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The Train Ride

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She got on the train in Chicago. It had been a very long week. The company she worked for had sent her there in the hopes a huge contract could be completed. It had taken a while but she had done it. ?With the clients signatures on the dotted line of a $2.4 million contract I should be in line for a VP slot,? she thought with a smile on her face.

She was glad she had been able to get a sleeper on the train. The company had given her a few days off for getting the contract and she had decided to see some countryside rather than just fly over it. Besides, she thought, ?I need the rest.? It would take 3 days to get back to Texas and she planned on sleeping for most of it.

Around lunchtime she woke up from a nap. She was hungry and decided to go to the dining car and check out the food. She really hoped it was better than airplane food and was sure it would be. She sat down in the dining car and the waiter came up with a menu. She decided on the BLT with side salad. On a spur of the moment whim, she decided to get a glass of wine. I?m on a mini vacation she said to herself, might as well enjoy myself.

While waiting on her food, she was checking out the view and finally noticed the guy sitting in a back corner of the dining car. Why hadn?t I noticed him before, she wondered. He was gorgeous! He appeared to be tall even though he was sitting down. Mustache, great eyes, and bald, she loved men who where completely bald. They just seemed to have a lot of confidence in themselves. Her sandwich came and she would glance his way now and then as she ate. Why doesn?t he look this way, she asked herself. It would be nice to have someone to talk to and pass the time with.

As she was about to finish lunch, she looked up and saw that he was looking at her, finally! They locked eyes and it was as if a game of ?stare-down? had started. Neither looked away. After what seemed like an eternity, she felt mayo running down her fingers and broke the eye contact. After licking it off her fingers she looked up to see him walking up the aisle toward her. She was very disappointed when he walked past. Oh well, she thought, so much for that. Then his arm reached down and placed a piece of paper on her table. She looked up and turned around but he was already at the door to the coach and leaving.

She picked up the paper and opened it. All it said was ?Second car back, third door on the left.? That was it. No name or anything. As she finished her lunch, she wondered if she should check it out. Stranger on a train, nowhere to run if something bad happened, 1,500 miles from home, and she didn?t know anyone. As she finished her wine, she thought, ?What the hell, my life is too ordinary. Maybe this is a sign. I?ll go for it. The plus was he was great looking and seemed like a nice guy.?

She got up and went to the rest room to freshen up. Walking out of the dining car, she felt the first stirrings between her legs. Wow, that hadn?t happened in a while! Just the anticipation of meeting this guy was making her wet! ?Stop that,? she thought, ?I?m just going to meet a good looking man and talk to help pass the time.? Little did she know what was in store for her on this day.

As she opened the door to the second car back, she saw that it seemed deserted. Rather have some other people around in case he turns out to be a psycho, she thought. She slowly made her way to the third door on the left. It was a private compartment with no windows into the car like most of the others had. She hesitated before knocking on the door. Nothing? hmmm, wonder where he could be? As she was about to turn and leave, the door opened slowly. She looked in and couldn?t see him since he was behind the door. It looked like a regular compartment, two couches facing each other, windows to look out of. She stepped inside and the door closed. There he was. He is REALLY sexy up close, she thought.

He motioned for her to sit. Can?t he speak? She wondered. ?Hi?, she said, ?my name is Kimberly but everyone calls me Kim.? Nothing?she really wondered if he was mute or something as he walked over and sat down on the seat opposite her. This disappointed her since she had hoped he would sit next to her. Oh well, guess we?ll just sit and talk. If he can talk that is!

His eyes seemed to be burning into hers and she had to look away. When she looked back, she noticed that his gaze had shifted to her breasts. ?They?re nice, aren?t they,? she thought to herself. ?Large and soft but firm at the same time.? She was proud of her breasts. They seemed to ?open a lot of doors? so to speak. It surprised her when he didn?t look up after she turned back to look at him. Most guys would look up at her after being ?caught? looking at her breasts. ?This guy has a lot of balls,? she thought. ?I kind of like that.? The stirrings between her legs started again. She could feel herself getting wet and unconsciously her legs parted slightly.

Instead of looking up to her face, she saw that as her legs parted he looked down! She was wearing a rather short skirt and knew from the angle that he could probably see her panties since he was directly across from her. Now ordinarily, she would have closed her legs immediately in reaction to this. But in her mind, she had already decided to ?give him a show? since he didn?t seem to be the talkative type. She had worn her white thong thinking it was the most comfortable panties she had. She hadn?t thought about someone looking up her skirt. ?He must be able to see almost everything,? she thought. ?They are really sheer and with the wetness I?m feeling already?it?s probably soaking through.?

She was looking at his face. He was still looking between her legs but she noticed a very slight movement to his lips. He was grinning! Almost a smile! It lasted so long with him just looking between her legs that she had about decided to close them in modesty when he finally spoke. ?Take off your blouse.?

?This guy has some nerve,? she thought! But surprisingly she found her hands at the top button. She slowly unfastened the buttons?one by one? When she had finished with the buttons, she stopped with her blouse slightly parted. Her breathing was a little heavier and quicker now. Her breasts where moving up and down with her breathing. She was glad she had worn her sexiest bra. It was red and black and really didn?t hide much but lifted her large breasts nicely showing a LOT of cleavage.

She reached up and slowly slid the garment off her shoulders. It dropped behind her and she took her arms from the sleeves. As she clasped her hands modestly on her lap, she saw that he was looking directly at her breasts admiringly. Well, he seems to like them, she thought. She sat there for so long it was almost getting uncomfortable. Just as she was turning to look out the window, he said ?now the bra?.

At that, she turned her head quickly to face him and saw that he was looking into her eyes again. They were burning into her and her comfort level increased instantly. She was getting HOT just looking at him! All this was so out of character for her that she began to wonder if she was dreaming.

?Well, if it?s a dream,? she thought, ?I don?t want it to end.? She reached behind her and unfastened the clasp of the bra. Her large heavy breasts practically sprang out of the cups. She let it drop off her arms and onto the floor in front of her. She was surprised that sitting here in front of a stranger with half her clothes off didn?t embarrass her at all. She was getting hotter and wetter by the moment as his gaze shifted once again to her breasts.

?Is he going to take any of his clothes off,? she wondered. ?It doesn?t seem fair that I?m the only one who is half naked.? She had to shift her weight to get more comfortable on the seat. At that, she could feel the wetness between her legs. In fact, she thought she even heard it! When she shifted her ass, her legs parted even more and he looked down there?she wondered what was next. Surely this would be it since he didn?t seem interested in taking his clothes off?

The minutes passed and she decided this wasn?t going any further and closed her legs and started to reach down to get her bra. ?STOP?, he said, ?open your legs wide!? he commanded. She was taken aback by this but what felt like tiny electrical shocks went through her. She was pretty high up in her company and was used to giving the orders, not taking them. Having a guy tell her what to do seemed instantly refreshing. She didn?t have to think or make a single decision. This might be really nice for a change, she thought.

She slowly rose up and her knees parted?wider and wider?. When she finally stopped her legs were spread so wide she felt as if the lips of her pussy where peaking out of her thong. His eyes seemed like lasers beaming into her pussy. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter by the moment. She placed her hands, palms down, on each side of her on the seat to maintain her balance. Her head was almost spinning with the feelings he was bringing out in her.

He licked his lips in a very sensual way and told her, ?Stand up?. She pushed down with her arms and stood up, almost losing her balance with the feelings that where flowing through her body. ?Take your skirt off?. His voice seemed to boom in the small compartment. She must have delayed too long because his voice commanded, ?NOW!?. She reached up to the zipper on the side and slid it down. She pushed it off her hips and it fell to the floor. As she stepped out of it, he said, ?Turn around?. She slowly turned knowing his electric eyes where looking directly at her ass.

As she slowly shifted her weight from side to side, she began to feel the slight rocking of the train. It was very erotic with its side-to-side movement and the sound of the metal wheels on the track. She was wondering how long he would just look at her ass when he told her, ?Take off your panties?. She hooked her fingers into the little garment and pushed it down her legs. When they reached her feet she had to reach down to take them the rest of the way off along with her shoes. She knew since her back was to him that her pussy was now completely exposed to his gaze as she bent over.

With the panties completely off, she stood up straight. She was looking at a blank wall and wanted to turn to him when he told her to do just that. She turned and saw that he had shifted to the edge of his seat. His face was only inches away from her hot wet box. She was glad she had taken the time to trim it the night before, no hair to hide my pussy from his gaze, she thought. The power of his eyes on her body was driving her crazy. She could feel her wetness starting to actually leak out of her pussy and begin to slide down her thighs. He was just looking at her body. Up and down. Taking in everything she had to offer. His breathing was deep, through his nose as if taking in the smell of her excitement.

?Take off my pants,? he said.

?Finally,? she thought, ?I get to see some of him.? As he leaned back in the seat, she knelt onto her knees and reached for his belt. With the belt unfastened and the top button loose, she eased his fly all the way down. She could tell by the look and feel of things that he was as excited as she was. With his pants unfastened, she reached up and started pulling the waistband down. He raised his hips slightly so his pants would slide over his ass. ?That?s a nice hard ass,? she thought, as she slid them down his thighs.

Finally his cock sprang out! ?Oh, my,? she thought, ?I knew he would have a large cock.? She didn?t stop looking at his cock as she pushed his pants down his legs and took off his shoes and pants. She was almost drooling at the thought of having it in her mouth as she started to bring her hand up to it!

?NO!? he said. ?Just sit there a little while.? He took his cock in his own hand and slowly began stroking it up and down. The shaft was large but the head was huge. It seemed like an eternity passed before he finally said, ?Take it in your hands.?. Even with both hands around his cock the head was still showing. Large and purple. She desperately wanted it inside her mouth but waited for him to tell her what to do next?she knew now that he was totally in control and she would do anything he said?

The head of his cock was glistening with pre-cum. With her hands around him and rocking slowly with the movement of the train, he said, ?Take it in your mouth.? Finally, she thought. She bent over and took the head of his cock into her mouth. It was large and barely seemed to fit. Her tongue was swirling around the head of his dick as she slowly began swallowing more and more of him. In and out of her hot wet mouth as she moved to the rhythm of the train. She was taking about half of him into her mouth now before pulling back slowly to the head. Her tongue never stopping its movements. She let it slip from her mouth and began to sensuously lick the sensitive underside from head to base. She softly massaged his balls with her free hand and took him back into her mouth, determined to swallow him all the way to the base.

More and more of his cock disappeared as she was now fucking him with her mouth. With one last effort, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and went all the way down to the base before closing her lips around it. She stayed there a while and swallowed, relaxing the gag reflex that she felt. She slowly brought her mouth up his cock and once she reached the head went immediately back down all the way. It was easier this time since it was now completely wet with her saliva and just seemed to slide its way down her throat. She began a slow steady up and down movement, again timed with the rocking of the train.

The feeling between her legs was incredible! She had never been so wet and neither of them had even touched her pussy?yet. He began a low moan that was like music to her ears. She knew she was making him feel good by the way he was responding. He took her head between his hands and showed her the speed he wanted her mouth to fuck him. Not too slow, not too fast. Nice and steady, up and down. His cock disappearing in her mouth only to reappear again before she plunged her mouth all the way down his shaft yet again. She occasionally would pause and lick his cock all over. Showering his prick with saliva and paying special attention to the area just under the head that was the most sensitive. She would then take it into her mouth and continue the mouth fuck he was getting.

She could soon tell that she was bringing him closer and closer to climax. She was absolutely soaking with the anticipation of his cock shooting its load deep into her throat. She had never actually swallowed before but was determined to make this the first time. Faster and faster her head moved up and down his shaft. Her hand was assisting by pumping him in time with her mouth. It didn?t take long for him to begin to stiffen his body at the start of his orgasm. ?I?m cumminggg,? he yelled, and with that she felt him shoot his load into her mouth. Spasm after spasm he continued as she swallowed as much as she could. Small amounts of cum oozed out the corners of her mouth.

He finally finished and she moved her mouth slowly up and down his cock. Taking his cock from her mouth, she made sure she got it all from her face and licked herself clean. She also licked him clean as the last drops of cum seeped from the head. She looked up at his face to see him with his head back and a smile on his face. She had done well and she knew it. She also knew that her pussy was hotter and wetter than it had ever been in her life! She prayed that a blowjob wasn?t all he wanted. If she had to go back to her compartment and finish herself off she would go crazy.

His cock had softened slightly but with her hand moving softly up and down and her tongue licking him to make sure she got all his cum, he was still fairly hard. That?s a good sign, she thought. Hopefully he isn?t finished with me.

She almost blushed with embarrassment when she remembered that she had no idea who this guy was. She didn?t even know his name! He was an absolute total stranger and she had just given him the best blowjob she had ever given! Plus, she was totally naked in a train compartment in the middle of nowhere. All he had even said to her where a few short commands about what he wanted her to do. And she had done them all!

?Please don?t let him be done with me,? she thought again. ?I so desperately need my pussy fucked at this moment.? But she knew it was his call. It was up to him. He was in command. She didn?t even dare to reach down and touch herself.

As she looked up into his face from between his legs, he opened his eyes and looked down at her. A smile appeared on his face. ?Now, it?s your turn.?

She almost came just from the sound of that. She knew it would take almost nothing for her first orgasm to hit. ?Stand up,? he ordered. When she stood up, she almost fell, partly from kneeling for so long, partly from the rocking of the train, but mostly from the feelings waiting to explode in her body. He steadied her by putting his hands on her ass.

?Finally he touches me,? she thought. It felt good and he hadn?t even done anything yet.

He moved to the edge of the seat and started kissing her left breast. It felt wonderful. Soft sensual kisses all over. Then she felt his tongue begin its work. Circling her nipple. Smaller and smaller circles until he made contact with it with his tongue. It felt like a bolt of lightning had shot through her body. A loud moan escaped her lips as she could feel the orgasm beginning simply from having her nipple in his mouth. His tongue was all over as he teased and softly bit at it. He brought his hands up and started to massage her tits, squeezing them hard the way she liked. As his mouth shifted to the other breast he lowered one of his hands between her legs. ?OH YES,? she screamed inside, ?one touch on my clit and I will absolutely explode right here on this train!?

His mouth continued to work wonders on her nipples as his fingers toyed at her pussy lips, spreading her wetness all over her pussy. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked one finger, then up to her mouth so she could taste herself. ?Mmmmmmm,? she thought as she quickly sucked her own pussy juice off his fingers, ?I taste good.?

While his mouth never left her breasts, he moved one hand back to her pussy and the other behind her to her ass. He was going to attack her pussy from both sides! As he spread her pussy with his fingers his other hand plunged inside her while he started rubbing his finger back and forth on her clit. Her entire body seemed to catch fire as the orgasm exploded throughout her body. Her legs got so weak she had to put her hands on his shoulders to hold herself up. Wave after wave of intense pleasure just kept coming. It felt as if it would never stop as his fingers continued their work on her pussy. She was on fire and could feel the juices flowing down her legs. She had never in her life felt anything so intense! It just kept on and on as if time had stopped. He began slowing down, slowly bringing her back to reality. While her orgasm didn?t stop, it simply slowed to a wonderful feeling that sent shivers all over her body.

As he took his fingers from her and took her hands in his, he said, ?Sit down?. She was more than happy to sit before she fell. Her legs where shaky with what had just happened to her body. As she sat, he placed his hands on her knees and pushed them apart. He looked up at her and smiled and bent down and began to kiss and lick her inner thighs. First one then the other. He slowly moved his way up her legs and his mouth was finally at her pussy. He licked her pussy lips and as he placed his mouth directly on her clit she thought she would go crazy. The intensity was even stronger than with his fingers. His tongue found her clit and as he flicked it back and forth quickly his fingers continued to massage her pussy. He put two fingers inside her and buried them all the way.

She felt as if she where going insane with the pleasure he was releasing inside her. His fingers found her g-spot quickly and between that and the things his tongue was doing to her clit the orgasm hit her like a Mack truck. She raised her arms and grabbed the railing of the luggage rack and brought her feet up onto the seat. She was so wide open to his mouth and fingers she felt as if he might just disappear inside her.

He continued non-stop, his mouth driving her clit crazy with electricity while his fingers pounded in and out of her pussy continually. Over and over her orgasms continued, never ending, one after the other. She couldn?t even tell any more when one stopped and the other began. Nor did she care. It felt as if her entire life force where concentrated between her legs and she had never had a feeling so intense and long lasting as this. She began to wonder if ANYONE had ever felt pleasure this intense! If it continued much longer, she thought, I might pass out. It did continue and she didn?t pass out. She simply released herself completely to the feelings this man was producing in her. This stranger. Someone without even a name. And it didn?t matter any more. Nothing in the world mattered. Just the feelings that kept emanating from her pussy and shooting throughout her body.

She could no longer even move. She just held on to the luggage rack and let him work wonders on her. Then she felt his mouth leave her pussy. She looked down and saw that he was looking up at her. His face drowning in her juices. She could barely even manage a smile as the pleasure just continued even after he stopped. Then he said, ?I?m going to fuck you now!?

?I?m going to die,? she thought, ?and I don?t even care at this moment? as he raised up on his knees and took his cock in his hand bringing it toward her wide-open pussy.

As the head of his cock touched her soaked pussy lips, she moved her hips forward and was instantly impaled on his shaft. ?OH, MY, GOD,? she said out loud. Everything that had lead up to that moment now seemed like a prolog. His cock buried deep inside her was like nothing she had ever experienced. He then eased it almost all the way out, leaving just the head inside her. With little strokes of his cock and at the angle he was aimed, the head was in direct contact with her g-spot. She thought she would surly die of pleasure at that point. Then he plunged all the way back inside her and began long strokes that seemed to fill her completely. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

She brought her arms down and placed a hand on each side of his face. She looked into his eyes as he pounded her unmercifully. Without speaking, her eyes seemed to ask, why me? How can this be? Can this all be real?

She knew it was real. Her body was producing one long continuous orgasm. At least it seemed that way. She knew that no sexual experience she had ever had could compare to this. She just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. He was pounding her pussy so fiercely she thought his cock would come out her mouth. Over and over he plunged into her. It seemed like hours were passing with no end in sight. Suddenly he threw his head back and yelled, ?AAAHHHHHRRRGGGGGG, I?M CUMMINGGGGG INSIDE YOU?? His orgasm exploded with a force so strong she could feel his cum shoot inside her. It was the ultimate completion to the ultimate act. She wrapped her arms around him and brought him against her. Their bodies seemed to merge into one. Wave after wave of pleasure shot between them and continued on and on and on.

After what seemed like days, they slowly separated from each other. Their mixed juices all over one another. She let her legs drop to the floor while he collapsed in the seat opposite her, each totally spent. Not an ounce of energy was left. If it had taken a voluntary effort their heartbeat and breathing would stop. They had nothing left and it was the best feeling in the world.

Eyes glazed over and simply looking at each other, he was the first to speak. ?Hi, Kim, it has been very nice to meet you. You?re heading to Texas, right??

She managed to whisper, ?Yes, how did you know??

?Well, we didn?t meet in Chicago, but I work for the same firm!? he admitted.

?We will be working closely in Texas!? he said.

Her eyes grew wide as what he had just said sank in. They were going to be living in the same town! Working in the same building!! Possibly even in the same office!!!

?What is your name, anyway?? she asked.

?It?s Bill,? he answered.

?Well, Bill, with the introduction we just had, I think this is the beginning of a fantastic relationship!?


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