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The Slaves Test

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We are alone (finally) in the elevator going down 8>) he grabs my hair pulls me to him and just as his lips touch mine he pushes me to my knees. His cock is out and I look up at him, with a smile he pulls my head to his cock. Eagerly I suck him into my mouth, tasting the saltiness of the most suckable cock I have ever had the pleasure of looking upon. The elevator stops the doors slide open, there stands our boss his mouth wide with shock, his cock getting hard. I start to rise, he pushes me back down pulls my head to his cock. I look at our boss, smile and do as told.......

The doors slide close the elevator descends my mouth so full of his cock he's in my throat, I want more, all of him as I suck him deeper. There is a bell like sound I barely register its pleasant sound heralding another opening of the doors. Feeling this most perfect of cocks in my throat working for the gift I know I will receive should I make him happy. The doors slide open; too concerned with the cock in my mouth I do not notice that our boss, who has run down 4 flights of steps to meet us at the bottom, has stepped inside.

As the doors close the warmth of the salty fluid I was seeking fills my mouth and throat. To worried about ensuring I receive all I do not see that the boss has pushed the button for the 10th floor, the floor that?s unfinished, empty except for some boxes and furniture. I swallow every drop smiling as I look up to see him looking past me. I frown usually he is smiling down at me. What have I done wrong to see such indifference on his face? I look behind me and see our boss standing there. A smile on his face his hand stroking his cock, the cock I noticed before that was quite large, through his pants. Looking back to him he notices my expression, one of sorrow and excitement. He pulls me to my feet and in a harsh but plainly heard whisper says "I am proud of you little one. You are getting very good at finishing me before we reach the bottom floor. But I think you need more practice." As he turns me towards our boss the doors slide open and I see where they have taken me. As he takes my arm to pull me out of the elevator I hang my head in defeat, my long hair covering my face, at what I know is to come. He whispers in my ear "Do not worry I will not let any harm come to you here." He doesn't see the smile on my face, for I saw the cock that awaited entrance to my mouth and hopefully my pussy to. I hear a zipper going down and he turns me to face my boss. His cock is out and oh my, what a beautiful cock it is. I stare at it wondering if I can take all of it in my mouth, I very much want it all of it. My pussy is soaked in anticipation of feeling him stretch my mouth wide. A hand grabs my hair I don't know whose I am to concerned with the cock in front of me.

On my knees again staring at that beautiful cock licking my lips with anticipation, wondering when I will receive permission to taste. He can be cruel in that always making me wait when he can see how excited I am to taste. Finally my head is yanked towards that cock and I realize that he has given me over, handed his control of me to the boss. Nervous now because master has never done this before, I have been shared before but never given away. Tears filling my eyes I take that cock I was so eagerly looking forward to sucking in my mouth and instantly choke on it. In my hurt I took to much to fast. My head is pulled back and he is kneeling in front of me now, looking so severe he kisses my mouth and says to me ?You are mine little one never forget that. You suck this cock because I want you to not because you want it, yes I could see your excitement. You will do only as I tell you never obey the orders of another.?

?Yes Master.?

He guides my head back to the boss?s cock and whispers so only I can hear him ?Enjoy little one, my gift to you for being a good girl this week?

There it is the permission I was waiting for. I instantly take the boss?s cock into my mouth swallowing as much as I could and struggling to take the rest, only another inch but its so thick I can?t fit it. Swirling my tongue around the head tasting his pre-cum trying desperately to draw more, I hear his quick intake of breathe; the hands in my hair tighten and pull me closer choking me. He pulls back slightly but my relief is short lived as he instantly starts to fuck my mouth, finally got that last inch though. Struggling to swallow all that?s given to me I grab his hips to slow him down and feel my wrists yanked behind me. ?No touching? Master hisses to me. ?You know the rules.? Wrists now taped behind me the boss fucks my mouth faster now, I suck him so hard my cheeks are getting sore, its worth it though for seconds later my mouth is filled with my liquid reward. Swallowing all that shoots from that spectacular cock, feeling the numbness that always gives me a sense of satisfaction for a cock well sucked, on my lips I look up and see a very satisfied smile on the boss?s face.

Pulled to my feet and turned to face Master I cast my eyes down. I don?t want him to see how proud of myself I am it may hurt him to see just how much I enjoyed that cock. He leads me over to a stack of boxes bends me over them, running a finger through my slit.

?You are soaked little one enjoyed his cock that much did you??

?Yes Master?

?Even when he choked you with his cock it got you wet. You little slut!?

?Yes Master I am a slut but I am your slut, I will do only as you wish.?

?Yes, yes you will and now you will take that cock into your pussy and then your ass.?

With tears streaming down my face I look over my shoulder, ?My ass Master? Yours is the only cock I want there. You have never given my ass to another, please don?t!?

He right into my eyes and I see so many emotions there. Pride, Joy, Satisfaction, Power, and for the first time something I cannot quite put a name to. This one is new, never shown before. He smiles and says ?You have passed every test I have thrown at you this week little one and I am quite satisfied by that, so satisfied in fact that I have a present for you.? Reaching over my shoulder to the other side of the boxes he pulls out a box. Not big but not jewelry size either. My hands are still tied behind me so he opens the box for me.

Inside I find the most beautiful of collars. Silver links, perfect in size to wear during day hours, separated every few inches by emeralds, in the center lay a circle of Celtic knot work. Tears fell now for another reason. He pulled the false bottom from the box to remove a chain in the same fashion about 10 inches long with another smaller circle at the end. From the circle stretched out two smaller chains at the end of which were small rings.

Setting the box and chain on the boxes he moves to place the collar around my neck. Picking up the chain now he looks into my eyes and hands me the chain. Without hesitation I attach it to the circle at my neck and him my leash. He smiles, kisses my lips and attaches the two chains to my nipples, making sure to suck each one turning them into hard pebbles.

?Mine now do not ever forget. Enjoy his cock little one my gift to you for your gift to me.? Turning he walks to the boss and speaks so low I cannot hear. Looking back to me he smiles and heads for the waiting elevator.

I look over and see the boss staring at me. ?You?ll whatever he says won?t you??


?Why? It?s clear he doesn?t hold any real affection for you, he asked me to fuck you after all, to help him with this little test of his.?

Lowering my head I smile and reply ?He is master.?

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