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Truth or Dare couple, true story chance meeting

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For most of my life I was an over the road truck driver and I had many memorable experience and this is a true story that happened to me about twelve years ago. I had been running for several years with my live-in girlfriend and at this particular time she had gone home for a couple of months to help care for her grand father and I was running the truck alone. On this particular Friday night, it was about midnight, I was on I44 in the middle of Missouri and I was looking for a place to pull over and sleep. I had pulled into a truck stop, but as usual there were no spots left and I was about to pull out on the interstate, when I noticed a Walmart with several trucks already parked in it. I drove in to the lot and found a spot between two other trucks about three from the end, with a wide space between me and the truck on my left. As I sat there finishing up paperwork for the day and chilling out before going to the bunk for the night, I noticed a black Mirada pull in the lot and slowly drive down in front of the parked trucks. I could see from the distance that it was a girl driving and I thought somebody’s husband or boyfriend just got in, she is there to pick them up and somebody was getting lucky tonight. The car slowly rolled down the line of trucks obviously looking for somebody and as I looked left to right I noticed everyone else seemed to be asleep and I was the only truck in line to have interior lights on. Just then she stopped in front of my truck, furtively looked all around, eyeballing the space between my truck and the truck to my left, before pulling into the space. My first thoughts were, “HOOKER” but she was too young, too pretty, and too clean to be a truck stop hooker and besides they don’t drive, they walk the lots. I watched with mounting curiosity as she put her car in park, shut off the motor and locked the car as she exited. Not very smart I thought as she took a couple of steps towards the back of her car, looking at my truck. Now that I could see all of her, I was even more impressed, she was about 5’7” tall, about 150lbs. with shoulder length auburn brown hair, tied in a pony tail and even in the dark I could see emerald green eyes. Her breasts were about 36d’s, with a flat tummy and a perfect 36” ass. She had a face of an angel, with very full lips, looked like she didn’t wear very much make-up, with a white t-shirt sporting the name of some band on it and skin tight jeans.

She took a couple of tentative steps towards my truck, looking up at me smiling nervously. I rolled my window down and she shyly said, “Hi.”

“Good evening, I replied, what’s a pretty little girl doing out here so late?”

“Are you alone?” she asked me looking around nervously.

“Just him.” I said as my little beagle dog jumped on my lap and looked down at her wagging his tail.

Her face broke into a huge smile and she exclaimed, “How cute!” “Can we talk for a minute?”

“Sure.” I said as I opened my door and sliding to the passenger seat holding the dog on my lap.

“Thank you,” she said as she closed the door and turned sideways to look at us.

“This is Mike and I’m Roger,” I said as Mike jumped down and put his paws on her thigh, wagging his tail furiously and licking her hand as she rubbed his ears.

“My name is Amy, she said shaking my hand, I just love dogs and he is so cute.”

“Just like his owner,” I said and we both laughed.

We talked for several minutes about dogs, weather, and the amount of traffic on the road that night, when she finally looked at me and said, “ The reason I am here is, well, I, uh was wondering if you would be interested in, uh maybe, uh fooling around.”

At this point she was looking at Mike intently, so I couldn’t see her face but I figured she was blushing.

“So is this a commercial endeavor?” I asked, looking at her.

“A what?” she asked, clearly not understanding the implication.

“Uh like is there a charge, a monetary consideration involved?” I asked.

She immediately understood at that point and got a startled look on her face and said rather indignantly, “ No! I’m not a whore if that is what you think, it would be totally free will on both our parts.”

“Ok, ok, I said raising my hands in surrender, it’s just that when a girl approaches a truck like this, it’s usually for sale.”

“No, it’s nothing like that, she replied a little calmer; the only thing I want besides sex is your underwear.’

“My underwear?”

“Yes, your underwear, you are wearing some aren’t you?” She asked me “Well, yeah.” I answered, and if I wasn’t you could have my jeans.”

She dropped her head and laughed at this comment and then asked if it was safe in here and could any one see in. I instructed her to lock the door and assured her she was very safe in here as I got up and stepped into the bunk with her following. As I looked at her facing me preparing to remove her t-shirt, I thought to myself this is going to be the dumbest thing you have ever said, but I looked at her and said, ”Uh, Amy, wait a minute, I have a daughter younger than you and one slightly older and you don’t have to do this, I’ll just give you my underwear.”

She looked at me a little confused and then her face lit up in a big smile and she said, “That is really sweet, but no, I’m up for this, besides I’ve never been with an older guy, in fact I haven’t been with many guys at all, so this will be fun.”

“I do have one question though, I asked, why exactly are you here are you pledging a sorority or did you loose a game of truth or dare?”

She looked at me of a minute and then said, “Does it really make a fuck why I’m here? Do you want to fuck or play twenty questions?” Then she reached for the bottom of her t-shirt to pull it off, when I said, “Whoa, half the fun of getting a present is unwrapping it.” I then pulled her close and put my mouth on hers and began to very gently kiss her, careful not force my tongue inside but to gently run the tip around her lips and to probe slightly deeper as she opened her mouth ever so slowly. I teasingly ran my tongue over neck and ears’, giving little light love nips along the way till I got back to her mouth to lightly fence with her tongue. Her breathing was getting more pronounced and she would let out little moans into my open mouth, and when I began to slowly remove her t-shirt, she watched with interest as I removed her t-shirt and folded it neatly before laying it on the top bunk. She was impressed when I pulled her back into my arms kissing her deeply while I unhooked her bra with one hand and folded it. I leaned back and took in the full beauty of her D size breasts, they were tanned with no tan lines, sitting up very firm with nipples the size of my thumb and hard has pebbles. A low groan and moan escaped her lips as I sucked on first one then the other of her nipples while running my tongue around and under her breasts. As we began playing tongue tag in her mouth again, I started moving my finger tips up and down her spine and as she pressed into me a little harder, and shivered goose bumps began popping up on her skin.

“You cold?” I asked.

“No, she replied, quite the contrary.”

I slowly turned us together in a quarter circle where I sat on the bunk and began to kiss her belly button, undoing the snap on her jeans and lowering them to her ankles, then she held on to my shoulders as she stepped out one foot at a time. I folded them and set them over my head on the bunk. While I was removing her thong, she said, “Are you always this methodical?”

“Usually, I said, if the girl will hold still for it.” Then I brought the crotch of the thong to my nose and sniffed her scent deeply letting out a long sigh, before asking, “Can I keep these?”

“Uh I guess, what are you going to do with them?”

“Put them under my pillow, I can sniff them every night,” I said.

“Oh wow, she said, I’ve never had that request before.”



“What about the guy that popped your cherry, I asked, didn’t he take them for a trophy?”

“Nope, she said, bastard didn’t even kiss me goodnight.”

“Un-fucking-believable, I retorted, what a fucking asshole.”

I pulled her down into my bunk and as she rolled over me I stood up and began to shuck my clothes, throwing everything in a pile in the floor. As I prepared to join her on the bed I noticed her look at my pile of clothes and shake her head chuckling.

“What’s so funny?” I asked her.

“You, she said, you remove my clothing one piece at a time and neatly fold it, but then you dump yours in a pile.”

“Yeah, well yours are more important then mine.”

As I climbed into bed she grabbed my dick and while stroking it up and down commented on how well she liked it. But when she bent down to take it in her mouth I stopped her. She looked at me curiously before saying, “It’s alright, I swallow.”

It’s not that, I told her, maybe later, I’m like King Arthur and the Round Table, once a king always a king, but once a knight is about it, and I don’t want to spoil this for either of us.”

“At least you are fucking honest, she said, some of these guys swear they can go a dozen times a night and twenty minutes later I’m laying there with a sticky pussy while they are snoring.”

I began a gentle assault on her lips, neck ears and breasts, by lightly kissing, nibbling and licking while simultaneously running my hand inside her thighs. She instantly opened her legs as I started right at her butt hole, working my finger in a small circular motion, woy up her slit till I reached her clit rubbing it very lightly but firmly. This caused her to give an involuntary gasp. Hunching her pelvis up to force more pressure from my finger.

“Oh god yes, she moaned, that feels soo fucking good.”

I slowly worked my finger back down the slit and up in a most snuggly fitting, incredibly wet pussy, shet was actually starting to drip girl goo out as I went in. I pushed in as far as my finger would go while she gasped and moaned into my open mouth while I was kissing her deeply. When my finger bottomed out I crooked my finger towards the roof of her vagina, slowly starting back out till I found the spot I was looking for. The spot was the size of a dime, the skin was textured like it had permanent goose bumps, and as I started to massage it with slightly increased pressure she let out a long, loud moan. Gripping my arm, digging her finger nails in the flesh, with her eyes were open as wide as they could go, her face was flushed, her nostrils flared, and her breathing was in short, hard gasps as she cried out, “What in the fuck are you touching in there?”

“That, sweetie is your g-spot.” I replied “Ah no fucking way, I didn’t think I had one.” She cried as she put her feet flat on the bed, bent her knees, rotating her hips in time to my finger, getting a very far away look in her eyes. Finally she forced her eyes to focus on mine and hissed, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, a little faster.”

So I slowed up just a little and she tried to thrust faster to make up for it but she couldn’t; almost in tears she gasped, “Oh you fucking prick…..holy fucking shit I’m going to cum anyway, I’m going to make a mess in your bed.”

“Go ahead baby,” I told her as I started speeding up and increasing pressure as her orgasm slammed her like surf on a beach, “I have extra sheets.” Wave after wave of her orgasm hit her, she was shaking and quivering like a freezing person as I slid my free arm under her to cradle her to me while she let out a steady string of obscenities, or that’s what I think they were because a lot of them were incoherent. Girl cum flowed out of her like a busted water pipe and my hand felt like I had dipped it in a honey jar, when she finally caught her breath begging me to stop the assault. While I cradled her to me and she tried to get her breathing back to normal I brought my honey soaked hand to my mouyh, happily licking all her girl goop off my fingers finding it did indeed taste like honey. Finally she got to the point where she could string words together to form sentences and asked me, “How did you find that spot, I had heard about but didn’t think I had one, nobody ever found it before.”

“I didn’t find it, I told her, I knew where it was, every girl has one plus they are all pretty much in the same spot. Quit playing with boys and find some men who know where things are on a girl.” She looked up at me smiled, sighing happily.

After a few minutes she seemed to back to normal with only an occasional tremor or two, when I asked her if she thought she could hold herself up on her knees, when she asked me why I told her I wanted her to sit on my face. She looked at me smiling but asked, “Are you sure you want to do that, it is awful messy down there, thanks to you?”

“The mess is what I am looking for, besides you weren’t complaining when I made you make that mess.”

“I think I warned you it was cumming, didn’t I?”

“Yeah I agreed but it wasn’t like I could have stopped nor did I want to stop you.” “Now climb up here and see if you can drown me so I can die a happy man.”

“But how will I explain the body?” She said acting like she was pouting, “There will be a lot of paper work.”

“Don’t worry, I reassured her, I’ve been doing this longer then you have been alive, I am not about to die tonight.”

As she duck walked up my body I noticed her cum had run down the inside of her thighs to her knees and she was slathering it on my body as she made her way to the seat of pleasure. Once she got up there I had her put her cute little butt on my chest telling her to grab the strap above her head so she could move herself to where my tongue would feel best. Then I began licking her inner thighs getting almost a mouthful of goo before I ever touched her pussy. I noticed her breathing increasing and she seemed to have a hard time sitting still, so I moved up taking a long swipe up her slit getting my tongue in as deep as I could. She jerked letting go with a gasp and a moan, as almost a half a cup of girl cum came running into my mouth and I swallowed quickly savoring the taste. I felt her lift herself slightly, position her pussy right over my mouth before settling back down letting out a long moan. The little witch has forgotten about drowning me and is going to enjoy this to the fullest, which is exactly what I wanted. I started to take long licks running my tongue inside then up the little grove to her button, giving him a quick, hard, circular lick before going back down the bunny trail to start all over again. She was really breathing harder as her hips undulated in time with my trips but every time I hit the clit she gave a little jump and a gasp, so I put my hands under ass lifting her up enough to talk asking her if she wanted me to concentrate more on the clit. She gasped out that what I was doing was just wonderful saying, she hoped she wasn’t too heavy or that she might hurt me.

I replied, “I have had 350 pound women on my face before and if they didn’t hurt me I was sure her puny little 125 pounds wasn’t going to either.”

“You are a silver tongued little fucker aren’t you?” She said laughing.

I kept up the assault, varying the speed and intensity a little to keep her slightly off balance but it wasn’t making any difference because she was steadily climbing toward a head banging orgasm, because by now she was gasping in ragged breaths and could only periodically utter comments like, “Oh fuck this is good, Holy fucking shit, or just fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Finally she hit her peak pushing over the water fall bouncing up and down, screaming incoherently, while I licked furiously trying to swallow all I could as I reached up to twist on her rock hard nipples which made her cum even harder. There is nothing in this world any prettier then a pretty girl when she is cumming really hard and Amy was a site to behold as she spasmned, quivered, and squirted copious amounts of girl cum into my mouth. Finally she got to the point where she was hanging on to the strap over head, rocking her pussy up and down on my face and sort of just humming, “Humm, humm,humm.”

After another few minutes she slithered back down my body curling into my arms with her head on my chest. When she looked up to give me a kiss, her eyes got huge as she exclaimed, “You are fucking soaked!” “Give me something so I can clean you up.”

“No fucking way I’m going to keep this on me as long as I can.”

“No you’re not, I’m not kissing you with all that on there, just let me dry it up some.”

I reached over picking up a hand towel I keep laying back there, letting her rub the excess goop off me, but telling her to let me have the towel so I can save the scent.

“Don’t you ever get any pussy?” she asked looking astounded.

“Not of the fucking quality you are.” I answered her, “you’re a once in a lifetime wet dream.”

“Well as good as you are in bed, I’d think you would have girls lined up.”

“You first have to attract them to get them in bed so they can see if you are any good.” I told her, did you expect this when you propositioned me?”

“Hell no, she answered me, I figured you’d hump a dozen times and it would be over.”

“So did you have fun?” I asked.

“Oh fuck yes, but we still have to get you off, so what do you want to do?” She cooed in my ear.

“Oh I definitely want to be inside you.” I told her “Ok, just give a minute ok?”

“I have all-night ” I said.

We lay there kissing like we had been dating for months instead of being total strangers and I was wondering if she would stay all night when she asked, “How do you want to do this?”

“How about doggie style?”

“Cool I love it that way.” She giggled We wiggle ourselves into position and I deliberately placed her so that her head would be against the wall of the truck, as I slid into position behind her. I rubbed my hands lightly over her silky smooth ass cheeks, and then began to rub my dick up and down her slit causing a flood of girl juice to run out coating my dick and balls. My dick bottomed out and we got an instant rhythm going both our breathing increased filling the cab with her moans and groans along with words on encouragement as our pace increased. I was rolling her rock hard nipples in my fingers, when I leaned forward saying, ‘Amy, Amy can you hear me?”

“Yeah, what?” She moaned out.

“Uh thought I should ask, how are you fixed for birth control?”

I felt her almost stop in mid stroke and she turned to look behind her into my eyes, saying, “Uh nothing, I’m not on birthcon….ah shit you don’t have anything on do you?”

“No sweetie, I’m not used to using them.”

“Then stop she said hurriedly, this is the wrong time for me to take chances , I can’t afford to get pregnant. You are going to have to put something on!”

This last few words ended in a long moan because while she was speaking I had pushed in as deeply as I could into her, pinning her between me and the wall stopping any chance to pull off me as I started rotating my pelvis in a circle, just about driving her over the edge.

“This is cool, I never dreamed at my age I could knock up a stone fox like you.”

She really started to squirm now, but instead of getting away she was increasing the friction, getting both of us very close to the edge.

“Noooooo, she cried out, pleazzzze don’t cum in me, Fuck! Get the Fuck out now!

“Don’t worry sweetie, I would never get you pregnant, I’ll take care of it.”

“Oh my god she cried this feels so fucking good, just promise you won’t dump a load in there, promise. Oh fuck, I’m coming, don’t stop, don’t cum but fuck don’t stop, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It’s here Oh holy motherfucker I’m cummingggggggg!”

Since I was pushed in her as deep as I could go, she had her head pushed down in the pillow, with her shoulders tight against the wall; she couldn’t do much except quake and quiver like she was in a seizure. She was cumming so hard her pussy was pulsating around my dick and it didn’t take but an instant to realize I was right behind her in cumming. I felt the sperm train leave the station it was like a runaway roller coaster careening towards it’s destination and just as I pushed into her with everything I had, I felt it burst out the head of my dick and empty into her pulsating pussy filling her up like I was eighteen again. We stayed coupled together for at least two or three minutes, till I felt my dick began to soften I rolled off her and she rolled on her back, trying to get her eyes to focus, as tremors and after shocks would frequently still rock her. As she lay there in my arms, quietly cooing, I was softly licking and sucking on her rock hard nipples, while kneading her soft but very firm breasts. After lying there for a few minutes she got a puzzled look on her face. Reaching down between her legs, she brought her finger up to her face, dripping with our combined cum and her face went from white to red anger as she exclaimed, “Fuck! You fucking cum in me! You promised you wouldn’t and you fucking did! What the fuck am I going to do now???”

Her eyes showed signs of tears but the anger still glared out at me when I took her shoulders, in a stern voice said, “Amy! Amy! Look at me! I didn’t get you pregnant, I was surgically sterilized almost fifteen years ago. I couldn’t get you pregnant if I wanted to.”

She looked at me still a little mad but more confused than anything. “So why did you say that?”

“Well, I said, fear is an aphrodisiac and some times it will make a girl get off better if she thinks a baby is involved.”

“Well not me, you scared me to death.”

“Didn’t you feel me cum?

“Fuck no! I was in lala land, man, I didn’t feel nothing but me falling off of a cliff.”

“Still mad at me?”

“No after those three orgasms, I think I can forgive you.”

We cuddled together for about fifteen minutes more when she announced, she needed to be leaving. As she got dressed and gathered up my underwear I wrote my cell phone number down and gave it to her, explaining that if she called I could arrange a trip through here again. After giving me another kiss and a big smooch for Mike, she turned, stepping out on to the first step, smiled and said, “Love you.” The next thing I saw was her tail lights disappearing out of the parking lot, I never heard from her again, but I do still have the panties.

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