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The Philbeach Hotel.

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The Philbeach Hotel.

This is a true story.

About two years ago, I met a married couple in a chat room on the Internet. They had recently begun swinging, and were looking to spice up their sex-lives.

Kay was a tall, sexy and very beautiful woman in her early thirties, whilst her hubby Ssa was a fit bloke in his early forties, who was good looking, if a little short... they were both bisexual.

After chatting with them for a while, I confessed that I enjoyed being dominated and ordered about by my sex-partners, and made to do outrageous things!

Kay immediately took the opportunity to explore some possibilities. She asked me if I would be prepared to meet them for lunch, in public, in a busy local pub, but with certain conditions attached. I agreed at once, without asking her conditions. She told me that both she and Ssa were pleased by my willingness, and explained her terms to me.

"I want you to come to the pub wearing a baggy track suit. Under it, you must wear nothing but a negligee, French knickers and hold up stockings. Oh, and wear high heels on your feet! Do you accept?" I was stunned, but I agreed, my dick already hardening!

"If we get on well, are you willing to stay with us until tomorrow morning? I have a plan beginning to form, and I think we'll all enjoy ourselves if we go through with it."

"Sure... you're getting me horny just thinking about it!"

"Oh, and shave off all of your body hair before we meet too."

"All of it?"

"Yeah, legs, chest, pubes... even your armpits!"


With only three hours until we met, I immediately jumped into the bath. I washed thoroughly, and then shaved off all of the hair beneath my scalp, making sure to shave closely and to leave my body totally smooth!

Pulling my loosest track-suit on, with nothing underneath it, I rushed out of my front door and headed for my local department store. As soon as I entered the store, I headed straight to the lady's lingerie department. I felt a little panicky, and quite embarrassed, but instead of feeling humiliated, I felt exhilarated, excited... and very horny! I approached the most experienced looking sales lady, and asked for her help.

"Can I ask you your name please, Miss? I need to buy a sexy negligee, some French knickers and a pair of lacy hold up stockings... er... in my size!"

"My name's Lucy, Sir. I'll be very happy to help you choose your undies! What's your name, Sir?"

"My name's Phil, and thanks you in advance for your kind help!"

Without so much as a sideways glance, the assistant helped me choose the items. Before paying though, she made a suggestion that I couldn't resist.

"Would you like a nice sexy basque to go with that? It'll pull your waist in and give you more feminine curves."

"Great idea!" Once I'd paid, I went back to the assistant with a request. "I'd like to wear it all now. Will you help me to put the basque on?"

"I'll help you with the lot. It'll be my pleasure."

"Can you help me find some shoes too? I want some really high heel stilettos. If possible, I'd like to get some leather ankle boots!"

"Our store won't stock your size, but I can take a half-hour break... and I think I know the perfect place!" Following me into the changing rooms, Lucy ordered me to strip naked.

I complied unwaveringly, and was soon standing before her, as naked as the day I was born!

Lucy removed any packaging and labels from my newly purchased, feminine underwear, and helped me to don the lot. Before I knew it, Lucy had taken several photos of my scantily clad body with her phone-cam.

Before I knew it, I blurted out the reason for my purchases, and explained that I was going to meet a couple that I hoped would become my new Masters! I put the track suit over my new sexy undergarments, slid my stocking covered feet back into my pumps, and nervously followed her out of the store.

"A friend of mine runs a small leather fetish shop near here. We'll go there and I'll introduce you to her. I'm sure we can get what you need there."

We turned into a side road, and then stopped outside a small shop-front that had in its window, a variety of leather items, including some very sexy high heel ankle boots, and a variety of leather bondage straps, dresses, mini-skirts and other accoutrements. Lucy led me into to shop, and was quickly greeted by the owner.

Tina owned the store. She was a leggy blonde, who was fully dressed in leather apparel, and whose thigh-high boots stood on six-inch, silver, stiletto heels. Lucy hugged her, before she turned to face me.

"Remove your track suit and pumps, so that we can choose the right boots for you to wear!" I paused momentarily, and then did as I'd been told, and stood before the two women in nothing but my sexy undies! "This novice needs a pair of ankle boots, with some six-inch stiletto heels... but I think that she's ready for a few extra items, so that she can dress properly for her new Masters later today!"

"Sit there and be quiet." Tina ordered. "I think that I have the very thing!" A few moments later, I was shod in a pair of beautiful leather ankle-boots, which stood on six-inch heels of polished steel!

"I think that we should find a suitable outfit for our submissive to wear!" Lucy stated. "I think that a leather micro-mini would be best as a skirt... and a matching waistcoat for the torso. She'll need some silicone breast forms too, to fill the cups of her basque!"

"A collar too, to show her slave status." Tina added. "Of course, she'll need a wig too."

"Why not go the whole hog, Tina? I think it would be a great surprise for the couple he's meeting later, if we gave our novice a full make-over, and then made her leave the shop, and go to her 'meeting' once she's been fully feminized... as her 'alter-ego' persona!"

"What a superb idea, Lucy! It's been ages since I force-femmed anyone... and I'm sure that they'd find it thrilling, if Phil here turned up to introduce himself as... what should we call her? ...Pippa? Yes I think that suits her... Pippa!"

"Do you think we could take her to meet them, Tina... with her fully feminized, and being led on a collar and leash?"

"I'd really enjoy that Lucy. Presenting the couple with a fully transformed M2F sex-toy/slave would really be a rush!"

"Well then, Philip... first things first! Strip naked for us."

"Where are the changing rooms?" I asked, naively.

"Don't be shy. I want you standing naked, publicly... right here, on the shop floor. You'll be sitting just here, in this seat, in front of the mirror... where anyone might see you, if they enter the shop!"

"That's right. This is where Lucy and I will give you your beauty treatments, your make-over, your manicure and your pedicure... before we get you dressed in the clothes that we've chosen for you to wear when you meet your new Masters!"

Compliantly, I removed all of my garments, and stood bare before the two women... in the centre of the shop, hoping desperately that no one would walk in the front door! Tina & Lisa led me to the chair by the mirror, and sat him in it. Almost at once, my ankles and his wrists had been secured to the seat, using the leather straps that were conveniently attached to the armrests and the leg-rests. Before he could protest, a rubber ball-gag was secured into his mouth!

The chair was barely hidden from anyone on the shop floor. It was positioned in a small alcove in the far left-hand corner of the sales floor, and could easily be seen by anyone who walked further than halfway into the clothing department... and would certainly attract the attention of anyone who wandered as far as the sex-toys!

"What are you planning Lucy?" Tina asked.

"Well, first of all, he/she must remain fully feminised until we say otherwise! We'll keep him dressed up as our fully feminised, crossdressed, transvestite slut and sex-slave until he... sorry; she... meets her new Masters!" Lucy told Tina.

"I like it." Tina responded. "Can we do it so that the changes will be really noticeable?"

"Like what?" Lucy asked.

"How about taking him to a beauty salon... and getting him a full make-over? You know... including things like shaping and plucking his eyebrows... and making them pencil thin! How about making him pierce his ears, and wearing girly earrings? We could have permanent eye-liner tattooed around his eyes... He could be made to wear long false lashes... and maybe, we could get him a 'Brazilian' style bikini-wax... What do you think? Shall we do it? I think it would be great to do these things to him!" Tina suggested.

"It's a bit severe... but, it sounds like a plan to me!" Lucy agreed. "It would certainly teach him a lesson!"

"We don't even need to go to the salon... I have a friend who is a beautician... I'm sure that she'd come over and do the necessary!"


Tina picked up the phone, and called her friend, Alice... the 'mobile,' visiting beautician that she knew well. She asked her if she could do her a big favour, and if she would be willing to come straight over to her shop...

"Can you come over immediately? Please... drop whatever it is that you're doing... and come straight over! You probably won't believe what I'm going to ask you to do for me... but, I promise you that I'm not joking... and that I consider it to be really urgent. You know that I'd never fool around with you. We're much too close for that... but, only you can help me with what has to be done!"

Alice agreed to drop everything, and promised that she would be at Tina's shop within the hour!

Thirty-five minutes later, Alice rang the front door bell, and entered the shop, intrigued to discover Tina's secret! She was shown through the shop, and into the room within which Philip had been bound and immobilised!

Shock showed on her face!

"I need you to give Phil a full make-over... I expect him to be fully transformed into 'Pippa,' (his feminised 'alter-ego...') including things like the thinning, plucking, and shaping of his eyebrows... making them pencil thin! The piercing of his ears... and his being made to wear girly earrings. Permanent eye-liner should be tattooed around his eyes... He must be made to wear long false lashes... and he should be given a 'Brazilian' style bikini-wax..."

"Is he willing to undergo these alterations?" Alice asked Lucy.

"Yes... He feels that he has no alternative!" Lucy replied.

"Once these make-over techniques have been applied to him, we intend to continue with his feminisation, until he is indistinguishable from a real woman!"

"As Pippa is now completely unable to move her head... I think that we should begin with her eyebrows." Alice told the others.

The others each nodded their consent, and Alice began her work on him. My eyebrows were plucked pencil thin, and were shaped into a high arch over his eyes. Once this had been completed, Alice tattooed over them, making them a permanent feature of my face!

The tattoo gun still in hand, Alice began working to give Phil his permanent 'eye-liner' blackening the areas around my eyes with a solid line of black ink. Long, thick, 'long-lasting' lashes were stuck over my natural one's, and were lengthened even further, as she covered them with special 'super-lengthening' mascara! The result of all of her work was that my eyes stood out amazingly... immediately drawing other peoples gazes directly to his face.

Alice changed the colour of the ink within the tattoo gun, swapping it for a deep, blood red... Phil felt her starting to work on his lips, reshaping and outlining them, so that they would be perceived as being full and shapely, as if Philip had used a lip-liner. Alice changed the colour of the ink once more. This time, she chose a bright, scarlet-like 'Ferrari' red. This was the colour with which she covered my lips, careful to remain within the lip-outline that she'd shaped onto my mouth earlier.

Philip was now certain that he was in deep trouble! The 'feminising' make-over that he had just undergone was largely of a 'permanent' type. He was sure that he'd be unable to return to being a man once it was over. Philip was now, to all intents and purposes, Pippa!

"Okay Alice. Now, I want you to pierce both of Pippa's ears, her left nostril, her tongue, and her belly-button. She's to wear large hoops in her ears, so pierce each ear with three holes... I think a stud through her nose, and a bar through her tongue and her belly!" Lucy said.

"Shall I do her nipples too? We can replace the falsies over the piercings... but, if you decide to remove them at any time, her titties will still be sexy!" Alice queried.

"Great idea! Yes, let's do it!" was the unanimous reply. Susan, Tina's shop assistant entered the room, grinning at the scene before her.

Pippa tried to protest, but the gag stopped him from doing so. Tina noticed, and said:

"I think that Pippa's trying to tell us what a good idea this is!"

All of the women laughed at this.

The piercings didn't take long, and Pippa was soon decorated through each of her new holes. Pippa had only left a little pubic hair on her body when she'd depilated her body, but she was still more than a little surprised when Alice waxed her there, leaving only a thin strip above her cock!

Next, she removed her wig, and shaved her head... totally bald, before replacing it on her head, and gluing it in place with some strong adhesive.

"She's ready now ladies. Shall we get her dressed again?" Alice prompted the others.

"Yes, let's!" Lucy replied.

Still bound and immobile, I heard the door to the room as it opened, allowing my Mistresses to enter once again. I wondered what they had decided my fate to be... and, I tried desperately to hide my ever growing excitement from them. It was an impossible task.

My rampant cock was throbbing through the silky fabric of my panties!

"Look girls... We've excited our girly 'slave!' Her 'boy-clitty' is hard and throbbing!" Lucy said, excitedly!

"My goodness! After we'd forced her to be our submissive too! I think that she is beginning to enjoy her subservience to us, Ladies! It seems to me that she likes being forced into her role as a 'feminised sex-slave' for us!" Tina observed!

"You see... Deep down inside, she really wants to serve her Mistresses... as a submissive slut... forced to comply with our every wish!" Susan observed.

I couldn't believe it, as I felt my cock hardening in response to this stimulation... I felt both elated, and yet shamed and humiliated, at my inability to stop my cock from becoming hard... throbbing wildly, as I grew a rampant hard-on! I knew that this obvious response would only further incite my women captors... but I was completely incapable of controlling my growing exhilaration!

Apprehension and horror flowed through me, as I realised that my prick had enlarged to the point where it was now touching Lucy's fingers, as she finger fucked my rear end! I could feel it rubbing against them, through the fabric of my panties.

"Pippa... Strip off your dress. We are going to make you wear a different outfit... You look too much like a 'Dominatrice' in leather, so we have decided to dress you in an outfit that is more befitting your submissive status!" Susan demanded.

Complying with my orders, I stripped to my underwear, and waited for my new clothing to be given to me.

Tina handed me a pack of folded clothing. I looked at the items that she had handed me, and I blushed... seeing that it was a sexy 'French-maid's' outfit... one that I had purchased a few months before, as a gift for Tina... from the Anne Summers 'sex' catalogue!

It consisted of a very short, black satin dress, with a white apron, which covered the skirt of the dress at the front, and had a small bib across the bust area... and, which had a lacy, frilly maid's hat for me to wear! The skirt barely covered my groin... showing the lacy tops of my hold-up stockings, and about an inch and a half of skin, at the top of my thighs!

Susan handed me a pair of thong panties, which barely held my manhood between my legs, and told me to put them on. Alice forced my arms behind me, and cuffed them together, with handcuffs that had pink feathers around the wrists!

"Lucy, why don't you attach this leash to Pippa's collar, so that you can lead her around? We wouldn't want her trying to escape when we take her out in public now, would we?" Tina said.

"Pippa... What is the contact number you have for Kay and Ssa? I want to call them and change your plans for the meeting."

Without contemplating the outcome, I gave Tina the mobile phone number that I had for Kay. She handed the details to Lucy, who immediately dialled it up.


"Hi... I am Lucy, you don't know me yet, but I am with Philip... the guy that you arranged to meet today. He has explained to me why he was buying items of sexy lingerie... and that you had set him a challenge. My two friends and I have taken your idea one step further, and have force-feminized him completely! We were wondering if you'd be willing to meet at a different location, and would allow us to be there as well."

"I'm listening... What do you propose?"

"Let's all meet at the Philbeach Hotel in West Kensington. We can meet in the public bar at 8PM. We have crossdressed Phil, transforming him into Pippa... the French maid! I'll book one of the hotel rooms, so that we can play sex-games with Pippa whenever we want. Is that OK with you both?"

"We'll be there!"

"Great, see you then!"

Lucy and Tina decided to get into character for the evening's role-playing entertainment, and they both donned leather outfits befitting a dominant Mistress. Alice however, I soon discovered, had submissive tendencies, and was instructed to wear a sexy equivalent of a schoolgirl's uniform, with a see through blouse, a mini-skirt, stockings and high heels!

We travelled to the hotel by bus... attracting a lot of attention, and arrived just before 8 o'clock. Lisa and Tina stood at the bar to order themselves some drinks, whilst Alice and I were made to kneel at their feet... handcuffed and with ball-gags in our mouths.

Kay and Ssa arrived exactly on time, and it didn't take them long to realize which group they were meeting.

"Hi, you must be Lucy. We're Kay and Ssa. I must say you are much sexier than we'd expected!"

"Thank-you, Kay. Let me introduce ourselves. As you've realized, I'm Lucy, and this is my friend Tina. We're both Mistresses to these slaves! The schoolgirl is a good friend of ours, Alice... and this worthless feminized male is the one you were to meet up with, Philip... although we now call him Pippa!"

"Wow... he really looks feminine!"

"Yes Ssa, Alice must take the credit for his forced feminization. When she's not acting as our slave, she's a very accomplished beautician."

"We took the liberty of booking a large room with twin beds. I hope you approve... you see Lucy and I have plans for our two sex-slaves this evening!"

"I'm sure that Kay and I will enjoy whatever you have in mind!"

"Well then, let's go upstairs and get everything set up."

"No Lucy... First of all, let's introduce the slaves to the others here in the bar!"

"Okay, but let's remove their gags and make them introduce themselves!"

"Good idea! Slaves, you will approach everyone in the bar, tell them your names, and explain that you will both be available in room 116 in an hour's time!"

I was horrified at the prospect, but Alice led me by my leash, and we did as we'd been told! Several of the bar's customers told us that they would love to join us then, and some even said they'd be coming up in groups!

We were led to our room by our four owners, and once there we were each tied to one of the beds. Alice face up, and I on my front, with a pillow under my groin, so as to raise my arse up.

Kay and Ssa stripped off, and Ssa began licking Alice's pussy. Tina handed Kay a strap-on dildo, and the next thing I knew, Kay was ramming the Latex cock up my bum!

Lucy and Tina began kissing each other as they watched the action. Ssa got on top of Alice and began fucking her. Tina attached a penis gag into my mouth, as Lucy replaced the ball gag into Alice's.

Leaving Kay and Ssa to their fun, Lucy and Tina left the room. Neither Alice nor I noticed them as they exited the door, leaving it ajar as they vacated it. In so doing, anyone that walked past our room and along the hotel corridor would have no problem in seeing what was happening within.

It was well known to any of the Philbeach regulars that if a room door was left even slightly open, the occupants of said room were in fact extending an invitation to any interested parties to enter and join in the fun! This meant that it was not unusual for people to cruise the hotel corridors, in search of any action that they might find.

Lucy and Tina giggled with one another, as they returned to the public bar, where they knew that Susan, Tina's assistant was now waiting to join them.

As soon as they arrived, they scanned the area for some likely characters, and approached a group made up of five sexy looking women and transvestites, who seemed to be having a really good time!

As they got closer, the women realised that not all of the group were crossdressers, and that two of the party were stunningly attractive young women. All included, there were eight people in all, and each member of this little gathering had a big wide smile plastered over his or her face... The two Mistresses were growing excited at the prospect of the evening to come.

The group that they'd approached consisted of a married couple... Melanie and Alphonse, (better known as Alison in his TV state,) and a threesome... made up of a very stern but beautiful looking woman in her thirties, together with the two 'girls' that had made the women interested enough to make the first approach. Both of these were transsexuals, one a 'pre-op' TS, and the other, a fully transformed 'post-op' TS.

All appeared to be very sexy and feminine women, with the exception of Stefanie, (the 'pre-op' TS.) She looked exactly like a model... but was sporting a semi-erect penis, strapped in a leather harness, and clearly visible in shape... through the Lycra skirt that she was wearing.

Davinia, (the 'post-op' TS,) was the first to begin the introductions. She began by explaining her TS status, and then nodding to Stefie. She, in turn, explained that she was TS... and that she and Davinia were here as a trio, with their Mistress... Marikka.

Before they could think, Alphonse was introducing himself... as Alison of course. She explained that she was here with her wife Melanie, and that they said that they were sisters when he was 'dressed' in public. He also explained that it would be his/her 21st birthday... at precisely three minutes past midnight, which was why the group were out celebrating together.

"Ladies... You look like an open minded bunch of girlies. How would you feel about helping us out for a while?"

"Sure! What did you lovely girls have in mind?"

"Well... This is Tina and her friend Susan, and I'm Lucy... and we have brought some friends here tonight, so that they can discover the joys of publicly exhibiting their submissiveness. We have already begun a little party in room 116, and would love you to join us in teaching them how to become true sex-slaves!"

"They are already pleasing a couple of swingers that we invited over from an internet chat room... and we've force-feminized the guy who initiated tonight's fun!"

"Susan here will be available too as our serving wench... and Alice - our female slave - along with Pippa, our feminised male are tied to the beds upstairs. We'd love to have you join in the fun!"

"Yes, and we'll be leaving the door open, so that any passing strangers can use them if they want!"

The group of eight horny people agreed that it sounded like it would be a lot of fun, and headed upstairs to room 116.

As they approached the door, they noticed that the door was now wide open, and as they entered, the scene that they discovered was a real turn on to them all. There were two new guys in the room, and they had changed the way that Pippa was being used.

They had removed her from the bed, and she was now bent over the tabletop, with her wrists firmly tied to the far legs, her head face down on the shiny top, and her ankles bound wide apart to nearside legs... thus pushing her now bare arse out facing the doorway!

The high heels of her shoes gave a sexy turn to her calves, and a pillow had been placed under her tummy, so as to lift her backside a little higher than the tabletop, making it into an inviting target for them to spank... which was exactly what they were doing when the eight newcomers caught sight of Pippa's rear!

Kay was sitting on Alice's face, and was ordering her to push her tongue deeper into the soaking pussy that she was being made to eat.

Ssa was delighting in drinking as much juice as he could from Alice's sopping minge-lips, as he teased her to an ever growing number of orgasms, which was making Alice's body buck and shudder, as she pulled against her bindings.

The two unknown guys using Pippa were at opposite ends of her firmly secured body. The one by her face was kneeling on a bar-stool, and had his big, erect dick pumping in and out of Pippa's mouth, thus gagging any noise that she tried to make, while the guy at her rear was taking immense pleasure in repeatedly smacking each of her bum-cheeks, hard, with his open palm... in a very slow but regular rhythm. Everyone watched his regular, almost hypnotic strokes, as Pippa's bum glowed ever more rosily, a palpable heat emanating from the target area.

"Mistress Marikka... Would you like to restrain one of your submissives to the free bed, while the other helps Susan to facilitate the rest of us having fun with our sex-toys?"

"Good idea Lucy. Stefie... Tie Davinia to the bed for me. Make her as accessible as possible to the rest of the room. Once you have completed that task you may return for further instructions!"

"Susan, strip naked!"

"Yes Mistress Tina."

Susan obeyed at once and was naked before Stefie had managed to restrain Davinia to the bed.

Mistress Marikka was wearing a black leather skirt, black stockings, black high heeled shoes, black bra and a low cut black blouse.

Mistress Lucy was wearing a black Basque, black skirt, black stockings and knee length high-heeled boots. Both had there hair tied back and had on the brightest red lipstick.

"What's your name boy?"

"John, Miss."

Stefie was ordered to serve them drinks, then she had to lift up her skirt and show Mistress Lucy her knickers, her cock was rock hard, she rubbed her cock through her panties, she almost came there and then. Stefie was ordered to kneel at their feet and kiss Mistress Lucy's ankles. She remarked to Marikka:

"How lovely it must be to have such an adoring Stefie," and Marikka replied:

"Yes I am lucky, and he is so attentive."

Stefie found herself staring straight at Mistress Lucy's pussy, she could smell her sex, and this was a place she had dreamed of being for years. Stefie had had many a good masturbation session thinking about these women and what she would like to do to them.

Stefie had never dreamed that she would one day end up crossdressed in front of them. Then she leaned forward and started to lick her pussy, she was obviously turned on as her pussy was dripping wet.

Mistress Marikka then left the room; Stefie continued to eat Mistress Lucy's pussy. When her Mistress Marikka returned she had another surprise for her, as with her was Mistress Tina and a young lad who she knew was called John.

She knew him because he worked at the bar and it was common knowledge he was bi-sexual. She was a little embarrassed that he was seeing her dressed like this, but continued eating Mistress Lucy's pussy.

Mistress Marikka announced it was time to continue this upstairs. Once in the bedroom, Mistress Tina laid down on the bed and John started to eat her pussy.

At the same time Mistress Lucy laid down on the bed and Stefie ate her pussy, as she was eating her pussy Mistress Marikka started to finger fuck her arse, then Stefie felt the tip of her strap-on dildo slowly start to invade her arse.

Stefie could see John was now fucking Mistress Tina and by the sounds coming from her she was really enjoying herself. She then started to moan too as Mistress Marikka began to really fuck her.

Mistress Tina then got on all fours so John could fuck her doggie style, Mistress Marikka stopped fucking her and ordered her to lie with her head underneath Mistress Tina, Stefie could now lick her pussy and his cock as he was fucking her.

The bastard even began to pull completely out of her and briefly put his cock in her mouth. As Stefie was attending to Mistress Tina and John, Mistress Lucy started to suck her cock.

John then pulled out of Mistress Tina and put his cock in her mouth. She started sucking him and he came almost immediately, as he filled her mouth with cum she started to cum in Mistress Lucy's mouth. Stefie drank all John had to offer, and then Mistress Lucy kissed her and emptied all of the jism from her mouth into Stefie's.

As Stefie looked over to her Mistress Marikka she could see she was smiling broadly. Stefie was then ordered to suck John's cock to get him hard again so he could fuck Pippa.

The other guy chose this moment to pump his seed deeply into Pippa's mouth, and Marikka told Susan to suck the cum out of her mouth so that she could drip it into Davinia's, for her to swallow. Susan found this really horny and her quim began dripping her love juice down her inner thigh, so wet did she become.

Melanie told Alison to make Davinia suck her giant clitty, while she joined Kay in teasing Alice, while Ssa watched them get off with each other and wanked himself back to hardness!

Alison told Melanie that he'd rather use Pippa's novice mouth to bring him to his peak, and so placing himself by her head, Alison reapplied Pippa's lipstick. He kissed her lightly, their tongues intertwining briefly, and the he gently filled those sweet lips with his raging, rampant organ!

As Alison's swollen man-clit filled Pippa's waiting mouth, Stefie had reawakened john's cock, and was lubing Pippa's rim with generous dollops of KY jelly, before guiding the throbbing prick into her virgin arse! Pippa's eyes bulged in shock as the stiff pole pushed its way passed the outer muscles of her virgin hole, sliding ever deeper into her rectum. Unable to scream, gagged as she was by Alison's erection, Pippa allowed herself to relax, as she experienced herself getting ever more aroused by the intense sexual sensations that she was receiving at both ends of her body!

Unexpectedly, the door to the room opened and a group of six guys barged in, joining the party in full swing. These were the guys that Pippa and Alice had introduced themselves to in the bar when they'd first arrived. These were the guys that had said that they would love to come up to fulfil their needs by using Alice and Pippa as their slaves.

"Looks like they weren't joking then lads! I think we've just hit the jackpot!"

"Yeah... but I think that they should all be our playthings, don't you?"

"I like the sound of that Mike!"

"Gary... have you still got your kit with you?"

"Of course I have. How do you want it done? Stunned or tranked?"

"Start by stunning the guys who aren't dressed up... Strip them, and tie them to each other, facing inwards - so that their cocks are touching the other guys. Gag them, and stuff them in that closet... so that they'll have to stand up!"

Before anyone could react, three of the burly guys were holding Tazer guns, and had shot the stun guns into Ssa, John and his mate, knocking the three of them unconscious. Their clothes were removed and locked away, before Mike's orders were implemented, and the three were imprisoned in a tiny closet, bound, gagged and helpless!

"Handcuff the 5 women, gag them too, and put them in the bathroom. We'll deal with them later! If they resist shoot them!"

Hearing this, the women complied, leaving only the 4 feminized men in the main room. Davinia and Pippa were still helplessly bound, so the first two victims were Steffi and Antonia.

"Right girls... you're going to put a little show on for us! Put some music on... and do some sexy dancing for us... a sexy striptease, where you strip each others clothes off until you're both only wearing your stockings and your high heels! You'd better make it exciting, because if we've not got hard ons when your finished, we'll punish you... got it? Right, off you go!"

As the two feminized guys began to move with the music, they began to caress each other's bodies, gently kissing the others painted lips, licking sensitive areas, stroking exposed skin, and getting aroused together... all the while hoping that their sensuous grace would have the same effect on their captors. Slowly and rhythmically, they undressed the other, until they stood, as instructed, wearing only their stockings and heels!

"Not bad, sluts! I'm semi stiff! Lie on the empty bed and 69 each other till I say you can stop! If you can make the other one cum before you do, the one who didn't can get dressed... but the one that did gets a good spanking!"

"Ritchie... go and fetch the two bolshiest girls from the bathroom, and make them kneel here in front of me! It's time we got this party swinging!"

Marikka and Tina were the unfortunate girls that Ritchie brought into the room. He pushed them to their knees in front of Mike, just as he'd requested. He smirked lewdly at them, as he spoke.

"Get the clothes off, sluts! I want u both butt naked!"

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