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The Letter

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I began the letter:

“While I do consider myself a very, very good slave for you Master, I must confess that today, I have been very bad. I’ve been enjoying porn on the internet. Webcam sites, movies, sites with erotic tales. Too much of it … I’m sure I need to be punished as I did not have your permission.”

Confessions are always difficult. Especially when you know you deserve the spanking of your life. I took a deep breath and went on.

“Master, in store for us this evening, is a wonderful, loving, highly orgasmic night of lust and love – I know that I don’t deserve anything special since I’ve been so naughty & horny all day without you -- but I must tell you Master, today I realized that part of me has a need … rather … a fantasy … that has yet to be filled. I know that I have no right to make such a request … “

And with that, I was stuck. I couldn’t write another word. I’d said it myself. I’m not deserving of any special treatment. I have not earned it. All the porn I had been seeing & reading was only making my head spin & my clit throb. I had to make the evening special. Selfless … and all about my Master. I had to earn it before I could even show the letter to Master.

Our Master Bedroom is upstairs & in the back of the house. The windows are blacked-out. The walls are soundproof. Very safe … secluded from the rest of the world.

I lit our many scented candles, made up our bed with the new silky sheets Master bought for me. I fluffed and evenly spaced out & propped up our pillows. I placed all of our sex toys, lube, nipple clamps, vibrators, butt plugs and rope, neatly on a white sheet-covered table at the end of our bed, easily within Master’s reach.

Master would be returning soon. While I waited, I drew a bath. As I soaked my body clean for Master, I went on with my letter:

“I will earn it tonight Master. After tonight, you will be very pleased with your slave’s efforts and performance as an apology for my slutty behavior. And with your permission, I will give you this letter.”

“I fantasize about being bound and blindfolded and forced to wear earplugs.”

“I will lay there, untouched, completely vulnerable & open to the world."

"Not knowing what will happen to me, because I have been deprived of all …except my sense of touch."

"When I am finally touched, my skin will explode with sensation since I will not know its coming & I won’t be able to see or hear anything going on around me.”

“Master, this would be the perfect time for me to get the spankings I so richly deserve. And Master, I want to know how it feels to be taken completely by more than one.”

Thinking about the possibility of my Master covering my eyes, putting in earplugs and tying me to the bed had me crazed and hornier than I had been all day reading porn. But then when I added in the part of the fantasy about bringing extra people into the bedroom to take me & fill every hole … especially since I would have no idea who they were … mmmmm

I had just reached down to touch myself when I heard Master’s car pull in the driveway.

Hurriedly I drained the tub & drew a nice fresh hot bath for my Master. I dried off & ran into the bedroom which was now full of multiple candle scents. I popped in one of Master’s favorite porn videos, got into my naughtiest silky skimpy lingerie, and slipped under the fresh sheets just as Master reached the top of the stairs.

“I see you’ve gone all out for me this evening slave.” Master said, looking around the room.

“Yes Master, I’ve missed you, and you deserve far better than you usually get from me. I’ve got a nice hot bath running for you too.”

When I said that, Master knew something was up. I think I gave myself away by going so far as to run a bath for Master. I suppose it was a bit over-the-top. My Master stared at me for a moment, and then exited the room.

I minute later I heard Master say “ahhhh” when getting into the tub. I breathed deep too, knowing Master would be very pleased with my extra efforts. I sipped a glass of wine as I lay, propped up on our pillows, waiting for Master to return.


I don’t know if it was the hot bath, or the wine, but I must have completely passed out and fallen into a deep, deep sleep. I never heard Master get out of the tub or enter our room. It was when Master was tightening the ropes that bound my now crossed legs to the bed frame that I woke from my deep sleep.

At first I thought it was very late at night & the television was off. But oddly, my breathing sounded louder than normal … very internal. And then I realized … I hadn’t woken up when Master blindfolded me & inserted the earplugs. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh no! I left the letter next to the bathtub! Master wasn’t supposed to see the letter until I earned the right to share the fantasy.

This couldn’t be good. I have no idea how long I’ve been asleep. I have no idea why my arms are stretched straight up but my legs are crossed. I can speak, and I do … but I am not answered, if I am answered, I can’t hear the response.

The bed moves. Master is getting into the bed. I feel my silky top being unbuttoned, my panties pulled down. Then I feel Master’s feet astride my hips. In one quick movement Master lifts me at my hips, flips me over & drops me back onto our bed.

I am now face-down. My arms are crossed above my head and my legs are spread wide. Master leaves the bed, but not before gently gliding a hand from my ankle, all the way up to my neck … softly, lovingly …

And then … nothing.

I lay there – waiting, expecting my most deserved punishment – for what seemed to be an eternity. Thinking to myself how bad I had been … my confessional letter … Master knew everything! The porn … my fantasy … how could I be so careless!?

Still unable to see or hear at all. I lost all sense of time. All I could do was wait … anticipate my punishment … and listen to myself breathe.

Suddenly & without any warning I felt a stinging on my ass that was excruciatingly painful, and completely unexpected. “How long have I been laying here?” I think I asked out loud.

No answer.

Then another stinging whack, and another, and another. So many that I lost count. Somewhat more painful than ever before, but each one I knew I deserved. At times I found myself lifting my rear-end up between whacks, which I’m sure looked as though I was asking for more. In truth, I was squeezing my wet crotch between my thighs. In any case, I couldn’t stop doing it.

Then a cool cloth was placed on my buttocks. Instantly I felt it soothing my wounds. Did I deserve this mercy? Then the bed started to move again. I felt the cool cloth being removed & the burning pain of my earlier punishment returned.

I still was unable to see or hear anything, but I could feel the warmth of Master’s skin next to my side. Master began to – ever so gently – rub up & down my back. So gently that at times it was only the sensation of warmth & not an actual human touch. Ahhh, I did love Master’s wonderfully talented hands. Then suddenly I felt a cooler hand on my calf.

Immediately I knew what the cooler hand meant. I tensed up & started to panic. I knew Master’s hands were on my back … what … I mean who … was touching my calf!?! There was a stranger in our room! A stranger looking at me all tied & bound … a stranger who had seen me get a spanking! Or had the stranger been giving me the spanking!?! Perhaps that’s why it was so much more intense than my usual punishments. How long had I slept? Where did Master go to find the stranger? Was it someone I know?

The cool hand left my calf. Master massaged my shoulders as if I had just explained away a long, stressful day. This massage on my shoulders I knew well, it was my Master’s way of saying ‘everything was OK – let yourself relax – trust me’.

And so I did.

Knowing that I was once again calm & relaxed, Master’s strong hands left my shoulders & ran down my sides, stopping at my hips. Again I was flipped over. Lying on my back now, my large breasts fully exposed, my nipples reaching out, begging for some attention.

With great speed & precision, my ankles were untied, my legs uncrossed & spread wide, knees up and tied back into place.

My nipples then received some overdue attention. My master knows I like it a little rough and did not disappoint. Squeezing my big left breast, a bite, lots of sucking, nibbling, and flicking. And my right breast, Master knows how wet this makes me & always spends a good amount of time on each breast. This time, however, it was different.

As I lay there totally bound, helpless, completely exposed and dripping wet with horniness, I suddenly realize that both of my nipples are being nibbled & sucked. Both breasts are being squeezed. Both nipples, deliciously teased & sucked hard. Whoever is on the second nipple, is doing as good a job as my Master is on the other one.

Then the familiar stinging of the nipple clamps. First one, then the other. Wonderfully painful. A tug. I hear myself let out an unexpected, guttural moan.

While my nipples are still being teased and tweaked, my clit and lips are surprised with a roaming gentle tongue. I have never been so wet. I can feel it. My inner thighs are being explored, as well as my belly and sides. I can’t help but wonder: ‘How many hands are touching me?’

I feel a push at my mouth. I gave the best blowjob I can in this position. It wasn’t difficult, essentially my mouth was being fucked. At the same time, I was receiving my own blowjob – my clit was being sucked on until it was extremely erect. I was not allowed to orgasm though.

Moments later I felt a coolness dripping down my crack. Someone was highly lubed up & gently entering my ass. Another unexpected tug & tweak & lick of nipples, which must be purple by now, was enough to relax my sphincter and allow my new guest.

And then stillness. No movement, no rubbing, no poking, pushing, tweaking or licking. Something felt huge in my ass, but it wasn’t moving. “What’s going on?” I wondered.

Then it happened. It entered me. The hugest cock I had ever felt was rocking me, slowly and completely fucking my sloppy wet hole. Perhaps it felt so huge because my ass was so full too. I didn’t know. I didn’t care. It was delicious. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more of this, when suddenly my swollen clit became the center of attention again. The cock in my ass decides to start slow dancing. The cock in my hole is in all the way and holding. And my clit is receiving the best blowjob of my life.

All I could hear were my own open-throat moans. And they seemed to go on forever. My body became tense & pulsated like a light switch. On, off, on off, on, off. Over and over and over again. Eventually, I passed out from the intensity of it all.

I awoke with my Master by my side, sleeping, holding me lovingly. Everything felt gentle and good. My mind immediately returned to the earlier events when I felt the leftover pain from my spanking, and the soreness of my ankles & wrists from the night’s restraints. On the nightstand, next to my still full glass of wine, was a note from my Master. It simply said: “You were wonderful. All is forgiven my perfect, perfect slave. Watch the video.”

Video? Watch the video? Master had recorded the whole thing? My humiliation … and the stranger … or strangers … that had joined us? I was as much afraid to watch the video, as I was to not watch it. I popped it in & sat there in amazement. My master had done it all. So quick, so good at multitasking, utilizing so many body parts & tools.

If not for the video, I would have sworn that there were at least two people besides myself in our bed last night.

Of course, watching the video was the final part of my punishment. I was unbelievably horny, all over again. And Master had been watching it too.

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