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The Visitor TYPE:Male Dom Description: Roleplay

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Once there was a couple, Jennifer and David, who enjoyed sex and life to the fullest but would never really open up on their fantasies. One day David was looking for a receipt in Jennifer's desk and found a notebook. In this notebook David was amazed by what he read, it was her journal and it had some erotic readings. So he read this to himself he knew he had an hour before Jennifer got home from work. The first page read.......

Oh my sweet David how I wish I could tell you my fantasies, without feeling that you will think that I don't love you or that you don't fulfill my desires but I have so so many that I would love to fulfill. One of which is having you grab me (but I not know that it is you) when I am walking in the front door and you would put your hand over my mouth and then you would blindfold me, tell me to do exactly what you say (in a different voice) and you will be done soon. Jennifer thinks, "I wonder who this can be? Is this for real?".... Then the man takes her to the couch and tells her to sit down and not to move and do not make a sound and if she does he will have to restrain her. She does just as he ask and sits on the couch not being able to see what he has in mind for her. Then he tells her that he is going to take off her blouse. Jennifer sits as her mind wonders if he is a gentle man or not. The man slowly unbuttons her blouse and then he unclips her bra that was conveniently in the front. He looks at her breasts and he tells her that she is beautiful. Jennifer hopes he will go further. He takes his hands and starts to caress her breasts and then he begins to lick and suck them. She can feel her pussy trembling with excitement. The man puts his hand up her skirt and starts to feel her pussy. The man tells her not to move or he will have to get rough with her. Jennifer thinks that a little rough might be exciting so she plays along. He begins to finger her, he can feel her wetness. Jennifer begins to moan, the man says in a stern tone I told you to be quiet, so since you cannot behave I have something for you. He takes her arms over her head and puts restraints on them. He tells her to get up and he takes her to the bedroom. He tells her to stand still, while she is standing there he pulls her blouse off real fast and hard. And then yanks her skirt and panties off. She is standing in front of him nude. Because he is getting a little more aggressive she says she is sorry that she made a sound and asks him not to hurt her. He tells her to SHUT UP and do as your told in a very stern voice. She nods her head YES. He pushes her onto the bed and sits on top of her. He takes each arm and ties them to each bedpost. Then he takes som restraints and puts on each leg he takes her legs and raises them up in the air and ties them with her arms so now she has her ass and pussy right where he wants them. Jennifer thinks oh my God I cannot get loose what am I going to do. He leaves her in that position for a minute while he gets undressed. He takes his hand and rubs on her ass. Then he takes and kisses her puss. Jennifer moves slightly with excitement, The man says, I told you not to move, then he puts his finger inside her, then 2, then 3. She is trying so hard not to move but it felt so good. Jennifer could not help it she moved again with excitement. He says I told you to behave and you just will not listen. SO then he takes his finger into her asshole. That really made her squirm. He begins to eat her pussy while he is fingering her puss and ass. She cannot believe how good it feels. Then all of a sudden he stops and she can hear him leaving the room. Oh my God Jennifer thinks what if my husband comes home and I am like this. Then she thinks uh oh I really pissed him off I wonder what he will do to me. She hears him coming back and then he begins where he left off but she feels hands on her breast. Jennifer is thinking how can he eat my puss, have on hand fingering my pussy, the other hand fingering my ass and play with my breast...oh no there are 2 of them. She tries so hard to be still because she only bargained for one man not two and she knows that with two of them they can get a whole lot more aggressive with me. The two men started talking. The first man tells the second man of the rules, in that she is to lay still and be quiet and just do as she is told. Then second man knows that he is going to get her too because his friend has already had to restrain her so he knows she is not cooperating. Jennifer has always thought about 2 men but wasn't sure how to ask David. The two men are both rubbing her ass and puss. Then the first man says I will go first he thrust his penis into her. She moves, the first man tells the second man to shut her up Jennifer is now getting frightened. The second man puts his cock in her mouth and tells her to suck it. Jennifer begins to suck his cock; she moves her head up and back while she gives a tongue massage to his dick. He tells her that she is doing good to keep it up. He plays with her breast while he is getting sucked and while the other man is fucking her. Jennifer is thinking this is great I wonder what else I could get them to do if I move again so she does. The first man says "This BITCH will never learn and he slaps her ass. The two men switch places but this time she hears footsteps again. Oh no she thinks not 3. But it is a woman that is talking to the 2 men. The second man begins to fuck her while the woman is licking her clit. The first man is fucking Jennifer?s mouth. She is taking it all and is very wet and excited then uh oh she moves again the first man tells the second man to untie her legs. So he does. The first man holds her down and tells him to also untie her arms. They tell her to get on her knees and put her ass in them air for them to see. Jennifer quickly does as they ask. The men being talking and Jennifer can hear what they have planned for her. Man #1 is going to fuck me Man #2 is going to fuck my mouth and the woman is going to lick my clit and finger my ass. This should feel good she thinks. The men and woman begin, she is being fucked, fingered, and she is sucking man #2. Her pussy is feeling so good she wants to cum????.. she tries to hold out to get more. But she can?t she lets it go, she screams, she has never climaxed like that before. She begins to think about David and what she is going to tell him then Man #2 cums all over her face. Man #1 cums all over her back then they turn her over and they tell her she was a bad girl by screaming so her punishment would be to eat the woman. They tell her NOW!! She slowly wipes off the cum on the pillow and begins to feel for the woman she begins to kiss and touch the woman she has never been down on woman before but she was beginning to think she liked it. The men are rubbing on the women and Man #1 tells Jennifer so use her fingers while she is eating a pussy. So she does. She does this and the woman begins to moan and quiver. The woman begins to cum and Jennifer just keeps on eating. The men said she was a very good sport and that they may have to pay her another visit. Jennifer says nothing. They take the blindfold off and there stood her husband. Jennifer?s face was blood red and her husband took her into his arms and told her he loved her and that there was nothing wrong with fantasies and she should tell him more about them.

So David decides he will try out this fantasy on her later today. And he does?. So I guess we all know how that went.

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