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The Stranger

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I was so excited as I got ready to go to meet the man who I had been talking to for several months. I hurriedly took my bath and carefully shaved my pussy as i was instructed. Getting out of the tub and putting only a thin white almost see through dress on , I felt almost naked well I was almost naked , I cannot go through with this I thought but then.. I was quickly on my way. I finally made it, pulling in at the restaurant scanning the parking lot for the small blue Toyota pickup truck . . i turned and looked to my left and there that was it.. , i backed up and pulled the car closer . There he was the man whom i had been talking to for several months He was rather largely built 38 years old dark hair and eyes and a mustache. He climbed in the car , did you follow the instructions i gave you? he questioned as he ran his hand up my inner thigh and probing my lips with his finger Oh good you did well. and very wet I see. Oh what had I gotten myself into I thought, I had allowed a complete stranger to touch me in a place so private. ... and the worst part. He was right I was very wet and highly aroused. My mind was going so fast I didn't know what to say. He moved his hand causing his finger to push deeper into me and told me to relax. He asked . How was the drive over, he questioned.. I swallowed somehow couldn't bring myself to look him in the eyes . oh,, i iit tt was very n nice i stuttered. He said beautiful weather today and he wiggled his fingers deep inside of me. I could only nod. He slowly removed his fingers and said. I think we should go get comfortable don't you? I nodded again starting the car and driving to the motel. There was silence on the way I stopped and he picked up the key and we went inside . I heard the door shut to the small motel room , we had discussed how things would be several times. I was very nervous and excited at the same time. I turned around and he said well I believe you know what you are to do. I laughed nervously , but his face showed no amusement as he continue to stare at me. I knew the door closing was my queue to strip I slowly unbuttoned my dress and let it fall to the floor. He moved closer to me turned on the lamp by the small table in the corner. I hesitated a moment and he looked at me motioning me to continue I dropped to my knees and raised my head exposing my neck. He turned and reached in his back and then walked toward me with the dark leather collar. It was a simple collar of hard leather about 1 inch in wide with a metal clasp and lock. He said in a deep voice you realize by accepting this collar you are submitting totally unto me. I felt a lump in my throat .. I said "Yes Sir" softly. He placed the collar around my neck securing it with a small gold lock. " There" He Said seeming satisfied of my actions. He then went to the bed and said " Come my slut" I was shocked when I heard the words but remained silent as I slowly walked to the bed and stood in front of Him. He placed a blindfold across my eyes , and pro ceded to apply "my jewelry" as he called it, they were dark leather cuffs similar to the collar He placed one on each wrist and one on each ankle. He then clipped a leash to the round loop in the collar and lead me to the other side of the bed, and laid me back . He moved my legs apart, I could feel him tugging at each of the cuffs attaching them to the tie downs which were on all 4 corners of the bed. Now I was laying on my back legs spread wide open and restrained to the corners and my arms restrained to the top of the bed. I could hear his footsteps and feel the coolness of the room cause my tender nipples to become erect, I heard him digging into the bag, and come back to the side of the bed. Open your Mouth He ordered, I nervously opened my mouth as He put a large ball like gag in my mouth and attached it firmly. He placed his hand on my cheek and ran it down slowly to my neck.. I was very nervous and excited at the same time. He grabbed my left nipple and raised if high pinching it and letting it fall several times I tried to object but all I could do was moan or grunt. He laughed a bit as He then attached a cold almost ice like nipple clamp to the end of my nipples.. I felt the clamp go down and my body jumped although I could not move much.. Oh hurt a bit my slut? He teased.. as he started pinching the other nipple again my nipple grew very erect and he clamped it same as the other.. I felt a burning pain. I could feel a chain across my breasts and then another down my stomach.. He moved down the bed a bit roughly fingering my already dripping wet cunt.. He slightly pinched my clit encircling it with his finger causing my body to become even more aroused then I felt almost a bite come down on my clit I jumped as I realized he had placed another clamp on my clit it was a different sensation this caused my body to come up a bit, which he took full advantage of and clipped the two chains together tightly only allowing enough slack that if I took the pressure off my breast my clit was pulled and vice versa. He watched me and I heard a click of a camera , and the slight hmm of a recorder come on.. He said this should be a good start don't you think.. I could feel my juices slowly starting to dribble down my leg.. oh my body was betraying me. I then felt his finger near my tender brown hole.. he shoved harder and fingered my ass it was tight and for a moment I forgot about the clamps as he shoved a butt plug deep into my ass.. I moaned as I adjusted to this new feeling.. I then felt a hard rod over my cunt as he slowly fucked me with the toy I could feel my juices covering the toy. he pushed it deep within me. and turned it on causing it to vibrate deep inside my cunt sending me over the edge causing me to cum I felt a cool sensation going through my body as the orgasm weakened. I heard the clicks of the camera then he said I am going to take the gag off and you are not to say a word. do you understand i nodded my head . He removed the gag I felt my the ache in my jaw as it come down to normal positioning He said OPEN SLUT! I then felt the head of his cock presenting itself on my lips I opened my mouth slowly as he pushed inside my mouth I could taste his pre cum slowly dripping from the top of the head. I felt the shaft as they parted my lips and could feel the head of his cock at the back of my throat, I sucked the monster hard desiring to please him relaxing my throat allowing him to use my mouth as he wished He placed his hand upon my forehead and moved his hips causing his cock to move in and out of my mouth he continued to fuck my mouth ... He said ok Bitch don't let one drop be wasted I readied myself as he shot his cum deep into my throat I could feel myself gag as my mouth filled with his cum.. and felt some run down my chin I swallowed as he removed his cock from my mouth.. Hmm He said I think You need to take better care of my juices which I give you. I felt him get off the bed and part the lips of my pussy exposing my clit He removed the clamps one at a time. I was unprepared for this the pain was worse than when he put them on I let out a yell.. as he removed all 3 clamps. then he parted my lips again and struck my clit with the flogger sending different feelings of pain /pleasure into my body as he did this he fucked me with the vibrating member he had stuffed into my cunt causing me to once again cum I felt as though I would never come down from the high excitement He removed the butt plug and the vibrating member from my pussy. . Finally the orgasm calmed I was breathing heavily I then felt tender caresses over my body ... Sending chills from my head to my toes causing my nipples to once again be very erect. He allowed me to rest for a moment as he undid the cuffs from the bed and worked my legs making sure I did not get cramps and the same then with my arms.. After a moment He ordered me to turn over and get on all fours.. I then felt his fingers probing deep into my pussy and then circling the tender hole of my ass probing in and out slowly.. He lubed his finger with my juices and moved over me I could feel his cock at the entrance of my cunt parting my lips and moving deep within me. He fucked me hard I was quickly on the verge of cumming again as he removed his cock from my pussy and shoved it deep within my ass. I yelled out Oh My I felt so much pleasure and pain at the same time I was again cumming as he shot his load deep inside my bowel. He turned me over and demanded me to clean it.. I sucked it deep cleaning every inch of him.. my mind wandered. how could this man know so much about my body.. I continued to clean his cock worshipping it like it was gold for the pleasure it had given me until he said ok slut that is good. He then laid on the bed removing my blindfold and allowing me to cuddle up next to him. I fell asleep in his arms .. oh the dreams I had that night........... but then.. that is another story.

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