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Trip to West Coast Mouse House

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Jenna had been working for Dj about 2 months and they spent a lot of "Overtime" for a couple weeks at first but then the overtime stopped and Jenna was how at reasonable hours. Usually she was exhausted and the scent of pussy was on her face which was good for me, I love the scent. One evening Jenna came home and pulled off her clothes and sat on my lap, kissing me very passionately. Oh I am so hot, can we go fuck she moaned. Well, that is a stupid question I told her, you need to ask? We were in bed for a while and almost spent when she kissed me and said, DJ wants me to fly to Disneyland in California with her next week. Part of the job I asked her. WEll, she says it is but I know something is up with the trip. All expenses will be paid she said and you can come too, but not for pay. Sounds good to me I told her, sure. Well, Jenna was excited about the trip and I was getting that way. DJ called a few times to confirm details and also took Jenna out shopping for some special clothes. Finally we got on the plane and sat three across, Jenna in the middle and DJ on the other side. I knew that Jenna had no panties on and her bra barely held her titties in and in fact they shook at the slightest movement. We got to the Anaheim area and got a hotel next to Disney property but I asked DJ and she said, this is not exactley Disney business, in fact I am paying for it all. I was really curious now since Jenna did not know that. Well, we went out to eat that night then DJ drove us to a club. Jenna had on a light blue almost transparent wrap and low heels, no bra and no panties were the norm for her around DJ now so I was not surprised. We went in and DJ was greeted by name at the door and we were shown to a small booth that was near a stage. We were served drinks and DJ was making a lot of fuss over Jenna, adjusting her top part so that the maximum cleavage was showing each time the waitress came over. After a while and several drinks that were strong a guy was on stage and announced it was Guest Night and that any guests that wanted to could do an amature entertainment on the stage for the rest of us. The club was now full and had all types of people there, suits, jeans men and women. The contest was announced as a free screen test in a film and so several ladies stepped to the stage to get in line to dance. A slim blonde was first and danced good but had no body that impressed us and so she got a courtsie hand clap from the room. Next was a red head that had a thick bush betwen her legs after she stripped and was hot but just had no moves. About 6 or 8 women danced and none were impressive enough to get the crowd going. The announser said, well if that is it we can vote. DJ stood up and took Jenna by the arm, We have one more she shouted. Jenna looked at her. Dj kissed her and said, Pretend we are fucking in the castle, close your eyes and do it for me. Well she kissed me and got on stage and the music began, the drinks had taken the right affect since she swayed with the music her dres slowly coming apart until the waist tie came loose exposing her lush body which got the first good applause of the evening. This seemed to inspire Jenna and she let her dress drop to the floor and began massaging her titties, pulling the nipples and moaning so that the audience could hear. Then she sucked her nipples hard and we could see the juices forming on her shaved pussy lips. Dj went into her bag and pulled out a huge dildo, 10 or 12 inches long and thick as a beer can. Here Baby she told Jenna, give us a real show. Jenna looked thru glassy eyes and took the toy in her hands massaging it as if it were real, then she squated down and stood it up under her wet pussy...her lips opening for the head. She went up and down on the top head and maybe 3 inches went in and out of her making her moan louder. The crowd was getting into it too as they watched her. Then suddenly she drove it all the way into her, crying out as it sank in. Oh yes she began saying as she went up and down on it and then she was laying on the stage her legs spread and her pussy taking all the monster in. She took three orgasms and then sat up, licking her juices off the toy. The music stopped and DJ helped her off the stage, still naked. She kissed her then Jenna came over and kissed me, taking out my hard cock and sitting on it. The real thing is best she moaned as she rode it. The announser said, Well, we know who the winner is, any one wanna top that? The applause was loud and Jenna came to herself as she orgasmd on my lap and I shot a load into her pussy. Well, she managed to put her dress back on and the manager came over and Dj kissed him, Hey DJ, this the lady you called me about? Yeh, Jenna, meet Donald, he owns the place and a little film studio. Interested in the movie she asked. I guess so she said, okay, lets go to my office and we can talk about the details. Okay and we all got up and went to a very nice office. There were several people there, a woman that was tall and built as if made with hands somewhere. This is Jill, she is my assiatant and also one of my clients. Hi Jenna told her. Hi there, you look delicious she said. Thank you Jenna said. Well, the movies are adult Donald said, obviously, they mean doing a few things that may be unusual for you, are y9u still interested. Her hand squeezed mine tight. She looked at me and I told her, If you want to dear. Yes, I wanna try it. Okay she said to the owner. Okay, we have in mind 3 movies, one is fairly standard, lonley housewife, workers come in, seduce her, then invites a couple more guys in, that kind of thing. Another DJ will be in with you, very much like your job interview, only she brings in a couple more ladies, that okay? DJ took her hand and kissed Jenna, Jenna smiled, that will be great. Good Donald said, now the 3rd one will be on the wild side. How so Jenna asked, He looked nervous but went on. Well, it will be a kidnapping, r*pe and gang bang. Jenna looked at DJ, everyone will be there Hun, remember, it is on film, crew, cameras and all. Now on this one there will be some bondage and they will slap you some, you know a r*pe is not consentual so you will have to resist. I think I can do that, resist that is she said and we all laughed. Okay then. Tomorrow we begin. The studio was clean the next day and several people came in, average people but then things transformed. Cameras were set up on a stage, a typical house living room and kitchen and bed room. The dialog was easy, handsome guy comes in to fix the sink, Jenna sits at the table in the kitchen, dressed very modestly to my surprise. She is upset from an argumet and it shows. The plumber asks what is wrong and she breaks down crying. He takes her hand and they go to the living room and sit on the couch and he comforts her. Then he kisses her, she is shocked and then gives in. He takes her slowly thru seduction then she is naked and he is eating her pussy thru orgasms and then his cock is huge and in her, fucking her hard. She lays out on the couch, naked and dripping and he goes out to the door and 2 other men come in, undress and take her also, fucking her hard and long, she sucking all their cocks. The movie was filmed non stop for three hours and the owner came over and thanked Jenna and everyone. If I didn't know better I would have thought she was not acting he laughed. I wasn't she said then DJ handed her a robe and they went to clean up. I waitied and as they came out we all left, supper then the hotel where Jenna undressed DJ and me and took advantage of us both. THe next day was a replay of the job interview and I found out everything that had taken place that day except that Jenna had to satisify 2 other women besides DJ. It was wild, spanking and lots of lust loud and hot. THe next day was the kidnapping r*pe and gang bang. Jenna was dressed again very conservatively. We went to the studio and went inside. Then the owner explained all that was to happen. She was to be getting into her car, a van pulls up, three men get out with masks and pull her into the van. She screams and does really resist, but not too much, they get her inside and her clothes are torn some. Filming in the van is mainly of slapping her, tieing her hands and feet and blindfolding. Well, the thigs went off good, they brought a struggling Jenna into the garage set that had a back room with a rough bed and trappings of a workshop. Cameras filmed her abduction and then they carried her into the garage. Her tits were hanging out of torn clothes and her legs were strugling against ropes. She was brought in and thrown on the bed. She sat up and began to speak but was slapped by the main guy in a mask. Shut up bitch and do as you are told and maybe we will let you go when we finish. The ycut off her clothes that were left and adjusted the ropes so that she was spread out in and X and all of her was available to be taken. A man stepped up to her head, Suck the cock now. She took it in, sucking it as if she did not want to but her eyes told me she was getting hotter as it happened. She gaged as the cum filler her mouth and tried to spit it out and so the guy slapped her again, swallow it all lady, or we keep doing it till you do. Then next man did the same, cumming in her mouth this time she swallowed it all down. NOw there were 10 men gathered around in chairs dressed like workers, the main man said, Okay, this is the bitch that has been teasing me for a month, today she gets what she has been asking for right guys? Yeh they all joined in, beers opened and clothes came off. Every guy there was well over 8 inches and not a soft cock int he house including mine. Now Jenna was begging to be let go but everyone laughed. One man climbed between her legs and rammed her hard, she let out a cry of pain but then I saw her eyes again telling me she had just had a wondreful orgasm. He fucked her long and hard and after filling her pussy made her lick his cock clean then another took his place on her, driving into her pussy. He seemed to be fucking her harder and deeper for she was really wincing as his cock found the bottom of her pussy. Filling her again another and another took her. Eahc one making her lick his cock clean. Then she was lifetd and turned over, her ass in the air over a cusion, now the ass guys said the first one. She begged again not to be taken that way but her cries did not good, as the first one went in she moaned loud and Oh yes, yes fuck me came out. Then a hand came down on her ass, spanking her hard as his cock went in. Over and over they took her and turned her around different ways to penetrate her deeper and harder. After 4 hours of filming they all stopped and took a break. Jeanna got up, walking slowly to me, cum dripping down her legs and her belly. Oh this is so hot she said as she sat on my lap, fuck me please now. I did, my hard cock exploding quickly. Okay, one more hour and we are done and they all went back. Now she was tied in a chair, her titties tied tight and a gag on her mouth. The man told her, Okay now, this is what you get when you are a tease you get tunred into aslut. Someone put something one her and take her back. YOu tell anyone and it happens again lady, got it, yes she managed to quiver out. After the took her to the car they all clapped and her performance was evaluated by the crew. That was great acting some said. Jenna looked to the owner and said, Who the fuck was acting? it was great. Then in front of everyone she dropped to her knees and took his cock out giving it a slow sucking in front of the crew. All together Jenna made 8 films, most of them never seen anywhere at all except X rated movies, we showed them to our friends back in Fla and then got a few friends to act them out again.

She still gets some in-cum from them.


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