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The taking of Brenda

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Brenda couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned all night thinking about what would happen the next day. It was unavoidable. Tomorrow had to happen. It started eight years ago when Brenda and her husband Mark moved into this house at 1184 Ajax Avenue. There was nothing special about this house, it was one like many others in this tract. What made Brenda's dilemma inevitable was who lived in the house next door when she and Mark moved in.

She thinks back in the stillness before dawn and remembers like it was yesterday. As she was putting dishes into newly cleaned kitchen cabinets, she heard the knock at the back door.

"Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood!" She was pretty, shorter than Brenda, with dark brown hair and friendly, almond shaped eyes. "We live next door. My name is Selena!"

"And I'm Jim." Brenda heard his voice before she saw him. Even then, she felt something stir deep within herself at the sound of his name. A foreboding, like the moth feels when it flies closer and closer to the flame. He wasn't that tall. Her own husband Mark was at least four inches taller than this man. Yet there was something about him. Something that made Brenda feel uncomfortable. She shook off these feelings as she heard the woman speak again.

"We saw the moving truck and thought we'd come over and see if you needed a break." She said.

Then Jim chimed in, "We've got a pitcher of mojitos!" He moved the pitcher back and forth temptingly as he smiled and looked Brenda up and down. He had a slight, crooked smile as his eyes tarried over her legs and then again over her tank-top covered tits.

Selena noted this too as she elbowed "Mr. Peepers" in the ribs saying, "Don't just stand there bobo....pour the drinks!"

Of course! You do have some glasses unpacked don't you......?"

"Brenda! It's a pleasure to meet you both! I love mojitos too! I've got the glasses right here. I was just about to put them away." Brenda passes Jim the drinkware who filled each glass and handed them to the ladies.

"Oh - uh...where is the guy who was unloading the truck? I'm sure he's plenty thirsty!" he said.

"That's my husband Mark. He went to Home Depot to pick up some picture hangers. He should be back any second." Brenda replied.

Brenda was drawn back to the present as Mark shifted and turned over in his sleep. She thought to herself, "If Mark ever found out about this it would end it for us. I don't want that. He's a good man, a wonderful, thoughtful husband. It's not about him. It's me. I need this."

Brenda felt that familiar tightness in her stomach and the heat beginning to build between her legs as she thought about Jim again. It was a few years after they met that first time. The two families had become good friends. They celebrated birthdays and anniversaries together. They all went to concerts and camping together. Publicly, they were neighbors who had become best friends. Privately though, Brenda and Jim shared a dark secret. They weren't lovers....yet. They were confidants; both sharing their intimate wishes and unfulfilled desires of a "deviant lifestyle."

For as long as she could remember, Brenda fantasized about being held captive sexually. She dreamed of being owned by a strong man who could do to her what ever he wanted. She dreamed of being a slave. The thought of a powerful, virile man forcing himself on her, seemingly against her will, was enough to make her pulse quicken and her pussy wet. Mark was not this man. She had hinted at her desires over the years, he was a good-sport about it and tried to play the role for her, but she knew always that it was just a game for him. Now their sex life, while still satisfying on a basic level, wasn't at all exciting for Brenda. Mark would try to give her an orgasm conventionally, sometimes he would even succeed. But Brenda's mind was never being sexually stimulated or satisfied. This had begun to depress her - until she began talking to Jim.

Jim had confided in her that he wasn't happy sexually with Selena. She was pushy and self-centered in bed. Caring only for her enjoyment and not caring about Jim's needs at all. Jim was naturally aggressive in his lovemaking and Selena would always complain that he was too rough. At various times over the years Jim tried to restrain and spank Selena. She would have none of it, even once turning his own belt on him and trying to whip him with it. Selena spent the next few evenings at her parents' house after Jim slapped her off bed for that. They talked, went to counseling, and all agreed that Jim would stop this and start acting "normally." He began repressing his feelings until he and Brenda began their secret chats.

Who knows how it started but over time, Brenda and Jim had shared their desires for another way of life, sexually. They grew closer and could almost read the other person's thoughts. They sent emails and talked secretly over the phone on a daily basis, feeding each other's need for first understanding and now fulfillment. Over the months, Jim began dominating her in their communications. He set up rules for her and would promise punishment if she failed to obey him. At first this seemed almost a fun game for her, something to pass the time, to fulfill her needs that weren't being satisfied by Mark. It turned into an obsession.

Every morning after Mark goes to work, Brenda is required to call her Master. She has been doing this now for the last three months. She must be naked when she calls and prepared to give herself pleasure or punishment depending on her Master's mood. She has applied clamps to her nipples and whipped herself with an electrical cord all while Master was on the phone listening. Another time he had her fuck herself with a wine bottle.

"Take that bottle up your filthy snatch slave! Fuck yourself harder! Faster! I want to hear you cum for me.....but only when I give you permission!" He said in his deep, commanding voice.

She whimpered and panted with fatigue and ecstasy. "Oh please master! Let me cum for you.....I'm so close I can taste it!"

No. Remove the bottle from your pussy you stupid cunt! You broke the rules. You know I have forbidden you to beg for release! Now, what should you have said to keep from being punished?"

Brenda sighed briefly as the tears welled up in her eyes, "May I cum Lord? But let it be only if my Master wishes it!" She knew she failed and wouldn't be allowed to orgasm today. To make matters worse, she would probably have to punish herself as well. She waited for her Master's next words as she swallowed back tears she was forbidden to shed without permission.

Her Master sighed into the phone. "Kneel in submission bitch. Take the cord and give yourself thirty lashes. Do it now."

Brenda quickly replied, "Yes Master! Thank you for correcting me!" This was one of the rules. She must say this before she receives punishment. It has been a hard balancing act to whip herself to her Master's satisfaction while still being able to keep her bruises hidden from Mark.

But it has all been worth it. Yesterday her Master was very pleased with her and with it, her ultimate reward. She would finally be allowed to serve her Master in person. He had gotten a hotel room and now they were going to rendezvous there and she would be allowed to feel her Master's thick throbbing cock....if she pleased him.

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