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The Vengence Factor 2-2

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The pain was like nothing Julie Starnova had even experienced before in her life. At first, she had tried to resist the machine, only to have a dull knife plunge through her mind. She quickly gave up fighting the machine, surrendering herself to the mental violations. The dull knife became a razor sharp scalpel, not hurting as much, but still mind numbing in its intensity.

She felt layers of who she was being striped away and rearranged. Her thoughts were being directed and shaped to blindly serve and obey; but not only that but to be mindlessly sexually aroused; with Captain Raven being the focal point of conditioning.

It took her several minutes to realize that the machine had turned off and been removed. She opened her eyes to see the face of Captain Raven.

A sudden wave of sexual arousal sweep through her. And she could tell that Raven knew she was now his property.

"I see you have finished your training, slave." He reaches down and releases the restraints on her.

"Yes, my Lord."

He takes her hand and helps her off the table. He takes her in his arms kissing her hard. She clings to him, sucking his tongue in her mouth.

The buckles from his coat scraping against her bare skin. One catches her right nipple, she moans in his mouth.

He breaks the kiss and pulls her off of him. Julie looks at him crestfallen.

"It is time for your initiation into your new world, Julie. Are you ready."

He had called her by her name, which sent a rush through her. "Yes, master."

"Then we should go into the other room." he takes her hand, leading her towards the door. She follows him, having almost forgotten that there was more to the universe besides this room.

He leads her from the training room into a massive room. it could only be the Captain's personal quarters. There is a large oak desk with a computer terminal on it. A large four poster bed, covered in silk pillows stands in one quarter. And to each side of the bed, Debbie and Sondra kneel waiting for their master's commands.

They jump to their feet as he approaches them with Julie. "Take her and make her presentable. I have business on the bridge. I will return as soon as possible."

"Yes, my Lord," the two slave say in unison.

They take charge of her, leading her into the master bath. Julie realizes that they have been expecting her. There is a large tug in the middle of the room, already filled with hot steaming water.

The two slaves step down into the tub and then guides Julie in. The warm water feels so good on her tired body. Sondra begins to wash her back, as Debbie washes her front. Julie closes her eyes lost in the warm sensation.

Debbie moves her attention to Julie's breasts, washing them with the rough washcloth. Enjoying the feeling of her nipples hardening in her hands. She drops the towel, taking Julie's nipples in her bare hands. Julie moans s her nipples are fondled.

"Debbie!" Sondra chastises her, "She is not for us to enjoy, until the master says we can."

Debbie drops her hands to her sides. "You're right. Thank you for correcting me." Remembering that this was no ordinary slave, but a special prize that Raven had acquired.

The two go back to washing Julie. getting all the sweat and cum off of her body and out of her hair.

They get her out of the tub, drying her and teaching her how the master expects her to appear. Showing her just how much makeup to apply, and what his favorite perfumes were. Julie absorbs the knowledge, wanting to please her master. She knew when he returned, he was going to take her in his bed, and she gets more and more excited at the thought.

They lead her to the bed, gently lying her down in the bed. The two women sit on either side of the bed. She sinks into the soft pillows. The 48 hours of endless training catches up with her and she slips into a deep, deep sleep.

She awakens with the room dark. Not quite dark, there are several candles burning in the room.

"I see we are finally awake." She turns her head to see Raven standing by the bed. Debbie standing next to him.

She smiles at him, something that would have been unthinkable just two days ago. "Master," she says with enthusiasm and joy.

Raven removes his jacket, handing it to Debbie. He removes his shirt.

"It's time to give yourself to me, Julie."

Julie's smile widens and she feels herself getting...what was the word the girls used in the boarding school....horny. "Yes, master. I'm ready to give myself to you."

Raven stands nude, having given Debbie all his clothes. He turns to her.

"You may leave, my dear."

"Yes , my Lord." Debbie bows slightly and leaves the room.

Raven climbs into the bed lying next to Julie. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. She melts into his embrace. His tongue exploring her mouth.

Her legs open for his hand as he reaches down. He rubs her clit, realizing she is already starting to drip.

He makes a mental note to give the inventor of that helmet a substantial bonus for his work. He knows that she is his, completely.

He slides his finger in her. careful not to push too hard. He wanted to save her hymen for his cock. He slowly starts to fingerfuck her. Watching her eyes close and her head fall back into the pillows. Her hips move against his hand.

Raven looks down at her, enjoying the sight of this girl wantonly enjoying herself on his hand. He pumps his fingers faster in her, she responses by moaning. Her breathing coming in gasps.

What a price she would fetch at the market, but he was going to keep her as his personal sex slave. Perhaps even as a mother for his children; he wasn't getting any younger. And he needed some heirs for his little pirate kingdom.

But that was for another time.

He started to kiss your neck, moving down to her breasts. Lingering a moment on her upturned nipples. He kisses down her stomach and down to her soaked pussy.

She sighs as he removes his fingers from her, feeling the loss. Only to have a new wave of pleasure sweep over her as he slides his tongue between her pouting pussy lips. Her back arches as he starts to slide his tongue deep into her.

Her hands come down to hold his head tight against her hungry pussy. Her hips thrusting against his face, she knows she's not far from a mind-blowing orgasm.

"Oh, Master!" she cries out as her body is battered by wave after wave of pleasure. She feels her cunt muscles grabbing her master's tongue and trying to pull it into her body.

Raven is trapped by her as she grips his tongue, her legs wrapping around his head, holding him tight. He enjoys his imprisonment between her legs.

She releases him as she starts to come back down to earth. She tries to get her breathing back under control.

Raven rises up on top of her, looking down into her eyes. "Are you ready, Julie?"

"Yes," she says breathlessly.

He smiles, planing to carry out his threat from yesterday. "Tell me, slave."

"Master, I'm ready for you to take me"

"Not do enough, beg."

A look of desperation crosses her face. 'Oh Master. Please take my body.

Fuck your virgin slave. make me yours. Please."

He smiles, knowing that she is forever his.

He rubs his cockhead across her lips, feeling her hip push forward to try and meet him. He slips the head slowly between her lips.

"This will hurt only for a moment," he says as he thrust his manhood into her.

He feels some resistance and pushes harder, feeling her virginity tear. and he enters her completely.

A shockwave of pain rolls through her belly and he enters her. She bites her lip, to prevent from crying out. But as soon as the wave passes, an even stronger wave of pleasure replaces it. She feels her hips moving against the cock buried deep inside of her.

Raven holds still as she adjusts to her new found womanhood. He feels her start to move against him, and start to pump his cock in her.

Her back arches as she moves to meet his strokes. Their groins bumping into each other in the primal dance of sex.

Her nails running down his chest and he fucks her. It is a sensation she thought could never feel this good.

He pumps her, marveling at how tight her pussy is. He knows he has gotten very special prize indeed. His stokes becoming more urgent as he feels the cum in his balls start to boil, needing release.

Their bodies moving like one. They fuck each other, with more and more heat.

Suddenly he grunts and trusts deep into her. He cums harder than he thought was possible.

Every nerve in Julie's body explodes at once as she feels his cock swell and explode inside her. The whole world collapses down to just her cunt as she feels him filling her with his seed. A scream catches in her throat and she even forgets to breath as she cums with him. She almost believes her heart has stopped to as her body focuses its complete attention on her spasming pussy.

Then the rest of her world goes black as she passes out from the sensory overload and exhaustion.

She awakens to see Raven sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling his boots back on. He looks over and sees that she's awake. "Welcome back, Julie," he says with affection.

"Thank you, Master," she says dreamily.

He chuckles, "Your welcome." He stands and walks over to his desk, getting something out of the drawer. "Come her, Julie. I have something for you."

She jumps to her feet, and come to her master. She drops to her knees in front of him. She sees a gold collar in his hands. He puts it around her neck.

"This is your reward for completing your training."

She lowers her head, "Thank you, my Lord. Master, may I ask why mine is gold and...."

"....Debbie and Sondra's is silver.." he finishes the question. "That's because you are going to be mine, and mine alone. the silver collars say that any command officer may use them. The gold one is reserved for just me."

"Thank you, master."

"Your welcome."

He presses a button and another slave comes in, a petite girl, no older than 18. Julie thinks she's seen her before, on the....Pleasure Star; whatever that was. She see that this slave is carrying her bag. The slave puts it on the bed.

"That will be all," Raven tells her.

"Yes, my Lord," She bows and walks out.

Captain Raven turns to Julie, "Go clean up and get dressed."

"Dressed, my Lord? But I thought that a slave...." she asks very confused.

"I know, but I need to take you somewhere and they would not understand your new status," he explains.

"Yes, master," she say heading towards the bathroom, just now noticing the dried blood and cum on her legs. She does into the bathroom with the bag.

Raven walks to his desk. He presses a comm button.

"Sir," comes the voice of his first officer.

"Bring us into shuttle range of Earth, and prepare my personal shuttle.

"Yes, sir. Setting course."

He sits at his desk, smiling. "one more thing to make my revenge complete, governor," talking to no one. "I told you not to fuck with me."


The trip to earth was uneventful. they arrived at the spaceport outside of Washington DC.

Julie was dressed in her most conservative dress. It itched like crazy, something she didn't remember happening before. In fact she had to fight back the urge to open the shirt. Must be part of my training, she mused, not desiring clothing.

Raven , in the hovercar Raven keeps aboard the shuttle, drives outside of the city, into the more exclusive Virginia suburbs. They pull up to a stone wall and grand iron gate.

Raven lowers the window at the squawk box.

"State your business," comes a voice out of the box.

"Miss Julia Starnova to see the headmaster," Captain rave said trying to sound like he was her servant.

"Very well, proceed to the main building."

The gates open and he drive onto the compound. They drive up to the main building. Raven gets out and opens the door for Julie.

"Now remember, I am your assistant. Understand?"

"Yes, mast..."

"Julie," in a warning tone.

"I'm sorry, John."

"That's better." He opens the door for her and they walk to the headmasters office. It seems like it's been a thousand years since she was a student here, not just four months.

The schools headmaster, Warren Harris, meets them as the walk into the office.

"I am so sorry, to hear about your father, Julie."

"Thank you, Mister Harris. I appreciate the thought," Julie replies. "I've come to talk to you about Cassandra."

"Yes, I've been keeping an eye on her. she took the two of yours father's death quite hard."

"Yes, I know, That's why I have decided to withdraw her from school, and bring her home with me for a while," she tells the headmaster.

"Are you sure that is wise, Julie," Harris asks.

"She is the only family I have left, mister Harris, I would like to spend some time with her. Now will you go get her," she says more firmly than she thought was possible.

Harris jumps up, "Of course, miss Starnova. I'll go get her a once."

He rushes out the door.

"Very good, Julie," Raven said very pleased.

"I did all right?"

"Oh yes, you almost convinced me you were an independent woman," He praised.

The office door opens and Harris walks in, with him is Julie's sister Cassie.

Raven looks at her. they could be twins, if Cassie wasn't two years younger than Julie.

The two sisters hug and kiss. Cassie tell her sister how much she has missed her.

"It's O.K., Cassie. You're coming home with me for a while." She leads Cassie to the door.

Raven hangs back to speak to Harris. "We will notify you when she plans to return to school, mister Harris.

"I'd appreciate that, Mister....?"


He walks out and hurries past the two sisters. He opens the door to the ground car and ushers Cassie in the back. Julie sit in the front with Raven.

explaining that she had to made some arraignments on the way to the Spaceport.

Cassie reluctantly agrees.

The hovercar drives away from the school.

"Master, may I ask why we came here to get Cassie?"

"So she can join you in your new life. Don't you want her to be as happy as you are?" He asks.

"Oh, yes, master. I do"

"Then press that button on the dash," he tells her.

She presses it without hesitation. A glass partition raise up separating the front and back compartments. A gas fills the back compartment. Cassie begins to choke and claw at the glass. Julie looks at Raven in distress.

"Its all right. It will let her sleep until we can get her to the training chamber," Raven reassures her.

Julie nods as she watches her little sister slumps down unconscious form the gas.

It will be nice to have both Starnova girls as my personal slave, won't it, Julie," pulling her next to him.

"Oh yes master. We will both serve you well" she says snuggling down on him.

What was that old saying about revenge? He thinks, Ah, yes that it's sweet.

But whom every came up with it didn't know just how sweet. He drives back to the spaceport idly playing with one of Julie's hard nipples.

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