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Tourist Trap

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San Francisco. Last Weekend. Sunny Day.

you are bored silly, you cant believe you took all this time to visit sf and all your hubby wants to do is take pictures of seagulls and fat sea lions on the dock. hey, a couple shots is cool, but three hours of camera work, to bore all the friends in Des Moines?

but patience is a virtue. damn virtue.

there is a handsome man wearing grey slacks, a maroon shirt and a black leather jacket that catches your eye. i wonder if he ran out of film you ask yourself. you turn to look at him again but he vanished.

damn, i finally had a diversion and he leaves.

the wind gets a lil brisk and the flounce of your sunskirt whips up a bit and the crowd of people on the pier, if they happen to be looking get a nice peek of your black thong.

someone touches you on the shoulder. you spin around breathlessly hoping it's the stranger. your shoulders sag when you see Harold in front of you, breathless, holding two tickets in his hand.

"i got us two tickets to ride on the ferry boat to alcatraz, aint that exciting?" he gushes. oh boy you think.

about to accept another long ass side trip to something that you have no interest in. then the man appears again, behind Harold. He is holding up two tickets as well.

"honey, i am sorry, but would you mind going on this alone, my tummy is a lil in knots (close, but not quite my tummy)

and i would just get ill on the boat. He looks sort of hurt until a seagul flies by and lands with the golden gate behind it.

"uh, ok hon. i will meet you back here in four hours" and runs to focus on the sea bird and leaves you standing there.

you look up and he is gone.

fuck! now what do i do. hope he appears again magically? or do i buy a damn throw away camera and try shooting sailboats on the bay? or do i try to catch up with harold and look at al capones toilet in his cell.

i get tapped on the shoulder.

my heart swells. then drops to my ankles...harold again.he hands me some rolls of film and a hundred dollar bill.

"have these one hour developed so i can see them when i get back. bye bye." he makes kissy sounds and runs off to the boat.

so now i am his fucking errand girl.

i turn and the man is two feet in front of me. my clit actually throbs! he hands me a piece of paper, without a word and walks to the curb where a driver and black car awaits him. i read the ticket, which is actually a blank paper with handwriting.

If you want to experience SF in the manner that you have heard rumors about. if you can follow instructions without fail, including any commands of any sexual nature. If you can give me two hours of your time. if you believe that you will not be harmed.

then drop this in the trash next to you and come to me and my car.


thirty seconds later the note is splattered with clam chowder as a man tosses his empty bowl on top of the note in the garbage can. he looks up and gets an eyefull of a pretty lady leaning in to sit in a black car, as the wind whips up her pretty dress, showing a shapely ass and black thong...


the last we looked, the lady had left her hubby to see alcatraz, and with the wind blowing up her skirt and showing off her black thong steps into the strangers car...

WHAT have i done... part frightened but mainly excited with a soaking thong she hops in the car and sits on the grey leather seat in the back of the the limo.

"My namd is Harold"

"oh my" i whisper. what kind of joke is this. but he couldnt know what my hubby's name is. did Harold set this up? is this a fucking prank?

i decide to get silly back.

"you may call me Maude".

He scolds me."since you are a smart ass, and have a sense of wit, you won't have a name, you will call me Sir, and i will call you slut."

i shiver...

He asks what i want to drink and opens the bar. i ask for a vodka and tonic. he laughs and he says i will give you some spiced rum mixed with malibu rum. he says since its spiced and coconut he calls it SPICY NUTS. the two rums blend making a mottled and swirling concoction. i did not know that two colors so simular could make such a subtle pattern.

"would you like to taste my spicy nuts..."

i whimper and take the glass. my greed for what comes next is shown in how i drain the drink like its a shooter.i thought it would taste awful, but the sweet and spice went good together. perhaps i will enjoy the flavor of his nuts.

he removes the glass from my hands and he starts to give me commands. quickly, and i can barely keep up with them.

close your eyes. (gasping when a blindfold goes on )

undo your top button on your dress.

take off your left shoe.

open your thighs.

touch your knees.

undo another button.

lick your lip.

touch your thigh.

touch higher.

undo another button.

undo your bra, expose your nipples.

slut, he says, take off your thong.

my mind races. what will he want next?

then the car slows down and after a few moments, the door is opened and i feel the presence of two people join us.


(our lady after leaving her hubby on the pier in SF, has joined a stranger in his car. he has given her commands that she finds intriquing to follow. blindfolded, stripped of her bra and black thong, and left just in her undone dress, she is startled to find the limo door open and two more people enter the car)

"what is this sir?"

"slut, do you think you are the only person i sought out today? you are appropriate for my needs, but my needs are complicated and you alone would not suffice"

you recall that time you read The Story of O in the city library. surprised that such a book would even be there. but when your black thong came off, and you sat back on the leather. and you remember what happened to O in that car...

your ass touched the seat and the cool leather stuck to your thighs. you start to adjust the flounce of your skirt but realize the leather is also touching your labia lips in a very soothing manner.

this revelry is interrupted though with the newcommers and Sir's words that you are not enough.

"fuck you mr. if you don't think that i am enough to satisfy you. you can stop this black ass car and let me out now."

"well slut, i believe you read the note fully. and agreed to all the terms when you entered this car."

"enjoy the ride" he smirks.

i try to identify the new passengers. i detect a hint of cologne with a flowery scent.

"is that Chloe or sunflowers?"

a voice whimpers "yes, its Chloe"

a female voice.

"and is that Escape, i ask"

"none of your business lady" a rough voice spits out.

gessh, a whimpy lady and an asshole. you wonder what the hell is going on now.

sir speaks up. "have you ever been with more then one lover at a time"

your clit throbs, and the questions come too fast to answer.

"have you ever sucked two cocks at once" "have you ever tasted a pussy" "have you ever had a woman lick your pearl clit while riding on a cock" "have you ever had the proper training on how to serve a master"

then he asks a question, obviously not to me.

"undo your top button on your dress.

take off your left shoe.

open your thighs.

touch your knees.

undo another button.

lick your lip.

touch your thigh.

touch higher.

undo another button.

undo your bra, expose your nipples.

take off your thong."

damn you think, those are the exact commands you were given. you can hear that she complies with all his commands.

then someone touches your blindfold and it falls from your eyes. you look the new ones over. the woman is younger then you. the man is older. the man is asian and the woman is black. your eyes are alarmed to see the womans legs splayed, but then you cant take them away.

her open pussy is pink against her dark thighs, and she is touching her nipples, dark baking chocolate against caramel breasts.

sir says to you "is your cunt getting moist?"

"i dont have a CUNT. sir. i have a pussy." but you are getting wet and dont have an answer for why.

you think back on all the times you have been around nude women. you dont recall having this type of response.

"touch your cunt"

"harold, i am getting tired of this master shit, i dont have a cunt, i have a clit and pussy"

but you cant help it, and you touch yourself. and yes, you are flowing nectar from your lips below. your clitoris is starting to itch for more then your own touch.

"i think its time for you to learn why you are here, and that your manners need some correction slut."

he opens a bag and pulls out a riding crop.

"open your c.... i mean pussy lips slut"

you smile at your minor victory and open your legs wide.

he nods to the ebony beauty and tells her man to move her next to you on the seat.

"i will call you bytch. and i want you to hold on to slut's nipples while i give her an important lesson"

you melt when you feel a womans fingers on your pert nipples for the first time in your life. the smooth finger tips. the hesitant touch. you can hear her breath caught up short as this is the first time she has ever touched another woman's breast as well

then sir leans forward and touches the handle of the crop to your open pussy. he dips into your thick clear honey and pulls it up slowly, painting a trail up to your clitoris. you can barely hold back the sigh and how your body neess to arch up against the touch, while simultaneously wanting to slink down into the seat and moan

he turns to the one he calls bytch.

"open your mouth and put out your tongue"

out flicks her pink tongue, and he touches the tip of his whip handle, wet from your inner self, and annoints her tongue.

"we are there" says the driver. be continued


the car stops. the driver opens the door. Sir nods to the man, and the asian man disappears.

he looks at both ladies and speaks.

"we are going to visit a place that provokes all the rumors you may have heard about San Francisco. you will stay behind me, my friend will join us inside and he will follow you. your blindfolds will be placed back on you. any questions?"

the lady looks at the black goddess next to her. she realizes that not one word has come from those black lips. Bytch remains speechless still. so she decides to speak up.

"where are my fucking panties?"

the man reaches in his pocket. after pulling them out, he smells them and tosses them to her. she starts to put them on.

"wait slut"

he pulls out some red silk ruffled panties from his other pocket.

"you two are going to switch."

"give your black thong to Bytch"

the red pair blurs through the air to Slut.

they put them on in silence, strangely enjoying the feeling of softness of the thong, on skin that once had ruffles, and the feeling of the ruffles against a clit used to silkiness.

"button up your clothes, hold hands and follow my lead"

the blindfolds appear, they are applied and the man walks out and lets the driver help them out. single file they carefully tread the rough pavement and then cracked sidewalks. the walk is just a few feet and the man stops them.

he sees a young scrawny man at the door. and the weakling looks up from a tattered paperback. the man makes the slightest nod of his head and with a crooked smile watches the door opened from inside for them.

"hold my hand Slut, and Bytch, follow her closely. we are going up four steps and into a door."

they negotiate the stairs and step inside. they follow and bytch is surprised to feel the hand of a man to guide her forward. slut smells Escape and smiles to know her escort has returned.

"we are talking an elevator now."

the ladies knees give out slightly as they descend. loud rock music assaults ears. the ladies whimper when hands reach out the touch them.

"BACK OFF" the man rumbles. and the hands retreat. a couple men appear out of nowhere and the offending owners of those hands are quickly removed from the hall. the rest of the men and women give them more space now.

a chain rattles.

they are walked through a very narrow opening and then the man speaks again.

"there is a bed here, lay on it side by side."

they do

the two men grab each pair of ankles and tie soft leather tethers to them. then they restrain both sets of wrists. then they pull off blindfolds.

the ladies blink and moan trying to focus.

"what the fuck is this place" slut whimpers under her voice.

it looks like a high school cafeteria turned into a haunted house, without the scary stuff. the flat black walls have obsenities splayed then with broad brush strokes. strobe lights attack the eyes. the bed is made of rough vinyl. the room is surrounded with a chain link fence. there is a small chain like what you would use to close off the isle of a grocery store when the checker needs to pee closing off the room. two of the men who removed the "touchers" stand at the door.

the chain link seems to be alive. but then she realizes that the movement is from thousands of fingers clasping the fence from the outside. there are over two hundred guests of the club wanting to watch the fresh performaners.

Sir speaks up. "Slut, you are about to enjoy every fantasy. there is every kind of perversion here."

what strikes your fancy?

"sir, you decide. but, i want bytch to help"

sir smiles and softly whispers. bytch gasps.

"look over the crowd, and select those that you do NOT want to be envolved. then i will select from the remainder those appropriate for your lesson"

the mass of fingers now become blurred as she starts to focus on faces. the people are naked. she looks at the heft of cocks and the gentle sway of breasts.the lady nods at those that she dislikes and the disapointed men and woman step back.

sir speaks loudly

"you failed your first lesson slut. dont look at dicks and tits. look into the eyes. that will tell you more about passion then body parts"

the man nods and the group comes back together.

"pick again"

she looks into the faces now and sees who has lust, who has perversion and who has hunger. this time she nods and a diferent group of people sigh and back off. several of the original outcasts now stay and smile.

sir looks at the returning ones that slut had rejected and picks two of them. he looks at the rest of the crowd and selects four more.

sir turns to slut and with his crooked smile whispers

"i think we can begin"


SF tourist trap. the final chapter

sir sends bytch out to fetch the men and women slut selected. one byone they come in the room.slut watches the bouncers open the tiny chain to let them enter our chain link cell. she gasps when she sees what the crowd does

the rest of the guests swarm around again. one large beautiful woman is watching with glazed eyes while a tall man lifts up her hair and kisses the back of her neck. next to her another woman is pressed against the webbing, her blouse open, bra unhooked in the front. her nipples poke through the little square spaces. she is moving in an odd way. she is getting fucked from behind. her eyes are squinted shut.

sir tells the ones that join us. "strip off your clothes, if you are not nude already"

the lady has a dry mouth, watching each one enter the room.

there is a black man with a shaved head. he removes his clothes and she sees he has a matching hair cut below. his cock hangs low, and curves to the left. his massive balls are full and tight.

a thin coppery colored man is already nude. she picked this man twice, mesmerized by the beauty of his skin, and the fact that his cock looked like the kind she saw on porno movies.

the asian man.

"why did i pick this asshole" she whispers to herself "i can't resist him, nor the way he smells and looks"

he takes off his shirt. the crowd gasps as the art tattoed on his chest is aired out. the pants drop and the pattern is completely exposed. his nipples are encircled with two heads of a dragon. the body curls across his chest and defined belly, finally the tail tapers down until it wraps around his cock.

two women come in together. one south american, perhaps from peru or argentina. her clothes fall off sensually. she moves back and forth as she sheds them like a skin. a personal tango of lust. her pussy is shaved bare with just a lil strip above her clit. her hair is jet black. except on the hair below. she had it dyed red at the top and faded to blond at the bottom. all in a two inch strip of tightly curled pubic hair. she carries a small bag in her hand and a brush. while tango watches the crowd and the people come in the room, she brushes her hair on her head and then lower to the hair under her navel. each stroke goes down and touches above her pearl clitoris. then back up to her head. pulling the locks tight and powerfully back toward the nape of her neck

the chain link rattles. the woman getting fucked is dropping down, her knees weak. moaning.

the tango goddess's partner is also latino, but darker. not as slim. not as pretty. but her eyes! that is why she was chosen. her black obsidian eyes peer straight through slut. as she takes off her clothes, she never takes her eyes off of slut. she is careless and doesn't care where they drop. she just kicks them aside as they fall off. her body is broad and thick. her breasts hang low, nipples heavy. her waist has a roll to it, and her hips are chunky. but she is not aware of that. she is just, obsessively staring at the morsel on the bed ahead of her. she has a confidence in her person, not her body. that in turn makes her more sensual then some model who is always concerned with an ounce out of place.

she starts to crawl up the bed, but then tango pulls a leash and collar from her bag, tightens the leather on the womans neck. she looks up at tango and spits out a silent word. then goes back to staring at the slut on the bed.

the last woman is a small girlish looking asian. she looks like she is barely 16, but when her eyes flash up, you can see she is not a child. her raspberry nipples are larger then her breasts. her ass is sculpted like a greek goddess and her torso is strong from more then enough gym time.

they all have one thing in common. lust.

sir speaks up."we have spent a long time getting you here. and getting this ready. you dont have much time left. so lets get busy. is there anything particular you want to try first?"

her whole body arches up against the restraints to whisper in his ear.

his face broadens in a smile. "as you wish"

"tango lady, undo your pet"

"tango, you join her. i want both of you to start at her feet and suck and lick your way up to her cunt. then stop"

they each take a foot. one starts to lick between the toes while the other sucks them on the opposite foot. sluts back arches up, her pussy raised off the bed. sir puts the blindfold back on.

"bytch will tell you when to move up her body, bit by bit"

bytch watches the womans eyes screw up. sensing part pleasure and part ticklish. she touches the hair of each woman and pulls a handfull softly to guide them to slut's calves.

they hover over her body and move forward a couple feet so they can lick the opposite calf. tango licking the leg that pet had licked. and pet licking tango's side. this lets both set of breasts dangle over and touch sluts legs while they strain to reach the other leg

slut is twisting. bytch is pulling hair again, and tongues return to the proper knee and lick along the outsides, then underneath.

tango and pet get pulled up again by thier hair. now they open her legs wide and side by side; touching cheek to cheek they gently knaw with teeth along her inner thighs.

pet smells hot female flesh and races ahead of tango. bytch doesnt react in time and pet buries her face in sluts wet open cunt. tango straightens up and pulls back on the leash fiercely.

pet is pulled back, face wet with nectar.

tango hisses. "come back with me you brat". they pull back from the bed and tango pulls down on the leash til pet is kneeling before her.

"get in the She'leen position"

Pet sits on her heals, opens her thighs. places her palms on her thighs upward facing and casts her eyes downward.

the attention goes back to the bed. Slut is moaning.she whimpers and keens, the words running together.

"iwantmore...wheredidtheygo...ineedmore...pleaseplease...ihavetohaveacockinme...ineed tobefucked...pleasefuckmefuckme...pleaseohgod...ineedmore....iwant...breasts...onmypussy...i wantmore...ineedmore."

" what have you done to me sir!!!!"

sir nods to the small asian lass.

lass has been her many times and she knows what to do. there is a chain with a triangle hanging from the ceiling. right over sluts head. lass bounds up on the bed, standing straight up. straddling sluts head. she grabs the triangle and hangs from it. letting her pussy lower to sluts lips slut cant tell what is happening, but she starts to smell a musky scent. a mixture of sea salt and mossy ferns. another cologne?

before she can try to figure out what it is, she is tasting a vagina for the first time in her life. the lass opens her thighs and starts to rub her open gap on slut's chin, then nose,and then back over sluts lips

"hey slut, open your mouth, stick out your tongue. i want to have you fuck me with your tongue"

she lifts up on the triangle and then bounced down hard. the chain perfectly hung to have her stop just at the point where tongue touches labia lips. slut opens her mouth and is covered in wet pussy juice. she sticks out her tongue and tries to flick the clit above her.

"ha, see if you can catch me" lass shouts and jumps up again, then sticks her legs out wide to the side and slams down again. again, stopped perfectly on the tongue.

"oh baby, tongue my hole. fuck my clit, lick my asshole bitch. work it in. rub it around" lass shouts while looking around the crowd to see how they react to her display.

slut can only moan as her face is constantly pressed down from lass's falling actions. she fears lifting her head up. or else lass pussy will give her a concussion. how would she describe that accident to an EMT.

she wants to touch her clit but the restraints keep her hands over her head.

sir tells bytch to start touching sluts pussy. slut EXPLODES. and squirts pussy juice two feet into the air. it sprays all over bytch.

"ha. i made you squirt slut. now you belong to my ass" lass shouts out joyously.

sir comes over and quickly snaps cuffs to the triangle and both of lass's wrists.

"hang on lil cutie" he bursts out. as the triangle starts to rise.

"hey you pervert what the fuck are you doing. ha, i will get you next time. you can all kiss my ass" lass yells out

she lets out a loud fart and cackles as she goes up and away in the dark, as some invisible marionette guides her over the crowd and into the dark tall rafters above the room.

"wipe her down bytch, with that towel." sir commands

as she is cleaned; another aparatus lowers from the ceiling. sir orders slut released from her bounds. slut rubs her ankles and wrists a bit and whispers to sir again.

"yes, you can take off your blinfold". she does it instantly.

just then lass bounds back to the bouncer. sir nods. and the chain opens for her.

"tie her up lass" sir exhales.

smiling at her, as lass winks back. lass wraps the harness around her torso, nipples pointing through spaces in the hide. then lass splays out the legs with with rods, her pussy wide open and exposed

"hey that was pretty tricky harold, but you just wait, i will get you back mr sir" lass giggles.

lass does her work quick. the crowd moans when they see slut raise slowly

"what is this Fuck Su Lay circus?? slut asks humorously?

she is raised about four feet.

sir goes to the two men and gives them brief instructions. they smile and get on the bed. mr porno has his head at the foot of the bed. mr clean puts his head at the other end. they wiggle together so that there cocks are touching, bottom sides of cock against bottom sides. this makes both cocks become one.

lass holds the cocks like dead chickens while she ties them together at the base with a leather strap.

"bytch, i want you to put both cocks in your mouth, cover them with spit so they are nice and wet." lass says with a smirk.

bytch leans forward and starts to tongue both soft cocks, amazed at this combination. soon two hot cockheads start to raise up over four warm balls. the whole set yearning up for more. she tries to put both in her mouth. she can barely put both heads in. she squeezes both shafts together, which allows her to put more in. she has to stop at halfway down. her mouth can't close properly so drool oozes down both shafts and pools around the scrunched up scrotums.

bytch starts to moan and her legs start to shake. she reaches down and starts to strum her clit with her finger.

tango releases pressure on pet's leash and motions her to move to bytch. pet scooches over behing bytch and leans backwards tween bytch's thighs and raises up her face into bytch's hot shaking pussy.

she tongue fucks her.

bytch cant take it. she starts to cum immediately. tango hisses something to pet. all three ladies retire to the corner. leaving bytch's hard cock creation wrapped in leather.

sir motions to someone in the distance and a whining sound occurs as the pussy of slut begins to lower. soon the tips of two cocks are only inches from a hot wet open pussy. the sound stops. cocks try to raise, and a pussy tries to strain down.

"ok. let it all the way down" says sir.

whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl slut lowers and the cocks touch syruppy wetness. lass comes over and touches each cock just long enough to make sure both are inside sluts pussy. tattoo comes back stands up on the bed and straddles the two men, placing his cock at sluts lip level

he starts to face fuck her, while sir hits a switch that raises and lowers the pussy to just barely taking in the heads. slut goes crazy

"unn unn unngh..." she pulls away from tattoos cock."please go fasteer. deeper fuller." tattoo moves forward "ung gugdglug ung"

sir hits the switch harder. slut comes down all down the shafts to the quad balls. the motion becomes faster, she raises up two inches and down two inches per stroke. this goes on for ten minutes. to increased moaning and groans from the audience.

the lady getting her neck licked at the wall cums.

bytch starts to yell from pets tongue. tango smiles watching it all.

tattoo starts to squirm and make loud noises. as his cock starts to spew out white glue into sluts mouth.

both men under her shake and tremble and they buck up thier asses to fill the lady more. lass removes the leather strap as cum, held back by the leather noose, shoots up past the restraints and into the moving cunt. tattoo moves back.

lass grabs sluts leg and spins her on the two squirting cocks. the men go wild and slut's head slumps back.

the men leave the bed.

slut is lowered. lass unhooks her.

slut lays back, her pussy and face stained with pearl cream. sir leans down low to her face and whispers into her ear. she looks up at him and shouts.


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