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The text message ( couple, male

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She waited for days for the text message. Every time her phone alerted her to a new text message, her heart stopped and then disappointment set in. Finally, the text she was waiting for arrived. ?Be ready by six and wear the outfit you know will make me hard. I will send you the location to meet me at soon. Do not touch yourself, or I will know and you WILL be punished.?

She rushed to get ready. She had to make sure that she would be in the perfect outfit. She jumped in the shower and had to force herself not to touch herself. Tonight was the night she had longed for. She knew that what she was doing was wrong on so many levels but she could not listen to the reason in her head, she could only listen to longing inside her body.

She put on her sexiest corset, garter belt, thigh highs and dress. She put on a sexy discreet dress to cover up what she could not wait for him to see. The next text arrived. ?Meet me at Flip. Don?t make me wait.? She rushed to her car and could already feel the wetness between her thighs. She arrived at the restaurant with her heart throbbing in her throat. She saw him and sat next to him. He addressed her as he normally would. Chatting with her like old friends. She could not sit still. A drink was already at the table for her. She finished it in two gulps. He immediately signaled for another one. She could not understand how his text messages suggested sex, but now he was treating her like an old friend. After she gulped down the second drink, he told her how sexy she looked. He ordered dinner for her and himself and she grew wetter knowing that she was not in control at all. During dinner, his hand would sometimes brush her hand and her pussy grew even wetter. She was getting concerned that it would be obvious if she stood up. After dinner, he ordered two more strong drinks. Her inhibitions were now completely out the window. As they finished their last drinks, his hand reached up and brushed against her thigh. Her legs slightly parted involuntary and he smiled slightly. He loved the feel of the stockings and loved that they were attached to a garter belt even more. His hand slowly crept up even further and was not surprised to feel how wet she was. He quickly grew hard and drowned the rest of his drink and as he left his hand on the top of her thigh, he whispered to her that she needed to finish her drink now. She drowned the strong beverage and waited to see what he wanted to do next. ?Where are we going now?? she asked. He did not answer her and just took her hand and led her out of the door. He told her to give him her keys, then went to the valet, and handed him her ticket. She loved not knowing what was going to happen next but was nervous about what she had finally had admitted to him about wanting to surrender. The valet opened her door and she got in as he got in the driver?s seat. Before they pulled off, his hand immediately went to her pussy and he pulled her panties to the side and he stuck two fingers in her wet pussy. She immediately moaned and leaned back. She wanted to cum so badly at this point. She had waited weeks to feel his hands on her. He continued to finger her as his lips grazed her neck and then her ear and told her that she was not allowed to cum until he told her so. She groaned obviously annoyed and he immediately withdrew his fingers and placed them in her mouth and told her to clean them off. She was worried about someone in the parking lot seeing her, but she no longer was in control. She greedily sucked on his fingers, tasting herself and sucking off all of her juices. He smiled and told her ?that?s a good girl?. He pulled onto the highway and she started to settle into her seat. He told her that tonight there was no going back. She was to do as she was told and she could not say no to anything. He asked if she agreed and she nervously nodded, but deep down she was happy to surrender herself to him. He smiled and slowly stroked the back of her head while his other hand controlled the car. He started to grab the back of her head and pulled her head towards his crotch. She quickly unzipped his pants and released his rock hard cock. She greedily licked her lips before slowly teasing the head of his cock with her tongue. He moaned and forced more of his cock into her mouth. She loved to feel his cock in her mouth and had no issue with the long drive home. She continued to slowly draw his huge cock into her mouth the entire ride home. She went to reach her pussy to relive the pressure growing in her pussy and he immediately grabbed the back of her hair. ?That is strike one.? She apologized and went to put his cock back in her mouth, but he refused to let her. He grabbed the bottom of her dress and drew it up, exposing her drenched panties. He lightly touched her while she withered and moaned wanting release. Each time she felt like she would cum, he would withdraw his hand and force them in her mouth. She would suck selfishly at the fingers. He warned her that she was only allowed three strikes or she would be punished with something she always refused to do. She was relieved to see that they finally arrived at their destination for the remainder of the night. Every nerve in her body was on fire. He opened her door and told her to get out. As they entered the hallway, he roughly pushed her against the wall and kissed her. He asked her one last time if she was sure she was ready to surrender to him. She moaned yes and he opened the door.

They entered the apartment and she stood by the door unsure what to do. The next thing she knew, he tied a blindfold around her eyes. A slight panic ensued for a moment. However, this is what she asked for. She wanted to let go of control. As she stood there blindfolded, he went to make them more drinks. She could hear the ice hit the glasses and he handed her the one he made for her. ?Drink this now!? She downed the drink and the last part of inhibition left her body. He took the glass from her hand and he led her into the living room and sat down. She stood where he left her waiting for him to tell her what to do. ?Come here? he said. She walked towards his voice and stood in front of him. ?Take your dress off slowly? She slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She felt so exposed in her corset, garter, hose and high heels. He sat there staring at her for what seemed like an eternity. He looked her up and down slowly as he finished his drink. He slowly stood up, grabbed the back of her head, and forced his tongue in her mouth. She started to moan, as she loved the forcefulness of his actions. He then moved his mouth down her neck as he pulled her breasts out of her corset. He began to pinch her nipples loving how she moaned in pleasure. He pushed her down unto her knees and told her to make him hard again. His hand never left the back of her head as he forced his huge cock down her throat. She panicked for a second due to his size and tried to withdraw some of his cock out of her mouth. ?Strike two? was all he said. He then pulled her onto her feet with his hand still on the back of her head. He pushed her against the wall and stuck his fingers inside her. ?I am going to take this as you are enjoying yourself? He continued to finger her and she was moaning so loudly and so close to cumming. He quickly withdrew his fingers and told her to wait right there. She thought she would cum just from being in the state she was in. She was going crazy. She stood there in the dark and she had no idea where he went. She stood still until she felt his presence enter the room.

She immediately tensed when he entered the room. He took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. He could tell she was starting to second-guess her request of being dominated and it excited him even more. He knew by the end of the night that she would be grateful she had the courage to finally tell him what she wanted. He wanted to relax her again and slowly and sweetly started to caress her shoulders and breasts as his mouth moved over her neck and brushed against her lips. He could tell she was loosening up again and slowly turned her around. He laid her on the bed still kissing her neck and loving the sound she made as she purred with lust. He had already attached the soft wrist straps to the bed while he made her wait in the living room. He gently bent over the bed and held down her wrist. Her hips were pushing up against his cock just begging to be fucked. He attached both of her wrist straps and then the ankle straps while the feel of his cock distracted her pressed against her pussy. Because of the liquor he fed her earlier, it took her a second to realize she was tied down and unable to move. She fought for a second as fear slowly crept back in. ?Strike three? he said with a smile on his face. His hand swiftly slapped her panty-covered pussy before he slowly pulled them down. The bed was at a perfect height. Her shaved pussy glistened in the light of the candle he had lit. She kept pulling at her restraints and realized she could not move at all. He stood back and admired the position she was in. He climbed on the bed and slowly rubbed his cock around her lips until she opened her lips and he shoved his cock in her mouth. She moaned against his cock wanting more. All of her inhibitions flew out the window. He withdrew his cock and knew he needed to feel her wet pussy against his cock. But first, he wanted to taste her. He started at her breasts teasing her slowly. He knew in the past she liked it hard and fast. He was going to torture her slowly. He slowly slipped her nipple in his mouth, sucked, and bit at the same time. He took his time as she pulled against the straps he had her tied to. He tortured her so much that she almost came just by having her nipples in between his teeth. He then slid down to her pussy. He had never tasted something so wet. She was drenched. He teased her clit with his tongue. She was almost screaming begging for his cock. He slowly fed her his cock into her tight wet pussy. In between each thrust, he told her she could not cum. She was moaning so loudly. He wanted to torture her a bit and started to fuck her harder. Every time he felt her pussy tighten as if she was about to cum, he would withdraw and pinch her nipple forcefully. ?What did I tell you?? YOU are NOT TO CUM UNTIL I TELL YOU TOO!? He shoved his cock in her one more time and did not move. She tried her best to force his cock further inside of her. With one harder pinch against her nipple, he slowly withdrew his cock. He grew bored with the current room and decided to change scenery. He took of her blindfold and told her to wait there. It was obvious that she could not move, but he liked to see her defiance as she struggled against her restraints. He took his time setting up the next room.

He wanted to make sure that she had a break in between. He wanted to be sure that she had the best and most intense orgasm she had ever had. In addition, he wanted to teach her patience. He drew a bath with scented bubbles and came back to the bedroom. She had drifted off to a restless sleep when he aroused her by sucking on her breast. She immediately woke up and began to beg him to fuck her. He did not answer her; he just untied her and helped her out of bed. He led her into the bathroom and took off the remaining clothing she had on. He told her to get into the tub and relax because she would need her energy soon. He reminded her that she could not touch herself. She somewhat glared at him and he smiled as he walked out of the room. She slowly sank into the scented water and waited. All she wanted to do was relive the massive amount of pressure she felt between her legs. He came back in and laid some items on the table. He told her to get out and put on what he brought her. She waited for him to leave and slowly got out of the tub. All that was left for her was an incredible short pleated skirt and a tiny lacy camisole and high heels. She put the clothes on and opened the door. He told her to meet him in the next room and she did as she was told. She stood in front of him and he told her to move towards the table. She did with her back facing the table and he stood up. He grabbed her roughly and bent her over the table. He flipped up her skirt and started to slowly massage her ass. She moaned and begged him to stick his raging hard cock into her. Instead, she heard a humming. He took a vibrator and slowly slid it into her pussy. He was surprised by how easily it slid in. Apparently, the bath did not ease her wetness. He enjoyed knowing his playing with her was annoying her. He left the vibrator inside of her and reminded her she could not come. He went and grabbed the lube he bought just for this occasion. She felt his finger around her ass and immediately tried to resist. He reminded her that this was her doing. She had three strikes against her. She kept fighting him and he placed his hand against her neck and shoved her back down against the table. He slapped her ass as hard as he could and enjoyed watching it turn pink. While the vibrator still hummed in her pussy, he started to stroke his cock with the lube he bought. As he did so he realized that, it really was not necessary. He had never been with a girl that was so wet before. He took pleasure that she was terrified he was going to fuck her in the ass. He continued to tease her by placing the head of his cock against her ass and then playing with her ass with a finger and loved watching her try to pull away. After a few more minutes, he could not take it anymore. He removed the vibrator out of her and slammed his cock into her pussy. She clenched against it and started to beg him to fuck her harder. She had never been so vocal before and he was worried about a neighbor calling the police. He grabbed her wrists, pulled her up and growled in her ear to shut up or he would shove his cock in her ass. She immediately stopped and began to beg while whimpering. He slammed his cock in and out of her and bent her back over the table. She began to beg him to let her cum. She could not hold out any longer. He kept feeding her hungry pussy harder and harder and finally told her to cum right NOW! Her pussy clenched his cock and pulsed and pulled for what seemed like an eternity. She collapsed unto the table trembling. Her legs unable to hold her up anymore. He brought her into the bedroom and pulled the covers back. He let her rest for a moment before he reminded her that she was not done yet. She smiled and slid down his body until her mouth reached his cock. She slowly began to clean off her juices with her tongue and mouth and then began to thank him by giving him the most intense blowjob of his life. She refused to finish until he finally released his cum into her waiting mouth as she sucked him dry. She finally collapsed into a deep slumber until she awoke to his tongue on her nipple again???

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