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The Light Turns On

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While she was in the device he could fuck her any way he wanted to. He always wanted to fuck her hot, tight holes and it was also exactly what she wanted as well. She had trouble verbalizing her needs and would be hard pressed to admit it. He was in control, being the Master and as the sub, she had none. All she wanted at this late date in her life, after a thirty year failed marriage, having raised the kids and now loving her grandkids, was to be cuddled, nurtured and loved in return. When those factors were taken care of the latent freak in her came out. Although frightened by its' intensity, Mary loved giving in to her inner freak. With the attention he gave, that attention was all about her. Mary gave in to laying back and just cumming over and over. She came from kissing. She came from having her nipples squeezed very hard and tugged on. That sent those jolts of electricity directly to her clit. She came from caresses and hugs that gave her shuddering cums. She came from swats on her ass. He could turn it blood red and she came with each swat. She came from the expert licking on her clit he gave her. She came and came and came again. She came as he rubbed his dick on her cunt lips and massaged them and her protruding clit. She came until exhausted. In her mind cumming was a reward for a wasted thirty years of marriage and he loved to make her cum. She was beautiful laying there cumming with her eyes shut tight.

She was totally supported in the device but, access to her mouth, breasts, pussy and asshole was available to him. Mary was raised just at the right height, with legs spread so he could stick his dick in her mouth, ass or pussy with complete ease any way he wanted to in order to make her cum.

Eyes blindfolded and earphones playing some oldies she preferred to hear. Mary had been in a kind of sensory deprivation mode since he had shackled her to the device and inserted the pussy/ass vibrator, turned on full. The pussy part vibrated and swelled while the part invading her asshole vibrated and turned around and around. He was happy to know he could make her cum that hard. He had licked and sucked on her nubbin of a clit and stretched her vaginal lips wide to get her off that way. It was the ass invader that sent her off like a skyrocket that did the trick and this time he planned to duplicate the feat with his dick. Her juices already flowing onto the device and dripping onto the floor below.

Mary felt completely safe with Bob and that was most imortant. She planned to fully enjoy whatever his fiendishly sexy mind brought forth. Bob started with the nipple suckers that got her going. The suction on her nipples and slaps on her tits started her pussy running and allowed for the Pussy vibrators easy entry. He tugged on the suckers from time to time. He had shown her that nipple squeezing at the same time of clitoral stimulation would bring forth copious amounts of her cum. The resulting orgasms very intense indeed. The Anal invader was well lubed and when she clenched up he whacked her ass a few times and she relaxed and let it slide home. It plopped, popped and settled itself in. This time she would cum and cum hard but not be able to force the anal invader out of her rear orifice. A thong like piece of clothing held them both in place and all she could do was cum and cum again from them. The soft and sensual to hot and hard whacks across her butt cheeks added to her rising orgasms as well. He worked her butt cheeks, kegle muscles and upper inner thighs to perfection.

Leaving her alone to her cums for a half hour or so made her think about what and how and why. They were always intriguing subjects for her nimble mind. What was he going to do to her? How was he going to do it? When did he want to do it with her? Hell she knew those answers. He wanted his dick sucked and sucked well. That was all he ever asked for. Most times he just took it. She was the bad little baby-girl brat and he was the Master, Big Daddy, Mr. Dick. He ruled their happy sex play and she served and was his Well Fucked Bitch. She enjoyed her role immensely even now as she lay on the device twitching, shaking and cumming uncontrollably. He touched her head forcing a howling cum from her and slipped his dick in her mouth as she yelled her joy. Bob enjoyed the vibrations on his dick with it down her throat. That she now babbled around his cock incoherently only added to his fun. Mary now went to work knowing that when she sucks Bob?s dick to dimensions he thinks are worthy she will enjoy it filling her pussy and ass. The vibrators were a lot of fun but, big, hot, swollen dick was a whole lot better and all she had to do was suck it, lay there, cum, take it, cum and cum some more. Not a bad position being a Well Fucked Bitch.

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