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The lil yellow raincoat

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There she stood, her yellow rain coat and her big brown eyes lighting up the room as he made his way through the door. Her eyes meeting his as she took in his smile. She looked stunning in the outfit he had put together specially for her. He had fallen in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her. But he made sure not to let her know it to begin with. He had seduced her slowly over the first few months they new each other until that day came he new she was ready to be taken. She could see the desire in his eyes just like that first night he made love to her in a way she had never experienced. He had gained her trust and awakened a side of her that she kept hidden from even herself. Looking at him with that smile she felt his approval. That sweet touch of innocence made her blush and her Master loved it. "Your breathtaking my pet.... lets get going, I have many plans for you this weekend" the look in his eyes showing his hunger for her "are you ready?" She answered quickly "oh yes im ready Master, its so nice to see you" her voice filled with trepidation as her body ached for his touch.

She loved his surprises and yet again it was a long week leading up to this one. He had told her last sunday that he had plans for her, but like he often did, he left those plans to her imagination. She had a hard time concentrating on anything else most of the week as she pondered what it was he may have in mind. She woke up saturday morning to find the house empty yet she was excited. Master was returning today and she would finally find out what he had in mind for this weekend. He was often away on business lately and she missed him dearly. His work was very important to him but he had promised her the weekends and she often spent those days during the week longing for his return. He talked about the day he could retire and spend the rest of his days with her, but until then she would travel with him when they could afford it and she would wait for him when they were apart. He called her every night and the night before he had instructions for her. He told her to be ready at nine. She was to wear the new yellow vinyl rain coat she found hanging in the front closet and the pink stockings she found in the pocket. There were a pair of yellow strappy sandals in a box on the floor below. That would complete her outfit and just his words had her wet as she put it all together in her mind. Without evening seeing the rain coat she new it was short and would probably just barely cover her soft round ass. She made her way to the closet to take a peek, she found it and she was right. She pulled the stocking out of the pocket and peeled off her comfy terry cloth robe that was now surrounding her feet. She slipped one stocking then the other on her sculpted tan legs. She loved the cute little bow at the top of the sexy school girl above the knee stocking. She reached for the coat and pulled it on feeling the material against her bare skin gave her the chills. It barely covered the rounded globes of her ass. She looked at herself in the full length mirror and a smile appeared on her face, her hair up and braided into pig tails, such a contrast to her sexy outfit. She new just how naughty she looked and that excited her as her hands flattened the bottom of the vinyl rain coat. She grabbed the small suitcase she had packed for the weekend and headed for the door, looking back into the mirror noticing that a bit more of her behind was revealed with every step.

She made her way to the front door, her pussy slick and longing for his touch as she heard a car pull into the drive way. Looking outside she was shocked to see a brand new red corvette convertable and her Master climbing out the drivers door. She annxiously waited as he walked through the door way.

He grabbed her pulling her into his arms without a word. His hands pulling her into him as they dug into that tender ass and kissed her deeply. Feeling her body react he new he had her just were he wanted her. "Its time to get going my pet" he said with his eyes looking deeply into hers. Spinning around he grabbed her suitcase and she followed him out the door to the car. She felt like she was being watched as she made her way to the car following him in her provacative outfit. Did she want to be seen like this she thought to herself. She wasnt sure, but she new following this mans instructions excited her like no one else ever had. He pulled the door open and guided her by the hand inside. She felt a new sensation on her bare bottom as it landed on the seat. She looked down between her thighs to see the seat had been covered with saran wrap. She new he had done that for a reason as she watched him start walking back to the house with her bag. He placed it inside and returned to the car noticing the puzzled look on her face. "You wont be needing any of that where we are going......I have a feeling you wont be cold" He hoped into the drivers seat as she thought to herself "no clothes were could he be taking me". She wiggled her body doing all she could to cover herself as the rain coat rode up on her. Taking a deep breath she thought of him and she new everything would be ok. He was a meticulous planner who never seemed to skip any detail..

The roar of the engine caused her to tremble, it was as if that sound triggered the feeling there adventure had begun. He leaned over and kissed her deeply on the mouth, his hand behind her head pulling her into him. His tounge teasing hers. Nipping at her lower lip as he pulled away. He pulls out of the driveway and soon they are on the freeway the wind blowing through there hair and headed north with her mind racing. She wondered where they were headed but she new better then to ask as he pulled into a gas station off to the side of the freeway. It was rather empty for a friday evening as Master hoped from the car after pulling alongside a gas pump. He began filling the car and now made his way to her door. His hand reaching into it and sliping between her legs in one quick motion as she widened them, ,giving him access to her damp folds. Her eyes closed as she felt his hand brush against her tender inner thigh. That same hand found her clit just moments later as she felt his fingers glide beneath her hood. She felt them closing firmly upon the tiny mound of flesh causing a gentle moan to escape her lips. Feeling his grip applying more pressure as he looked down at her squirming in her seat and there journey had just begun. She felt her thighs begin to quake as he streched her throbbing button, pulling it away from her body as she gasped for air just as it slipped from his grasp. Her legs tremoring as he bent down and growled into her ear. "Your instructions on the way up north my pet are as follows.....every mile marker you see" he paused it seemed for no reason other then to watch her clinging on every word. "You will pinch that clit just the way I did, do you understand". "Every mile Master... I understand" she answered wth excitment in her voice. She was squirming in her chair just considering the state she would be in once they arrived at there destination. She wondered how long Master would have her hang on to the orgasm she had been building since she woke that morning. She was filled with trepidation as she watched him walking towards the gas station. Her hand sliding up to the collar she proudly wore around her neck. She had been his for almost three years now but he some how always kept her on the edge of her seat. Never knowing what to expect as the collar around her neck constantly reminded her of him and often left her wondering what he may have in store for her next.

He returned to the car and slide along side of her without a word. His hand sliping to her thigh was all it took to grab her complete attention as he said "its time to keep those eyes peeled my pet, do not even think for one moment I wont pull over right there on the side of the freeway to use my belt on your tender ass my love". She cringed from the sound in his voice yet her self confidence from the previous challenges he placed in front of her calmed her quickly. She certainly new him well enough to know he was not bluffing but she also new he was challenging her and he hoped she would succed. She would have so may thoughts going through her mind on the way. It would not be easy to stay focused yet at the same time the rewards for succeding were just what her body ached for. She was ready for his challenge and confident she would pass.

The next thing she new they were pulling back onto the freeway with her eyes peeled for the first of many mile markers to come. He took the car up to 60 miles an hour telling her she would be pinching her throbbing clit every mile as the first marker came into sight. As they approached it she felt his eyes on her as her hand slipped beneath the short rain coat, her own hannds grazing against her tender thigh causing her to tremble. Just as they passed the marker her fingers closed firmly on her clit, stopping the blood from flowing into her magical button as she began to pull upon it. Her eyes closed as the tremors returned, feeling her nipples tighten as the pressure sent jolts of pleasure through her tremoring frame. She held her lips tightly closed and released her breath slowly through her flared nostrils. This part of the challenge was easy for her but she new it would get harder with every mile.

It was at mile 37 that she had her first close call. She was day dreaming as she saw the marker just at the nick of time. Slamming her hand between her thighs as she hastily found her clit once again. She had not prepared herself for this one since it caught her off guard and she groaned clinging to the edge gritting her teeth holding on with all she had. Releasing it her body still thrashing gently in the seat she breathed a sigh of relief knowing just how close she had came. She looked over to see Masters grin she flashed him a grin as he said "your so cute when your blushing my pet". Causing her to blush even more just as he had thought. "That was a close one wasnt it" she new he enjoyed watching every secound of it as she answered "yes Master but you have trained me very well". Gazing at him with that smile she saved solely for him as thoughts of the next mile marker sprang into her head. She could see it in the distance, she began to control her breathing with slow deep breaths as they approached. Her hand sliding to her thigh and ready as it got closer. Just as the car sped past the marker her hands latched on. Pinching her love button once again as she controlled her breathing holding on with every thing she had, squirming as she focused on him and his command, hold on she thought to herself just as her fingers sliped away. She looked at Master and smiled knowing she made it as she took in the proud smile across his face. "I think you should be rewarded for your efforts my pet and my cock is throbbing fom the show you have put on for Master" he clicked his blinker on and pulled off onto the next exit. She purred as she laid her head up against his shoulder, needing to feel him close to her.

They headed down a frontage road and he turned off of it onto a narrow path cut away between the trees. She wondered were this path could lead as they made there way slowly. Dodging holes in the low riding corvette. The trees opened up into a small clearing as she realized the path lead to the base of one of the many billboard signs along the freeway. It was a secluded location, ,the sound of the cars cruising by on the freeway was all she heard as the car came to a stop and he clicked off the ignition. He pushed his door open and sprang to his feet. She watched as he made his way slowly around the car. Stopping as he reached the passenger side of the car. The bulge in his tight fitting slacks caused her mouth to water. "You have done very well thus far my pet" his tone seemed to be building in intensity. "Remove my cock, show me how badly you want to feel it inside you as our bodys slam together". She reacted instantly, skipping his belt her hands went right for his zipper. She pulled downward on it and a moment later slipped her hand into his slacks gently removing his manhood through the hole the zipper had left behind. She dove at him with her hungry mouth open wide. Taking the head in as she began suckling it like a child with a tasty lolipop. Her mouth moving rythmically over the head as she fel\t the semi erect shaft tightening with each stroke. Her hand sliping back into the hole she guided his balls outside of them as she cupped them gently in her hand as she pressed the thick mushroom head deeper into her hungry mouth. Sucking firmly on his pole she pulled her head back which created a popping sound as her mouth pulled away from his hard pole for just a moment until she dove back upon him once again. She worked frantically sucking it deeply into her mouth, applying suction as she pulled away with her warm well trained lips. Relaxing her throat as she prepared to take him deeper. She loved to feel him crashing into her as he used her mouth like the fuck hole it had been trained to be. He wouldnt give into her that easy as he looked down at her pouty lips surrounding his manhood. He reached down as she instictively pulled back allowing his hand to reach around his shaft. He pulled it from her mouth as he watched her tongue waving in the air. He began slaping the opening the head on her tongue watching her breasts jiggle as she kneeled on the soft ground. He had to have her as he pulled her up to her feet. Grabing her around the waist and hoisting her into the air with his strong arms. She felt her wet cunt surround his cock as the head pressed her dripping slit open. He held her in the air feeling her body react to his throbbing manhood resting just inside her opening. She began to buck her hips uncontrolable as her cunt spasmed wanting to feel him deeper. Her body clung to him as he made sure she could only take the tip of him inside of her. She felt his hands slip away as the head pressed deep into her, she tried for a moment to hang on but it was to late she couldnt take it any more as her body felt the first wave of orgasm wash over her. Feeling her body crashing against hers as he thrust his hips into her time and time again as she was guided by his strong grip on her ass into the air one time after another to come crashing down against him as it made a wonderful clapping sound. She wasnt sure if the next wave was another orgasm or the first continuing as he continued bouncing her on his rock hard cock. She felt her own love juice trinkling down the crack of her ass as his assault on her spasming pussy continued. He pulled her up and off his cock, spinning her in the air the next thing she new he cradled her in his arms much like a baby. Kissing her on the forehead he then whispered into her ear "you have yet again made me proud my pet, we have a long drive ahead of us catch your breath and relax a moment". Placing her back into her seat, her body twitching from time to time as she shook gently from the after effects of her cherished reward. In the back of her mind she new Master had not cum which left her wondering just when and were he would take her again. It would be something on her mind more and more as they passed every exit on the highway. Wondering if he would pull off and find a place to take her.

They pulled off into a rest stop along the way. She waited for her instructions watching as he slipped out the door. Master reached behind the seat and removed a small leather bag. He procedded to her side of the card and pulled her door open as he held out the bag. "Take this with sure you will know what to do with the things you find inside" she took them from his hand with a smile. She crawled from the car and followed him, her eyes scaning the area as she did, she could feel people watching her and probably talking about her outfit. She didnt care she walked proudly with a sweet innocent smile. Her apple shaped ass swaying just barely covered by the hem of the yellow rain coat. He had claimed her and she was proud of what she had become under his control. She was shy and reserved before they had met. But since she had become proud of her hourglass figure. She walked slowly to the main door, pulling it open just as two young men headed through the door beside it. She new she got there attention as she heard one say to the other "damm, did you see that" said one of them". The other responding "I sure did......she was hot". She chuckled softly as she continued her way to the bathroom. She made her way to the closest available stall and locked the door. She opened the bag and found a shiny silver egg and four leather restraints. She began fastening one around her wrist and then the other. Feeling the leather against her skin made her shiver as she thought back to the last time she had worn these. Taking a seat she slide the egg beneath the hem of the coat and pressed it inside her wet lips. Then she began fastening the other two restraints around her ankles, making sure they were nice and tight. Satisfied with them she stands up straight and pushes the coat down around her bottom the best she can as she prepares herself for the long walk back to the car. Knowing it will not be easy to keep the egg from falling out in the state of arousal she has found herself in. She steps out of the stall to a few strange glances from an older women washing her hands at the sink. She smiles sweetly and on her way she goes without looking back. She walked confidently with her head held high and her apple shaped behind swaying as she walked out of the rest stop bathroom. Walking slowly she made her way to the car feeling the egg move inside of her with each step. As she reached the car she quickly pulled the door open and slide her nearly uncovered legs onto the seat. He started the car and they were on there way. It was just a few miles down the road when he pulled a small black box from his pocket and she felt the egg begin to shake. He was pressing a button and the wireless egg that was inside her was responding. He began ramping her up with the controls. Turning it on for just a few secounds then turning it off to click it on longer the next time. Just as she thought she had picked up his timing he changed it up on her. Long bursts on the button followed short quick ones as he manipulated her the way only he could. The torment had her thinking about beging Master to pull over and take her yet she new all to well that was not part of his plan. She hoped they would reach there destination soon as she drifted off thinking about the night ahead of them and the things he would do with her as he often pulled her back with bursts upon that button. He pulled off the highway onto a remote two lane street as he smiled at her, she new they were getting close. They pulled off the small two lane road onto a single lane path which was hidden in a patch of low hanging trees. He headed slowly down the bumpy unkept path cut away between the tall oaks as she wondered were he was taking her. They soon pull into a bit of a clearing in the trees and he brings the car to a stop . Looking over at her he leans in and gives her a soft kiss upon her forehead, the view is breathtaking as she takes in there surroundings. There was a picnic table and a small fire pit circled with large stones and a large rocky cliff that made a wonderful backdrop for this secluded setting. She could see why she would not need her suitcase here. Knowing Master enjoyed her dressed in less then what most would find acceptable in public.

He pushed the door open and soon was on his feet. His eyes locked on her as she smiled back at him. He made his way to her slowly, his hunger for her reaching its peak and she could see it in his eyes. They were locked on her like a big cat as it stalked its prey. It was not easy for him to hold back on there long drive. Many times he had convinced himself not to pull off the first country road he saw and have his way with her. He to had been waiting all week for this time they would share. His cock had been throbbing since he hoped into the car at the airport and pictured her waiting for him in the outfit he had choosen special for this weekend. He could wait no longer to release the tension in his balls that had been building since the last morning he saw her.

"Close your eyes" he said and his hand slid into the long dark locks and slowly began to turn them into a handle. He stood outside her door as she felt him guide her back tipping her head gently. She then felt his hand slip to the zipper of her rain coat. Pulling the zipper down nice and slowly as she held her eyes shut tightly. The sound of the zipper mixing with the sounds of a few afternoon birds. She felt the coat fall open, her breasts exposed to the fresh air as she felt the two halves come to rest against her arms. His hand slides with a soft delicate touch to her throat. Her breathing quickly becomes heavy and erratic. Feeling his hand trail down her neck and between her heaving breasts has her senses heady and screaming for any sensation he will offer her. She wanted so badly to beg but yet again she new that he would enjoy her torment as it surely would lead to more. This torment had become something she so loved to hate. His voice grabed her yet again "clasp your hands behind your back princess" she felt his breath tickle her ear telling her he was so very close. She did as he said pressing her breasts forward as she did so. Her body tightened expecting some sort of sensation at any moment but there was nothing as she began to relax a bit. She felt his grip tighten in her gleaming hair and heard the door pulled open. His other hand found her nipple, so soft and delicately she felt it teasing the edges. He then pinched it between his fingers causing her grip on her own wrist behind her back to tighten. She felt him pulling it slowly away from her body as her breaths became short and quick. "Fell the pulses it sends to your clit" his voice hissing into her ear as she feels her legs begin to shake. His grip tightening as she feels the small nob of flesh begining to strech. He releases it and she feels the weight of it fall as she gasps deeply for a breath and at just that moment his hand lands swiftly against her. A deep moan escaping her lips feeling her breast slapped and the sound of his hand landing against her skin. She could remember that first time he slapped her tits, she couldnt even believe the effect it had on her. Grabing the other nipple this time it began to feel the same thing being done. This time he began to twist it as he pulled further. Watching her exspression closely as he apllied more and more pressure finally to release it once again and follow it up with a swift swat of its own and this time he added another catching her off guard. He pulled her from the car, spinning her quickly towards it as he pressed her over the hood. Her bare breasts pressed against the car as she looked back to see his pants fall to the ground. He positioned himself behind her as she braced herself against the car. She felt him pull the rain coat up over her ass and drop his thickness across her tightest opening. She felt it throbbing against her causing her to subconciosly tighten her cheeks cradling his cock between them as she felt it crawling across her as it hardened even more. He grabed her hips and began to rock against her. Grinding his hard throbbing cock across her. Sliding it across that patch of skin that divides his two holes making her ass squirm, anticipating whats next as his ball's slap against her wet lips. Then his hand slithers around her waist as she feels it grazing softly against the inside of her thighs. He slaps her clit then latches onto it with his fingers, ,pulling gently away as his grip tightens. She gasps for a breath.....holding it in as she groans. His other hand grabbing her by the hair. Feeling his fingers slip away from her clit she pulls in another deep breath and just as she fills her lungs with a breath his hand lands firmly against her clit once again. This time the sensation ends as fast as it begins and is followed by another, then another. His hand landing just a tad harder upon her throbbing clit with every swat as her hips began to twist as she rose to her tip toes feeling his weight pressing down on her. Her fierce desire for him tightening evevy muscle in her frame as she rose up "take your pussy ......pleaseeeeee Master" screaming to feel him crashing against her. His hand clutching her long locks she prepared for his pleasure and her own. He slid the hand that was smacking her throbbing button to his hard cock and fisted it as he lined her up. She felt it resting against her wet slick opening. Oh how she wanted to throw herself into him but she waited as she shook. Then it happened his first thrust picked her up off the ground and just as her feet landed she felt him crashing into her once again. All she could hear was the sound of him slamming into her as he progressively pulled her hair harder. She could see his reflection in the shiny paint as he stood over her from behind. Without a word he fucked her relentlessly on the hood of that corvette. He had been building his own release all day and it had been long enough. Her damp folds spasming around him milking him of his hot cum as she erupted with no chance of holding back. He thrust it deep once again with his hands holding her hips against him as he watched her hips twitch uncontrollable. Rocking against her as she squirmed and bucked herself against him. He pulled out of her and took a few steps back as he pulled her with him. He spun her around into the air a position she had been in many times. Using her strong legs around his neck they sixtey nined in mid air. Her mouth taking him in without a thought as she felt his breath rolling across her damp lips. He attached his lips to her clit as she worked his cock frantically in and out of her mouth. She new she would be in this positioned until she finished him and his mouth sucking on her clit just made it that much harder to concentrate. He began nibbling at it as she tasted the first drop of precum. She new he was close as she clung to the edge herself. Her mouth taking nearly all of him in, stroke after stroke as her hand cradled his balls from underneath snaking her hand around behind him. She held on with her arms wrapped around him, feeling his grip tight around her back. She was hungry for his cum and she new his balls were full. She thrust herself over him deep taking him in hard holding her lips tightly around his shaft to hold the most amount of pressure on it as she impailed her face with it. His entire body tightened as he balanced both of them in the air and he let loose. His balls shooting the hot cream into her mouth sending her into an orgasm of her own. He was as in ecstasy as she forced her mouth to hold it deep feeling him blast one shot then another down the back of her throat. She fed from him hungrily as an intense wave washed through her. She came clinging to him while savorying every last drop of his warm cum. Her body still trembling as his tongue continued to slap at her swollen clit. She sucked his softening cock clean as her tremors subsided. His hunger for her satisfied for now as she was left knowing he would soon begin building her next orgasm. How he loved to watch her cum.

Part 2 in the works

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