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Things that go Hump in the Night

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I apologize if this story is too graphic or dark for some readers.

It was late. 2:30 am on a Tuesday. Lisa had just come from her "boy-toy"s house, and was hoping her roommates wouldn't wake up when she tried to sneak in.

The lights flashed in Lisa's rear-view mirror, startling her out of her fantasies consisting mainly of flashbacks of what her and her fling had just done, not 20 minutes before. The red and white pulsing lights, unmistakably those of a state trooper, sent jolts of panic where throbbing heat had been. 'Shit, was I speeding?' Lisa thought, looking at her speedometer. 57 in a 55. "Damn. That's what I get for zoning out.'

Knowing the drill, Lisa fumbled in her purse for her license, and slowly pulled over. The gravel on the deserted road kicked up dust, and Lisa killed the engine. She rolled down her window, squinting against the headlights reflected in her mirrors. She heard the slow, deliberate footsteps of the cop approaching her door, and said a silent prayer for a simple warning. She was only going a few miles over after all. The cop's boots crunched on the gravel, and soon nothing but the cop's crotch, from mid-thigh to just above the belt, appeared in her window. The cops large hand tapped ominously against the handcuffs strapped to his belt.

"License and registration please ma'am." The cops voice was low and commanding, stern and uncompromising. So much for the easy warning.

Lisa fumbled in her wallet, panicked fingers slowing her progress. As she pulled her license out, her purse tipped and spilled her condom stash onto her lap. She prayed the cop wouldn't notice. She fished the registration card out of the glove box, spilling a few more condoms out onto the floor of the car.

The cop had noticed, and grabbed her fingers as she handed him the cards. "I hope that's not your cute attempt at bribe. Let's not make this worse, ok?" The cop gripped Lisa's hand tightly for one more second, long enough for her to see the powerful veins raised on the tanned flesh of the officer's large hand.

"uh, its not.. um.. I mean ... they just fell... I'm sorry" Lisa managed, her heart climbing into her throat.

"Good. Don't move." The cop slowly walked back toward his car, his hand never leaving his handcuffs. Lisa had still not seen his face, and was sure that the cop had planned on that.

The cop's footsteps stopped, turned, and he again approached Lisa's car. Lisa thought she heard him muttering something to himself. "mmm...better idea...".

The cops large hand reappeared in her open window and handed the cards back to Lisa. She felt a wave of relief wash over her, he was going to let her go with just a warning after all!

"I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the car please ma'am." Lisa's hand was frozen with the cards the monstrously sized cop had handed her. "But I .. you didn't... I .. uh... " Panic rose up the back of Lisa's throat, stealing her words, her thoughts. The cop's other hand remained planted on his handcuffs and not, blessedly, on his gun.

"Ma'am, step out of the car please." The cop's voice was low and gravelly. There was nothing but patience in that voice, and it eased Lisa slightly. She collected the spilled condoms from her lap, tossed them in the passenger seat and slowly got out of the car. She shut her door and stood sheepishly in front of it.

"Yes? I mean .. what's the problem.. ?" Lisa still could not think of a thing to say. Cops made her nervous but this one terrified her.

"ssh." The cop lifted his hand and put one thick finger over her lips. "This will work better if you don't speak unless spoken to. Just a 'yes sir' 'no sir' when applicable will suffice. Ya dig?" "Yes, sir." "Good girl. Now you don't want to argue right?" "No, sir." "and you don't want a ticket do you?" "NO sir." "Then I suggest you be a good girl and cooperate." "Yes, sir." "Yes, indeed." The cop's voice had no signs of malice, but Lisa felt slightly threatened just the same. Something was off with this guy. What little of his face she could see was calm.

"Now then. Let's start with your name. Just your first name please." "Lisa, sir." "Good girl. A smart one you are. Now where are you headed in such a hurry?" "Home, sir." Lisa recited her address like a frightened five year old.

"Mm hmm." The cop was nodding absently. "And where were you, this late at night?" "My.. um.. boyfriend's house, sir." A flush of color heated Lisa's cheeks.

"I see. Up late holding hands and watching cartoons were you?" The cop's thick eyebrow raised.

"Something like that. Sir." A shy smile attempted to spread across Lisa's face, hoping to lighten the mood.

"uh huh. sure. You were fucking, I can smell it on you." The cop took a step closer and Lisa tried to cringe away but her ass was already pressed against her car.

"Is that a crime now?" Lisa didn't know where the brave words came from, but she regretted them instantly. The hit was swift, so fast Lisa almost thought she imagined it. But the heat rushing to the surface of her skin and the stinging outline of the back of the cops big hand confirmed it: the cop had slapped her. Hard.

"What was our agreement on talking?" The cop didn't sound angry, but he definitely was not going to take any crap. Lisa raised her hand to her face and felt her lip starting to swell.

"Time-out officer. I'm pretty sure you cant do that to me and-" What ever else Lisa had to say was cut off by another hard slap to the face. It was even harder than the last one and her eyes began to tear up.

"Cunt! I'm not about to take lip from a little whore like you for trying to do my job!" The cop stepped even closer. "I can lock you up right now for attempting to bribe an officer. That's the only way out of this now. Or you can be a good girl like you promised." The cop's hand raised as if to hit her again. But he stroked her cheek softly with his fingertips. Lisa tried to move to avoid the touch but she was tightly sandwiched between her car and the cop. She had nowhere to go.

Lisa looked, for the first time, at the cops face. It was hard to tell how old he was. He could have been a hardened, aged 30, or a youthful and angry 40. He had light stubble growing on his square jaw, but his face was otherwise unremarkable; average in every way. 'Except for those eyes.' Lisa thought. A chill ran up her spine. His eyes were an icy blue, full of malice. The eyes of a person who wanted to hurt someone. Lisa was thankful that the lights from the squad car didn't allow her to see any deeper into those eyes. She shuddered.

The cruelty in his eyes was enhanced by his size. Towering over Lisa's 5'4" frame, he must have been 6'3" maybe 6'4". He had the shoulders of a man that could have carried off Lisa's small car and the expansive chest and arms to match. Lisa's apprehension and anxiety melted into fear. 'Jesus, this guy could kill me with his bare hands.' she noted, and taking a quick glance at their isolated surroundings, thought he might do just that. Fighting back fearful sobs, Lisa tried to clear her throat.

"What do you want me to do?" She stammered.

"Mmm. Finally come to our senses have we?" His tone was condescending, and his body language softened some, but Lisa was still terrified. "Do what you're told and no one will get hurt. Well, maybe just a little." The cop chuckled humorlessly and tapped his handcuffs with his hand, rattling them. Her heart was in her throat.

"Yes sir." "Atta girl." The cop stepped back a little bit, just enough to let his eyes wander over her, as if deciding on a piece of merchandise.

Lisa who was never shy about her body, wished she had more on than just her favorite low-cut sun dress. The cop's mean blue eyes dipped into her ample cleavage, and followed the curve of the dress along her hips to where the dress ended just above her knees. His hand went from his handcuffs to his crotch, adjusting his growing erection, thus confirming Lisa's terror.

"No please.. you can't... " 'r*pe me' her mind finished what her mouth could not.

"Can. should. and will." The cop laughed again. "Turn around." Lisa was fighting a losing battle with her tears, and a quiet sob leaked from her quivering lips.

"Good girl. Now reach in there and grab one of those condoms for me. I want to know what kind the whores are using these days." But before Lisa could bend to reach in her car, the cop grabbed a handful of her hair. She cried out. "Now don't you try anything clever. Just do as you're told." Eyes burning with unshed tears, face hot and flushed, Lisa reached for the door handle. The cop grabbed her hand.

"No no. You can reach through the window." Shame and fear caused tiny beads of sweat to break out on her brow. Lisa bent at the waist, affording the cop an opportunity to further torture her by grabbing her hips and pressing his raging erection against her round ass.

His hands caressed her buttocks through the thin fabric of her sun dress. They moved lower, to where Lisa's ass cheeks met her leg. She felt a familiar warming in her groin. The cop's hands lingered for one more moment, then they grasped the fabric of her dress and lifted it up around her waist. The cool night air on her ass made Lisa jump. She grabbed a handful of condoms from the passenger seat and tried to back out of the window.

"Where you goin', sweetness?" The cop pressed against her ass, pinning her where she was. "I kinda like the view." He brought his hand down hard on her ass and the slap echoed in the darkness. Lisa whimpered inaudibly.

"Boy. you are a surprise a minute aren't you? Cute little thong and everything. mmm mmm nice." The cop snapped the thin elastic strap on her g string. Once. Twice. The third time he yanked hard and it broke, the fabric pulling roughly against Lisa's tender flesh. She turned as much as she could, enough to watch the cop remove what was left of her underwear and put it in his pocket.

Lisa was terrified, but her body betrayed her. Blood rushed to her now naked pussy, exposed to the night air and the cops advances. Lisa could feel her lips starting to swell and her clitoris began to throb.

"Oh god, not now." Lisa mumbled to herself. There was no telling what the cop would do if he discovered she was getting turned on by this. Lisa tried again to back out of the car, resulting in only another hard slap from the cop.

"You can't move yet. I'll tell you when you can fucking move." The cop was getting angrier now, and slapping her harder. She heard the cop fumbling around on his belt, sure that the dreaded handcuffs were going to make an appearance. Instead she felt something hard and blunt graze over her ass.

The smooth rounded end of the cops nightstick trailed its way over the small of her back, to her tail bone, and slowly inched down the crack of her ass before coming to a rest on her swollen pussy lips.

Her arms were beginning to tire of supporting the weight of her torso. She tried to shift her weight on the front seat of her car, and inadvertently moved backwards, causing nightstick to slide closer to her clit. Lisa moaned. She hoped the cop didn't hear it. He did.

"Oh you like that do you? I knew you were a slut. I think you should beg me to fuck you. Since you like being teased so much." The cop pressed against her a little harder. The end of the nightstick, now slick with her wetness, moved directly on top of her clitoris. She moaned again louder. "You little cunt. you can't wait for me to fuck you. Christ, I can smell you. Apparently your man isn't enough for you. Tell me you want it. Tell me how bad you want it." Lisa couldn't speak. She was terrified and her pussy was demanding attention. She could barely think.

"Tell me!" the cop bellowed as he slapped her ass painfully.

"Please..." was all she could muster. Lisa herself was even unsure of what she wanted.

"Please what?!" The cop shoved the nightstick farther, crushing her clit against her pubic bone painfully.

"Please... no..." The pain was almost too much, bordering on intense pleasure.

"Get out here then. I want to see the lust in your eyes, you fucking piece of trash." The cop lowered the nightstick and backed away from her, allowing her to back out of her car window and stand up.

Fearing she would get slapped for it, but doing it anyway, Lisa pulled her dress back down, covering her ass. She turned to face him slowly, embarrassed tears threatening to spill down her flushed cheeks. She braced herself for another blow.

But the cop wasn't even looking at her. He seemed fascinated by a barely visible substance on the end of his nightstick.

"Well well. Would you look at that. Cunt juice on my just-cleaned stick. We can't have that, now can we?" Without taking his eyes off the filmy stuff on the stick, he reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair. Lisa lost the battle with her tears and soon her crotch wasn't the only part of her that was wet.

"Lick it off." The cop's gravelly voice was right in her ear.

"Sir?..." "You heard me. You got your funky cunt gooze on my stick. Now you clean it up. I want to see what that tongue can do. Lick it off. Now." Her tongue found it's way out of her mouth and onto the stick the cop held. She licked it like an ice cream cone, much to the cop's delight. He smiled.

"What a good girl. Now if you weren't such a whore, you wouldn't be in this mess right now. Keep licking." The cop's hand released her hair, and moved to touch his hard-on again.

Lisa's tongue kept moving over the hard, smooth surface of the nightstick. The taste of her own juices was doing nothing to calm the heat between her thighs. She often enjoyed the taste of herself, from the mouths of her lovers, sometimes off of her own fingers. Her clit throbbed almost painfully but she didn't dare touch it.

As her tongue lapped the stick, the cop's free hand found her breast through her thin dress and roughly squeezed one hyper-sensitized nipple. A moan escaped her throat. "Looks like that tastes good. Does it whore? Let's see what a slut tastes like." The cop lowered his hand from her breast to between her legs. He raised her dress to around her waist again and slowly ran two meaty fingers over her pussy lips, slowly coaxing them to part. His fingers brushed rapidly back and forth over her clit, causing her hips to involuntarily buck back and forth, rising to meet the hand that was tormenting her.

His middle finger dipped lower, back towards and into her opening, while pressing the hard heel of his hand on her clit and outer lips. She humped against his hand, ashamed of her need, but grateful for the attention. His finger pumped in and out of her wet pussy making her close her eyes and lean back, no longer afraid to moan.

"Oh god... thank you..." But as soon as she said it, and as soon as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm building in her toes, he stopped. Her exasperated moan delighted him. "No.. why..." She was almost angry.

"I can't let you have all the fun can I? That wouldn't be fair. Now then let me see what a slut in heat tastes like." He put the fingers that had been teasing her into his mouth. "Mmm. tastes like a pussy that hasn't been fucked by a real man in a long time. Tell me darlin, does your little man fuck you the way you deserve?" He didn't wait for a response, and Lisa didn't have one to give. He grabbed her by the arms and spun her around. With a motion that was too fast to know what was happening, and that no doubt had been done numerous times, he handcuffed her wrists together tightly. He leaned his weight against her, pinning her once again to the car. The cop inhaled sharply, sniffing her hair. His monstrous erection pressed hotly against her cuffed hands.

"Now we'll really have some fun." He hissed into her ear.

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