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The Walk Kidnapped by a Stranger

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It was a cool fall evening as I walked from the local Ice Cream Shop. My daughter and I liked the evenings as the moon shone bright lighting the sidewalk before me. Grandma met us for ice cream and decided to take Kayla with her for the weekend. She is a singles mom’s dream always giving me down time after a long week at college and working part time to make ends meet. I am not your typical college student I am 49 years old. Bored with my life I decided to make a change and do something a little safer, different after 15 years as a medic.

The evening was quite in this sleepy town of mine. The sidewalk only runs on one side of Main St. An occasional car or pick up truck drives by slowly for this is a farming community and just about everyone is up early in the morning to start a day of hard work. Not in a hurry to get home and enjoying the quite I took my time in the ½ mile walk home. Not thinking much about the rush of leaves behind me as the light wind blowing at the fall colors all around me I did not quicken my pace or think to turn and look to see if someone was behind me.

It happened all to fast for me to react or defend myself. I was on the cool ground of fall. His weight not giving, I tried in vale to rid myself of the weight trying to hold me down. My face deep in the cold wet grass and a large rough hand slid over my gasping mouth. Trying to yell and grasping for breath as my air was pushed out of my lungs as I hit hard against the ground. His legs wrapped around mine as I felt the coldness of steel against my cheek. All I heard in my ear was a harsh, rough whisper (shut up bitch and I will not hurt you). OOOO God I moved from the city just to get out of this kind of hell. What kind of man drives all the way out here to attack a woman? So many things flood my mind. Do I fight, do I lay here and let what may happen and pray that I am able to raise my daughter. I froze under his weight, his breath heavy with liquor and smoke. I could not shake with fear as my skin became as cold as the ground beneath me. I felt his legs shift to intertwine mine and his right arm looping my arms. Than in a smooth fast move my hands where bound be hind me with a heavy tape and my mouth gagged with a soft cloth, tied tight behind my neck. He raised my legs bending behind my thighs and taped my ankles together. There I lay like a young soft calf waiting for branding. He pushed me onto my side and stood there for a second as if wondering what to do now. He pulled me on to my ass in a sitting position. Picking me up he whispered to himself (You will have to do) I looked in the direction that he was walking and noticed a large SUV white in color parked in the doctors office that is next to the ice cream shop that I just left a few minutes ago.

I felt a tear leave my eye and slowly flowed down my cheek in the cold fall evening the tear was cold to my shocked skin. He leaned me against the side of the SUV as he slowly opened the back and pushed the back seat forward as far as he could reach. He forced me to sit on the tail gate and whispered I am sorry about this but I have to make good to Master. His right hand slowly reached around to his back pocket and went deep inside the seams. I gasped and my eyes grew wide. ( He whisper mmmm do not worry I am not aloud to hurt you any more than it takes to get you to Master) so the less you fight the better it is going to be on both of us. Master hates it when my presents come to him all marked up and damaged. He pulled out a black mask and tried placing it around my head. I tossed and turned my body as much as I could in my confinement. He grabbed my shoulder and shook me (did you not listen to me I will not hurt you any more than it take to get you to Master) he is mad at me for screwing up so I am taking you to him as a present tears streaming down my face stinging from the salt and coldness. He placed the blind fold over me and than slowly laid me on the floor of the SUV. Laying there I heard him close the tailgate and get into the drivers seat. The motor started up and the doors lock. Locked into a prison of fear and uncertainly.

Laying there I can vision the drive that he was back tracking. Right out of the doctors office, left on to Western Reserve Rd than a left on to the Freeway. OOO my God I am going over the state lines. (I do not have much time to get out of this). Faster we drove I can feel the bumps of the freeway concert slabs. Here is my chance to free myself as he pulled up to the toll booth of the Ohio turnpike I banged my feet against the sides of the interior than the music got louder and the speaking went to yelling. He covered every thing (did they hear me as I tried to get noticed back here in the dark?) The tears flowed heavy now. Breathing heavy through my mouth for my nose was stuffed up with the effects of crying with fear. He drove off from the toll booth and the music softened again he reminded me to listen to him and nothing will happen to me as long as I was with him as he can not hurt me.

So I laid there and doing my best to free myself from the bonds that held me tight. Trying to twist my hands and wrists to free them, my feet doing the same and yet not hitting the interior of the SUV and make any sound to warn my guard to my efforts. Now again at a Toll Booth I tried to get noticed but again before we pulled up to get the toll ticket he turned up the music and drove in and out before anyone would noticed my efforts to get noticed. He again turned down the music and silent hit the cool air. As I tried to free my hands and feet from their bondage I moved the blind fold off my face far enough to peek under the blind fold to see the street light passing by us at a fast rate.

We must have been on the Pennsyania Turnpike for some time before he made a sharp turn on to what I think is an off ramp. My body thrown to the far back of the floor as he slammed on the brakes and the yelled words of OOO Shit filled the air. His voice softened almost as fast as he yelled and said (sorry I was blocked in and almost missed the exit). Again the music got defining in my ears and the window opened. The cold evening air reaching me felt good on my fear sweating skin. I breathed deep and long clearing my mind and getting back on how to handle this situation and what I can could do free myself my wrist now hurting and throbbing from my efforts with out reward to free myself.

Now through my peek opening I can see street lights, road and store front signs. I tried to roll over and try to find markers that maybe I would remember something from my past that I might have been there before. But nothing the smoked glass was unyielding to the street that we where traveling on. Only being able to see from the windows up I am unable to see if there where people walking on the side of the street but by the sounds it was a main drag and the sounds of cars and trucks driving by gave the hint of at least four lanes or more and the number of traffic lights told me that it was heavily used. I tried to count the street lights as trying to remember and if I got out of this alive I could some how retrace my travels for this man would pay dearly for this imprisonment. God I pray to live through all of this and get sweet revenge from this man. How unfair of him to come into my life like this and take me away from everything I became comfortable with and love. Love my daughter will I see her again. Will I be with her in the morning when she comes home from church? Will I ever see her again?

Just as the tears started to flood my eyes again I hear the window open and the fall air filled the stale air in my chest. Music got loud again and His voice filled the air (Hey where is he)? (He just left the office and went to get a bite to eat) (Thanks good seeing you again) The window closed and he stomped on the gas throwing me again against the back of the SUV, my head and knees hitting the back door with a hard thud.

We did not drive far until the street lights where gone. Only a few house lights reflect off the smoked glass of my prison. The feeling of turns and hills up and down started a quizzy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Making a sharp turn to the left the road smoothed out and no more stopping and going. I heard a motor running, than a heavy screech of metal moving (a gate maybe I thought to myself) well you are here (I heard my captor say), and no time to spare.

This time for sure I heard a garage door open, a large one, for the motor sounded heavy and it took awhile before it stopped. Moving only a few feet the engine cut off. Again I heard the door open and close with such a bang that my body jumped and I hit my head on the back of what seemed the seat (softly cushioned) giving. The back of the S.U.V. opened and feeling warm air and hearing the shuffle of feet my nerves went on defensive. For the first time I noticed the coolness of my skin. Sweat has covered me and I was sticking to my jeans and sweater. I now noticed the face of my captor. A tall man with black hair and strong built. Age mmmm maybe late 30’s or early 40’s. Reaching in, he quickly covered my eyes again with the blind fold. Feeling his arm under my knees and pulling them until I could feel the edge of the back of the S.U.V he let them go and pulled me to a sitting position. Sorry for the rough ride I heard him say now in a softer tone than before (almost as if he was apologizing for entering my life uninvited). I felt rough pulling and tugging at the bondage of my feet, than a sharp rip of the tape and my feet where free. Getting a firm hold onto my left arm he helped me to my feet. Holding me there, making sure I had my footing after the long drive that had to have takin hours.

Now, holding the inside of my right arm he started to guide me around the S.U.V. I twisted my body against his will and tried to rub the blind fold off of me against his rough jacket. My captor pushed against my rib cage, than held me tight so I would not loose my footing. You’re a fighter he said Master will like this.

We stopped and he told me that there where two small steps I shuffled my feet until I could feel the edge of the first one, but I stopped and planted my feet firmly to the cement under them. His hand releasing my arm, he firmly wrapped it around my waist and nudged to go forward. Resisting, I pushed back. Not breathing to well because of the after affects of crying I turned my face to my captor (which I am sure by now really did not look to good). Releasing my arm I heard the rubbing of materials I was startled, by the harshness of a paper towel or napkin on my face. One heavy wipe, and between the wetness of my tears and his heavy hand the mouth gang came off from around the top of my mouth. Now able to breathe a little easier I turned to the direction in which my captor had me heading. As soon as his arm again was wrapped around mine thoughts flooded my mind. This could be my last effort to free myself. As he started to guild me forward up the steps I pushed as hard as I could against him hoping to throw him off balance and away from me. My captor stumbled, his grip tightened on my arm and we both went down with a thud. My body twisting landing heavy on top , his hip bones pushing deep into my right side my head landing on his chest.

“You stupid fucking bitch” filled the air. Echoing as if we where standing in the middle of a large empty room. Quickly my captor pushed his body from underneath me, I felt his belt buckle brush my cheek, the laces of his boots catching the pant leg of my jeans and than a woven knot of my sweater as he kicked his way out. Rolling onto my back I felt the coldness of the concert floor on my back. His boot was tugging at my sweater which has now risen to my bra line. HOLD STILL he said and I felt his fingers fumble with my sweater freeing his boot from me. Trying to sit up I was now being held down by his large, strong hand pushing against my upper chest. (Well now your picture does not show these right). My back arching to try and get off the coldness of the hard floor, his hand slid down and cupped the bottom on my right breast. The roughness of his hand scratching the satin material as he explored the mound underneath. Trying not to react to his touch I thought to myself Picture what picture. Was someone watching me, stalking, when, where all of these thoughts flooded my mind? All of a sudden his hand grabbed the middle of my sweater and raised me to my feet. In one fast swoop my face was tight against wall and his body was pushing hard against my back. I felt his shaven face against my neck and in a low rough voice he said (if it was not for Master I bend you over right here right now). Thrusting his hips against me I felt his throbbing cock against my ass.

Pulling away from me he wrapped his arm around my chest and pulled me away from the wall. Now, with strength he guided me back to the steps and again repeated two steps up. This time staying behind me he gave a gentle push, moving forward, I than felt the unyielding coolness of steel. His left arm reached out and I heard the twisting of a door handle. Stumbling through the doorway I felt the softness of carpet under my feet, than the slamming of the door not 2 feet behind me. My heart sank, was this to be the beginning of the end. What do my captor’s thoughts have to do with me? Who is this Master that I am here for? And what pictures has he seen? Does he have Kayla or know of her?

Before I could start to answer any of these questions in my mind I was being pulled now by my left arm. Going only a few feet we stopped. The blindfold was taken off my eyes and before me was a flight of stairs. My eyes not yet adjusted to the dim light of the hallway I was guided up the stairs. Passing the first closed door we stopped at the second closed door on the left. As he opened it I saw that it must be a guest bathroom. My captor flicked on the light and I bent my head down as my eyes where flooded. As my eyes adjusted I heard the opening of his knife again. With the sharpness of a surgical blade my hands where freed. Slowly reaching up I removed the gag from my mouth and taking a few deep breaths my lungs and mind where clear and recharged. Trying to remove the duct tape that bound my wrists He told me that soap and water will remove it with out to much pain. I started for the sink that was just past him on the right. Grabbing my left upper arm he said not there, in the shower. He took one step back than positioned himself between me and my only visible way out of this hell. He leaned his ass against the sink crossed his legs at the ankles and looked at me (what are you waiting for, shower) you can not be all sweaty and looking like that when Master gets here. Now strip and get to it there is not much time. He reached over and closed the bathroom door very quietly and than took his place back at the sink. I just stood there looking at him than in a low demanding voice he commanded me to strip. For the first time I was able to really see the man who took me from the little town I had gotten to love. He was tall compared to my 5’4” structure. He had to be reaching an easy 6 ‘. Kind of a football player built. With a freshly shaven face that just left a trace of a smooth mustache that was well trimmed. Dark colored hair and eyes that right now where piecing through me that where sending chills up and down my spine. Reaching down to the sink where he placed the knife finding the handle as he did not take his eyes off of me, he placed it to the left cuff of my sweater. With my right hand I grabbed his lower arm slowly responding OK I get it. But do you have to be here it is not like I can go anywhere? With a smirk on his face my captor responded (OOO I am going to enjoy watching this) Knelling on one leg I untied my angle high riding boot and than the other. Standing up I reached down and removed them and my heavy cotton socks. Turning my back to my captor I slid my arms inside the sweater and started pulling it over my head. As my face was covered with my sweater I felt a light pull of the back of my bra. He had cut the back and the arm straps fell off my shoulders. Now with my breast uncovered they reacted to the coolness of my skin. My nipples became hard and erect. Come on I heard my captor say you are slower than a strip tease show in Vegas. Reaching down I unbuttoned the top of my Levi jeans and unzipping them. My hands slid easily around the waist band and down around my ass. Sliding them down over my hips and onto my thighs I heard a low moan (OOO yes from the man behind me). I heard an uneasy shuffle behind me and than a light finger between my shoulder blades. Slowly it ran down my spine and pushed against the top band of my panties. Slowly his finger caressed me between the mounds of my ass as my panties slid over my hips. Unwanted wetness flooded me and sensations started to take over. Feelings I had to deny myself. I reached over and slid the smoked glass of the shower open. Trying to step forward to hide my now aching body from my captor, his arm again was around me. But not at the shoulder which he was so carefully placed before but now on my waist pulling at me. Turn around he commanded. I stopped froze, again he commanded (turn around I want to see what I worked so hard for). Slowly I turned my body to face him. My arms crossed over my torso and my hands holding my hips. I could not look at him so I hung my face and looked at the white tile floor, the throw rug of blue, soft warm now against my bare feet. My silk light blue panties now entangled around my ankles. Reaching out he grabbed my left arm and trying to remove it from covering what it could of my bare skin. With a sharp fast swing I went to slap the face of my captor but his left arm came up and blocked me. Now with both of my arms in his hands he pushed me back. Stumbling against his power I landed on my ass hard and fast. Pulling me up with my arms I got my legs underneath me and got to my knees. Now that is where a woman should be he stated. He let go with his right hand and before I could react his manhood was staring me right in the face. Suck it I heard him say. I turned my face away from him and pulled free from his grip. His hand lay heavy onto the back of my neck and his fingers entwined my hair. Pulling my face back towards his hips he thrust his hips towards me. In a hard thrust his cock pushed to open my mouth. Again I turned my head and his cock head pushed heavy against my cheek. Again he pulled my head back so my mouth was but an inch from his manhood. But this time holding the back of my neck tightly his thrust found its mark. The round smooth head of his cock parted my lips and in one more fast hard thrust he was deep in my throat. My hands lay against his muscled thighs to support myself against his intrusion. Long fast thrusts his cock went deeper into my throat his balls slapping against my exposed throat. His hand tighten harder behind my neck all I heard was (that’s it suck all of it, God yes) than my mouth was flooded with the salty taste of man. With his cock forced into my throat I had to swallow. Although, the job was done he stayed there motionless, quite while his cock until His pulsating cock delivered every drop of hot cum into my now wet mouth and went soft . His grip of my neck lightened and I rose to my feet. Keeping my head down I turn and this time gladly entered the shower. The cold water hitting my bare back snapped me back to thoughts of my life back home. It had to be around midnight now, my daughter fast asleep in her bed at her grandparents. Adjusting the water so my now freezing skin could not take much more, I started to gag. Bring up anything left in my stomach until dry heaves made my stomach ache.

Finding shampoo I washed my hair, taking as much time as possible so I did not have to face my captor again. The wash cloth hanging on the door handle of the shower was heavy and made of light blue terry cloth. Lathering up the wash cloth I started with my upper chest and neck. The warm water hitting my back some what relaxed me. As I washed my breasts one at a time the wash cloth left a trail of soap in circular pattern around my mounds. I looked quickly in the direction of my captor through the smoked glass of the shower door I could not tell if he was standing there watching me or if he had slipped out of the bathroom. Leaving the water run I slowly opened the shower door. Nothing he was not here but the bathroom door was left open. Quickly I grabbed my clothes now in a heap on the tile floor and with out missing a step I headed to the open door. Through my mind I quickly recalled my steps turn right, down the stairs, about nine steps, than there should be a metal door on my right. I made it to the bathroom door and with out stopping I ran. The soft carpet under my feet hides my escape well and the only sound was my heart now pounding in my ears. Midway down the steps I heard a loud yell of “FUCK” and the pounding of a fist against the solid wood that incased this prison that is now holding me. Almost loosing my balance on the well carpeted stairs I grabbed the hand rail and my clothes scattered down the stairs. Regaining my footing I heard heavy foot steps running towards me. Looking up my captor was not yet at the top of the stairs. Again I turned towards the bottom of the stairs and started down as fast as I could. I managed to grab my sweater which with its weight was only a few steps beyond me, not stopping I bee lined for my jeans which lay almost at the bottom of the stairs in a rolled up heap. As I ran down the short hallway in the corner of my left eye was a counter top, a few envelopes and keys where laying there. My hand reached out for the door knob which had to be my way out. Twisting it hard I found it locked (locked who in the hell locks inside doors). Than it happened his hand slapped against my still wet skin leaving finger prints around my right wrist. Twisting my arm behind me he swung me around and my waist hit the counter top bending me over it. My breast heaving from my attempts of escape arched with every breath I took. Turning my head to the left as my captor was yelling at me I noticed a large white letter lying next to my head. Mostly blurred because of the closeness I was able to read Grafton W.V. on it. Is that where I am at? Who do I know in West Virginia? Hell I only know a few people and only on the internet. And hell they only say they are in West Virginia as far as I know they could be in Bum Fuck Egypt. You can be anyone you want to be on the internet.

Pretty much blocking out what he was saying until there was the sound of what seemed like a door bell. OOOO shit he is home and you are no where near ready. Grabbing both my upper arms he half carried me back upstairs. Going past the bathroom with the shower still running he took me to the end of the hall way facing a heavy wooden door he let go of my arm and swung it open. Pushing me inside I took a quick look around, a large wooden armoire in the center of the wall next to me, than a door which had to be the closet , a large four post bed heavily laid with pillows and a thick comforter, and on the far side of the bed, a side table with a lap top. Now with a gentle push towards the bed he told me to get dressed. Gladly I unrolled my pants and lifted my right leg to put them on. With a quick grab and snatch he took my jeans from my hands (not that shit) this and he pointed to clothes laid out on the bed. As my eyes checked out the clothes there was a white garter belt with matching thigh highs, a blue plaid skirt, a white silk blouse and a silk bra and matching panties.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I now heard the echoing of what had to be the garage door opening. Shit, hurry up will you I heard loudly in my ears. I gathered up the first stocking in my hands and started to pull it up to the middle of my thigh, than the second. Standing up I placed my feet through the lace band of the garter belt and pulled it up to my waste. Bending over to snap on the thigh highs I saw the bra dangling in front of my face. Come on but your arms through we have to hurry. Fastening the stockings I stood up and pushed my arms through the openings of the silk bra. I felt my captor pulling and struggling with the two small hooks on the back. I can take these off with the flick of my fingers but how in the hell do you get them on? I laughing smirk covered my lips and I reached behind me and attached the hooks with easy. Tucking my breast into their hold I reached for the white blouse that just a second ago was neatly laying on the bed. Gone now I felt the sleeve of the blouse covering my arm, I slid on the other and over my shoulders. For once in what seems hours I was half comfortable in the presents of my captor. The silent was broken with the slamming of a door and the clinking of keys as they must have been tossed onto the counter I was bent over just a few minutes ago. Shit Master is home he grabbed the skirt and pulled it on hard over my head. Fighting with the zipper in the back I took over holding the bottom of the zipper I pulled it up in a split second. I felt the tugging of a brush running through me long damp hair once in awhile pulling my head back. Sorry he said my daughter hates it when I do that. Thinking to myself (he has a daughter and can still do this to me) what kind of dad is he. As I finished fixing the skirt that is now clinging to my hips we where startled with a deep but soft voice yelling up the stairs (hey who is here)? My captor ran down the hall to delay His Master. Just me he yelled back as his foot steps faded away from the bedroom I now was standing in alone. Hey, you know how it is the old lady is not putting out and well I had to do something I heard echoing down the hall. She is getting dressed now and we will be out of here in a few minutes OK? Hey sure I need to finish some mail anyways. His voice, not that of my captor, but of his Master, did I know it? I heard the foot steps of my captor returning to the bedroom where I stood. (MMMM nice very very nice). He whispered in a soft tone of voice. Looking down to cover the whole package than his eyes snapped back to mine (shoes put on the shoes) where are they. I stepped back against the far wall to give my captor a full view of the floor his eyes where searching over very carefully. Here as he reached to the floor I noticed a pair of black shoes, at least four inch heels with rounded toes and a small leather bow on top. You have got to be kidding a whispered I wear riding boots and tennis shoes. I will get a nose bleed with the air so thin up there wearing these. (Funny) my captor whispered to me (just put them on and hurry up). The shoes where a little snuck and pinched my little toes but I bared it just so I can get out of this mess I only read about in the paper or heard on the news.

My captor turned to me and said (sorry about this but I have to put this back on you) No, I sternly replied, I what to look into the face of the man that is making you do this to me. Is he paying you well I hope, Believe me if I get out of this alive both of you will pay! After those words left my mouth I regretted saying them. But, my Irish temper was now taking over my thoughts and my mouth. (Hey, come on you guys) echoed down the hall as his Master yelled (it’s been a long fucking week and I need some sleep). Quickly, my captor picked me up and before I knew what happened I was lying in the middle of the huge bed. My body sank into the soft comforter and my head was engulfed by the down filled pillows. He straddled my torso, his legs pressed firmly against my rib cage. His left hand grabbing my right wrist and holding to firmly against the bed I watched as a soft rope was slid onto my wrist. Fighting to free myself from his weight my body twisted and bucked underneath him. He than repeated the motions with my left wrist. Laying there like a sacrifice, anger over took fear, how could I let some one do this to me. My captor released his weight off of me and got off the bed. Again he reached deep into his back pocket and brought out the blind fold. Just than I heard his Master’s voice echoing into the bedroom (I am coming up I have had enough of this game get out)! He moved quickly even for his build and my eyes where covered with the black blind fold as my body twisted on the large soft bed. The foot steps got louder as He approached the now prison in which I was being held. I felt my captor’s warm large hand around my ankles as he looped a noose around them, quickly one at a time I was tied to the large four posted bed. Laying there I felt like I was a human sacrifice, bound and gagged like a wild animal for slaughter.

“What the hell is going on here” filled the air and my body froze in the now tense filled air. (Well) I heard my captor say, (I know I fucked up this morning so I figured I better make everything right with you and soon). So, here she is! You mean? I heard a deep southern voice (now softer and more under control). Yep! That lady from Ohio you have been talking to and thought she was exciting. What have you done? Was the next words coming from the man I was here as a sacrifice. Hell! This is no way to take control over a pretty lady. And I sure as hell do not need anyone here like this in my home. Way to much can happen out of all of this, His voice now stern and scolding. Well I could not take her to the office or garage to many people there and well it would be hard to explain carrying her into a hotel now wouldn’t it. I guess your right about that but this is not good at all; I am going to have to figure out how to keep this quiet so no one else will hear her leaving. Leaving! My captor’s voice now in a high pitched question. I brought her here for the night. I thought you wanted to have her by the way you talked about her the other night. I do want her, his voice now under control again but, not like this. Willingly is a lot more fun I never force a lady to do something she does not want to do.

Laying there my face turned towards the men talking about me. Than let me go, my body twisting against the ropes holding me on His bed. Just let me go and I can find my own way home. Your over 170 miles from home there is no way you can get home now. I heard a scuffle of feet coming closer to the far side of the bed where I remember the small table and laptop where. I’m an old country girl you would be surprised what we can do. There was a clinking of heavy metal onto what seemed the small table. Here my captor said I brought these along so you can get her out of those clothes. I felt a large, warm, soft hand lightly on my ankle and slowly run to my knee. Pulling my legs up at the knees as far as my restraints would let me I tried to tighten my thighs together. His hand followed the curves of the outside of my thigh. (Maybe we do have some time before anyone else comes home) maybe the football game will run late).

Just than I felt pressure on the left side of me and a mouth close to mine. His breath hot to my cheek as his mustache brushed the upper lip of my mouth, His hand brushing the auburn hair that got tossed in my struggle to free myself away from the front of the blind fold. His fingers now softly caressing my lips (soft, warm, wet) maybe there is something here after all His voice whispered in my ear and I am a betting man and I will put a months wages these are not the only one’s.

I forced my body onto my right side away from His touch as far as I could under the ropes tighten around my limbs (You’ll never know escaped from my now trembling mouth)

Stop doing that He said you’re going to hurt yourself and that is not a good thing. His hand wrapped around my torso and rolled me onto my back again. My wrists ached from the nooses tight around them. His fingers traced the length of my torso, lightly caressing the curves of my hips, over the sides of my waste and ribs. His hands lightly sliding up the silk of the blouse I was forced to put on. Reaching the inside of my arms a rush of goose bumps covered my body and an uncontrollable giggle left my mouth. Ticklish are we, in an almost childlike way whispered in my ear. I turned my head hard to the right to avoid His humor. His fingers slid under the nooses around my wrists and loosened them enough so that the pain subsided.

Again His fingers caressed the inside of my arms down to the sides of my rib cage and again my body jumped in an uncontrolled escape from the sensation. Goose bumps covered my body but this time His hands cupped the bottom of my mounded breast, MMMM softly entered my ears, His fingers flicked at my already hardened nipples. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my breathing quicken and His fingers explored the hardness of my nipples. Fear covered my body and slowly quivering my mouth formed the words. Stop OOOO God stop, who in the hell are you? His weight shifted away from me. His voice low and demanding (what are you looking at)? His asked. Just watching the Master came from the door way of the prison holding me. Well than go get a chair from the guest room and sit in the corner and watch then. And I mean just watch. My tongue tried to dampen my parched lips. (And go and get so cold water from down stairs, and I mean cold) looks like our lady needs something to drink. I heard a thud and my Captor say here straight from the frig, than the cracking from the plastic top of the bottle being taken off. His firm hand behind my neck raising my head off the pillows gulfing me. Here take a sip or two. My mouth opened and I felt the opening of the bottle on the left side of my mouth. Slow and with much control He let some water pour into my dry mouth. Pulling the bottle away from me a small drop escaped my lips and ran down my cheek. As His finger dried me I heard MMMM well now we can not let anything go to waste now can we,(His finger outlined my closed lips with the wetness of the water dampening them). More? I heard Him say and I just shook my head no. Now that the water has settled in my empty stomach I wanted to throw up. Being here and not in control of my life is quite unsettling to me. And not able to control how my body acts to His touch is unnerving.

Laying there keeping my mind on my now upset stomach and away from the reactions to His touch I heard a snap of metal hitting metal. What is happening? My Captor said as long as I was with him I would not he hurt. Again I heard the snap. What was going on? Now I could feel pressure between the round mounds of my chest. Again I heard the snap of metal against metal. Than one more time in the middle of my chest the light pressure was applied and the cold metal snap was heard. I twisted my body again away from Him and the blouse that was given for me to wear fell to my sides. He had cut the buttons off of it and now all but my breast where bare of my torso. The coldness of steel traced the out line of my lower rib cage until it settled below the thin strip of lace holding my mounds in the soft white silk. I felt the steel slid under the lace and than the silk was no longer covering my breasts. Master’s hand cupped my left breast and his fingers lightly rolled my now hardened nipple between them.

My teeth clinched closed, my hands twisted until I had a hold of the ropes keeping me for His pleasure, the heels of the high heel shoes dug into the linen comforter under my twisting body, through my tightened mouth I yelled NO God let me go! Fighting any feelings that might come over me my mind went back home, to my safe apartment, my daughter, the horses, to the things that where safe, comfortable to me. Just than I felt the wet, warm sensation of a mouth, His tongue wrapping around my nipple and slowly milking me as his hand than slowly slid to my right side and His fingers again rubbed my nipple hard.

My body arched, my head deepened into the softness of His pillows, the sounds around me deafened by the pillows engulfing my head. He slowly slid His left hand down the length of my body every nerve now awake to His touch. Lightly stopping on the top of my bent knee He caressed the inside of my leg. Unwillingly they gave in to His wants. My left leg fell slowly to the softness of His bed. His hand lightly touching my skin, parting its way to my mound, the palm of His hand lightly lay on top of my clean shaven mound as his finger outlined my opening to my now wet clit. Slowly he entered me never letting go of my now dried breast. His finger made small soft circles first around the hood of my pleasure. Than pulling away from me, I could smell the sweetness of my juices as he outlined my mouth with the wetness. My tongue darted out and wrapped around His finger before He could pull away from me. Hard and fast I swallowed His finger until His hand was tight against my chin, my tongue rubbing against every curve of his flesh. Finding all traced of my wetness that He is willing to feed me. Slowly softly His breath warm on my cheek (now that is a good little girl) you like sucking now don’t you? He pulled out His finger and held it above my mouth, my tongue licking any trace of my pussy left behind.

He slowly returned His hand to my mound but this time His finger parted my wet lips and found their mark under the yielding hood of my pussy. Before I could think of anything else the quick flicks of His finger and the bed became a ship on waves of an ocean storm. The surges of my climax bucked my ass. My hips threw up towards Him, His, hand held tight against me. Not letting me come down from the first violates waves of the storm before the second took my breath away.

I begged for Him to stop as the storm lightened in my body and wetness covered my now hot thighs. He stopped His hand lying softly on my smooth, soaked mound. (Nothing better than to watch than a pretty lady Cumming) was whispered in my ear. I felt His hand at the small of my back rolling me onto my left side. The softness of a pillow placed carefully behind me. His torso covered me His weight pushing me deeper into the soft prison below me. Than light tugging of the rope binding my right wrist, than it was free, and the noose removed. I reached down with now my free hand and pulled what skirt I could to cover my now drenched mound. The panties in the course of my climax had been torn away and nothing hides me from His view. I reached up and felt a jacket He must be wearing. Soft, warm like that of wool. My hand slid to the left and found a dress shirt. Smooth under my fingers with buttons just a few inches apart. I reached up as far as my imprisonment would let me and found a smooth face and collar length hair. Thinking to myself (at least He is well groomed). Knowing now what it must be like to have no eye sight I let my other sense take over. The coolness of the air I was breathing here must be central air in this home. The echoing of the sounds and voices which means it is quite large compared to my apartment back home. The scent of a man, most homes where there is a woman there are air fresheners around but, not here.

Under the weight of my arm I could feel His chest rising and falling quickly. Soft movement of His skin told me His hands where moving around. Than there was a snap of leather as it was released from its hold around His waist. I heard the clink of coins as His pants slid to the floor. When this whole night started I knew that it would end up in some way like this. But, what is going to become of me when He is done. Will the morning light have me back home or some where else? I could not accept that, so how I will get back home back to my life. I heard a snap of fingers and than movement of my Captor in the chair that had to be by the bedroom door. I felt my right ankle slowly being freed. The voice of my Captor question the judgment of Master, are you sure you want to do this? She sure is a fighter.

My right foot now in the rough hands of my Captor. Slowly he rubbed the soreness from it and the pinching shoe was removed. The same was done with my left foot and I could now move my torso away from the Master and unyielding sensations He gave to my body. With out any indication my left hand was free and being held by Him. His fingers intertwined mine with a softness of a lover. I felt the weight of His body leaning against the edge of the bed. I reached up to remove the blind fold the only thing stopping me from knowing who this man is taking liberty with my senses. As my fingers reached the top of the blindfold His hand laid softly on top of mine. You probably do not want to do that. You might not like what you see. Might, I thought to myself, how could I like anything of a man that takes a woman from her life against her will.

Again I heard the snap of His fingers and my Captor was on the far side of the bed. My lower arms where being held lightly by Him as the rough hands of my Captor slid under my ass and turned me side ways in the large king size bed. He placed a large pillow under my shoulders and my neck cradled softly on the edge of it. Slowly my Captor kissed the inside of my quivering thighs, slowly working his way to my waiting pussy. Not a word spoken between these two men as they knew what each other needed. As his tongue flicked at my swollen clit I gasped for air. As my mouth widened I felt the smooth skin of a hardened cock tracing the outline of my mouth. I leaned my head back and my tongue felt the smoothness of His precum oozing from His head. I pulled away from His grip and wrapped my arms around his ass and my fingers dug into His skin. Pulling Him closer to my hungry mouth I took every inch He would feed me. Again His hands cupped my breast and His fingers kneading my nipples hard. A snap of His fingers again and a mouth was sucking hard on my stiffened nipples. I could feel my milk being drained again and every drop lapped up like a kitten to a bowl of milk. Than in one hard push my Captor’s finger was deep inside of me rubbing my G-spot to the fullest. The bed becomes once again a ship on a stormy sea. Tightening my grip on His ass I forced His cock deep into my throat, His sacks rubbing lightly against my nose and upper cheeks. With the friction of His upper thighs against my head the blind fold slowly starts sliding of the top of my head. I pull myself even tighter against His long muscled thighs and my mouth lets go of His throbbing cock. I broaden my tongue as it searches for the soft sack that is now filled with hot cum, slowly; I suck in the first ball waiting to be softened. Easy! His quivering voice lets go. Slowly and carefully He leans forward supporting His weight on the soft bed. His cock now tightly nestled between my tits and His well lubed balls sliding easily in and out of my hungry mouth.

I felt the tugging of what was left of the reviling clothes being pulled from my rounded hips. First the short blue plaid skirt, than what was left of the pussy soaked panties. As my Captor’s fingers creased the upper lace of the garter belt I hear His voice in a soft manner Leave those they are nice to look at.!

Letting His now full sack fall slowly from my mouth I gave one last hard pull against His ass and His weight almost fell onto me before He could catch Himself, His hands now deep on the bed straddling my hip area. Quickly my mouth covered His ass. Darting my tongue quickly in and out of His ass every part of His manhood stimulated. His cock hard between my tits throbbed with a internal need, His balls tucked softly under my chin, and my wet tongue making small tight circles around His ass. Precum slowly lubed the valley between my mounds and His hips started a slow steady sway. After just a few minutes of the bond He carefully stood up, letting first His balls get another good licking and a few slow sucks, than His cock fully erected fitting nicely in my hot wet mouth. The taste of His sweet soft precum was over welling and I lick as much as I could before He back away from my reach.

His hands softly supporting my back He raised me into a sitting position as I sat there I pulled my legs to me now sitting cross legged in the middle of the large bed. The blind fold gone now lost some where on the carpeted floor. I sat there with my eyes fixed on the comforter and the wetness left by the violate storms of just a few minutes ago.

I felt pressure first behind me as He started to lay behind me. His body tight against my bare ass, I could feel the heat from His torso warming my back. He reached up and lightly caressed my back between my shoulder blades. Are you going to finish what you started? He stated in a low soft southern voice. I slowly started to raise my eyes and noticed the Captor’s body sliding onto the bed in front of me. Do I have much choice in the matter? Slowly, escaped my throat as I started to look into the Captor’s eyes. I was puzzled to find that through picture exchange I knew this face. Eric? I said loud and clear. And the only reaction I got was a Chester Cat smile and nod. At that I twisted my body hard and fast to look at Him. John, I squealed in total delight. Dam you, you scared the living shit out of me. Well you said that this was one of your biggest fantasies. So, there it has been fulfilled. My head darted back and forth between two of the most wonderful men I could have ever gotten to know. A true fantasy fulfilled in a life time.

All most speech less I noticed a figure standing in the bedroom door way, a woman about the same height as me with dark long hair and a huge smile on her face. . HI she said as she walked towards the large bed. Erica I questioned? Yep was all she said as she started to undress. I moved closer to the foot of the bed and reached up to caress her now bare breast. Her skin soft under my fingers, her light olive tone contrasted nicely to my Irish cream coloring. I slowly leaned towards her as my mouth engulfed the now harden nipple. Slowly, heavily Erica let out a breath. Her jeans now around her ankles I slowly kissed the length of her soft torso. Her light perfume filled my senses and I felt a large warm hand start to caress my ass.

I twisted my body so now my back was deep in the inviting comforter. My mouth just inches from her now wet pussy. Slowly my hands slid up her curved thighs and rested lightly on her soft warm ass. Pushing myself with the heels of my feet I lightly hug my head over the edge of the bed and opened my mouth. She leaned forward and taking a nipple in each of her soft hands rubbed my nipples until hard and erect. My tongue darted first at the top of her moistened slit than slowly I worked my way to the opening to her now wet pussy. Erica’s juices flowed like that of a never ending river. My nose buried into her clean sweet ass. My legs still bent in my efforts to find her treasures where now being caressed by the hands of the gentleman at my feet. Slowly my thighs opened to their commands and my mound wet from all the simulation is all inviting. As Erica and I where engulfed in each other I felt the pressure of the men enjoying the pleasures of watching, leave the bed and a pillow being shoved under my ass. God, my cock is beginning to hurt just watching all of this I heard muffled by the thighs tighten around my head.

As my tongue lapped at this hot sweet pussy Erica crawled onto the bed. One of her knees on each side of my head her ass being raised by strong soft hands. Before I knew it her pussy was filled by a hard erect cock. The lightly hair covered sack was rubbing softly against my nose and upper lip. My tongue broadened to tease her clit as she was penetrated. My ankles where placed onto the broad shoulders of Eric as his cock slid slowly into my soaked pussy. His fingers laid lightly on my clit and started to make small tight circles just under my swollen hood.

Eric whispered I gotta cum, with a fast replies from John ladies first. Just about than my mouth left its sweet treasure and lapped at the sack teasing me. Again one at a time I suck them in, my tongue wrapping around their hidden balls. Tasting Erica’s sweet pussy as she covered John’s cock. I felt Erica’s abdomen tighten on my torso, her thighs tighten around my head. My tongue went back to lapping at her clit as she swelled in my mouth. I felt Eric pull out of my pussy and heard the sounds of him being sucked on hard and fast. Oh God yes suck that cock filled the air. His fingers still encircling my clit Erica and I covered them with our hot pussys. John’s cock was now covered with pussy cum. His cock well lubed slid easily back and forth into Erica’s smooth pussy. Eric’s hand now covered kneading my swollen mound.

Both men backed off and took and half reclining position at the head of the bed as Erica and I got our breaths back. Looking up from the foot of the bed John and Eric where laying there with full erections waiting for us. Erica slowly slid between John’s legs as I did the same with Eric. Sucking in as much of his erected cock I held him tight against the roof of my mouth. My tongue making small circles against his head and throbbing shaft, the tip of my tongue out lining every crease of his manhood. MMM I heard from John, that feels good. I knew John was not far from getting off and Eric was not far behind him. His balls starting to tighten up and his thighs now pushing against my tits nestled between them, I swallowed his pulsing cock into my throat, and my mouth was flooding with hot sweet cum shooting to the back of it. The weight of my shoulders resting on my lower arms on the soft comforter his fingers entwining in my auburn hair, I swallowed hard and fast. Not one drop of sweet cum escaped my tighten lips now sliding over his smooth shaft. Quickly I looked over to Erica now hard and heavy on the cock deep in her mouth. One stroke after another she did not let John recover for one when she was down on him again. John’s head sank deep into the down filled pillows behind him. I could tell by the throat movement of Erica that John rewarded her for her efforts. Swallowing fast he must have given her one hell of a big hot load. Going back to the cock just inches from my face I lapped up any trace of Eric still lingering on his shaft and sack.

All four of us laid there for what seemed hours, than all of a sudden John jumps up and stated Hey we gotta get out of here before my daughter gets back from the football game. Hey said Eric and we have to get home to our daughter. Daughter! Ran across my half asleep min, OOO my God Kayla escaped from my trembling mouth. John just half laughed, don’t worry I call grandma it is all set up. You have the night off. We quickly dressed and headed out the door. John and I headed for our favorite hotel and Erica and Eric headed for home. On the drive I looked at John, well I can now die my fantasy is fulfilled, now to work on yours. Now how many of my bi friends do you want at one time 3 or 4?

That night we both slept very well as the list of bi girlfriends I have built in my mind to surprise John one of these days. I think that is one of his greatest fantasies, to watch as a orgy of women cum one at a time over and over again until John can no longer sit on the side lines and we take our needs out on Him. John a Master, I have to say yes. For He knows what to say and how to pleasure, and the Master sure did me tonight as every night we are together. I sure do not want this to end any time soon. Boredom is one thing that will never enter our bedroom.


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