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The Mall

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The Mall.

I recently went to the mall and was amazed and what girls were wearing. There were girls were little tops and skirts, cleavage etc. So I was walking around the mall and just window shopping. I will admit I was checking out the young girls. I mean look they looked so cute smiling when they walked by, knowing I would turn around and look at them. A couple times girls saw me looking and smiled. One actually bent over to let me look at her long legs. Damn that was hot. So Had some naughty imagesin my head when I went store to store. I was just looking around. I checked out a cuple of women's store pretending I was looking for a girlfriend. I love looking at cleavage and when girls are behind the counter leaning down to grab a bag or fill out a credit card form, there cleavage looks very good. Another turn on. So I went into a discount show store and was looking around. There was one girl shelving. She was meduim size, big boobs and ass. She had blond hair and was wearing tight clothes and yes I could see cleavage. The girl behind the counter was about 5'6, nice shape and ass and was top heavy. They both looked to be in college. She said Hi to me as I shopped. The stock girl then was in the back bending over I was checking ehr ass out. The girl behind the counter came over and said " Do you see anything you like"/. My face turned red and I said " I am just looking" She smiled and said " I know and then said " IF you need any help just ask< I am at your service" She then bent over to pick up something from the floor and looked back at me and said "We both are here for you" I stood there in shock. The other girl came over and made sure I could look down her shirt as she put away shoes. I will say my cock was getting hard looking at both of girls. So I tried on some shoes as the girls worked and kept walking by letting me check them out. The girl behind the counter came over again and saud " Are you finding everything you need? " I looked up at her smiled and said " yes, I am finding everything I need as I looked her up and down" She said " I am Melissa and that is Jennifer, take your time and look around". She then just stood there and then said "How old are you? " I said I am" I am 24" and she said " We are both 19, roomates and like older guys". I smiled and " So are you both single? Jennifer said" Yes, we are" and stood over me also. So there I was sitting on a stool, two single roomated standing over me. My cock is getting hard as I am looking at them. I then said " So what time do you girls get off work?" Melissa said " I get to leave at 9:00 when the store closes" Jennifer said " I get to leave at 6:00 and we get off throughout the day" melissa said " We take turns in the back using our lap top and looking at naughty pics". I wa slike this is my lucky day and then a coule of customers came in and Melissa said " Don;t leave, I will be back" Jennifer said there pretending to put shows away and then whispers to me" We have always wanted to have one of our customers for real, we usually just go in the back or talk about at home when we masterbate". I just stood there and said " That is so hot" and looked down her shirtsome more" She smiled" As soon as you walked in, I knew you would be the one. I could tell Melissa likes you. Well I like you to but I will do what Melissa wants" I said what do you mean " She said "I am her submissive, I do any kinky things she wants" I looked at her and said " Damn, what does she let you do? and then Melissa came back and Jennifer walked away smiling. Melissa said so what did I miss " Did she tell you about our fanatsy we want to do for real" Of course she did and she said she is your submissive" Melissa and smiled and said " Of she told you that, She did that so I would punish her, She loves having her ass spanked and she loves being humilated" I loked at her and smiled and said " I have to see this" She said You will trust me". She looked at me and said" it's odd but I get off being dominate to girls but being submissive to guys" I looked at her and said "intresting". So melissa how kinky are you" Melissa ssaid " Very kinky" I love toys, threesomes, watching, being watched and more" I said "Well then Melissa, as I caresses her leg, let me see under that skirt" She said we have to do it in the back, So get up and follow her, she loks back at me and said" You like my ass don't you? I said " Of course and she said you can do anything you want to my ass latter baby". So we go to the back, open the door and find Jennifer in the chair caressing her boobs and fingering her pussy'. Melissa looks at her and says" She can't wait, she wants to be punished doesn't she, jennifer looks up and said yes mistress punish me" melissa smiles and says" We will punish you later, now lick your fingers clean and go up front" Jennifer licks herfingers smiling at me and gets dressed and Melissa said" I want to show Jeff my pussy and tattoo okay" Jennifer smiles and says of course and whispers in my ear" She likes doggystyle and being called a slut" Jennifer walks away smiling.

We are in the back and Melissa said " So you ant me to lift my skirt" I sit in the chair and say " Yes baby I do ". Melissa looks at me and lifts her skirt" She has on a black thong and a tattoo on her navel of some flowers. She then turns around and lets me look at her ass and bends down to show me how hot she is" I am sitting there rock hard smiling" She said" So did you like looking at two horny roomates that love sex" I nod and say" Yes" I said so how did Jennifer become your submissive" Melissa said" Well I met in High School at a party. She was getting fucked by one guy while eating another's girls pussy and we started talking and became friends. We started going to parties together having threesomes and doing kinky things. Jennifer told me how it turned her on to be told what to do and me being kinky said, well yor my submisve. Jennife rplayed it up calling me asking me if she could touch herself at night Asking for permission to go on a date to have sex. It turned me on having control like that. So we moved in togteher, got a job together. Jennifer just doesn't know no matter how kink or slutty she will do it. We both are very open sexually and like doing intresting kinky things. Espically going online and trading pictures and meeting kinky people like us". I am just staring at her and I say" You only lifted your skirt, what about your shirt" She said" ohh yes, and lifted her shirt to reveal two oversized boobed on her litle body" She said" I am lucky to have nice natural boobs and a smallbody". I said " Yes you are". I then say" Don't you have to check on Jennifer? " She said " No it's okay she can handle anything" I ask her is this for real or am I am I dreaming? She said " it's all real baby and gives me a kiss. So Melissa" Why are you submissive to guys and not to girls? She said" I loves havinga guy telling me to suck his cock and o ben dover for him but for some reason whena girl tells me that it doesn't have the same effect, I mean I willa dmit I do like licking pussy but when a guy bosses me around it's a turn around. But it also turns me on to boss girls around too. So Baby, what do you want Melissa to do to you and for you? I am in Shock and Sit there and stare at her. She sayd" Come on baby, I will do anything you want". I then say" Turn around slut and bendover " and Melisa goes " Ohh My favorite phrase and position" How did you know" I said " Jennifer told me" and Melissa says" That slut, she will pay for that" I then says" Off with the thong, let me see how wet your are " So mElissa bends over removes her thongs and spreads open her pussy" I sit there and say damn, as my cock wants to get out. She said" Do you like it baby as she fingers herself" I say" Melissa you look so good like that, no come over and play with my cock" Melissa says" Finally I have been waiting for this" Melissa then unzips my pants and takes my cock out and strokes it. She then slides my cokc into her mouth reall slow. It feels so good for her to suck me. She looks up and me and take smore of cock in her mouth " I say ohh yes" and then there is a knock at the door" Melissa stops and and says" yes Jennifer". Jennifer said" I want to know what you are doing" Melissa looks at her" and she keeps sucking, Jennifer comes over and gives me a hard kiss and says " when you fuck her ass, I get to suck her juices off your cock " she then walks away as MElissa keeps sucking. I start caressing Melisa head when she is sucking. Melissa stoos and sayd" You can get rough if you want, remeber I will do anything you want" So I grab melissa hair and pull it a little she moans and keeps sucking. I caress her back and adjust myself so I can play with her boobs... She moans as I pich her nipples, She then says" COme on Jeff, you can be kinky, run wild say anything, I will do it". I look at her and say" let suck on your boobs slut" She leans down and lets me suck them, at the same time stroking my cock. I say " Don't you have to get to work? She says" I can't go back to work until you fuck my pussy and ass because jennifer needs to lick you clean " I then say" Melissa fuck me" Melissa says" Why don;t you fuck me, she bends over the desk and says" FUck me NOW!!!!. I then get behing Melissa and slide my cock in to her, she feels so good and tight. I slide my cock slow and then fast. Melissa is moaning as I fuck her harder... I notice Melissa fingers playing with her ass and see her getting it ready. I keep fucking herpussy and I pull on her hair and careses her boobs hard. Melissa moans " Fuck my ass, please fuck my ass"/ I then slide my cock into her ass, it there I am fucking Meliisa's ass Melissa., Melissa moans loauder "ohh baby It feels good--fuck it baby fuck!!!!! Melissa goes" Ohh Baby I am going to cum on your cock" Your slut is going to cum" and Mellissa moans and cums, she said Picks up the fun" and calls the fronmt and says " Jennifer get back here he needs his cock cleaned". Then Meliisa gets back, gives me a iss and says" Thank you baby, wait till tonight". Jennifer comes in and takes off her shirt and says" Is your cock filled with melisa's cum and pussy and ass juice" I smile as Jennifer starts sucking" Jennifers rubs my cock on her faces and lips and smiles. She says" I love tasting melissa" I am so close to cumming after fucking Melissa's ass. I Moan as Jennifer sucks harder. I started playing with her boobs and she moans and I am geting close and then start cuming hard into he rmouth. Jennifer gobbles it up and smiles. She said" I canot wait until we bring you open and you and melissa punish me for being a cum swallowing slut.

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