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Training Starts

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Training starts Night 1 We have been together for years and always had imaginary men or woman in bed with us while we fucked. While we were out at our favorite bar Mike, while standing behind me cupping my breasts (where no one could see), asked if I would take it further. I know he loves me and would never let me be hurt by anyone. He was kissing my neck and we were faced away from the crowd looking out the window when I asked what he meant. He then slid my nipple out of my cami and pinched really hard. I felt the sudden gush of juice from my pussy. He said “It is time for you to be my whore and I want to start training you for more than just me.” We moved to a table by ourselves out of earshot of most of the bar. He said “I know we talk about it all the time but I really need it to be more. You are so sexy and I love being your husband but want to be your master. I want to be totally in charge of you sexually. I want to be able to tell you to hit your knees or spread your legs for whoever I pick. I love you and would never let you be hurt by anything but I need this from you.” I started to ask what exactly he wanted when he kissed me and laughed that I was never allowed to question my master again without a punishment. “Oh by the way this means in and out of bed honey” he said and then went to play a game of pool.

After leaving the bar he started to drive the wrong way going home. I started to ask where he was going and he told me to spread my legs for my master. Then it clicked that it was starting tonight. I did as I was told. I was wearing a mini skirt and he pulled it up and gave me a quick crack right on my pussy. “I told you not to question me slave now say you’re sorry.” he said. I quickly said I was sorry. He told me to pull my cami down so he had something to do while he was driving. I have great 38 DDD tits and everyone loves my cleavage. He was stroking and pulling on my tits as usual. When we stopped at a light I tried to cover my tits with my arm. We have been doing this in the car for years. He pulled my arm down and said no leave them out. It took everything in me not to die as the guy on the bike next to me was motioning to Mike how much he like the view. When he drove off Mike slid his finger into me and loved how wet I was from another man looking at me. He found the nearest parking lot and fingered me until I came for him. “You were a good whore. Now let’s see who else out here likes these tits.” He said.

We pulled up to a total dive stripper joint. I knew the name from him and his friends coming here and was wondering why we stopped but I wasn’t about to ask another question. We got out and he pulled up my cami and we went inside. There were 3 girls naked on the bar dancing. There were 2 other couples there and 3 single women that I knew by looking were butch lesbians. Everyone said Hi to us and some of them knew Mike. We were sitting there enjoying the show when he took me over to a booth and told me I was getting me first lap dance. This blond came over to us. She had pretty green eyes and a great set of tits and perfect ass. He knew her and told her my training had started and he needed her to give me an unbelievable lap dance. My face was bright red. I had never had a naked woman touch me and didn’t know what to do. She was on top of me in 2 seconds flat. Running her hands up my thighs to my waist, then leaning down to kiss them. I wanted to die he had taken off my thong in the car and she could see my shaved pussy. Mike leaned over and pulled my cami back down. My nipples were rock hard. He told me I couldn’t touch her “Bar Rules” but she could do whatever she wanted to me!!!!

She moved her way up to my tit and sucked it right into her mouth!!! I felt my juice flowing out over my asshole. Her hand was on my other tit squeezing and flicking my nipple. She looked up and asked if I was enjoying my dance. I couldn’t even talk I just nodded yes. I was already panting when she straddled me. Her tits were right in my face when she took my hands and put them on her ass. I felt Mike spread my legs but didn’t care why. I didn’t even care that he was still there she was so hot. I wanted more than anything to suck her tits. She was grinding on me to the music and would lean down and kiss my neck and could feel my hot breath on her tits when she would brush them over my mouth. When the song was over I was in a daze. When she stood up I realized that one of the lesbian women was sitting with Mike watching. “Whore come here. I want you to meet a friend of mine.” He said. I did as I was told. Her name was Lisa. We sat and had a drink and she told me how great my tits were and that Mike had spread my legs so she could see my lovely cunt. When I finished my drink and went to say goodnight Mike told me Lisa was going to follow us to a hotel. “You’re eating her pussy tonight while I fuck you” My mouth hit the floor. She was very butch and I could tell she wanted to take me right there in the bar. I said “Are you sure” He told me to bend over her knee and when I did he cracked me really hard!” Everyone in the bar saw it and some laughed a bit. He stood me up and hugged me and whispered in my ear “Just for that you will service us and NOTHING is going to go in that cunt for the next 24 hours”. I said “Yes sir I am sorry”.

Lisa started to kiss me in the parking lot. “My pussy is so wet from watching you I can’t wait to have you taste me”. With that she slid her hand in her shorts and then pushed her finger in my mouth!!!! Oh My God!!! It was so sweet. I told her I would love to eat her but didn’t know what to do. Mike was behind me rubbing my sore ass and whispered in my ear don’t worry you will be a natural.

We got to the room and Mike went to check in while Lisa was feeling my tits and kissing me. As soon as we got to the room Mike opened a beer and sat in the chair. Lisa stripped and laid down on the bed spread eagle. I started to take my clothes off when Lisa said “Shouldn’t you ask permission before doing that?” I turned to Mike and asked if I could take them off for her. He got up and I was ready to have another hand mark on my already sore ass when he said “No this is the part I have been waiting for. I want to be able to strip my whore for her fuck of the night” With that he turned me around and started to take my clothes off.

He then took me to the foot of the bed and said “Eat her now Whore” I started to climb up the bed and she spread her legs for me. She had a great pussy and really big swollen clit. “She what you did to me little whore now take care of this” She said. I spread her lips apart and brought my mouth down on her clit and Mike put his hand on the back of my head. “Good Whore when you are done with her you are sucking this cock!” Mike sat at the side of the bed looking while I took her. I loved the taste of her pussy. So sweet. She was very wet and I could tell my face was covered. Look at her while you eat her Mike said. I felt his hands rubbing my ass and knew the spanking would start. I loved to be spanked while I suck cock so I know I will like it while I eat pussy. He started cracking away. I dove in and was sucking her clit and driving my tongue into her cunt. I wanted every drop of her. I moved my hand up so I could rub those nice tits while I took her. She was moaning and rubbing her hot wet pussy all over my face. “Finger me Whore!!!” I did as I was told. I slid in one finger and could tell she wanted more by the screams so I went for 3. She was soaking me in juice now. She was begging for more. I knew there were woman that like to be fisted but I never imagined it was this hot. Mike had me up on my knees then and he was rubbing my clit while watching me ram my fist into her cunt as I sucked her clit. I was so wet and needed to be fucked hard. I was still fisting her when I turned and begged him to fuck me. “You are bad whore nothing in your cunt for another 22 hours, now back to work.” She started to cum all over my face. She was a squirter. I was soaked with her juice! I was so hot and started to rub my tits and clit when I felt him crack my ass really hard again! “Stop you were warned” Lisa was laughing at me while she got dressed to leave. “Get your whore mouth over here now” Mike said. He had already dropped his pants and I noticed Lisa handing him money before she left. “She is good you will make tons off of her Mike!! You would never know she is new!!” I couldn’t believe it!!! ! My husband sold me to her!!!

I already had his cock in my mouth when he told me how good I ate her and that I just made us or first $100.00. I went to pull him out of my mouth and tell him off when he grabbed me by the hair and rammed his cock back in my mouth. “Now before you get pissed I told you I wanted you to be my whore. I need you to trust your Master now.” With that he pulled out of my mouth. He cupped his hand over my mouth as he turned me around. “You are going to do as you are told or this ass will be red and your pussy will be wet with no relief!!!” With that he pushed me down on the bed and took my ass with his cock. We had used dildos in my ass but I had never felt him mount me like this. I was screaming in pain and pleasure and begging him to just fuck my cunt. It was so sore from being so hot and I needed to have it filled. He was pounding away at my ass and telling me not to cum without his permission. I was soaked. My juice was running down my legs. He was pounding away at my sore ass and pinching and twisting my tits like crazy. “NOW WHORE CUM FOR ME” With that I lost all control. I had never cum with anything in my ass and he was pumping his cum into me so hard. We both fell on the bed. He told me to go clean up so we could go home.

The next morning I was more than a little embarrassed by everything I had done for him. I was already up and dress when he woke up and was sitting at the kitchen table drinking my coffee. He came down as normal and asked it I enjoyed my first night. I told him yes and he kissed me. “Hit your knees whore” I looked at him like he was crazy. How could he want more after what we just did? He gave me the don’t make me ask twice look so I did as I was told. He fucked my mouth like a teenager and came for me within a minute. I guessed he was thinking about me eating her pussy for him. I was rubbing against him so that he would take care of me when I felt the crack on my ass. “You still have 10 hours to go whore!” I knew we had plans to go out tonight so I just let it go and figured we would play later. I decided to get into slave mode.“Master can I make myself cum without my dildos? I promise nothing will go into my cunt.” He laughed and kissed me and had me sit up on the counter. “For being a good slave and asking you can masturbate right here for me to watch but don’t you dare go in that cunt.” He said. I spread my legs and rubbed my clit and tits for 10 mins. Begging and moaning for him to help me. That I couldn’t make it without my cunt filled. I was soaking the counter with my juice when he finally came over and asked if his slut needed his help. He then started to suck my tits and I could feel him pulling on my pussy lips and teasing my cunt but never going in. I was bucking up against his hand when I felt him slide his finger into my ass. “Now ride this until you cum whore.” I was still begging and he put his thumb over the opening of my wet cunt. I was grinding away on him when I started to cum for him he leaned down and put his tongue at the base of my cunt to drink my juice. That made me explode for him and he laughed while he drank me. “You will get some tonight when training starts again” he said and walked away.

Night 2 We had dinner plans with family. I was getting dress in something conservative when Mike came in and handed me a bag. Put this on under your clothes. It was a garter, stocking, thong and a bra that came to right under my nipples. There was also a set of nipple clamps in the bag. I was looking at it thinking how am I going to sit through a dinner with our families with this on and not be embarrassed? After a couple of minutes Mike walked into the room and asked what the problem was we were going to be late. He was standing next to our toy drawer where the paddle was kept. He tapped the drawer and I started to strip and put the new clothes on. He came over and put the clamps on my tits and adjusted the tension on the clamps so that it wasn’t too hard. I put my dress back on and he smiled and said “Wow if they knew what kind of whore you are under that dress.” Luckily you couldn’t even see the clamps. The dress buttoned all the way up the front.

While we were driving over he had pulled the dress up and had me hold my thong to the side so that he could finger my clit. I was dying all though dinner. I needed to be fucked and hard. During dinner when I started to calm down my tits were on fire. The clamps were making me crazy. Mike saw how much I was fidgeting and leaned over and asked if I needed something. I could tell by the way he smiled when he said it that he knew this would happen. I whispered no Master with my head down.

We finally finished dinner!!!! We were back in the car and he was rubbing my clit. My nipples were hard again so they didn’t hurt anymore. “Is my whore ready to do what is asked?” Mike said. I almost jumped out of my seat! The clamps had made me forget that I was finally getting fucked again. I was yelling YES YES Master. We were both laughing. We had pulled up to a house I had never been to before. When we got out we walked around to the back door and Mike picked up a leash and collar from the step. My mind was going crazy. What in the hell was I in for tonight????

He put the collar on and then unbuttoned my whole dress but didn’t take it off. It just hung open so everyone could see. We went into the basement and there were about 10 other couples there and a handful of single men. All the woman were wearing a collar. Some were handcuffed and gagged. Mike looked at me and smiled. “Honey I found this place on the web. It is where you will be trained to be the best at everything! I can’t wait to be able to fuck you tonight!” Yea now I was scared. There was every kind of sex thing in this room. I was in no way experienced enough to do any of this. I started to back up and he pulled the collar. “Come on whore”.

In the middle of the room was a table like there is in the gyn office with the sterips out. The men were all making small talk and commenting to each other about how nice their whores looked. I realized the woman were all looking down at the floor and realized this is what he wanted. I did the same. Then a man came down the steps and announced that it was training time. Mike did as the others and took a seat and the whores sat next to them on the floor. The man said tonight would be discipline night. Is there a virgin here? I wanted to die when Mike stood up and said he would like to volunteer his whore for this lesson.

The man came over and thanked Mike then pulled on my leash. I was taken to the wall at the back of the room. He asked Mike how much I could endure. My brain exploded. Mike said I could be spanked and paddled with the best of them and he was very proud of me as he was rubbing my ass through my clothes. The man said very well would you like the honor of stripping the whore or should I? Mike told him he would love to show off his property. He slipped me out of my dress to men telling him how nice I looked. Then walked me around the room by my leash so they could get a better look at me. Some asked him to have me bend over for them so they could see my cunt. I didn’t realized how wet I had become until I bent over and grabbed my ankles for him. Some of the men would sqeeze my tits or my ass as we went by.

I was taken to the pole at the back of the room and the man told me to kneel. I did as I was told and he pulled his cock out. “Suck slave” I looked back at Mike and because I hesitated the man took my leash from him and pulled me to the wall. There were handcuffs in the floor and hanging from the ceiling. You will learn to obey slave the man said. And took my hand and started to attach me to the cuffs. They were low enough that I could bend over but my feet were spread really far. When he was done he stood in front of me again and said “Suck slave”. I must have hesitated again because I felt the paddle hit my ass. I sucked him right into my mouth then. He was bigger than Mike and I hadn’t touched another man’s cock in 11 years. He was fucking my mouth and making me gag so I let him fall out of my mouth. “Whore now you will pay!!!” I didn’t realize he had a blindfold in his hand and he slid it down over my eyes. “This slave needs to learn. Bring me another slave to teach her. “ I was still bent over when I heard him say now and felt teeth bite down hard on my nipple. Then begin to suck slowly. He tried to stick his cock in my mouth again and when I didn’t let him in right away he called for another slave. She was doing the same thing. Biting hard then sucking while he bounded my mouth making me gag. The women were biting me all over my tits now then sucking my nipples after biting them. The man then asked Mike if this is what I needed to learn. Mike agreed with him and told him he would like to see me take more! He was standing beside me and rubbing my ass and sliding his hand along my cunt. My juice was running down my legs. The man stopped fucking my mouth but I soon found another cock in it. I knew it still wasn’t Mike. Then I felt my hands being pulled up and put against warm pussies. Mike told me to finger the slaves for their masters. I couldn’t move. I was getting sucked, bit and mouth fucked. Then I felt the belt hit my back. I moaned and tried to move my legs. Mike said do it now. I rammed 2 fingers into each pussy. The belt was still on me. I was dripping juice down my legs and could feel it down to my knees. I needed to get some relief soon. The woman had moved around and were licking me up and down my thighs getting as much of me as they could without touching my swollen pussy.

I could hear other women being punished in the room and the sounds of their moans and the cracks of the belts had me going crazy. The man that was fucking my mouth exploded and filled my mouth telling me to swallow it all. I tried to drink down every drop but some was pushed out while he unloaded in me. I could hear Mike and the man in charge discussing my training and how Mike had sold me to a woman already but wanted to make sure I didn’t let men down when they wanted me. The man said he would make sure I could take any size cock and there were some Masters there that were well endowed. My back, ass and tits were red and sore and I needed to get fucked badly by then. Mike came over and took off the handcuffs and led me out of the basement.

When we got into the car I was out of my mind. “Mike what the fuck I need to get laid you can’t just do that and take me away!!!!!” I had never had that many people touching me and pulling on me and heard that many men in one room getting what they wanted. He pulled over and came to my side of the car and told me to get on my knees and wailed on my ass for talking to him like that. “Whore who are you talking to. You were going to get fucked tonight but now you will wait 2 weeks!!”. I was crying and begging please no I am sorry I will do as I am told please give me some I need it. It hurts I need to be fucked by you now please. With that he stuck his cock in my mouth and exploded in 5 pumps. “Now that is all you are getting.” He got back in the car and I pouted all the way home.

Night 3

Mikes job takes him away from him for days on end and this was one of them. I woke up to a note.

Hey my love. You were amazing. Don’t forget master will know if anything is in my cunt before I get home. Make sure you rub your clit every day and cum. When I get home and fuck you I will be able to tell if you didn’t do as you were told. Oh and this trip was extended for a week. Call when you get up.

I flipped. How dare he do this? I had been his wife for years and he was going to play these games with me!!!!! He could go to hell with this game of his and went to the dresser to get my rabbit. I was going to cum and hard. I opened the drawer and screamed when I saw he took every toy except my butterfly that sat over my clit. My nipple clamps and my paddle. I was on the phone calling him to tell him not to bother coming home I was going to kill him the prick! It went right to voice mail. The new message was “Don’t do anything your master can punish you for” I slammed the phone down. I was already going a week now without cock is he kidding me. I laid down on the bed and rubbed my clit with my nipple clamps on till I came.

He sent me an email latter that day. Go to this address. Wear the clothes from the other night and a long jacket nothing else. Ask for Tom. Go where he takes you. Did this man lose his mind? At the last minute I left. Tom answered the door and told me he was friends with my master and that he was my escort for the evening. I was starting to think I was in the twilight zone. Tom took me by the arm and put me in his car. We drove for about 20 mins when he stopped at an office building. Come with me he said. When I hesitated he said “I have orders to report back to your master” and got out of the car.

I stayed behind him and we went into a VIP office. I was hoping Mike knew how pissed I was and was giving me a cock to fuck while he was gone. When we went into the office the secretary was expecting us. We were lead into an office where a man was on the phone. She shut the door and Tom when behind me and took off my coat while making a motion not to make a noise. Then he put a ball gag in my mouth and secured it. The man on the phone was shaking his head that he liked what he saw and motioned to Tom to put me up on the desk in front of him. Tom wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to him NO PENETRATION PUSSY. The man smiled and ended his call. “So this is the newest we have” Tom said yes. “Is she being punished” Tom said I had yelled at my Master and could not have a full pussy for a week. The man laughed. “You have a nice Master I would have made it a month for my whore”. I was amazed what the hell did Mike get us into? “Now you will do as I say and if you don’t I will tell your Master on you.” With that he started to lick my clit and rub his thumb against my cunt. “This one tastes good Tom, What is the rate?” Tom said $500.00 for ½ hour. My eyes almost popped out of my head! “Wow she must need training if that is what he is asking for her. I was going crazy I needed to be fucked badly. The man took me off his desk and had me kneel in front of him. He pulled out his cock and all I could think is there is no way I can swallow all that. He took off the gag and sat back in his chair. “Get to it whore, I have a meeting soon” He and Tom discussed their whores and how much they loved the life. From the conversation I was now part of a group of about 100 men and their whores. The whole time they were talking he was gagging me with his cock with his hand twisted into my hair. When he was almost ready to explode he stood me up. When I wouldn’t bend over because I knew that cock was going in my ass Tom took my hands and stretched me over the desk. The man was spanking my ass while he pulled lube from his desk and went to town on my ass. It was big and hurt but my god it felt good. He had to clamp his hand over my mouth to shut me up. “Whore don’t you cum till I do!” and with that I could feel him exploding and his cock pulsing in me. I let loose and again wasted my juice down my leg. He cleaned himself then handed me the towel. “Tell Mike this one is great and thanks for the addition to the group” He handed the money to Tom who told me to put my coat back on. Tom pulled up to my car and said “Go home now”

Oh My God. My husband was selling me. If I could get off punishment I could be fucked for hours by as many men as he wanted!!!!! I have always wanted more cock then Mike could give me. He calls me his horney teenager. I couldn’t wait to talk to him. As soon as I got in the car I called him. “Hi love how is your day going” he said when he answered. I started to rant about how much I loved being his whore and I would do whatever he asked me to do. That I loved him and wanted to learn so much more to please him. He laughed and said a package would be waiting at home. He said if he kept getting more good reports I might get off punishment early!! I drove home like a crazy woman and there on the porch was a big box.

When I got in the house and dumped the contents of the box on the bed it was like a sex shop exploded in my house! There was every color and make of lingerie, heal and stockings. There was another note from Mike.

My slave, From my reports you have been a good whore. When I want you to go somewhere you will pick from this collection. Cover it with something conservative that you already own and do whatever is asked. You will follow these rules and whatever rules the other masters place on you.

1.No eye contact unless performing sexual act.

2.Never talk back.

3.Never question an act unless to ask if doing it properly.

4.Never orgasm until permitted.

5.Ask permission before doing anything.

I will see you in a couple of days.

Master I was amazed I fell asleep in the middle of all of my new clothes and dreamt of being taken over and over again.

Night 4 During the day I went and pampered myself. If I was now a high paid whore I better make sure everything looks perfect. I had my hair and nails done. A new cut and color for my hair. Then had everything waxed so that it was nice and smooth to fuck.

I was at home relaxing when I got the next email.

Go to this address at this time. Make sure you cum before going there.

I put on a red bustiea that pushed my nipples out of the top. Matching thong and heals. Covered with a purple sun dress. I had to admit I had to clean my cunt up twice because I was so wet thinking about getting off punishment and finally getting some cock!

When I got to the address I realized there were about 10 cars there. It was an old warehouse. I man was in the back and directed me where to park. Where is your Master? I was told to come here I said. He put a collar around my neck and without saying another word to me took me into the warehouse. It was a huge room with couches and beds spread around. I was tied to a wall along with about 5 other women. I didn’t know if I should talk to them and they weren’t looking at me so I followed what they were doing and sat down on the floor looking down. I could see men’s feet walking by with other slaves walking behind them and they were all looking over us making comments about who looked like they could suck cock well or who was a good fuck. One stopped and told me to kneel with my ass to him. I did and he told his slave to taste me. She attached quickly to my cunt and was licking and sucking when she was pulled away. Does she taste good? He asked. She said “Yes Master”. My collar was taken from the wall and I had to jump up not to be dragged.

I was tied to a bed face down with a blindfold and a gag. I could hear other slaves being fucked now and knew I was finally getting some. Then I felt my middle being lifted and pillows put under so that my ass was high in the air. “Whore don’t move or you will get more!” A male voice said. Then I felt him start to spank my ass which makes me very wet and very horney 2 things I already was. I also can’t stay still when this is happening to me!!! He was making sure I was good and red when I felt a woman’s thighs on my cheeks and the gag being removed. “Service her now!!!” I did just that I sucked her and shoved my tongue as far into that sweet cunt as I possibly could. She was being fucked by someone with a dildo while she grinded her clit on my mouth. My ass was so sore I couldn’t stay in one place and started to grind my hips on the bed when I felt a belt his me on my back and I got even wetter! Another pussy was put in front of me and I did the same thing…. Licking and sucking like a mad woman. I was dripping wet now and my cunt was throbbing!!!! I needed someone to take me! I was squirming and begging to be fucked!!! The women were pulled away from me then. I saw 6 men standing around the bed. “She wants to be fucked men! Cover the whore in cum when you are done with her!” Then I felt every one of them pulling on my cunt lips, tits and fingering my ass. I started to say I was sorry I would be good when this thick cock was shoved in my mouth. My head was pulled back by my hair so he could force more in my mouth. Then I felt one start to take my ass. I needed my cunt fucked I was going out of my mind. I told you to stay still whore was whispered in my ear. I stopped moving. It took everything in me not to do anything but let them take me. The pleasure was more unbearable then the spankings I was getting but I had to do what the Masters told me to do. I knew if this is what Mike wanted from me I could do it and he wouldn’t have sent me if he didn’t think I could. The ecstasy of being taken had me on the edge of cumming on them then. I knew it would have been open season to torment me then. After they had all taken my mouth and my ass they rolled me over and unloaded their cocks all over me. I was covered from head to foot in hot cum. I didn’t move to taste it.

I felt the handcuff removed and my leash pulled. I was taken to the door and told go home whore. I drove out of the parking lot. Still covered in cum and found a towel in the car to wipe myself off. I then rubbed my clit until I came and gushed all over the seat of my car. It was the hottest thing I had every done in my life. I knew the rules now. I knew what they wanted and when. I could do this!

I picked up the phone to call Mike. When he answered I started to ramble to him about how hot it was when he stopped me. “If you are calling as my wife I will talk to you. My slave can wait till I get back.” I was stunned and couldn’t say a word. I finally managed to say it is your wife. “How is the house and everyone at home love?” I told him everything was fine and that I was just on my way home and wanted to tell him I loved him and couldn’t wait for him to get home. We talked about normal household events until I got to the house and he said he would see me in a couple of days. I was in a daze and went in and went to bed exhausted.

Nights 5 & 6 I didn’t get any notes these days. Just the normal husband calls home to check on everything. I did remember to cum on both of these days. I had to do it a couple of times because I was going out of my mind. The idea of fucking myself with produce was starting to get really interesting. I had to admit that my ass and throat were really sore so the days off were good.

Night 7 I was relaxing when I got the next email.

Go to this address at this time. Wear your leash that will be delivered to you by 5pm. Make sure you cum before going there. I screamed when I got it!!!

The leash arrived with a pretty pink rhinestone color with my name on it. I am sure the man that delivered it was a Master. He told me not to look at him. I put my eyes right to the ground.

Finally I could suck a cock again or eat a pussy! Even being fucked in the ass was better than none at all! I hurried and had my nails done and pussy waxed. Dressed and was sitting on the corner of where I would be meeting my escort for 20 mins before I had to “Arrive”. It was a club and a party was going on inside. This time there were only 3 other slaves and we were all outside together when a man opened the door. He took one look at us and pointed to the ground. We assumed the stance and he took our leashes and lead us in. We were walked up on a stage and the music started. Dance and strip was all he said and walked off the stage. (Mike had paid for me to take classes about 6 months ago, now I know why).

I did as I was told and the men were making cat calls and groping all of us. When we were down to our bras and thongs a man was brought on stage. “Pick your slave for the night. You are finally a Master and can have your choice first” the man from the door said. “I will be taking them all” the new Master said. OMG I was going to get cock! The first slave was pulled to her knees and sucked him until he filled her mouth. The music had started again and the other slave and I were entertaining the crowd while he took the first slaves mouth. The other Masters were still having their fun with us. Teasing our tits with their tongues and rubbing our clits. The New Master was getting hard again and I was hoping he would take me next as now the first slave was being passed around and taken by multiple men at one time. She was cumming and moaning and thanking every Master that took her. The new Master came over to me next. “Grab your ankles and do as you’re told. I can see you are still being trained. That is when I noticed I had a different leash. Mine had a white line down it and a tag on the end. I did as I was told and he was rubbing my pussy and spreading the juice up over my ass. The tag was where I could see it and it said “NO PENTITRATION PUSSY” NOOOOOOOO at that moment I realized I was going to do exactly as I was told. “Master can I help you take my ass?” He started to rub the sides of my ass then with his hands and smiled. “You are a quick learner” With that I reached back and took his cock in my hand and slid the head around my wet pussy for him. He loved it and his cock grew more. I slide him in me and began to buck up against him. He was moaning and grabbed me around the waist and lifted me up. He took me to the chair on the stage and sat down so that I could force him in me more. “Master are you happy with my ass? Do you want me harder? Would you like to suck my tits while you fuck me?” He took me off him and turned me around to face him and impaled my ass again with his cock. I felt his teeth latch on to my tits and bite around the clamp then. “Master I am going to cum for you please please can I cum for your cock?” YESSSSS was all he could get out as he filled me. He slumped in the chair and the other Masters were cheering for him.

I was then passed around the room and taken as the first slave was but no one put anything in my cunt. I don’t even know how many times I came that night. I was doing everything I could think of to make the Masters happy. I was asking each of them what they wanted from me. Fuck me hard, deep, slow, grind. Suck hard to gag or just the tip. Whatever they wanted from me they got. My ass and mouth were well fucked when I left and no Master had corrected me.

Night 8 & 9 I didn’t get any notes these days either. Mike would call home to check on everything. My ass and throat were really sore so these days. I must have serviced 10 men that night. As sore as my clit was I made sure I came.

Night 10 Another email.

Let in any Master that comes to the house tonight. Be dressed appropriate. They will be holding a collar so you know who to service.

The first knock on the door the man came in and showed me the collar. “What can I do for you Master” I said. He shut the door and said to suck him. I quickly got to my knees and he pulled my hair while he gagged my mouth with his cock until he came. He turned and left.

Another knock. A Master and his slave. “What can I do for you Master” I said. Spread her legs suck her, spank and fist her he said. “May I take her to the couch?” I asked. No the table he said she is being punished she hates women eating her and you are not to stop until she cummes. With that I took her and told her to lay on the table. I spread her legs and he made her sit up and watch me take her. It took a while to get her pussy wet. I was sucking her clit and spitting on her cunt. I then came up and pinched her nipples and began fucking her with 2 fingers until she was obviously enjoying my mouth. I asked the master if I could go get my clamps as she was being punished. He laughed and said yes. As I was applying them I could tell she was getting wet. I started to spank her clit with the clamp in place while I slid in 2 more fingers and I could tell she was enjoying me then. “Do you want her to cum now master or should I make it last longer?” Now is fine he said while he told her never to disobey him again. I knew she was close while he was correcting her behavior so I began slamming my whole fist into her then. Sucking on her clit at the same time while he told her how much of a slut she was and that she could not cum until the moment he said to. She was grinding on me and begging him for release when he finally said yes. She showered me with her cum. He pulled her leash before she could recover and told her that would be the last thing in her cunt for 3 months.

Another knock. 2 Masters. “What can I do for you Master” I said. Go get anal lube and position yourself over a chair to be fucked. I did as I was told. The first Master had me suck his cock until it was hard. He was pinching and squeezing my tits as his cock grew. He was telling the other Master he had my ass before and it was well worth the drive. From the conversation they were at least an hour drive from me. When he was hard I asked him if he was ready to fuck my ass now? He took me by the arm and bent me over the chair. Taking me hard and spanking me the whole time. My juice was running down my leg. The other Master came in front of me and started to fuck my mouth. “I really want to fuck this slave. Her pussy looks really nice.” he said to the other Master. Nope this one is on punishment. Oral and Anal only. Shame she looks like she could be a good fuck. We will have to come back when she is done and take her together like we did with the last ones. They both laughed and continued to take me. When he was done and had cum in my ass the other Master assumed his position. He was really spanking me and pulling on my tits. He was reaching down and pulling on my pussy lips asking me if I liked being a slave. “YES Master Please Please may I cum on your cock!!!” Oh you are a good little slave aren’t you?” He said. He turned me around and had me mount him from the front and fuck my ass as he sucked my tits. “I want to see you when you cum on my cock whore” He said and started to fuck me hard and deep while is partner spanked me and sucked my tits. He was soaked in my juice and I was begging. “Please Master I really want you to feel me cum on your cock you will really love how wet I get when I cum” He couldn’t take anymore and finally said “NOW WHORE” I released a load on his lap while he did the same in my ass. He got up and they both walked out. That was the last knock for the night thank god.

Night 11 Another email.

Go to this address. Wear nothing but a long jacket and your collar.

I did as I was told and arrived at the house. A woman in a collar came to get me from the car. She attached a leash and pulled not saying a word. She took me into a garage and took my coat off. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me at all.

I was taken into a room with 10 men. She pushed me onto the bed and started to tie me down. I could see whips and chains and toys everywhere. She put a gag in my mouth and then when to kneel before one of the men. She stroked her hair telling her she did very well.

The men where talking amongst themselves. Mostly about seeing how much I had learned and if I would do what I was told.

Then I felt them start to attach clamps to my nipples. The clamps were attached to chains that were run up into the ceiling with weights on them. I was wet already. They did the same with my cunt lips. They were laughing at how wet my cunt was for them already.

Then they started to whip me with the belts and paddles. My tits were red and so where my thighs. The gag was removed and a cock was pushed hard into my mouth. I was gagging and he just told me to swallow it whore. The others were still whipping me when I felt the woman on my clit. She was sucking and biting it so hard I was dripping. The men were taking turns on my mouth now. I had already sucked half the room. The woman was told to start smacking my cunt with her hand. “You cum whore and this will get worse for you! You wont get any cock in your ass or pussy for months!” The Master said.

She was pulled away from my cunt then and sat on my face. I was dying. I needed to cum so bad! “Service her now!” I did as I was told and sucked and tongue fucked her until I her her master tell her to cum. She squirted all over my already cum soaked face. I felt a large man cum up between my thighs then smacking them as he pushed his cock into my ass. He was fucking me with everything in him. I could feel his calls bouncing off of me. When he was done another took his place. Pinching my clit as he took me. I had lost track of how many of them I had serviced and knew it had been hours now. I was soaking wet the bed was full of my juice.

While I had another cock in my mouth I could tell something was being positioned at my ass. After the master had cum all over my tits I heard him tell someone to turn it on. A vibrator was being held by the woman on my clit and she started to suck my sore swollen tits. The men were all laughing as I screamed and begged to be able to cum! That is when I felt the biggest dildo ever being pushed into my already well fucked ass. “Do not cum until told whore” I moaned and begged while she sucked my tits and rubbed the vibrator over my clit. My ass was being fucked hard by the dildo and I could hear the machine it was attached to being turned up to go faster. “Now Whore” was all he said….. I came so hard I squirted all over the womans hand and could feel how wet I was down to my feet. The men laughed while I came. Some were spanking my thighs and tits which made it continue for a long time.

She untied me and handed me my coat. I stumbled to my feet and somehow made it to my car. I could only drive a couple of blockes when I had to pull over and cum again.

Night 13 & 14 & 15 No emails thank god. I couldn’t take anything else being put inside of me and my tits were still sore. I did cum often those 2 days.

Night 16 You will be picked up at 8pm. Wear only your thong and a long jacket. Do as you are told.

I dressed and made sure everything was perfect. I was sitting on the couch waiting when the knock came at the door.

A man steep in and shut the door then told me to get on my knees. He put my color on but held the leash so that I could not see if it was the same one. “Suck me” I pulled out his cock and serviced him. I made sure to look up at him and when I did he started to bang his cock down my throat and came quickly. “Good whore.” He then told me to fix his clothes, I did. He turned and pulled my leash.

I didn’t even look out the windows as we drove away. I looked at the floor the entire ride. When we got out of the car and walked into a room I realized we were at the same room where it all started. The training room! OMG NOOOO. I couldn’t do anymore of this! My coat was removed and I was put with the other slaves. Never looking around. I could tell there was a new slave being taught by her moans and cracks of a belt or hand as she never asked what the Master needed to enjoy her. I was taken to another part of the room then and placed in front of a pussy and told to eat and finger her until she came.

I dove right into her pussy. It was very swollen from being fucked and her ass was well fucked too. I was looking at her eyes while I lapped at her and had 4 fingers in her pussy when she finally asked her Master if she could cover me with her cum. She was very sweet. My leash was pulled and I was told to kneel. 4 cocks surrounded me. “Service them now” I was told. “Master can I take one in my ass while I stroke 2 and suck one?” “No whore suck them all” I did as I was told. Asking if they wanted to pull my hair while they fucked my mouth, if they wanted to pinch or pull on my nipple clamps as I serviced them or if they would like to rub my clit as I was being punished for being a bad whore and they couldn’t fill me. I was rubbing the other cocks while I was sucking down one the whole time looking up at them with begging eyes knowing I needed to cum really soon. I was so hot. They each took their turn on me. One pulled my hair back while he fucked my mouth slow. One was busy pulling and twisting my nipples and having me rub my clit as he took me. One slammed his cock hard into me and was making me gag. The last took my mouth while spanking me with the paddle the whole time. I was hard at work sucking their cocks for what seemed like an hour before they all had filled my mouth with their load.

When they were done filling my mouth they returned me to the other slaves. They all looked as I did. Well used for the night. Our tits were all swollen and red from being pulled on and some had very red asses from being spanked.

The man in charge asked for everyone’s attention. It seems we were welcoming a Master back to the house from his party. He wanted to thank the men that took the time to train his slave for him and wanted to have those favorites enjoy her tonight. Someone came over and took my leash then. OMG Mike was home!!!!!! It took everything in me not to look up at him. He took off my leash then and put a matching pink one on!

“On the bed Whore” he said. “Roll over so I can see your ass” I felt him crack me really hard many times. My cunt was already dripping wet and this was making it so much worse. I couldn’t stand for him not to fuck me tonight. “Have you learned your lesson?” Yes Master I said never rolling over. I will never make you mad again. I am so sorry for disappointing you. What can I do to make it up to you Master? I couldn’t believe what he said next. “You will service every man in this room any way they want to take you” There were at least 15 men in the room. “Yes Master, how do you want me to start?” With that he told me to stand. He told another Master to lie down. “Put his cock in your ass” I did as I was told then he pushed me so that I was lying down on the other masters chest. Another Master came up between my legs then. I have never been double penetrated before! “Master can I show them how much I am enjoying their cocks?” “You won’t be able to” he said. With that he brought his cock over to my mouth. I was having every whole filled! “Cum whore” he said. They were fucking me and pulling on my tits. As they came another would come and take their place. I could feel pleasure and pain from every part of my body as they took me. I was soaking wet I had never cum so hard and so often. They were spanking my tits, ass and pussy. Pinching, biting and sucking on wherever their mouth landed. My pussy, ass and mouth were being stretched and pounded by them. I was being called a whore and slut and slave and letting them know with my eyes that I was whatever they wanted me to be. If they pulled out of my mouth I was thanking them for giving me their cocks and begging to be able to satisfy another one.

The room was filled with the smell of pussy. Every slave was being taken and taught by every man in the room. Some were not learning well and I could tell by their wails needed to cum. Some were being rewarded by being told to cum while other slaves sucked on them and fist fucked them.

After everyone had taken me and Mike had his fill of the other slaves he came and took my leash put my coat on and led me out of the room. I assumed the position of eyes down until we got to the house.

He came around to my side of the car and took off my collar. He kissed me. “You are the best wife a man could ask for” He led me in the house and made love to me for hours. Telling me the whole time I was the best slave and best whore a man could ever pay for. After we were done he led me to the bathroom and put me into a nice hot tub. I was relaxing and enjoying the water on my body when he came back with a drink and a printout from the computer.

“Honey know how you wanted to have spending money to do whatever you wanted with?” he said. I asked him what he was talking about now. Laughing, He handed me the printout for $10,000.00. Go buy whatever you want. You earned it. “Mike am I still your slave?” I asked confused. “Of course you are. You are the best money maker out there. I am not taking any offers for a couple of days for you. You pussy needs to rest and I am not sharing while it is so swollen and tight!”

We laughed and he took me again before I passed out from exhaustion.

I guess I am now a well trained whore.

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