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The princesss biggest fantasy Male dominant- exhibitionism- gay- lesbian- masterbation

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It's 8 am when I awaken from a nasty dream, my pussy is soaked. It's saturday morning,I roll over to find my Master gone. I am so excited from my dream, I start to rub my clit. My Master has not given me permission to cum, so I get to the point of almost cumming and I stop. I love my Master, I must obey my Master, His paddle on my soft butt when I disobey can be quite painful when he is angry at me for disobeying. I get up,put on a pot of coffee,and notice a note on the table. "good am princess, your Master has gone to the office,and your Mistress went to the keys. Call me asap..." With the coffee already made, I pour a cup, go to the fridge, get the creamer, then the sugar, and make it just the way I like it. I then go grab a cigg, and the cordless phone to call my Master. You pick up the phone sounding glee and happier than ever... I say good am sir with uncertenty of what your going to say next. You tell me that you are going to be at the office longer than you expected. It's such a nice day, to go ahead and go to the beach, but wear that wicked weasel bikini. The one that is very thin in front and has the triangle in the back, and is totally sheer when wet. I say sure thing. You tell me to be home by 4, you would call me around noon to check up on me. I grab my 24oz travel cup, fill it with coffee, get dressed and head for the beach. I was still horned up from my dream, so I drove to the beach topless. I headed to haulover beach of course. It's beautiful outside, I find the perfect spot and settle in,and remove my top. It's now 10 am and I go to jump into the water. I noticed an extremely handsome man staring at me. I look around to see if it is me he is looking at, he yells " HEY YOU" I smile, he gets up and walks towards me. I hesitate to talk to him, my Master is not here to give me permission to talk to a stranger especially a man, my Master can be very jealous of his slave. He says are you alone-with your man.. I say he's working today. He's my Master as well as my man, and how can I help him?? He said I had a great body, and wanted to invite me to a party, and to bring my Master. We would fit in just fine. I smiled and asked him to walk me to my blanket where my cell phone was. to give me his name and number, which he did. His name was Justin. I put my phone down, and went to dip myself in the water. With excitement after my dip, I ran to my blanket, adjusted my thong and called my Master. I tell him I am sorry, you said you would call, but I met this man who knows all about you and my submission, and has invited us to a party, I was sure to mention how we would fit in just fine. You said "Well I was planning on taking you to a party myself, if I wanted we could call this guy when we were together at home later. "I said "perfect, and I love you" and hung up the phone. Almost noon now, I pull a sandwich from my bag, snack on that, then re oil myself. I notice from a distance, Justin is sitting with two other men and a woman, who is drunk and making sand angels.. So I walk over to where they are sitting, and say " having fun yet" They say " yeah are you" I said "fun is my middle name". The girl that is wasted tells me to bare all of my body.. I tell her "For today anyone looking at my little girl is off limits" She says " This is a nude beach, you dont have to wear bottoms here" I tell her "Just chill" Justin tells me to "never mind her, she's my best friend and we will all be together tonight." On that note I say " Oh I talked to my Master (His name is Sir Tom to you), He mentioned he wanted to take me to a party as well, when we get together later we will call you" Justin said "Great" With that said I excused myself, from the corner of my eye I seen Justin kiss his male friend!!!! I liked that alot, turned around and pulled the back of my thong down low,so they could see my sexy triangular tan line just inside my butt cheeks. Justin whistled, and the girl wooh-woohed. I walked back to my blanket being sure to wiggle my ass very sensually while I walked back. I layed back down flipped once or twice, jamming to the music. I glanced at my watch to see it was 3:20 pm. I jumped up grabbed my clothes, dressed, after a good shake out I wrapped up my blanket. I go to the car and head north to Davie Florida, my Master would be home soon and I could not wait to see him. While driving back I noticed a big truck, I pulled off my top and pulled up next to his window, and drove there for a pretty long time, I was topless and trying to get his attention, by lifting my DD beauties for him to look at. After about 5 minutes of trying to get him to look, and from my vantage point he never looked down. Oh well, his loss. I drove the rest of the way home topless. I pulled into the driveway to see my master had just pulled in at the same time. I said "hello Sir glad to meet you here, you like my naked titties, I drove to and from the beach topless. I was so horney from a dream I had last night I wanted to do some showing off, you know how hot that makes me when I am showing others my tits and/or pussy, for you and for me too. I can be such an exhibitionist slut. How about you join me in a nice hot shower"? You were honored to follow me, once inside you pulled my bottoms off by the sides (ties) and they fell to my feet.. You said " Thats my good princess, wearing the thong I told you to wear, now you have enhanced your sexy triangle on your butt even more. We went straight to the shower. In the shower you noticed I was a little sun burned from the beach, especially my tits, so you cooled the water down some. I washed my back side then yours. I then turned you around and washed your chest arms face legs and feet. You washed all of my front side. I asked if you were in a hurry you said no. I then washed (my) cock and balls, dropped to my knees while washing them. You then began washing my hair, as I sucked your cock groping your balls, moving up and down slowly, making sure I sucked every inch of your cock!!! I then began to move my hands over your ass, I rubbed your ass and lead a finger towards your butt hole. I just rubbed over it some, letting you know I was thinking of it and I would'nt mind sticking my tongue inside of it. With all that was going on, you were about to explode. I said can we go to the bedroom. We ran for the bed, screw the towels. I then resumed position. I licked your balls some, and went even further to your butt, and licked and stuck my tongue in and out a few times, spit on it and licked some more. This excited you enough to where you could not control yourself, and you came all over the place. I looked at you and I cleaned you and myself up with my tongue. I could not reach the cieling, so that stayed up there. I said how did that happen you had a smile ear to ear, and said "I just don't know" We both laughed and went out back for a cigg. You began telling me my Mistress went to the keys with her boy toy. So we were alone all weekend. You said there was a fetish party you heard about at club chic, and you wanted to take me to it. I said "I would be honored to go there with you sir" You told me to call Justinand ask if he and his friends wanted to join us for a good time and some drinks. So I called and he answered I said "hello Justin it's the princess" He said he's been waiting for my call told me about this party at Club Chic. I laughed and said "My Master Sir Tom was claiming the same party" He laughed and said "Great minds think alike" He asked what time should we meet him. I asked you you said 8:00 he said great see you there. I hung up the phone and you said to me "I was amazing" I said laughingly, if I was good imagine what a handsome man, who knew what he was doing could do. We then walked back into the house, I made us both a stiff drink and got ready to go to our first fetish party. I hear you yell "RED" I said "ok Master can you pick out my outfit" You said "Gladly" You came into my room and stood in the doorway admiring my beautiful DD breasts. and said off the top of your head "I want the Black back seam lace top stockings, your red lace garter belt, that red micro mini skirt leave the panties in your drawer and that red halter top that is cut extra low in the breast area, and put a red and pink ribbon (a pink ribbon tells my master or anyone that knows my Master or me I am ready to fuck) in your hair held in by your princess tiara. It is tonight the world need to know you were a bad girl. (my Master makes me wear red if I have been bad) (sometimes he makes me wear red even if I have not been badj just for his enjoyment) Be sure to wear some very bright red lipstick too. " I was not smiling on the outside at this point (I hate to wear red especially red lipstick) but I was ready without a doubt on the inside. I looked at you with my big brown eyes and smiling asked if I could kiss you big cock to show my gratitude. You said surely but I want a french kiss on my cock. and dont think this will change my mind about wearing red. I took your cock into my mouth as far as it would go. and mumbled the best I could with a cock deep inside of my mouth "I love you my Master, thank you for letting me be your slave, and thank you for letting me suck on your cock whenever I want or need to." Then I got down to business of getting ready, so I could show Justin and company how devoted I am to my Master, and how good of a submissive slave I truly am. As I was getting dressed my Master had his camera out taking pics of me, getting dressed. He said he wanted some more pics to post on the internet at He is so proud of his slut princess. Arriving at Club Chic around 8:20 with the bottle of absolute we see the place is pretty packed, when we get inside to check in they inform us that ladies wearing all red get in free no admission fee. I look at my Master and he winks at me and said this is why I had you wear red not because you were a bad girl, I'll owe you a free bad girl get out of punishment free card Ha Ha Ha. You hear someone yell "PRINCESS" from the side bar, and look at me like ("who's that") I say it's Justin. I find you a seat at the bar, and we can join Justin and company for a drink. At this point I am in total submission. Head bowed eyes cast to the ground waiting for permission to sit. Justin then strikes up a conversation telling you that you have a great woman/slave by your side and she is totally devoted. He said I was very sure to mention when I met her this morning she had a Master and was very proud of it. I had my head bowed, looking very submissive and you said to me lifting my chin with your hand,so I could look at you "Good princess" and when your hand pulled away I bowed my head downward once again. waiting to be told to sit down or talk. You picked my chin up again with your hand and told me to sit down right next to you, and finish the drink you started and you would have me order another round. Then you told me to act like a slave slut princess, and I was allowed to conversate with all around. I said thank you my Master as I put my hand down your pants and gave your cock a squeeze. I then smiled at Justin and he smiled back seeing exactly what I had done for my Master. Justin asked me if I wanted to dance with him because there were several free-lancing Masters, and he wanted to show himself off. What better way to have attention drawn to you then to have a very large breasted showing a ton of cleavage, beautiful girl dancing with you. I asked my Master if It was ok he said go ahead just remember who your Master is. I smiled and squeezed his cock through his pants, and said I am all yours baby no one but you for me forever. To my surprise I did'nt know Justin too was a slave and really into the bdsm lifestyle. I then knelt before you, you told me to move with passion and do my thing on the dance floor. I did. I stood in front of my master on the dance floor and the bar full of people, dancing very sexually and sexy. I even bent over with passion in my moves. I had a look of extasy on my face, as I was moving my tongue around over my luscious lips, telling you without words, I wanted you. Justin was very feminine in his dancing. We came back to the bar , and we ordered another round. Justins friends decided to leave, and asked if we could give him a ride home. You said yes. Justin was getting pretty loose, and wanted to act as your slave. He was kneeling before you as you were telling his friends you would care for his ride home. You said princess you have a brother who needs some controlling. I said I share orally and thats it. You told justin to stay at the bar on his knees, and asked me to escort you to the couch. Which I did with honor. You sat and said Justin up---come to me. He did bowing his head, you were excited seeing his loyalty to a master, and I was learning something from a males point of view. I whispered in your ear to tell him to come suck your cock. You said I would like that. I was very wet at this point pussy juice was running down my leg into the lace of my stockings. You then said Justin come here and suck my cock, my princess wishes to be entertained. Justin said "With honor Sir" I was a little jealous but very sexually excited. He began sucking and stroking your cock as if he knew how you loved it. I looked at you and you told me he was very good and knew how to take care of business. Some men were now gathered around as well as one chick who was staring at me and lipped "bathroom" I asked you for permission to use the ladies room. You said "Hurry" . So I walked with pure sexuallity to meet this woman inside the ladies room. She said her name was Dallas and wanted to have sex with me and my Master. I said great come with me. We ran back to you to find you in the final stage before your orgasm. I tap Justin, and tell him to please slide over and you push my head down softly so I can deep throat your cock, which is throbbing and ready to explode. You yell OH YEAH and cum in great gobs of cum in my mouth. I pull away from your cock for a second to show the crowd your cum inside of my mouth before I swallow it and finish cleaning off all the cum left inside and out side of you huge cock. As I am cleaning you up you are shaking with joy of pure orgasmic hapiness. And say who have you brought back from the ladies room? I say meet Dallas, Dallas this is my Master Sir Tom, she smiles and I ask to have permission for her to join us for a drink. You still recovering say why dont we bring this party home, ask Dallas and Justin to be our guests at our house. They agree, and we head home. We conversated on the way home, Dallas said she only liked women and has never been with a man before ever. I looked at you, smiled, and said Let the party begin. As we pulled in the drive you notice the neighbors across the street were ouside, you said ok ladies take off your tops, your going in topless, which they both did. Walking up to the door Justin came up from behind you and grabbed your ass. You unlock the door and let us all enter before you. The first thing I did was to get naked, leaving on my garted belt and stockings, Justin followed in my footsteps. Wow. Dallas took a seat on the couch. Slurring his speech Justin brought up the subject of fantasies in conversation, and asked me first what mine was. I said watching guy on guy sex. He said done it yet I said half way there.. He smiled and said he wanted to apply for the job. I looked at you and you agreed. Only this time I asked you what you would do. You said he sucked your cock and you would fuck him in the ass!! I said lets do this... Dallas began to get comfortable and took off her clothes. I got us another drink and served them. Justin then began to suck on your cock and Dallas began kissing me. hot and heavy. Dallas then asked you for permission to suck and lick my pussy. You told her she could. She licked and sucked my pussy very well, had you and I in heaven, being serviced very well. You saw that I was about to cum, and said "No cummies for the princess" So she stopped. I then waved you over to go behind Dallas, and play with her pussy. You told her to get in the 69 position w/me and let me eat her,and get her ready to see what it was like to be fucked by a man. She started to cum just a little, then I stopped. I told her to turn around, and breath deep, and to get ready to feel my Masters magnum sized cock inside her wet, hot juicy pussy. She was so tight my Master stated,but well in doubt. While she was being fucked so well by my My Master, Justin was masterbating My Master noticed him doing this and he told me to start masterbating myself too. Saying ok princess time for you to cum, make yourself cum and let the neighbors know your cumming. You then fucked Dallas to orgasm. She moaned loud, and was in a state of shock at how much she enjoyed herself. Just then I let out a very loud moan, my whole body was shaking as I had one of the best orgasms I had ever given myself. I told Justin to stop masterbating, and get ready to be fucked by my Master. Dallas was now also glad to watch Justin get fucked just like she was fucked. Justin was glad to jump on all 4's. As I helped you take your place to fuck Justin, you were kind of not ready. I said "Master if you dont want to it's ok."You said "No this is your favorite fantasy and I need to face all my fears" So I lubed up your magnum cock, and started to masterbate once again, as I watched my live video of my Master and his new male fuck slave. You entered his ass hole, and to your surprise it felt extremely good. Your eyes widened and it got me so excited. I was near orgasm by just the thought of you being so excited doing my fantasy. You the moved in and out faster than the speed of lightning, and heard Justin yell "Oh yes my Master, Fuck it like you own it...Oh Master.... oooohhhh yeahhhh.... fuck it.... He then tightened his ass cheeks and yelled I am gonna cum too. Dallas slid under Justin and let him cum all over her breasts. Watching Justin cum got me excited too and I came just then too letting out a sound I have never made before it was loud and it was a very intence orgasm I gave my self. My Master has taught me well on how to have intense ogasms. You then pulled out and came all over my breasts. I said wow, I want you my Master to fuck my ass like that. You said with shock it was awesome and we would have to do this again and real soon. I was delighted as well as Dallas and Justin having a great time!!!! They were both sure to say that they would never forget this night, and wanted to get together very soon. To our surprisethey both lived two streets away one to the north and one to the west. They left together deciding to walk home to streach their legs. With both of them walking a little funny because of the fine fuck they both just recieved. You and I both smiled and jumped in the shower together. You told me you were very happy and I said thank you my Master for making my fantasy come true.... I said your fantasy is next so tell me what it is........ End of story.............

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