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The Masters Headache Cure

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Her head was throbbing; the headache had been there for two days. She swallowed the extra strong painkillers and climbed into bed, curling up into the foetal position. It wasn’t long before they started to take effect and she began to drift off to sleep. She vaguely heard the door open and footsteps coming over to her. The covers were being lifted away from her back. Her master was here! He would be cross. She stayed perfectly still, partly because of the tablets and partly hoping he would replace the covers and leave. Fingers trailed across her shoulders and over her t-shirt down to her pants. His hand made its way down to her ass; she knew she was not going to be left alone now. Feeling her pants being pulled down a short way to enable his finger to tease her ass hole she was torn between falling fast asleep and the yearning that was forming deep inside her body.

A hand pressed on her shoulder, giving her no choice but to roll onto her front, the pillows under her head were removed. ‘Closed’ he ordered, touching her eyelids gently, she closed her eyes immediately as she stretched her legs out straight, ending up lying prone on the bed with her arms by her sides. Her head was still hurting but the tablets were having the dual effect of easing the pain and making her very groggy.

‘Still’ he again gave her an order; she wasn’t allowed to move a muscle now. She was still wearing her t-shirt and pants, normally he told her to strip but she was glad as she didn’t want to raise her head anyway. He was opening drawers, taking things out, he must have a plan. Then she felt something strange, there was an unusual noise, cutting.. he was cutting her t-shirt off! Next he started cutting through her pants, down each side and across the bottom. He had free range of her body now. He left the room, leaving her there. It was several minutes before he returned and she hadn’t moved an inch. Suddenly she felt warmth on her back then her master’s hands, rubbing warm oil over her shoulders. She quietly sighed; this was nice, just what she needed. He gently rubbed her neck, shoulders and arms with the oil. She started to relax, his hands working their way across her back and down her sides, brushing her breasts where they bulged out under her body. She felt him climb onto the bed and straddle her, to give him better access to her. More warm oil was poured on her back and his hands pushed it lower, to the base of her back and her buttocks. He moved down her body, massaging the oil into every pore. She was still laid prone, eyes closed, enjoying every minute of the kind attention her master was giving her. He pulled at her buttocks, pouring more oil between them then followed it with his fingers, probing her ass hole. She felt him slide a finger in, she gasped and was punished by a hard slap on her buttock. He leant over to the bedside cabinet and picked something up. What toy would he use to punish her? She felt him pull at her butt cheeks roughly; she shouldn’t have made a noise. This was her punishment. She felt something being pushed into her ass hole, she wasn’t sure what it was yet. It was pulled out again, good she thought, it wasn’t that bad. Almost immediately it was replaced with something larger, and longer, she felt it going into her and held in the gasp. Then it was pulled almost all the way out and held still. He was teasing her. More oil was poured around her asshole, warm oil that made its way to her pussy, turning her on even more. Her ass hole was filled again and then he started fucking her ass with whatever he had hold of. She kept her breathing shallow, she knew she wasn’t allowed to cum yet. Concentrating on not cumming, trying to ignore the orgasm that was building inside her. He was still fucking her ass when he pulled her legs apart, placing them as far apart as he could, she was not allowed to move them herself. He fumbled between her legs, finding her wet cunt he pushed in some fingers, she couldn’t tell how many. Her cunt was gripping his fingers involuntary. He would know she wanted to cum now. He removed the item from her ass and pushed it into her cunt, she shook with pleasure. Not sure if he was cross or not she bit her lip and awaited punishment. He knelt between her legs, turning on the vibe up her cunt, it was buzzing deep inside her. He pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, showing her well oiled ass hole, she felt him leaning forward and then pushing his hot cock into her asshole. He pressed hard and laid his full weight on top of her, crushing her. He pumped into her ass and she laid not responding, as instructed. She wanted to cum, the heat of his cock in her and the buzzing of the vibe in her cunt was almost too much to bear. Pleasure ripped through her body and her cunt was gripping onto the vibe, she was cumming but she couldn’t let him know, she wasn’t allowed. Her breathing was fast, her head was pounding. She let go and allowed her body to climax, hoping that he wouldn’t notice. Her mind was somersaulting trying to find a release for the pleasure. Still pounding her ass he was groaning, he held onto her shoulders to enable him to get further into her then the animal growl from inside him, he jerked and spewed his cum deep into her ass. She knew it would end soon but wished it wouldn't. The jerks slowed, coming to a stop as he emptied his balls. He climbed off her, placed the covers over her oiled body and stood at the door waiting. ‘Thank you Master’ she said, and then he left.

Pages: 1

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