your dress off and lay it over on the counter and sit on the stool. I believe Daniel has also made a piece to hold your hair. We will use that first so that your hair is out of the way so he can fit the collar to you."

She slipped out the dress and stood there naked for only a moment as Daniel reached over to hand her the barrette that matched her collar. The barrette had a trio or roses that matched the ones on the collar chain. She took it and quickly scooped up her hair and pulled it up into a loop and secured it. She checked the look in a mirror over the counter and then moved to sit on the brocade-covered stool near Daniel's worktable.

Daniel picked up the collar and came around behind her. He carefully dr*ped the silver creation around her throat and slid a small wire through the two ends so he could come around and check out the piece from the front. The bouquet rested just above where her cleavage began. The collar fit close around her neck, but not so close as to make it tight. The crystal sparkled in the light and set the roses off to perfection.

Daniel turned to Him. "So anything you want to change before I put the last link in?"

He looked at her and asked Daniel to bring her a hand mirror. She gazed with delight at the piece and shook her head no. "I'm more than satisfied. Let's lock it on."

Daniel returned to his place behind her and began the delicate process of closing the final link on first one side of the piece and then the other. When he stepped back, the collar had a finger's breadth of space between chain and skin. The weight was evenly distributed and comfortable. In a word, it was perfect.

He pulled out a camera and asked her to join Him in the garden. He took several shots of her wearing nothing more than her lovely collar and barrette. He took pictures of her against soft, beautiful flowers and in a delicate fountain of splashing water. Then He handed Daniel the camera and asked him to take some of them together. Daniel captured shot after shot of them together. He stroked and fondled her, suckled her, and finally fucked her as He bent her over a bench in the corner of the garden. He led her over to the fountain to clean up and handed her a soft towel to dry off with.

"Come. Now see the dress that shows off the collar."

She followed Him back to Daniel's work area. Daniel brought out a box and opened it on the counter. Inside was a deep green silk dress covered in tiny roses. The sweetheart neckline laid softly over the swell of her breasts and dipped deep between them. The tight high empire waist supported her beautifully. The hem dipped in the back and overlapped in scooped panels in the front. As He zipped it up, she adjusted everything in place before turning around to let Him see the full effect.

He smiled and motioned her to pirouette in front of Him. His pet, His angel was so beautiful. He opened His arms and she came to Him in a rush. He held her close and smiled at Daniel. They both nodded.

Slowly, He moved her away from Him. "Take off the dress and put your other dress back on so we can go. Daniel will wrap it all up and we can carry it out to the car. We'll eat lunch and then do some more shopping. You can wear it all tonight when we go out."

She nodded and turned so that he could unzip her. She slipped out of the dress and handed it to Daniel as he handed her the other dress. While she slipped it over her head, Daniel repacked the other dress into its lovely box and handed it to Him.

As they turned to leave, she leaned over and kissed Daniel softly on the cheek. "Thank you for creating such a lovely collar. I will never forget this day and how you helped make it special." Then she slipped out the door and followed Him back out to the car.

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