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Unforgettable 18th Birthday

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Unforgettable 18th Birthday Thinking back on everything, I?m surprised I didn?t see the signs sooner. I should have seen this coming, but I never imagined that you would ever go quite so far. All I can say is you may not remember the night from all those drinks, but I know the rest of us will never forget it.

For his 18th birthday we decided to take my son Bob to a strip club and let him enjoy. Being your step-son you weren?t sure at first how he would take to the idea that you would be with, but I reassured you that all would go well and it would be an unforgettable night for all involved. Because you were concerned about anyone around here running into us we decided to head back to my hometown area and check out the clubs there. Knowing how you are after a few drinks I had already made arrangements for us to stay overnight, and we were off for an adventure of a lifetime.

Once we got to the club it didn?t take long before several guys were eyeing you and your firm breasts. Those lovely 42DDD?s were straining against the tight fitting low cut top you were wearing. As the air conditioning worked its magic against your bare skin your nipples strained even harder against the fabric of your top. Lights pulsing and music throbbing further enhanced your sexy curves.

The three of us found a front seat by the stage and ordered our first round of drinks. Seeing how quickly you downed the first drink I could tell that tonight was going to be amazing. Bob was having the time of his life as each dancer graced past him flaunting and flashing him. Once they caught on this was his first visit to a club they got bolder and more direct. With each new dancer you seemed to down yet another drink. Soon you were flashing the dancers and letting the other patrons get a good look at your firm tits. Soon a couple of guys came over and sat near us and started to flirt with you. I don?t know if it was the alcohol or the attention but I could tell you were getting hornier than you have been in ages.

I figured that this just wouldn?t be a full birthday celebration until Bob got his first lap dance. So I got up and went to talk with one of the dancers to make the arrangements. When I got back to the table to share the good news I saw you were pressing up against Bob with your tits practically falling out of your top. I could see that Bob was appreciating the attention you were starting to pay to him. We could both tell just how much you were enjoying his appreciation as well with those lovely nipples of yours straining against the thin fabric of your top. If I didn?t know any better I would swear you were starting to breath heavier just to see your tits rise and fall mesmerizing him further. The bulge straining to press against you told you exactly what you wanted to know. A sly smile crossed your lips and I just knew you were soaking wet and almost begging for a stiff cock to be stuffed deep into you.

One by one the dancers came out to greet Bob and to wish him a happy birthday. Just as you were starting to enjoy being the center of his attention these women were distracting him and his eyes couldn?t help but wander towards the entertainers. The background music stopped for a moment and the DJ could be heard asking for everyone?s attention. Now all eyes were on the stage eagerly awaiting whatever was being announced so you took advantage and stole the moment to grab Bob?s young firm ass. He only jumped slightly and glanced over at you with a slightly nervous giggle.

?Ladies and gentlemen! We are proud to announce a very special VIP in the crowd tonight,? the DJ announced over the sound system. ?Would Bob please come to the middle stage. Girls, would you please do the honors of escorting our guest and get him ready?? With that several dancers just seemed to appear out of nowhere and dutifully escorted Bob as instructed. Sitting in the middle stage was a small chair and a set of cuffs attached to each arm rest. ?Bob is here celebrating his 18th birthday tonight. So please join me in congratulating him.?

I made sure I was now at the front of the stage and gave Bob a reassuring smile and nod. I had told the girls they needed to make sure this was a night he would never forget. I wanted tonight to shine in his memory so brightly that even a bachelor party would nearly pale in comparison. Of course the idea of a throwing a bachelor party would be another story for another time. Tonight was his 18th birthday and his first visit at a strip club.

I put my arm around your waist as we just sat back together settling in to enjoy the show. Those years of you helping me raise Bob seemed to just melt away as I could tell you realized he was actually going to be a man now. The head girl was wearing a tight form fitting black leather mini skirt and zipper down leather top. Her zipper was about half way down with her tits about ready to just jump out to entice the audience. Black stilettos and a miniature cat-o-nine-tails tucked in her back pocket completed her soft-core dominatrix outfit and lent itself quite nicely to showing just who was going to be in charge tonight. She placed her hand on the center of his chest and one good push Bob was now sitting in the chair. A girl to his left grabbed his wrist and promptly cuffed him in place. A second girl on his right followed suit and I think the shock of the moment kept him from being able to utter even the simplest protest.

Just a few inches from his face Bob was soon staring at a set of well rounded perky 38D tits. From the sidelines I couldn?t tell if she was a natural blonde or a bottle blonde, but at this point it didn?t really matter. She didn?t waste any time and quickly climbed up on his lap and grabbing the pole behind the chair began to lift herself up and seemed to practically hover her pussy above his young cock. She started to climb further up the pole and I could soon see she wasn?t wearing even a g-string under her cheerleader style skirt. ?If that girl keeps climbing that pole, Bob is gonna get a nose full of pussy right here in front of everyone? is all I could think while watching the show.

You must have sensed what this was doing to me because you were now reaching for my raging hard on and began to stroke me through my pants. My fingers laced themselves within your hair and my palm was pressed firmly against the nape of your neck. Your playful grin and lick of your lips told me you knew exactly what I was wanting. You ever so discreetly pulled my cock out and leaned towards me. Next thing I knew I could feel the moist sensation of your lips and tongue caressing my cock while I was watching my boy being tempted and teased with his first lap dance. I couldn?t decide which girl had more talent at that moment. You were doing such a good job being able to take me down your tight throat and the thrill of knowing anyone at the club could see us enhanced the experience so much that I wanted to blow my load in your mouth right then and there. Yet, I was totally mesmerized by the sight of the cheerleader slowly inching her way higher on the stripper pole and Bob?s head now under her skirt. I think he got the hint of what was intended to be part of his birthday present from her because she started to breathe a little faster and was doing all she could to keep control on that pole while hovering in the same place. Then she would climb a little higher but not quite high enough to see his face yet and then she would slowly lower herself back down on him again. I pulled you away from me and reminded you that you will be getting enough after the club and that I didn?t want to finish things just yet.

Your pout face and attitude of defiance told me just how turned on you were getting. That hot pussy was begging to be used and at this point I knew you didn?t care who took care of it first. This was exactly what I had been hoping to see in you while we were here. Once the girls were done with their birthday celebrations with Bob I went over to the DJ and gave him a small envelope of cash to share with the girls for a job very well done.

Guiding you by your arm we leave the club and head back to our pre-arranged room. Bob is sitting in the backseat directly behind you and begins to massage your shoulders and neck. Purring your contentment he continues to work his thumbs up and down the back of your neck. You can feel his warm breath tickling the fine hair on the nape of your neck as he leans closer to you and whispers in your ear, ?Thanks for the best birthday party a guy could ever wish for Mom. It was awesome and I know I?ll never forget it.?

As I pull into the driveway and park the car you half recognize the place and look a little puzzled. I remind you that no one else is supposed to be home and this is closer and cheaper than a motel room. Bob and I get out of the car to help you into the house. We each put an arm around you and half walk and half carry you in. On the way in I glance over my shoulder at you and catch a glimpse of Bob?s hand starting to caress your breast. Between the cool summer air and his attentions your nipples are clearly giving away how much you enjoy the affections.

Once we get you inside you take a seat on the couch and lay back a little with a playful smile on your face. I go into the next room to make sure the guest bed has been made up and get everything ready for going to sleep. While I am taking care of getting ready for bed and looking for your nightgown I can hear the unmistakable sound of you letting out a low moan. Looking back around the corner towards the couch I see Bob laying back on the couch and your head bobbing up and down. Stepping into the room I see your top on the floor and Bob?s cock in your mouth. The way you are sucking and slurping it was almost as if you were starving and his cock was the only nourishment around.

Bob had one hand on the back of your head and the other cupping a breast playing with the nipple. His eyes were closed and head back as he enjoyed your talented tongue. You must have known something was up because you paused for a moment to look up and saw that I had come back into the room. I just gave you a smile and nodded my head in approval. You continued with your fervent cock devouring while also starting to play with his balls massaging them in your free hand. We could both hear Bob breathing harder and faster and knew that he was getting close to blowing his load down your throat.

Had it been just any other night I?m sure you would have been just as happy to swallow that first load as well. But tonight was a special night and you wanted to make sure he fully appreciated just how special the night was. With that you reluctantly pulled away from his young love staff and slowly stood up in front of him. Annoyed at being so close and not allowed to finish his eyes flashed open scowling at you in frustration and hurt. Then he realized I was standing just a few feet from the couch and almost jumped to his feet in terror. Still stroking his cock with expert skill, you pushed him back onto the couch and cooed into his ear, ?Momma wants to feel that tool deep inside her and it?s about time she gets what she wants.?

I couldn?t believe my eyes as I watched you lower your dripping wet slit onto his manhood. Your pussy seemed to engulf his cock and I could see your lips wrapped around him. Slowly you began to rock back and forth, each thrust working him deeper and deeper into you. Soon his balls were slapping against your bare ass as you introduced this young man to the pleasures that only your pussy could provide.

Oblivious to everything else around him, Bob grabbed your ass and began sucking your tits encouraging you to go further. As you quickened the pace I could tell you were getting closer to your first orgasm and judging by his heavy breathing I could guess Bob was getting ready to blow his load deep into you.

?Oh baby! Give Mommy that hot seed of yours! Plant it deep in me!? you cried. Leaning forward your tits pressing against his face you could tell he wanted to please you but was still a little nervous.

?Oh god Mom! I can?t hold back much longer! I don?t want this to end though!? Bob practically pleaded with you.

With that you shoved your nipple into his mouth to shut him up. ?Just cum in me? you demanded of him.

?It?s ok,? I tried to tell him. ?She has wanted this for years. Watching you grow up and develop into the man you are today. And you know as your step-mom there isn?t any blood relation. Go ahead and have your way with her. It is part of our birthday gift to you.?

Apparently that was all he needed to hear. With a guttural groan Bob shot rope after rope of thick cum deep into your cunt. You rolled your eyes back and sank further onto him to make sure not a drop of his fresh seed leaked out from between the two of you.

Without missing a beat, Bob rolled you onto the floor with your legs high up in the air. This time you were the shocked one since you thought with that kind of explosion he would be done. Instead he just kept fucking you and driving his cock deep into your now cum filled pussy.

?Tell you what son, why not be nice to Mom and let her enjoy the comforts of a bed. It will be easier on her and the longer she can last the more fun we will have tonight.?

Reluctantly he pulled out of you and that is when for the first time I could get a good look at how full your pussy really was. A large white glob of cum oozed out from between your pussy lips as you stood up to head into the bedroom. I guided you into the room and kept encouraging you to stay just a couple of steps ahead of Bob and I.

When you got into the room you felt a hand grab you by the wrist and throw you down onto the bed. Before you realized what was going on you could feel a totally different cock pressing against your pussy. Lips were pressing against yours as the cock head spread you wider open.

You looked to the side with an expression of slight terror in your eyes as you realized Bob and I were still standing in the doorway. The cock sinking into you felt strangely familiar but you knew it had never been in you before.

?Go ahead and enjoy her all you like Dad,? you heard me say. That is when you realized what the real plan was for you tonight. His balls were slapping against your bare ass as he drove deep into you. His hips grinding against yours as your clit ached for his practiced touch. For a moment you couldn?t help but wonder how much pleasure you have enjoyed over the years was inherited and how much was learned.

You wrapped your legs around him pulling him closer to you. You were bound and determined to show him exactly what it was I have enjoyed all our years together. ?Cum in me,? you hissed into his ear. ?Plant that seed deep in my pussy and make me take every last drop you have to give.?

With that you were being filled for the second time that night. Cum was running down your legs and your pussy was twitching with pleasure with this second invasion. Not even giving you a chance to catch your breath I was the next one to pump that slicked up pussy of yours. Since I was slowly stroking myself while I was watching you it didn?t take long before a third load of cum was filling you up. Worn and panting heavily from Bob?s thick young cock pounding relentlessly into you and my father?s practiced experienced touch coaxing you into orgasm after orgasm you were helpless to do anything but take my cock into you. I could feel the warmth of their combined juices filling the very depths of your pussy.

The three of us spent the rest of the night taking turns with you. Sometimes you were sucking Bob while Dad was fucking you from behind and I was teasing your nipples. Other times Bob would sink his massive cock into you from behind and you would suck on Dad. And you would even roll onto your back while I was pumping my stiff pole into you and you would look up with lust in your eyes as you stroked Bob and Dad at the same time. Every time one of us would get close to blowin our load, you would spread your legs extra wide and insist that your pussy take every last drop.

After several rounds of having filled you with our cum you were so lubed up that while you were riding Bob I was able to slide into your pussy from behind. Both of our cocks were stretching your pussy as you were sucking on Dad. Unable to contain the excitement and pleasure, Bob began to spurt into you yet again. I could feel his cock throbbing against mine and I couldn?t hold back any longer either. Your eyes grew wide as you realized we were both cumming in you at the same time. Father and son planting their seed deep into your belly simultaneously. Dad couldn?t hold out any longer either and you finally got to taste what Mom had enjoyed swallowing for years. There was no doubting it now. No way you could deny it to even yourself: You were now and forever more will be the family slut. Between Dad?s massive meat and Bob?s creamy cum you were hooked. No matter what you would always be available to the three of us any time we needed or wanted you. Your pussy had become our own personal cum dumpster. And you ached with pleasure wanting to be used by each of us as often as we would have you.

It is hard to believe that was only 9 months ago now. Every time I rub that well rounded bell y of yours and stare at your firm breasts I can?t help but wonder about that night and the new life we are about to experience...

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